Harlequin’s Matthew Ames guilty of ponzi scheme fraud. Will father David Ames be next?

Matthew David Ames FraudDave Ames Harlequin Ponzi

Throw away the key to Matt Ames’ cell…  Wait a minute, let’s use it one more time!

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the 2010 carbon trade exhibition. Matt Ames also oversaw Harlequin’s Buccament Bay

Ruined lives, pensions destroyed, homes lost. Suicides. Marriage breakups. Families falling apart as the work of a lifetime vanishes.

That is the legacy of Harlequin’s Matthew Ames, who was just convicted of fraud for running a ponzi scheme. Ames took £1.2million from the rich, from the poor, from widows and pipefitters. He was an equal opportunity swindler who dressed well, talked with such easy confidence that people immediately trusted him.

His product was topical, sexy in its own way: carbon credits, green investments, Forestry for Life. And didn’t he drive a Lamborghini? Wasn’t he also part of the Harlequin Resorts team? Isn’t his father successful? Just look at the people Matt Ames is seen with: Jack Charlton, and even James Middleton – brother of our future Queen.

“Out of the £1.6m that was invested across both companies, only £250,000 was ever returned to investors.

“The rest went directly into the pocket of Matthew Ames, funding his profligate spending habits.”

Ames used people with “impressive CVs” to promote Forestry for Life and give it a sense of legitimacy.

From Echo News Echo nabs £1 million fraudster


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  1. Anonymous

    How long before the first Stupid YouTube clip is added.

  2. Retribution

    Met him, an odious ducker and diver. 10 tears in clink (so sentence 20) then 6 months community service when out to repatriate him. Sequestrate all his assets for pay back and make him work off his debt to investors including harlequins money if a shortfall.

  3. Finished.

    First and foremost thanks to BFP. 😉

    Matt Ames is history now his life finished.

    I firmly believe he is a small fish to catch Carol and Dave Ames, not forgetting Dan.

    Lets hope and pray I’m correct, when they take the lid off it will be rotten to the cord – worse than we could imagine.

    They will all end up in jail.

  4. Anonymous

    Any idea anyone of how the bail hearing went today?

  5. 10 years.

    You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to make the connection to Harlequin, Matt Ames even dropped his parents in it, saying he learned it all from them, no honor among thieves.

    I hope the proceeds of crime act take every last penny off the Ames family and they spend their last days in some grotty little damp one bedroom flat.

    After spending years in the slammer.

  6. Matthew Ames is a liar

    Makes you wonder where the money went!…

    This from The China Morning Post :
    But for two potentially life-changing events, businessman Matt Ames is one of the last people you would expect to have sleepless nights.

    Last month, a day trip to the casino tables of Macau ended with the Sky Shuttle helicopter in which he was a passenger ditching in Victoria Harbour.

    After that, as a tonic, the 35-year-old Londoner took his wife, four young children and their nanny to Mustique, an exclusive private island in the Caribbean.

    The island – which boasts royalty, business tycoons and celebrities among its visitors – is hard to beat.

    But just as Ames thought the sun-kissed beaches and Carribean charms of Mustique had done their work in helping exorcise the memories of his Hong Kong drama, fate brought them flooding back.

    Ames and his family planned to leave their Caribbean hideaway on a private charter flight to connect to a flight to London.

    Hours before they were due to leave they received a phone call asking if they would mind switching to a smaller plane. The Cessna 402C they were booked on had a suffered a technical problem.

    Due back in Hong Kong for crucial business meetings this week, the founder and chief executive of sustainable investment company Forestry for Life couldn’t afford to wait, so he and his family took the smaller plane.

    On his arrival in Hong Kong, Ames discovered that the seven-seater Cessna they were originally due to fly on had been sent to the tiny Caribbean island of Canouan on a medical evacuation mission but had crashed into the sea en route.

    The wreckage of the ill-fated aircraft was found but the pilot, who was on his way to the tiny island of Canouan to airlift a road accident victim, was not. The accident victim also died.

    Speaking in Hong Kong last week, after arriving for four days of meetings, Ames said: ‘I only found out about the Caribbean crash when I arrived here and that just made me want to go home because it just brought everything flooding back. I had about an hour’s sleep last night before I just woke up sweating.

    ‘The helicopter crash was bad enough. But the realisation that if we had taken that different flight out of Mustique, myself and my family could have been on the very plane which crashed and I wouldn’t have been here talking to you, has left me quite shaken.’

    Ames, who is a qualified helicopter pilot with 80 hours flying experience, says the overwhelming need to know that the life jackets for him and his family are easily available and working properly on any flight are a direct result of his experience when the AgustaWestland AW139 ditched in the harbour on July 3.

    He also spoke of his anger and disappointment at the way he and a friend whose life he saved, Nick Barclay, have been treated by the helicopter’s owners.

    ‘I’m a very, very level-headed person, I am very analytical in everything that I do. Even during the crash, I knew we had to get out, I knew what we had to do. Due to my experience as a pilot I knew at a certain point as events unfolded that we weren’t going to die.

    ‘Now when I get on a plane I check the life jackets are there. I haven’t told my kids what happened in Hong Kong because I don’t want to worry them. I don’t want them to think that when I go away they are going to think I am going to crash.”

    Ames is at pains to stress that Sky Shuttle pilot Richard Moffatt did a great job of getting the aircraft down, but subsequent events have left a bitter taste. ‘Look, I did what any other bloke would have done in the situation, but the truth is, if it hadn’t have been for what I had done then someone would have died. They haven’t even had the common decency to get in touch or do anything.

    ‘There was a lot of press around the hospital and the hotel after the crash and we didn’t talk to them, we haven’t talked until now.

    ‘But since that day it has been like a wall of silence from Sky Shuttle. It’s not the money it is the principle. They’ve got enough money to get everyone sorted out, now they seem to be saying you’ll have to take us to court if you want any of your money back.

    ‘I was in a helicopter which I paid to go on, it crashed, I can prove that I was on it, end of story. Just pay me the money you actually owe me. I couldn’t help my BlackBerry getting wet, I was trying to save someone’s life at the time. My other mobile didn’t get wet, so I am not claiming for it.”

    Sky Shuttle has declined to comment in detail, citing the continuing investigation into the crash and reiterating that there were enough life jackets on board. They say they are dealing with passenger claims in accordance with the law.

    I found out about the Caribbean crash when I arrived … it just brought every thing flooding back

    Matt Ames, helicopter crash survivor and businessman
    Source and link here: http://www.scmp.com/article/722243/two-close-shaves-rattle-businessman

  7. Anonymous

    Dave, Carol and Dan Ames are fully aware the spotlight of the SFO / Essex Police is firmly on them.

    The similarities between father and son and indeed mother are uncanny.

    In 2005 Carol Ames sacked a very close family friend, a neighbour and close friend of Carol’s after the friend discovered anomalies in the books of “Loans Made Easy” (Information has been passed on to the authorities).

    The neighbour took an action against Carol and Loans Made Easy but was settled out of court and surprise surprise was the subject of an NDA.

    In 2006 Ames held an EGM in St. Vincent and with the assistance of Mr. Commissiong had Mr. Ferrari and Mr. Manning removed as directors of the company then known as Man Investments, now known as Harlequin Property SVG Ltd.

    The EGM was held after Mr. Commissiong discovered that Mr. Ferrari and Mr. Manning were looking to oust Mr. Ames from the company over fears that Mr. Ames was acting in an illegal manner towards his investors.

