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Questions about former Harlequin associate David Campion

Editor’s note: With the collapse of so many large scale, foreign-owned projects in Barbados in the last few years, Bajans are understandably cynical about any new projects. And when a former Harlequin employee sets up shop, some folks naturally want to ask how much they knew about Harlequin and when they knew it.

This article by BFP reader Due Diligence is tough on David Campion and Argo Development Studio. If Mr. Campion desires to comment or reply, we will print his unedited response right here and give him full coverage. Could Mr. Campion himself be more of a victim of Dave Ames than a participant? We’d like to hear his side of the story.

Take it away, Due Diligence…

Harlequin’s collapse produces growth industry of ex-employees setting up for themselves

How much did David Campion know, and when did he know it?

by Due Diligence

I read the article “Move to revive construction” in the June 21 edition of the Nation

A LOCAL DEVELOPER has invested just over $60 000 with the aim of helping to revive the island’s anaemic construction industry.

David Campion, managing director of Argo Development Studio, told a group of engineers, architects, interior designers and other industry players that the time was “perfect” for his new design and development management company. He said that it was poised to provide “world-class” service while offering opportunities for those in the industry to operate.

Being curious as to how David Campion, MD of Argo Development Studio will help to revive the island’s anaemic construction industry, Due Diligence decided to visit ADS website at http://argo-ds.com/#

The website is very slick and glossy – worthy of Harlequin. If you close your eyes while playing the videos in the Film tab you can imagine the speaker to be Dave Ames, who may have written the script.

This is from the Home Page…

corporate + social responsibility

Our teams work with local industry, creating a strong bond between our projects and community. We work closely with Governments to ensure we preserve the natural beauty of the environments we develop in. We engage with the community through outreach programs and sponsorship to charities, schools and sports clubs.

We connect our organization to the wider industry worldwide through building strong connections both inside and outside the organization.

WOW – working with Governments, community outreach, sponsoring charities, worldwide reach.

In the Projects tab is a list of projects for which MD Campion claims to have been involved are five public sector projects in Ireland. Of more interest is the three private sector projects the MD of Argo Development Studio claims to have worked while working with hdstudio (Harlequin).

Buccament Bay Resort – Contract Value (Phase 1) US$120 million
H Barbados – Contract Value US$28 million
Marquis Estates – Budget US$250 million

Strangely, no claim to have worked on that highly successful project The Merricks.

In Greek mythology the ARGO was the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Having worked for Dave Ames at hdstudio, Dave Campion will be totally familiar with the concept of seeing Ames fleecing people of their money (even if he was not involved in the sales end himself.)

Help to revive the island’s anaemic construction industry? This whole thing screams of SCAM.

It is time for Immigration to rescind Campion’s work permit, if he has one, before he does serious damage to the island’s anaemic construction industry.

Due Diligence


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