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Adrian Loveridge: Pessimist or realist?

Barbados Virgin 747-400

40,000 Virgin Atlantic seats lost in 2013

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner - now selling!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner – now selling!

There is a very fine line when writing a column like this. The risk of being branded as a pessimist is high.

I only hope that readers will focus on the message that is trying to be conveyed and perhaps apply some of the content objectively, to look at issues in a broader more holistic way.

When I heard the Minister of Tourism recently predict that he anticipated long stay visitor arrivals in 2013 should reach the same levels as last year, I was frankly surprised. Look at our largest single market alone – the United Kingdom has already experienced a decline of 15,631 visitors in 2012, when compared with 2011.

In the first week of May, Virgin Atlantic brought forward from October 27th their planned change of aircraft on the Gatwick/Barbados route,by substituting the larger B747 aircraft with smaller A330 equipment on each day of the week except for Thursdays. This immediately cuts up to 1,134 seats weekly and by the end of December this year could amount up to almost 40,000 lost seats.

Put another way, we will lose airline capacity for nearly 23 per cent or around one in four of all our British land based arrivals annually, which in 2012 totaled 173,519 persons. It is also not unreasonable to conclude that at least 50 per cent of those lost seats could have been used by the largest tour operator into Barbados, Virgin Holidays.

Has anyone considered the incredible overall loss of occupied room nights this will bring to our hotels and the devastating financial consequences? Continue reading


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