    Mr. Ames managed to oust Mr. Manning and Mr. Ferrari with the vote of Mr. Man and Mr. Commissiong ( Company Secretary ).

    In early 2008 Mr. Royd Smurtwaite and his company Ridgeview were suddenly sacked by Ames from the Buccament Bay project.

    The reason Ames gave was that Ridgeview had misappropriated funds from Harlequin. Yet Ames was advised not to take legal action.

    In September 2008 Ames sacked Alan Bell the first VP of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts. Again Mr. Bell was accused of fraudulent activity but again no action was taken.

    In 2009 Simon John Terry joins Harlequin as in house solicitor.

    In 2009 Hazel Barr Harlequin’s compliance manager appointed as a result of “Operation Orange” and on the recommendation of DLA Piper resigns.

    In 2009 Ames takes DLA Piper to court alleging that DLA Piper were over charging him. DLA Piper had earlier established a clean up operation within Harlequin code named ” Operation Orange”. DLA Piper were very concerned that the SFO could come kicking in the door and seize incriminating documents. As a result “Operation Orange” was set up as a cost centre so as not to arouse any suspicions relevant to payments being made to cover costs associated with cleaning up the Harlequin mess.

    In 2009 Oasis walk away from Ames and Harlequin with Oasis threatening to sue Ames for breach of contract.

    In late 2009 Ames threatens to sue the Guardian Newspaper over an article describing Merricks as a dust bowl. Ames presents the Guardian Newspaper with forged and false documents on the status of the Merricks resort and on the back of these documents the Guardian agrees to settle.

    In June 2010, Desire Hotels a US hotel management company charged with managing the opening and operation of the Resorts resign amid a dispute over payments and concerns over the liquidity of Harlequin.

    In June 2010 Wilkins Kennedy resign acting for Harlequin citing issues which had been brought to their attention and which were of serious concern to Wilkins Kennedy.

    In June 2010 Ames fired ICE group accusing Mr. O Halloran and others of fraud.

    Mr.O’Halloran threatened to seize the site, Ames in turn used forged documents in grounding affidavits to obtain Injunctions against ICE Group and Mr.O’ Halloran. ( It is believed these forgeries are now the subject of Irish Appeal ).

    ( It is also very odd that despite Ames claiming that no drainage, power or water infrastructure etc had been installed and that the resort was poorly built, Ames managed to open the resort within 5 weeks and it survived a major hurricane two months later with minimal damage). A truly remarkable feat by Ames.

    In 2010 Ames sacks Desmond La Hue, CFO for Buccament Bay who had worked for Harlequin for less then a year. Desmond La Hue was accused of……. yes incompetence and accounting fraud.

    In 2010 the recently appointed CFO of the Harlequin “Group” of companies. Mr. Michael Slade resigns from Harlequin after just 6 months in his role.

    In November 2010 Ames pays for two senior executives of RLB to travel from the UK to Buccament Bay with a view to RLB taking over the construction related activities of Harlequin. The two senior executives spend a week staying at the Buccament Bay resort before declining to work for Ames. The main concern of RLB was Ames’s inability to fund the project.

    Garreth Ronan VP of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts subsequently (and most probably as a result of RLB’s refusal to work with Harlequin) implicate RLB in the O’Halloran fraud case in Ireland.

    In 2011 Ames sacks construction company Krauss Manning having tried to poach some of their senior staff originally.

    In 2011 Adela Chalmers is appointed CFO of the Harlequin “Group” of companies. She is also a director of “Baker Clarke Partnership”

    In 2012 Ames fires another VP of Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and former GM of Buccament Bay Mr. Mark Sawkins. Ames was channelling Harlequin funds through Mr. Sawkins personal bank account in Scotia Bank in St. Vincent. Sawkins received a number of warnings on the issue from Scotia Bank who threatened to close his account if the practise of channelling Harlequin Funds through his personal account was not stopped.

    In early 2012 Dave and Carol Ames meet with an insolvency practitioner with a view to liquidating HMSSE.

    They are however advised that by doing this the books of HMSSE would be open to scrutiny by a liquidator and possibly the SFO and other investigating authorities.

    It was also explained to them that they could not just axe HMSSE, the inter company debt situation would cause the ultimate liquidation of the RDC’s. Carol and Dave chose to appoint Shipleys LLP as administrators a year later.

    This at least would buy Carol and Dave 12 a further 12 months. * This is where the trust appears to come into play. ( see below ).

    In 2012 Ames sues Portvale football club.

    In 2012-2013 Ames claims that Harlequin / BDO appointed an “Independent” firm of accountants ” Baker Clarke Partnership” to account for all investors funds and Ames states that ” Baker Clarke Partnership ” have accounted for all investors monies.

    In 2013 BDO resign because they claim Harlequin and the Ames family were not willing to cooperate with them.

    In late 2012 Ames sacks Procure It Direct and its principal Andy Smith. Ames again accuses Smith of theft. Smith had been working with Ames from 2010 and was even appointed the CEO of Harlequin Developments, the company Ames established to complete the construction of the resorts.

    In 2013 Carol and Dave Ames appoint Shipleys LLP.

    In the intervening period Shipleys LLP have stated that the directors of HMSSE, Carol and Dan Ames have been uncooperative with Shipleys LLP.

    A report on the conduct of the directors of HMSSE has been forwarded by Shipleys LLP to The Corporate Investigative Branch of the UK Government.

    An application has been made by a number of journalists to have the contents of the report made public under the data protection act.

    Shipleys LLP have also appointed a firm of London solicitors for the recovery of some £160,000.00 taken illegally by the Ames’s from the proceeds of the sale of a property in Dubai.

    * The survival of HMSSE and the survival of the Harlequin RDC’s is directly linked.

    Given the debt burden being carried by HMSSE, without a restructuring or writing off of the debt, HMSSE and the RDC’s would fall into the hands of the liquidator.

    One wonders, what with the timing of the administration, as to when Garreth Fatchett hatched out the trust plan with Harlequin.

    The trust plan in a perfect world might work, where all of the assets of Harlequin were to be placed in the trust. This would still leave investors looking at a potential loss but the losses could be far less then what investors are currently facing.

    But Mr. Fatchett has not to date stated what assets are to be placed in the trust nor the value of these assets.

    It is also apparent that Mr. Fatchett has carried out little or no due diligence on any of the other resorts with the exception of Buccament Bay. A trust for example is not recognised under Dominican Republic Law.

    Mr. Fatchett would have to ensure the assets being put into the trust had no previous / outstanding encumbrances. Taking Mr. Ames’s word for it is just not acceptable.

    Another issue raised by a number of posters here and on the RL site is the issue of the legality of the trust in the event of a liquidation.

    A liquidator could and most certainly will challenge the validity of the trust. Mr. Fatchett apparently does not wish to acknowledge this issue, having stated in the past that ” HE DOES NOT BELIEVE ” that a liquidator would challenge the trust. He provides no precedence nor facts to back up his belief.

    A source ( unverified because they are unwilling to go on record ) has stated that the alleged finance from a Middle East investor has been negotiated by a Mr. Mark Coggle and Mr. Stephen McConaghy who own a company called Blue Boar Consultancy. The company was established in June 2013, its registered offices are located at an accommodation address in Chelmsford in Essex, with an office address in Barbados. There are no fax or phone numbers available for this company.

    Mr. McConaghy is currently employed by GSK in the Middle East as a project manager with Mr. Coggle having worked for Harlequin in St. Vincent to 2012.

    Yet Blue Boar Consultancy claims it has $700 million + in funds available to it to invest.

