Santander study names Barbados as most expensive destination for British tourists

Lots of beaches, sand, surf, sky everywhere. Why should Brits pay more for Barbados?

Lots of beaches, sand, surf, sky everywhere. Why should Brits pay more for Barbados?

Wonderful. Just what we need ’bout this island.

BFP pundit Adrian Loveridge has been pounding this subject for years. Looks like nobody has been listening…

UAE and Barbados most expensive destinations for British holidaymakers

The UAE and Barbados have been ranked the most expensive destinations for British tourists in a new survey published by Santander.

According to the report, the two destinations cost Brits more than £100 per day in spending money. By comparison, Poland and India are the cheapest destinations, costing just £30 per day on average.

These figures do not include the cost of hotel accommodation or flights.

With a direct flight to Barbados costing an average of £3,136 – flying out on 27 July, the busiest week of the summer – a couple going away for two weeks could expect to pay around £12,900 for their summer holiday, once accommodation is included, the report stated.

… continue reading the full report at Travel Daily UK


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5 responses to “Santander study names Barbados as most expensive destination for British tourists

  1. Upmarket tourism is OK provided “back packers” tourist are also catered for.
    With flights and B+B prices at affordable levels. The “RICH” are not so concerned about “costs” of a holiday they are more concerned about the
    service they expect on holiday.
    The “poorer tourist” looks at “flight and accommodation” costs..and…a more
    sociable environment in which to stay…..bajans are the friendliest of carribean island destinations and they speak “bajan” …..
    Spain is also suffering a “tourist” recession and are focusing on “upmarket”
    tourism….Portugal their main competitor with the Algarve an upmarket
    destination…….private villa with pool at £1000+ a week.

    Tourism is a very competitive industry which will certainly increase over next
    decades as people become more mobile ……..get it right in planning which
    market you intend to focus on an voilà “number one destination” of the future……Barbados no exception.

  2. Go on knock the door

    A lot of Bajans do not smile…a flight on Liat from Barbados last week and the lady at the check in desk was very frosty…almost hostile and not a smile…..visit to Massey supermarket at Holetown yesterday and not a smile from the lady at the checkout…same at Massey in /warrens a few days earlier. A visit to Dwellings furniture store and Walkers next door and the staff were smiling and joking…shopping was enjoyable.
    So yes Bajans are friendly (other than Liat staff) but quite a few sure don’t smile much at all

  3. Victor

    Bajans have been bombarded with the idea that tourism is their lifeblood for decades. They have watched in horror as their island has been ransacked mercilessly by their own elected Governments, their homes razed, land sold off. Food prices in the shops bear little relationship to the average income; and yet they are expected to smile at the tourists! They’ve been brainwashed! And at the end of the day, what do they see? Not a great deal. Safari Jeep tours pausing at bus stops, with their cargo of ignorant cruise passengers on a 6 hour stop-off, expecting ordinary people just waiting for the van to work, to pop up and smile and wave like some minstrel show. It’s demeaning.
    One of the reasons people like visiting Barbados is because Bajans are nice, but please don’t expect them to be like performing monkeys all the time.

  4. Helen

    The cost of living in BDS is too high in relation to wages for most Bajans.
    The South Coast is the best part. The people are friendly and smile at Massy Oistins and Massy Big B.. The Lantern Mall is nice too, great people at the Bank, I Mart etc. Everything is better on the South Coast in my opinion.
    The Brits will still come to Bim no matter the price. The Pound goes far on this rock and Brits love the place.

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