Finding Dave Ames’ hidden assets: in Thailand!

Thailand Harlequin Resort Ames

Thailand asset hunt helps secure Asset Freezing Court Order against Dave Ames

Did Richard Haughton hide cash for David Ames?

Primary amongst the big questions asked by fleeced Harlequin investors is “Where did all that money go?”

Thailand-based investigative journalist Andrew Drummond believes he might have found the trail to some of the missing assets – in Thailand companies associated with Richard Haughton, a friend and business partner of David Ames.

How likely is it that when Harlequin took some £500 million in cash that the silver-tongued Ames didn’t squirrel some of that away for himself? Not likely, most folks would say – and Thailand looks good for some of it. 

Drummond’s latest article lists some of the Thai companies he believes are associated with Haughton and Ames. As was the Ames style in the Caribbean, ‘investors’ in the Ames / Haughton projects in Thailand found that few if any units were built. In Barbados and other locations in the Caribbean, Ames took deposits for 6000 units and built 300. The numbers of victims are unclear in Thailand because some of the “Harlequin” projects were apparently advertised and run under different names.

Hmmmmmmm… that’s interesting, isn’t it? Why would Harlequin / Ames do that? There must be a perfectly legitimate reason for not using your brand, right? (He said knowingly…)

Check out Andrew Drummond’s latest Where is Ames’ CASH?

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14 responses to “Finding Dave Ames’ hidden assets: in Thailand!

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  2. Ames and Family just have a think about this.....

    Open and transparent I believe the words you used at the ‘road shows’
    Mr Ames.

  3. andrew shipley

    well he is a bloody liar then isnt here………you cant shame them because they have no shame

  4. We will fight them on the beaches!!!!!!

    But they can go to jail 😉

    And they can have assets taken off them.

  5. andrew shipley

    Yes they can but …… proceeds of crime act ………….

  6. anon

    Don’t forget to look in Macau

  7. Empty desk in Harlequin ghost office

    No crime has been committed……… yet

  8. andrew shipley

    empty desk … dont agree with you the crime of parting me from my money has taken place and i have nothing to show for it except a dodgy dave contract

  9. Boar Crab

    Duurrnkk,Duurnnk,Duuurnnk,,,another one bites the dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lord Haw-Haw

    When will the slovenly SFO act?

  11. barbados tripadvisor

    the Canadian government going to find lots of hidden money in barbados soon too.i!

  12. Deluded Dave... its all Okay

    Lets hope Ames is left with nothing

  13. Karma is coming after you

    The SFO may be slow, but they are certainly not daft. To under estimate them will be Ames downfall.

    Its just a matter of time.

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