    Mr. Coggle has acknowledged that he is negotiating the finance on behalf of Harlequin. He further states that no letter of intent has been issued and even if one were to be forthcoming it carries no weight legally.

    He says he has provided Mr. Ames with a letter expressing an interest to provide finance but this is not binding in any way. He believes Mr. Fatchett may have misunderstood the letter by calling the expression of interest letter a letter of intent.

  8. TSG

    Give it a rest, Irishman. Your “source” is your imagination. Usual bollocks.

  9. Anonymous 1

    TSG is it all bollox

  10. TSG

    Adela Chalmers isn’t a director of Baker Clarke Partnership. CIB is the Companies Investigation Branch, not “Corporate Investigative Branch”. So – 2 for 2 loads of twaddle or inaccuracy. Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the inane diatribe, does it?

  11. Anonymous

    Anon 8:11 That was an amazing summation. However I believe that
    Kraus-Manning and PiD both QUIT within a week of each other in
    July 2012. Admittedly in the scheme of things a very minor point
    but something that a pathetic obsessive like TSG will harp on for weeks.
    PiD did leave an employee with H-Hotel Design Studio for a few weeks
    after that. Which makes me wonder just what is the David Campion
    connection today.

  12. Anonymous

    Adela Chalmers is one of 3 senior people on the Baker Clark website the other 2 being Jim Baker and Mervyn Clarke. And all 3 are directors of Baker Clarke Management.

  13. TSG

    Anon 9.08

    But that isn’t BCP, which is what was claimed. Inaccuracy heaped upon inaccuracy.

  14. Anonymous

    TSG I think given the seniority of Adela Chalmers in BCP and her directorship of an associate company, the independence of the baker clarke partnership is now very much in doubt.

    It might be different if you had stated that Adela Chalmers never worked for Harlequin. Then at least it would help support your argumements.

    Also you are really splitting hairs between the companies investigation branch and corporate investigative branch.

    Most readers understand what was meant. Your argument is what one would expect from Ames in a court. This is a blog site not a court.

  15. TSG

    There you go again, more inaccuracies it’s ” The Baker Clarke Partnership” not “baker clarke partnership”. No capitals so it’s all bollox.

  16. Anonymous

    Andrew Newman of PID told Campion and provided proof ( so he claims) to both Campion and Ames demonstrating that Andy Smith was stealing from Ames.

    It has to be understood that there are a few versions as to why Andy Smith and Krauss Manning left, but leave they did.

  17. TSG

    TSG 9.37 isn’t me. Piss-poor punctuation, paddy.

  18. Legal Advisor

    TSG your arguments are something I would expect from Ames in a court of law. Would you not be best suited to using your brilliant mind in analysing the prosecution files when the are served on Dave, Carol, Dan, Simon Terry, Dan Dalligan, Simon Taylor, Katherine Manderfield or Woller. You can check all the witness statements for grammatical errors, who knows the case could be one or is it won on a capitalisation error.

  19. TSG

    And why would I want to help that bunch of low-lives?

  20. Anon

    TSG Who is Paddy.? For someone who likes to split hairs, why not start by getting Dave’s nemesis name correct.

    And I’m not Paddy nor am I Irish

  21. TSG

    Anon 9.49

    In his own glass of Baileys, Paudie is Ames’s Nemesis. Paddy, capitalised or not, is a colloquialism for the Irish.

    Do try to keep up.

  22. Anonymous

    TSG please you have attacked an intelligent post, yes anti Harlequin. Now you want us to believe you are anti Harlequin.

    And like the pro Harlequin Trolls you seem to intimate that the Irish Builder is the source of all or most anti Harlequin blogging on BFP.

    But to be honest you have no idea who posts what on here, none of us do.

  23. St George's Dragon

    If we are striving for accuracy the word to describe things connected with Harlequin is bollocks, not bollox.
    And to be even-handed, Blue Boar doesn’t say it has 700 million to invest, it says that one of the services it can provide is funding of projects from US$ 1 million to US$ 700 million+; that means “arranging” the funding, not having it in the bank.
    Please do not take this as support for Blue Boar as their services offer looks like bollox.

  24. TSG

    Paudie’s spelling and grammar are wonderfully idiosyncratic. They are as distinctive as a fingerprint. So yes, it is unbelievable simple to spot his frothing.

  25. Anonymous

    You appear acquainted with Paddy or is it Paudie TSG.

  26. TSG

    Or even “unbelievably”.

    Anon 9.58 – wouldn’t you like to know.

  27. Anonymous

    TSG you must know Irish builder well to have deduced all that from an anonymous website.

  28. Anonymous

    Absolutely amazing TSG. You should apply to the SFO for a job. Lol

  29. Anonymous

    SGD – Touche’….a snappy little ending to go with my sundowner.

  30. Anonymous

    SGD – Touche’ …a snappy ending to go with my sundowner.

  31. Rumbled

    TSG so all of Anon’s post is rubbish.

    Please, you seem knowledgable as to the facts as they pertain, so why not indulge us?

  32. TSG

    Rumbled AKA Paudie

    Why bother? The truth will out, sooner or later.

  33. Rumbled

    TSG perhaps you are Mr. McConaghy ?

    If so are you facilitating the much needed external finance for Harlequin. ?

    Or perhaps Mr. Newman ?

  34. TSG

    Ooh. Let’s bung lots of names up and see if anyone bites. Fun for all!

  35. Anonymous

    It’s hard for the truth to ” will out ” with idiots like TSG raising issue with posts without adding to the debate.

  36. Anonymous

    SGD The Blue Boar statement is ambiguous, surely they should have said we can arrange finance of between 1 and 700 million +.

    We can all argue what the statements made actually mean.

    Ames told purchasers he would provide mortgages. Did he really mean he couldn’t. ?

    Whatever he meant he didn’t.

  37. St George's Dragon

    Leonardo Da Vinci was an painter, sculptor, architect, engineer and anatomist.
    From the list of services on the Blue Boar website, they seem to be similar polymaths.
    I suspect they rely heavily the work of others and they manage the process.
    But what do I know? Perhaps they are Da Vinci reincarnated.

  38. Anonymous

    It sounds like my idea of what Crozier actually is — a legal
    consolidator/packager/marketer. All perfectly respectable in
    a Keynesian sort of way. Come to think of it RL/Fatchett isn’t
    that far removed either.

  39. Anonymous

    TSG is Robert Storey. Paid agitator for criminals.

  40. Anonymous

    Meanwhile back to the topic in hand.

    Yes the Ames family will face prosecution.

  41. Anon

    And the trust will fail.

    Fatchett has absolutely messed up the trust. Had he done some proper due diligence he would not perhaps chosen his current path.

    His arrogance against some of the players in this diabolical mess is just about to bite him right square between his butt cheeks.

    And the Irony will be for all to see.

    The only player in town lol. Garreth we shall see. We shall see very shortly indeed.

  42. Robert Storey

    @anon 10.59. No it’s not, I’ve been at the pictures all night, idiot. However only Paddy in his post of 8.11 would spring to the defence of the drains fiasco. So Paddy why not come out, expose yourself and stop hiding behind the “Anon” tag. Even Ralph was better than that.

  43. Anonymous

    Everyone knows Ames lied about the drains. Everyone knows Ames lied full stop. Yeah yeah Storey the Irish judgement blah blah blah.

    How is Joe Hopkins your confidant in the SFO Robert. I see you have been mouthing off again lol.

    And I am not Paddy. But I really do think you need to stop telling people how close you are with Joe Hopkins.

    Cause you aint.

  44. Anon 1

    Bob what are your views on the guilty verdict.

