Please save these children from their mother, Keisha Melissa Clarke

Barbados Stupid Slut keisha Clarke

28 years old, psychiatric patient and a mother of seven; this serial thief has nothing to offer her children or society

How many so-called ‘fathers’ do Clarke’s children have? Can she really name each man? Who are these low men taking advantage of such a pitiful creature?

The 28 year old “mother of seven” deserves to be pitied, but don’t forget to pity her children and Barbados – for it is the children and ordinary Bajans who bear the burden of so many stupid women like this one. “Single mother” ??? Let’s stop using that phrase and tell it like it is – stupid woman who doesn’t have enough sense to realize she’s being used, or to keep her legs closed.

My compassion for these women evaporated long since.

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do.


Mother of seven appeals to court for mercy

A young unemployed woman with a number of issues was jailed for a month after she admitted she had stolen money and jewellery from a man’s car over the weekend.

Keisha Melissa Clarke, 28, of Arthur Seat, St Thomas admitted to the offence and asked the court to be merciful on her. She was charged for stealing a pair of earrings and $87 belonging to Chris Clarke on Sunday.


Clarke apprehended her and called the police.

The court heard that she had already committed similar offences and, as recently as February, had been placed on a year’s bond by the Holetown Magistrates’ Court.


Clarke had already been placed on a bond for stealing biscuits in 2013 and another one for stealing $9 from a woman earlier this year. A breach of the second bond meant payment of a $300 fine forthwith or a month in prison.

Questioned further about her life, Clarke said she has seven children, including a twin who were born premature and remain hospitalized. Additionally, she confessed to being an outpatient of the Psychiatric Hospital.

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9 responses to “Please save these children from their mother, Keisha Melissa Clarke

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    ROBERT: How dare you write what everyone is thinking!

  2. Taking sides

    So many young women like this now. No morals, no sense of self. Lacking the ability to judge men.

  3. Sterilisation……surely doctors (shrinks) should have encouraged this safeguard in their counselling. It’s 2015 not dark ages.
    Now two premature born twins !
    Says it all……naievity to the extreme. Lacking moral judgement some shrinks. No commonsense or morality.
    Just as guilty. Shameful disgraceful.!!!

  4. True Too

    The children should be taken away from this and other stupid women. Otherwise they produce the next generation of thieves and shiftless worthless people who take take take and contribute nothing but trouble.

  5. West Side Davie

    It is not misogynistic to criticize slutty women for their conduct. It is their conduct that creates a lower class of poverty stricken children who don’t have a hope. It is not misogynistic to call it as it is. It is not anti-children to speak the truth that uneducated slutty mothers pass on those values to their children and perpetuate the poverty.

    You want to help the children whose mothers have three babies by three different men and none stuck around? TAKE THE CHILDREN FROM THE SLUT MOTHERS. Put them in child care institutions where at least they will have a fighting chance in a structured environment where they are protected and properly educated and nurtured in edifying values!

  6. Let’s look at this situation from the “psychiatric patient” perspective as opposed to the “slutty” perspective. This young woman is saddled with mental illness. Maybe she sought the help of men who saw it as an opportunity to “have a piece of her” – even for $27.00. Those men are also mentally ill.

    This young woman may have inherited the illness (check the family members) or it may have been sent to her in a dream – some of know full well to what I am referring in my statement.

    Mental illness originates on the spiritual level and the curse goes down the line of the family members to the 3rd and 4th generations. Has anyone who has a mental illness been cured by medicine? Never!!! The “physical” cannot understand the “spiritual”. The young woman needs to be taken through the act of Deliverance by Men / Women of God who lead truly Holy lives.

    If a Man / Woman of God attempts this ministry and is not well prepared spiritually, he / she will have to travel to another country to be delivered – the demonic forces leave the candidate and enter him or her which in turn not only makes them sick but their ministries fall to the ground.

    In this matter I would suggest this course of action, together with the children being placed within residential care. Residential care must not be guarded for the children that come from “good families” but those such as the children of this young mentally ill woman.

    All Officers of such an institution SHOULD BE EQUIPPED WITH TRAINING IN COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOLOGY – IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER OR NOT THE BOSS LIKES THE COURSE OF STUDY!!! There is a need to take the emphasis from SOCIAL WORK STUDIES, which has nothing to do with human behaviour (PSYCHOLOGY, COUNSELLING?

  7. TheObservers

    Biscuits? $9? $87
    I do not condone crime, but the sums involved are so small that it makes me wonder if these acts were committed out of necessity. I feel for her and her children, but, by being imprisoned,she may be guaranteeing herself a regular meal and at the same time hoping the ‘system’ looks after her children.
    Legs are closed and legs are opened for a number of reasons; sometimes it is just one way to survive. Society should also turn-up its nose and condemn this woman, but there is at least one man who is taking advantage of her repeatedly.

  8. MirandaD

    Perhaps you should take a look at the Unicef report on child sexual abuse in Barbados and see how common it is. So take these girls that have been raped since children by Stepfathers and so on and then wonder why they behave in the manner they do. Until Barbados opens it’s eyes to what is going on, nothing will change.