Journalist: Harlequin Properties’ David Ames worked with Danish pimp / thief in Thailand rip-off development!

Video documents rip offs of U.K. military veterans and retirees

Barbados Central Bank Governor says he’s relying on Mr. Ames for foreign direct investment inflow!

Ladies and gentlemen: the mongoose has just entered the chicken pen. If this is true (and who are we to doubt David Ames himself on video in Thailand?) then our leadership should be doing some serious tap-dancing. Our Central Bank Governor just informed the world that Barbados is basing our growth expectations in part on Harlequin’s Merricks development. Woe! Oh woe!

Six years ago the Pattaya People Media Corporation began heavily promoting Harlequin Property and Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Company Ltd.

Now it has become clearly obvious that Harlequin run by Essex former double glazing salesman – turned bankrupt – David Ames, and taken over in Thailand by Richard Haughton, a former President of the Rotary Club, Pattaya Jomtien, has caused untold misery to, well, thousands.

In this video we look at how their development projects were promoted on local television, the real victims, and how a media baron reacted when he was asked to step in.

… from former Daily Mail investigative journalist Andrew Drummond: Video Exclusive: CROSSING THE LINE

Somebody remind me… how did we as a nation expose ourselves so completely to a fast-talking, former bankrupt, double glazing salesman from the U.K. ???

My god… if this is true, what have we done?


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19 responses to “Journalist: Harlequin Properties’ David Ames worked with Danish pimp / thief in Thailand rip-off development!

  1. Anonymous

    Been alleged for years Ames and co running scams in Caribbean, so surely this is no surprise to anyone. They continue to sell, people continue to buy, and still nothing gets built. Yet Caribbean governments stand by doing nothing, as does UK, and so on go Harlequin with their selling and not delivering. Becoming a broken record…

  2. yatiniteasy

    One day this Ponzi scheme will blow up and Caribbean Governments will be embarrassed.

    Definition of ‘Ponzi Scheme ‘A fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors. This scam actually yields the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors. These schemes usually collapse on themselves when the new investments stop.

  3. watcher

    It is not only foreigners who take on building things and walk away and fail to complete the contracts. Take a look at aroiund Barbados. Builders and Developers there walked away from finishing the units after getting money. Barbados is fast becoming a place to not invest money in anything.

    No integrity legislationis at the root of the evil. Clico is a much bigger ponzi scheme but the victims are locals. Nice legacy for the late and not so great fellow who laundered the money..

  4. St George's Dragon

    I am getting a message that’s server is unavailable:
    “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.”
    Maybe I am getting paranoid in my old age but could it be that “someone” has launched a Denial of Service attack on it?

  5. 1

    It is time Dave Ames was locked up he has crooked many people and is giving Barbados a very bad name

  6. Harlecon

    The Harlecon site is back up!

  7. they have no shame

    Caribbean governments will not be embarrased because they are part of the daily ” pigs at the trough ” scenario without accountability or legislation.

    Simply put, it’s not their money and they don’t care otherwise, not only would Ames and his gang be in jail but also, so would Parris and Duprey.

  8. Anonymous

    The low standards get even lower…

    SP proud to be a Caribbean-er!!

  9. New website!!

  10. Mr BROWN

    Dave Ames is not under investigation in Thailand .He has not had any business connections in Thailand for many years,ever since he severed his links with the current owners of the condo you refer to.
    As for Andrew Drummond’s report of a police visit ( “a raid if that’s what you can call it” ),the police prescence involved nothing more than to support Consumer Protection staff on site investigating facilities supplies being disconnected,common practice in Thailand.
    Your post is yet another example of using any snippet of irrelevant and inaccurate comment in support of your pointless vendetta.

  11. peter beatty

    another newspaper story in mail on sunday has they say no smoke without fire £50000 down the drain 24/02/2013

  12. John Delhirro

    Well I am investor in St Vincent and my condo is already 2years behind and nobody can give me a direct answer to giving me my money back,I have been on the phone non stop and still no real answer ,Harlinquin is now saying my condo will be done 2014 instead of 2012 and they are in breach of contract but still no money back.I have spoken To Terry Portter who said he would sell my condo in November 2012,than he retired .I than spoke to David who is the manger now and they could not find my condo untill recently .I have now gone back to St Vincent and have seen first hand for myself that construction on my building has not even broken ground.I have also learned that some of the villas have been finished but the deeds are being held up by the banks,so the people waiting to close on there villas can not.I was informed today that I might have to wait 12 to 24 months to get just my deposit back minus a 10% fee and also minus my interest I was getting monthly for having my money.I am in shock and of course very upset.I have waited and see what would become of this now i realize that there are big problems in Harlinqin .I am still hoping that somehow this will be worked out.or maybe I should say dreaming.I have learned also that some of the realtors were getting 10% commision to sell aggressively for Harlinquin and many of the realtors knew of problems in 2009.Please if anyone can share what they are going through with Harlinquin it would help

  13. 100

    John, you should contact Russell at the Daily Mail, on

    this way at least you may stop others from getting in the same mess. Also, look at other threads on here and you will see people in the same boat and they are looking at arranging a meeting. Perhaps connect with them. Good luck.

  14. bruce

    John, consider your money gone. You (and many) others will never see your cash again. 3 of my friends have invested and are all in the same boat. The fact that you’re being told told to wait 1 to 2 years means they actually have no idea how long it’s going to take to sort out (which of course is true as they don’t have any idea, as the whole thing is hypothetical). Accept the loss and move on. the sooner you do the quicker you can get on with your life. It’s all over bar the actual public admittance from Ames. Anyone who believes any different is just currently in the ‘denial phase’. My heart goes out to all who’ve been snared.

  15. @Bruce was it via a SIPP or cash its inportant?

  16. I am an investor and I am still receiving updates from Mr Ames which now offer completion on Barbados units. Does anyone know what is currently going on?

  17. 27

    Martin sadly you are deluded my friend – it’s over

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  19. Penny

    When are these fraudulent people going to be arrested and put in jail? They have callously ripped of thousands of people, how do they sleep at night? I was recently at an investors meeting in London and David Ames waffled for 2 hours, whilst actually telling us nothing at all, except he’d had his day in court in Ireland, what it was for this day in court he didn’t say, and that he’d made mistakes, which he failed to elucidate what these mistakes were and what he was doing to rectify them! Now the Regulatory Solicitors want more money for costs saying the best way is for Harlequin to get more finance?? And that is the best chance we have of getting our money back, I for one will not put another penny of my hard earned money into this fraudulent scheme, nor will I waive my right to take them to court, I appreciate I may not get my money back but I would like to see them taken to court for fraud and I also as David Ames said “want my day in court”. I will put my energies into other ways to make money for my pension seeing as Tailor Made and Harlequin have given it away.