    I am talking about Matt Ames. Not Newman, Not Paddy, Not Dave, Not Erica but Matt.

    Care to comment ?

  45. Anonymous

    Some on this site seem to learn nothing from recent events. Ames’s teflon jacket has been removed, he is now bollox or is it bollocks naked.

    The snivelling little shit is now dropping everyone in it.

    His support is fast dwindling but never fear no one on this site can be identified, the site is anonymous, even IPad Bob will agree on that point.

    Because IPad Bob will never come out from behind the BFP or RL site and make a stand in support of Ames.

  46. Robert Storey

    @Anon, I haven’t mentioned Joe for several months. You really are good at make believe arnt you. “Mouthing off again”? Must be reading your own posts I guess. Just mind how those cats go on your keyboard. How’s the rented bungalow?
    @Anon 1 I only comment on things that directly affect me, and the MA trial has not. Now Paddy, Newman, Erica they do directly affect me.

  47. Anonymous

    @RS – affect you only in your mind – only in your mind.
    Who exactly are you important to?

  48. Anonymous

    And so has Dave Robert. Not sure how Newman has affected you. You have been mouthing off again how Joe Hopkins has listened to you and as a result the SFO is dropping the case.

    Awww Bob whats wrong you keep saying it is all a set up by Newman. Think who you have told that Joe Hopkins confided in you that the SFO case is over because the evidence provided by Newman was false.

  49. Anonymous

    Who is renting a bungalow bob? Im not. But go on teflon man.

    You stated just this week that Joe Hopkins provided you with information Jeremy Newman provided to the SFO. You have also said this in the past.

  50. Anonymous

    You have been stitched up Bob. Big time. Go on running to Joe Hopkins you gobby little twat.

    You were already warned. Im sure loose lips Fatchett is impressed with you now lol

    You really are one pathetic silly stool pigeon.

  51. Anonymous

    Bob Storey has been telling folks that Joe Hopkins one of the investigating officers from the SFO is a friend of his or acquaintance.

    Joe Hopkins reputedly told Bob Storey that the SFO were not proceeding with the Harlequin investigation because the evidence provided by Newman was unreliable.

    This is a very serious allegation to make and surely the relationship between Bob Storey and Joe Hopkins merits an internal investigation.

    Is Bob Storey trying to set up Joe Hopkins much in the same way that Sean Ghent set up Matthew Chapman?

    I recall that Garreth Fatchett warned Bob Storey to be careful about mouthing off in the past.

  52. Anon 1

    Ouch what can of worms has that twat Storey opened now.

    Funny he has nothing to say about Matt Ames, says Matt’s actions did not affect him. Odd how does he know. Matt was sales director when Storey bought his unit. A convicted fraudster, the jury did not believe a word he said. They convicted him. So why should we believe that he only got 750k in commissions. Maybe he got millions. Maybe he stole millions. Maybe this is what brought Harlequin down.

    Strange Bob never lays the blame for any of this at Daves door.

  53. Anon

    Storey is a coward. He will reappear sometime tomorrow when the thread has moved swiftly on.

  54. For the attention of investors not purchasers


    February 2014

    Completions expected “in 2-4 weeks”


    Following several months of diligent work, the first completions at Buccament Bay Resort are expected to be finalised in the next two-to-four weeks. Harlequin is ready to complete on the sale of property, but the aforementioned timeframe is dependant on the speed at which solictors representing investors can complete their processes.

    We look forward to transferring title to purchasers that are able to complete and realise their investment. This will prove that we have fulfilled the promises made to the first purchasers and that the Harlequin model can succeed.

    TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

    It was announced in January that Harlequin Hotels & Resorts’ flagship hotel, Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent & The Grenadines, has won the TripAdvisor 2014 Travelers’ Choice Award for “Best Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean”!


    The Travelers’ Choice Awards are given to the hotels that have received the most positive reviews by guests – the most important judges of all. At the time of writing, Buccament Bay Resort boasts 89% positive reviews, which total over 400.

    Bookings increases in January

    Following a tactical marketing campaign, bookings for Buccament Bay Resort and blu, St Lucia increased significantly in January compared to the same period in 2013. Bookings for blu, St Lucia were particularly impressive, almost tripling from last year.

    Health & Safety thumbs-up after Christmas storms


    Following the tragic, freak storms that assaulted the Caribbean over Christmas, Buccament Bay Resort has successfully passed independent health and safety inspections by two of the world’s leading long haul operators.

    The storms saw a reported 15inches of rain fall within 24 hours on St Vincent & The Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica, causing flash floods and landslides that claimed at least 22 lives, including a dear and valued member of Buccament Bay Resort staff who was on her way home from the Resort when the storm hit.

    The Resort experienced a small amount of non-structural damage in the storm; however, under the leadership of the excellent management team, it was cleaned and restored to normal operating conditions within just a few days and continued to receive excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

    Buccament Bay Resort featured on ITV’s Lorraine show


    Buccament Bay Resort featured on ITV’s Lorraine show from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th January and Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th January 2014.

    Three lucky viewers of the British TV network’s morning show won a stay with Paul McKenna at Buccament Bay Resort to help them fulfil their new year resolutions. You can see a clip at the link below:


    St Vincent’s Argyle International Airport terminal handed over

    On December 30th, Mr Ames attended the official handing over ceremony of the passenger terminal building from the developers to the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr The Hon. Ralph E Gonsalves.

    We have been informed that the airport and runway will be operational from approximately June 2014, with the first international flights from the UK and North America due to arrive in November 2014. Details of the major international airlines that will fly to Argyle International Airport are due to be released in March/April 2014.

    The new airport will allow direct transatlantic flights to the island for the first time and we fully expect it to greatly increase the interest in Buccament Bay Resort.


    Buccament Bay Resort opening new facilities

    The resort’s new beach bar, Murphy’s, has been opened and other facilities are currently under development, including a conference centre, which will be ready for an important event later this month (details to be revealed soon), and new homes for restaurants Bamboo and Safran on the water front village.


    Trust update imminent

    A significant update on the Harlequin Investment Trust will be sent out within the next week. Needless to say, work and progress continues behind the scenes.

  55. Robert Storey

    @various Anons and Anon 1. You really don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Tell you what make a complaint to the SFO and Essex Police about my “so called involvement” . Now either put up or shut up. You are unable to substantiate any of your claims above so stop clogging up this thread with rubbish, you pathetic anti HP troll.

  56. Robert Storey

    How remiss of you Paddy in your equivalent to War and Peace above you don’t mention the fraud of Newman and MacDonald, highlighted by the summing up of the judge in Ireland. You don’t mention that Newman was forced to resign from WK, that he has had to sell his house in Bray to pay his legal bills. Of course if these allegations are not true then you have my details, sue me. Go on I dare you! Of course the interesting thing is how much notice will the SFO take of the evidence of fraudsters? Very reliable source of information I’m sure.

  57. anon

    Correct me if I’m wrong (BS @ 9.30am) but nobody in the Irish case was convicted of fraud.

  58. Robert Storey

    Correct, and I was very careful not to say that. “Implicated in fraud” was, I think, the judges comment. As it was a civil case, not a criminal one, then no one can be convicted.

  59. anon

    @BS Exactly. It was simply a civil case in which the business interests of two companies were being tested in front of a Judge. Unlike a more recent criminal fraud case in which the Crown has seen fit to protect its citizens by bringing charges.

  60. Question to Paddy

    A question to Irish and his boozy bum chum.

