Ping Yark: Number of Bajans living in U.K. plummeting


Between 1971 and 2011, the number of people born in Barbados and living in the UK fell from 27,055 to 18,672. This according to the latest issue of Ping Yark, the newsletter by, for and about Bajans in the UK.

The latest issue of our favourite expat magazine also contains stories on the following topics…

  • David Comissiong’s attack on the DLP and PM Freundel Stuart
  • The National Council of Barbados Associations (NCBA UK) as the tool of one man: Tyrone Roach as the Barbados Nation newspaper’s UK representative
  • Bruce Jenner
  • David Cameron
  • Rise of the UK Limes
  • Some historic happenings in Bygone Barbados – Marcus Garvey’s 1937 address, 1939 refusal of Jews fleeing the Nazis, Errol Barrow’s declaration that all white people in Barbados should be killed
  • Grenville Pillips II’s call for a new political party in Barbados.


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3 responses to “Ping Yark: Number of Bajans living in U.K. plummeting

  1. Violet C Beckles

    Nothing about the Massive Land Fraud? Tony Best must also be in control of that newspaper also. Seem like News is really just for the rich crooks to control, This means person can also be defrauded when landing in Barbados to buy land with out CLEAR TITLE,,, Fraud is the order of the Day Buy nothing until the DLP/ BLP is removed,,,

  2. Barbados is shining example of “land grabbing” to “profiteering”…
    Capitalistic greed.!
    Barbados is desperately in need of ” Land reformation” …politically.

    Leasehold V freehold.
    Leasehold remains the property of the state.
    Freehold abolished.
    This is not “communism” in today’s world … is a fairer distribution of
    “Wealth” in a society riddled in corruption.
    First act of parliament of newly elected MP is to change the laws on land
    Land allocated according to “useage” returned to state if not used for purpose lease granted.
    In UK today any local government can “compulsory” purchase land/property
    if “useage” is required for other development with astronomical cost to taxpayers/purchasers of land/property at ” market prices”…..
    With nearly 70 million pop land/property is at a premium.

    If the trend in bajan ex uk continues my question is ……Where are these bajans migrating to ? Barbados ? Doubt it !😈

    My two cents

  3. Victor

    Just found out that 2% of the population of Ipswich is Bajan! Who knew and more to the point, why? Ipswich is a wonderful and picturesque town with a long history of seafaring and shipbuilding yet that does not explain the preponderance of Bajans. Bajans in London are like shy forest creatures, you never meet a one so how come they all went to Ipswich and Suffolk? Curious, any info welcome!