Nation Newspaper CLICO Advertisement – “Why do I save? 3 Reasons!”

Clico Saves

My 3 CLICO Reasons for saving…

1/ I used to have savings, but then I invested with a CLICO investment fund and now I have nothing.

2/ CLICO gave millions to Barbadian and Caribbean political parties so they could act without oversight or accountability. Now those politicians are bailing out CLICO and protecting CLICO executives.

3/ CLICO used my “investment” to fraudulently “invest” in over-priced Florida swampland while CL Financial executives took kickbacks from the land vendor as a reward for purchasing the land at way more than its true value.

Those are MY 3 reasons for having to save now. What are yours?

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6 responses to “Nation Newspaper CLICO Advertisement – “Why do I save? 3 Reasons!”

  1. kiki

    warning: investment shares can go down as well as up

  2. BFP

    Especially when fraud is involved and the government is protecting the same executives who provided political donations!

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    Can anyone say what has happened to the 2008 financials of clico insurance barbados, clico general insurance and clico mortgage and finance. According to barbados law the financial statements for these companies should have been made public by april 30, 2009

  4. reality check

    Barbados has a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy that applies to everything but sexual prference in the military.

  5. Donald Duck, Esq

    One should check out the article on clico in the Trinidad Express on saturday about the downgrade by AM Best.

  6. Donald Duck, Esq

    why is it that everyone is silent on the clico issue.