    How come Ames is still flying round the world free as a bird……

  61. BBaywatch

    Once again Jon Austin has proven why he is an award winning journalist with a fine piece of investigative work. He isn’t finished either and we may well see further fruits of his labours.

  62. Anonymous

    Storey, those guys could be guilty of fraud or any other crime. They did not set up this scam, they did not defraud investors of 400m pounds by outrageous claims of returns and then squander the lot. This was done by David Ames and Harlequin, and it was done years before an Irish builder came onto the scene. You are comical, and of course are expected to do your paid job of defending the indefensible. Your existence is rather sad, but reflective of the Harlequin approach – ignore all the obvious facts that point to the Harlequin fraud by deflection.

  63. The Past

    Is Bob Storey now suggesting he never made reference to Joe Hopkins on BFP nor has he ever intimated that he was supplied information on witnesses by the SFO.

    I dont think anyone will need to make a complaint lol. I think its gone beyond that.

  64. Journalist

    Jon Austin did a superb job with Matt Ames. We must also remember that Jon Austin also interviewed Terry Potter of Harlequin along the same vein. Terry Potter was sacked shortly after Jon Austin exposed the practices within Harlequin.

    Im sure like in the Matt Ames case he passed on his findings to the relevant authorities.

  65. For Sale, fit for Essex con man

    One very high mileage golf buggy, suspension damaged on one side due to over use by a portly convicted fraudster aka Matt Ames.

    Special offer for foolish cash buyers:

    Cabana at Buccament Bay less 50% BMV
    Special features including but not limited to:
    Security fence and security lighting
    Golf buggy parking bay (only one on the resort)
    Executive furniture
    Fully fitted kitchen
    Bespoke bathroom.

    This Cabana has been distastefully designed to suit the Essexness of the former GM of Buccament Bay Matt Ames.

  66. Wake up SFO?

    What about completions?

    Ames seems desperate to get his hands on some cash.

    If the authorities let Ames get the cash something is so so wrong.

  67. Wake up SFO?

    Bob have you go a ‘special deal’ from Ames regarding completions?

    if you have could that not compromise you with your mate Joe?

    Maybe you need to think about that?

  68. Anonymous

    You fat stupid Irish Mick and you cohort Dave ‘alcoholic’ Man, you lost, can’t win give up.

    The Trust spoils your dream of taking over BB….. what a shame.

    How are you recent trips to the doctor? That’s not looking too good is it?

    I did amuse us.

  69. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, that’s all we can do. Doing nothing is the only way to ensure failure.

  70. Robert Storey

    @WUSFO. Believe me I have no “special deal” it’s all in your head. Maybe you just need to think. Full stop.
    @Anon (various but the same person) my changing our tune now arnt we? All the lies from your rants of last night. Guess the effects of the booze has worn off and you now realise what a prat you were last night. Of course Paddy, Newman, MacDonald cannot now be seen as reliable witnesses for the SFO and Erica has withdrawn her support. Where does that leave you.

  71. Anonymous

    Was Dave Man embroiled in any litigation. News to us. Have never seen mention of it. Please direct us to that piece of litigation.

    ” I did amuse us” Is that Essexese? We assume by us you mean Harlequin, Dave and Carol.

    What did amuse us was Matt Ames being convicted. What will amuse us even further is when he is sentenced, indeed we have a little pool going.

    And of course the icing or should that be ICEing on the cake will be the imminent arrest of Dave, Carol, Dan and a few others in the ex teflon coated Harlequin towers.

  72. worriedinvestor

    How do you know you moron Erica is not in full suport

  73. Anonymous

    See Bob there you go again. Firstly how do you know if Newman, O Halloran and MacDonald are indeed witnesses for the SFO. And if they were is it your legal opinion that they are unreliable?

    See this can be read in another way. Ames took out vexatious and malicious cases against all 3 in order to try and discredit them as potential witnesses in a criminal prosecution of the Ames family.

    After all it appears that if any one had a smoking gun it would be one or all of these gentlemen. And you are forgetting the appeal in Ireland. Should Ames loose it would vindicate the others.

    But it is odd given your claimed relationship with Joe Hopkins that you appear to know so much about potential witnesses.

    Your goading on this matter is also rather odd.

    Now I don’t know how this works but I am sure if the police knock on your door in Nuneaton you will deny ever having posted on this site.

    See you constantly refer in a negative way to those whom you consider to be witnesses in a potential state criminal prosecution of Harlequin and the Ames family.

    Don’t you think you are sailing very close to the wind or are you confident your claims of anonymity will protect you.

    Just wondering.

  74. Robert Storey

    If DA losses the appeal it will not change the judges opinion that this was a fraud perpetrated by the gang of three. I have already had the police knocking on my door. That was to tell me about the numpty that decided to try and intimidate me with silent phone calls. Of course he then denied it and blamed his wife. My goading? I suggest you read the postings of a drunk last night. What an idiot. Oh and by the way anew,an admitted himself he complaind to the SFO on 3 occasions.

  75. Anonymous

    Was Matt Ames granted bail and if so how much was required?
    It would be an indication of what the sentence may be.

  76. yatinkiteasy

    From 6.46 am
    TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

    It was announced in January that Harlequin Hotels & Resorts’ flagship hotel, Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent & The Grenadines, has won the TripAdvisor 2014 Travelers’ Choice Award for “Best Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean”!

    BB did not win THE award for “Best Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean” as stated by Harlequin…they won an award…in fact they were ranked 18 of the top 25 winners in that category. Why do they bend the truth?

    Also from 6.45 am…”We look forward to transferring title to purchasers that are able to complete and realise their investment. This will prove that we have fulfilled the promises made to the first purchasers and that the Harlequin model can succeed.”

    In Sept 2012, Ames said in a newsletter that they were then in the process of delivering titles to investors at BB, but 18 months later, not one has been delivered.

    Time will tell.

  77. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    Bob, and your special little deal? Will Joe approve?

  78. Anonymous

    @Worried Investor
    From: Erica broughton
    Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 07:05:59 +0000
    To: cpcholding@europe.com;
    Subject: Put this on BBFP


    Let us all get one thing straight when I said to you that I was no longer willing to be a witness that was with regards to the SFO,

    Will that do you, Moron.

  79. Anonymous

    @Worried Investor
    From: Erica broughton
    Date: Tue, 5 July 2013 06:05:59 +0000
    To: cpcholding@europe.com;
    Subject: Paudie

    I’m sick of him calling me for hours at a time, please ask him to desist. Dave Man, only call’s when in drink.

    Sick of both of them, it’s making me ill.

  80. TS

    Actually it won’t do Erica, aka worried investor.

    You have been, and always will be, infatuated with the Irish builder. Just like a love sick teenager.

    He used you, just like Fatchett and then Crozier; they all dumped when they decided you are mentally unstable.

    A risk.

    You have never had anything to contribute, never will; it’s simpley beyond your simple little house wife’s brain.

    Keep to washing dirty undies. Working class types should never have invested.

  81. Anonymous

    @ Bob Storey

    From: Dave Ames
    Date: Tue, 5 July 2013 06:05:59 +0000
    To: cpcholding@europe.com;
    Subject: Bob Storey

    I’m sick of him telling everyone he is close to the SFO. He also left his false teeth behind the last time he sucked my knob.

    My name is Bob Storey but am now posting silly emails.

    Will that do you, Moron.

  82. Anonymous

    Dave Carol would you like us to send some of the classic emails we have from you both and from Mattie boy to BFP lol.

  83. Robert Storey

    @Anyone etc etc. you obviously cannot read. Read my earlier post. Or perhaps you would like to tell the world what my “special deal” is. Go back to bed and sleep off your hangover.

  84. No smoke

    she was involved in this scam, changed her name. start scamming again.
    Odd she never proved her innocence? and you muppets still keep paying her to do what?


  85. Anonymous

    Harlequin are now really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    It was Tuesday the 2nd of July 2013 or Friday the 5th of July 2013, but it sure as hell could not have been Tuesday the 5th of July 2013.

    Not the first time Harlequin have forged documents though.

  86. Robert Storey

    @Worried investor aka Erica, oh dear you have been caught out with your stupidity, I don’t have false teeth. You cannot even make up an e mail without it being stupid. No point in calling you a moron, it’s just too obvious.

  87. Robert Storey

    Anon 2.16, yes the stupid e mail from Anon 2.06 uses the same date lol. Funny how that is quoted as a HP e mail when it obviously not. Take you blinkers off.

  88. Anonymous

    Bob I think someone was pointing out that the first two emails were false lol. I don’t think anyone would believe for one moment that Dave Ames would allow you suck his cock, false teeth or not..

    Dave prefers to have his knob sucked by Garreth Fatchett. He has got cash. You have a share in a pond. Lol

    I suppose that makes you pond life.

  89. Anonymous

    For a fact that makes him a bottom feeder.

  90. Robert Storey

    Nothing false about the first one. I own my own pond.

  91. Open Letter

    For the attention of the Case Management Officer SFO.

    CC Department Head of SFO.
    CC Internal Corruption Unit. SFO

    CC Chief Constable of Essex Police

    Date 15th February 2014

    Your ref. Email: confidential@sfo.gsi.gov.uk


    Potential Confidentiality Breach within the SFO.

    Dear sir, we would like to bring to your attention some very serious concerns pertaining to your ongoing investigation of the Harlequin group of companies.

    As you are aware Barbados Free Press has hosted a large number of forums with reference to Harlequin and its associated companies.

    There has been much heated debate on the BFP forums.

    However one particular poster claims to be a Robert Storey from Nuneaton. He also claims to be a witness for the Serious Fraud Office.

    Over the past few months he has, in his many posts referred on occasion to the ongoing SFO investigation of Harlequin.

    He has made some alarming claims about individuals who he alleges have made witness statements to your officers.

    He has stated that the witness statements from certain named witnesses are no longer being considered by the SFO because the credibility of those witnesses, according to Mr. Storeys claims on BFP, have now been undermined.

    We would like to know how Mr. Storey would have been privy to any potential witnesses providing confidential information to the SFO

    Mr. Storey has intimated that much of the information has been provided to him by a Mr. Joe Hopkins, a case officer employed by the Serious Fraud Office.

    This is a very serious matter and needs to be investigated. Mr. Storey appears to be suggesting that the confidentiality of offering evidence to the SFO may not be maintained by your officers.

    We would hope that you would look into this as a matter of urgency.

    We understand the serious nature of the investigation into Harlequin and have provided you with screen shots of Mr. Storeys posts with respect to your ongoing investigations.

    Kind regards,


  92. Robert Storey

    Don’t forget witness intimidation. You haven’t mentioned that. This is the biggest laugh I’ve had in years. Lol. Grow up.

  93. Bob Storey likes stalking

    @BS Robert Storey
    Are you insinuating that you might be called as a credible witness? Biggest bullshit I’ve heard in years.

  94. Robert Storey

    I haven’t suggested anything. Read the post from the muppet, open letter. This gets dafter than Harry Potter. Still waiting a knock on the door from the boys in blue.

  95. Missed anything?

    What a very sad state of affairs, when an Irish builder steals millions, from Dave Ames, who gave away millions to his family.

    Many other will have ripped off the bumbling old fool.

    Seemingly this was not enough for Matt Ames who is now in jail after conning £1.6 million in a similar scam.

    I hope the rest of the Ames family and associates and up on fraud charges.

    The poor investors face losing £400 million………..

    A few gullible ones gave a ‘suspected con woman’ even more money to achieve what?

    They continue to pay her each month….. fool and theier money easily parted….

    Meanwhile, unless you are a SIPP investor you will get pennies back if Harlequin goes bust.

    Will the Trust work? – no idea, but no other options seem realistic.

    No winners unless you are involved in the claims business. Fatchett will make millions – do I begrudge his that? Not one bit.

    Without him Harlequin would have continued to bully and steal from people.

    I hope the IFA’s and SIPP companies go bust

  96. More questions

    Yes, you missed out on the fact Ames is doing some very keen deals to greedy ‘investors’ who think they are actually going to complete anytime soon.

    Is he allowed to sale these units off at Buccament Bay for, so little?

    What will happen to the greedy cash rich fat cats, when BB goes bust?

    Could Robert Storey has a special special deal, where Ames says no cash?

    Would this stand up to insolvency procedures?

    Anyone know?

  97. Robert Storey

    @open letter, I’ve just found Joe’s direct e mail address. Do you want it rather than send your childish e mail to a general e mail address. Just e mail me, you know the e mail address that Erica, the daft mare, posted on here some months ago, and I will send it to you. By the way, no sign of the plod yet.

  98. Robert Storey

    @more questions, stupid prat, your English is appalling, as is your reasoning.

  99. Open Letter

    Bob you are a fool. Lol. You just will not give up.

  100. Anon Jonny

    I have it on very good authority that the Ames family will be arrested and charged within the next few weeks.

  101. Robert Storey

    @open letter, do I take it you don’t want the direct e mail? Bluff called, Boom

  102. Anonymous Anti Ames

    Storey will stand by Ames no matter what. No point in engaging with someone who sticks two fingers up at the authorities.

    To RL’s credit they have tried to shut the fool up over on the RL site on a number of occasions. He carries about as much credibility and weight as Matt Ames or Dave.

    Now Bob back over to you and your continued attacks on Newman and his bungalow. Glad to see that Joe Hopkins confided in you or so you would like us all to believe.

    I guess they may have a word next week.

    I for one will be asking the SFO some questions and I reckon I am not alone.

  103. Anonymous

    I doubt Bob you have called any ones bluff. I also agree that the SFO have serious questions to answer. I too will be raising this with them on Monday.

    I have also sent an email to Jon Austin. He seems to get things done.

  104. Missed anything?

    Bob, jump to defend this post, and it’s teeeriblee engilishee

  105. worriedinvestor

    Bob you are an annoying twat, does this give you a sense of self importance?

  106. Robert Storey

    You mean like pretending to be a solicitor?

  107. Anonymous...

    joe.hopkins@sfo.gov.uk so please piss off Bob you shit stirring prick. I also hope that they will treet your contemt severley.

  108. Robert Storey

    Don’t forget to ask them about witness intimidation. Now run along and change the record. It is sooooo boring now. The sooner you realise that your intimidation tactics are not working you may get a life.

  109. Anonymous

    Strange no mention of her sisters death online…… look at trip adviser.

    7. Re: Merricks Resort – Oh Dear
    18 May 2013, 12:52
    CPC Worldwide is run by a woman who faces many charges in Spain for running away with 2 million plus euros of ex pats money and is now behind this company. Her real name is Audrey Dixon and she now uses the alias Elizabeth Crozier. Check her out online. This company is meant to be retrieving money fro investors in Harlequin and yet is run by a complete scammer. You investors need to know the truth behind this company. Check her out on google. Former owner of Oasis Spanish Properties. If she ever returns to Spain she faces 11 years in prison.

  110. Robert Storey

    Maybe a open letter to Chris Corny?

  111. Robert Storey

    There you go “open letter” . Treet lol, you couldn’t make this up.

  112. Robert Storey

    Off down the pub then pick up the Indian. How ironical that people can spout so much bile on here. Perhaps they are short of subjects/intelligence to talk about serious subjects. What what they do now I will be away for a while. Keep the cat off the keyboard perhaps especially as the Walton on Thames warrior is back on line.

  113. worriedinvestor

    Bob, I don’t care what you do, you nasty little man.

  114. Anonymous

    CLC / CPC are back in court on Tuesday.

    No wonder the anti CPC brigade are out in force. Pathetic sad bastards.

    Why haven’t the anti CPC brigade reported their suspicions to the UK Police, why wait till the weekend before Carol and Dave are due in court to launch an attack on CPC.

    Carol and Dave why don’t you both just turn up in court and deal with the 22 plaintiffs. You owe them money fair and square.

    You seem to have the money to build “Murphy’s Bar” and a conference centre so just pay what you owe and then go do one.

    You are nasty thieving scum, just like your darling son Carol. Scum of the earth.

    And no I’m not CPC or Paddy or Dave Man.

    Just one of many of thousands who now realises you and your Harlequin family are total and utter scum.

  115. Anonymous

    Until the authorities deal with Dave, Carol and Dan Ames they will continue to bully, lie and con their way through life. The Ames family are nothing but thieves.

    And they have not got the guts to deal with valid claims being made against them.

    CLC CPC are not the only people to have begun the redress process against Harlequin. Much has been going on in the background in the Caribbean.

    If that lazy bastard Fatchett had gotten off his ass rather then blowing smoke up his own ass he would have discovered the huge problem with the Harlequin assets.

    Oh yes the due diligence will show the trust cannot work, but it won’t be Fatchett’s due diligence. Freeloading freak.

  116. View from the hill

    So full of s h i t Storey ……. On the RL site bob bit claims completion takes 3months the Harlecon newsletter sent to victims claims 2-4 weeks .

    Don’t let the truth get in the way of fiction will you now …….

  117. How easy is it to bribe Bob the Bullshit Storeyteller?

    Looks like BS Bob has come into some money recently. Pictures yesterday, pub and curry tonight. Must have received a payoff from the Basildon boys. I bet it’s cash in hand. Seeing as he is on the social it can’t go in his bank account can it ?

  118. View from the hill

    Ames didn’t turn up for his own sons case he is hardly likely to rally for one about himself ….. Ames has no intention of paying back any money . His get out of jail free card has been lovingly prepared by Fatchett .

  119. some mothers do have em

    I know – he murdered Betty and is falsely claiming her pension money.

    Watch that cat on the keyboard you keep alluding to doesn’t come back to bite you Bob .lol

  120. Anonymous

    No Bob is protected by Joe Hopkins of the SFO. Teflon Bob. Remember ’twas the SFO who approached Bob for a statement. So Bob claims.

    One wonders how many more lives and careers will be ruined before Ames is finally arrested and charged.

    It looks like Joe Hopkins is now in the firing line.

    Bob is too stupid to understand what he has done. Fatchett might tell him but he too has a whole heap of hurt barreling down the tracks towards him.

    Funny Fatchett will end up being reported for his actions, another career tainted because of involvement with the Ames family. But in Fatchett’s case it could have been avoided had he done the most basic of due diligence.

    Funny how the firm of Williams and Williams in SVG was used to produce a document demonstrating the good character of Matt Ames in his UK trial.

    Hmm I wonder who engaged them for that purpose.

  121. Anonymous

    “a whole heat of hurt barreling down the tracks…” That sir
    is English at its best.

  122. Robert Storey

    @view from the hill, you see you have just proved what a stupid idiot you are. Now let’s see if you can follow this.
    1)the HP newsletter says HP expect to FINALISE the completions in 2-4 weeks
    2)I said the PROCESS is expected to take 3 months.
    Now do you understand the difference between process and and finalise? Obviously not, the concept is just too difficult for you.

  123. Anonymous

    Jeez Bob – Go back to your box of Pommeroy.
    Actually I have never heard of Pommeroy but it was
    mentioned yesterday and it must be cheap….

  124. Anonymous

    To Bob Storey everyone is an idiot, but is he the real idiot for having invested in Harlequin in the first place.

    One question he could answer. Bob are you happy with your investment and are you confident that the trust will allow the resorts be completed and returns paid as per the promises made by Harlequin.

  125. Robert Storey

    @anon (the last one) I’m just too much of an idiot to answer that lol

  126. Bobtwat

    ‘@Robert Storey
    February 15, 2014 at 8:33 pm
    @anon (the last one) I’m just too much of an idiot to answer that lol’

    yeah well you said it! cnut

  127. Robert Storey

    @Anon, I had no Input into this thread until Anon 10.57 decided to add me into it. Rather silly of him don’t you think.

  128. Bob Storey discredited internet troll

    Bob is so desperate to have the last word. You said you were going to the pub Bob. Fuck off then!

  129. Anonymous

    Storey what are you on about. You have been harping on for months about how Joe Hopkins has confided in you. You twat. That’s the Joe Hopkins from the SFO.

  130. View from the hill

    Yup because you know Mr Storey that you have just royally buggered a mans career and subsequently poppa Ames chances of a clean getaway .

    The trust was the only hope Ames had of escaping justice but plod does not take kindly to one of there own getting an investigation because loose lips sink ships and you sunk this one

  131. Bob nob forgets again

    no one posted at 10:57 Bob
    must be a figment of your imagination.

  132. Interested investor

    Mr. Storey could you please tell me as a purchaser in Buccament Bay do you believe the trust is the best option. If I sign up to the trust and the trust is formed does that mean that finance will happen and the resorts all of them will get built ?

    Could you answer that for me please. I would like your opinion.

  133. Robert Storey

    I’m back from the pub dumbass. Sitting in front with my I pad. In for the long haul tonight.
    @anon, no kid. How long did it take you to work that out. Now whose the twat, twat.

  134. Robert Storey


  135. yatinkiteasy

    It seems that it is Harlequin that have the problem of understanding dates and times for completion…after all Merricks, and the two resorts in Dom Republic and one in St Lucia were supposed to have been built years ago, and they not even been started. BB, is not even half finished.
    BTW, the signboard on the abandoned construction site of the eyesore H Hotel in Barbados still says it will be ready in 2013!
    What a bunch of jokers! The Ames family could not have found a better name for their operation.

  136. Dumbass Bob is back from the pub

    Who’s not whose!
    You dumb ass.

  137. Robert Storey

    Dumbass, not dumb ass, all one word. Dumbass!

  138. View from the hill

    @robert storey I’m sure the previous poster is sorry for misspelling you name dumbass.

  139. FDNRM

    Definition of dumbass
    Someone who looks up the word “dumbass” in a dictionary

  140. Interested investor

    Mr. Storey you seem to lean towards the pro Harlequin camp. Could you please give us your views on whether the trust will ensure the resorts get completed and we get our promised returns.

    Could I ask that posters refrain from the constant attacks on Mr. Storey, I would really appreciate his honest opinion.

  141. Robert Storey

    Loving this, you are all posting about me. Job done, think it’s about time I cut some more CDs for my fan club. Hook line and sinker.

  142. Anonymous

    Its hoolineandsinker dumb ass !!!

  143. 36 Fat chances

    @ Interested investor
    February 15, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    Are you new to this forum? Robert Storey does not have an honest opinion. Never has done and never will.

    Did you know that Robert Storey used to post as ‘Fatchett does not represent me’ and frequently referred to him as an ambulance chaser?

    I am sorry Interested investor but you will never see your promised returns. The resorts will never get built. It’s a scam, a ponzi.

  144. yatinkiteasy

    Its clear now that BS considers it a “job” to clutter up the blog with meaningless comments.Job well done.

  145. Robert Storey

    @Anon 9.11 ha ha ha ha ha ha. Lol what panet are you from, planet Zod.

  146. Bob Storey is pissed now


  147. The End is Nigh

    Are those who support Harlequin playing with a full deck.

    I can see their strategy for attacking CPC despite their moral compass being totally off beam.

    But to attack the SFO by virtue of insinuating that an officer of the SFO is passing on information with respect to potential witnesses is absurd in the extreme, and although it will ensure that the officer in question will now face an internal investigation as is protocol within the SFO, it will do nothing more then commit that officers colleagues to ensuring that matters are concluded as a matter of urgency in potentially bringing at least preliminary charges against the Ames family and others within Harlequin.

    The strategy used by Harlequin against any perceived foes has not changed. What has changed is the arrogance which Harlequin supporters are now demonstrating towards the work of the investigative authorities.

    An award winning BBC producer was forced to resign because he over stepped the line on exposing the truth about the activities of Harlequin, the Government of St. Vincent and the Ames family.

    His only crime was to expose Harlequin and the Ames family for what they are, in an attempt at preventing more people from loosing all they have.

    Now similar tactics are being used by Harlequin against an investigating officer of the Serious Fraud Office.

    The goading by particular individuals on this site with respect to the SFO is doing Harlequin and the Ames family no favours whatsoever.

    The individuals themselves might believe that as a result of the anonymity of this site nothing can be proved or linked back to particular individuals.

    The posts of the last 24 hrs however have done the Ames family and Harlequin I repairable damage.

    You just do not mess around with a serious active criminal investigation, especially when you are relying on the honesty of the Ames family and Harlequin for hard facts.

  148. Robert Storey

    @Yatinkiteasy, no I don’t, but so many idiots, and you now fall into this category, insist in posting meaningless rubbish about me. If they do it then I will answer. Don’t forget it was not me who first put my name into this thread. If you don’t want rubbish then don’t start posting rubbish about me. It’s an easy concept to understand.

  149. Bob Storey is one nasty old saddo

    Bob has a very sad life. He lives in a rented house with his mum and mother in law. His wife can’t stand him. He invested all his redundancy money in Harlequin (paid cash). His last job was a burger flipper and he got the sack. He has not worked since.

    Despite his claims to be close to the Ames and the SFO he is a fantastic. A liar and a hypocrite. And he likes to stalk women too.

  150. Robert Storey

    @tein, and who do you think is goading the SFO? Care to support that with proof?

  151. Anonymous

    @9:33 –You almost made me feel sorry for him. But that last
    sentence queered the deal!

  152. Robert Storey

    15 mins and counting. Proof?

  153. yatinkiteasy

    An idiot is one that gave Mr Ames thousands of pounds and has nothing to show for it, but who continues to defend the person and company that many believe to be con artists and crooks.. I do not fall into that category . Ha Ha Ha…LoL LoL.

  154. Retribution

    Vot is dis all abowt?

  155. The End is Nigh

    Mr. Storey given your incessant references to the credibility of witnesses and naming those witnesses as being witnesses for the SFO and your references in the past to a member of the investigative team in addition to your previous claims that the SFO approached you is enough to trigger two separate complaints from anyone with a vested interest in Harlequin.

    And that is all it will take to have the named officer potentially suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.

    This is not the first time Harlequin have triggered an internal investigation within the SFO. In 2013 at a meeting in Manchester Harlequin and Mr. Ames intimated that the SFO investigation into Harlequin had ceased. A member of Harlequin’s entourage at the time claimed that he had worked previously with senior members of the SFO and they had confided in him that the SFO were no longer interested in Harlequin.

    This was enough to trigger a large internal investigation within the SFO. This cost the organisation both valuable time and money.

    It was subsequently discovered that there was no merit to the bizarre claims made by Harlequin at the Manchester meeting.

    Whether you now wish to resile yourself from your previous insinuations is neither here nor there.

    The damage has now been done. But your nonchalant attitude towards this is totally bizarre. I honestly believe you are not understanding of the damage you may have done even though perhaps inadvertently.

    You have certainly handed a loaded pistol to those seeking to accelerate the demise of the Ames family.

    This is not an attack on your character as you may have your own reasons for doing what you have done, it is however a vivid demonstration of the potential cause and adverse affects in this particular case.

  156. Anonymous

    @Retribution Wrong blog dude.

  157. Anonymous

    Odd how the Cozier trolls are out in force tonight, touched on a sore point, tee hee!

    She has reinvented herself with a new name.

    How did she get that big fancy house?

    And the plastic surgery?

    Conning C*nt, she is.

  158. Retribution

    I am not so zure…… dis is so incomprehensible on so many vevels anon mein dude!

  159. Robert Storey

    @tein go for it. That’s not proof. You have no proof. Just to show how stupid your posting is you are suggesting that the SFO cannot request to interview someone. They only interview someone who approaches them. How stupid is that. Still you believe what you want. I could not give two monkeys.
    @Yatinkiteasy, who says I have nothing to show for it? Get your facts right first. Still that would be a first.

  160. Anonymous

    @Retribution – Welkommen aus scheissfest

  161. The End is Nigh

    Mr. Storey you are the catalyst. Little time or effort will be applied in determining whether you are the protagonist I suspect, but there is enough to cast suspicion on the particular investigative officer’s ethics in dealing with witnesses or in respect of the confidential matters with respect to potential witnesses in the immediate short term, however unfounded the allegations or suspicions might turn out to be.
    But your insinuations will cause short term disruption to the life of the particular officer as it will to the efficiency of the workings of the SFO.

    The SFO may determine at a later stage that further action will be taken against perhaps your good self. Its is then the proof you speak about now will come into play.

  162. Anonymous

    TEIN- Good Grief! Trying to parse what you just wrote is a nightmare.
    However the meaning came across loud and clear. Lets hope that
    BS is clever enough to understand it.

  163. View from the hill

    @the end is nigh , it’s a waste of time trying to get bob storey to see sense . He doesn’t understand that he is out of his depth . Best we just ignore him and hopefully he will go away .
    I believe his sort feed of the attention they get

  164. Anonymous

    Bob You claimed you were a confidant of Joe Hopkins, you stated that Newman made 3 previous complaints to the SFO. You said that this information came from Newman. Cmon Bob proof.

    You said MacDonald and O Halloran were witnesses for the SFO. How do you know this. ?

    How do you know the SFO have discredited these witnesses if indeed that is what they are.

    How do you know Erica Broughton is or is now not a witness.
    Proof Bob

    How did the SFO know how to contact you. You must have contacted them initially. Otherwise how would they know who you were, unless perhaps you were a friend or such like of Joes. ?

    Your doing an awful lot of back pedalling at present.

  165. Robert Storey

    As I said I don’t give a monkeys. If your case against DA is so weak it will fail due to my ” insinuations” then you really are in trouble.

  166. Robert Storey

    Re Erica, see the previous e mail from Erica.
    Re the SFO contacting me, well documented in previous threads
    Re the others, I just know.
    Pedalling flat out forward now.

  167. Retribution

    I am nor zure shitezenhosen is vixed, not at all zure. Zees post are like rowd rhages. Ze protagnists ide in der vehicles ver dey veel save

  168. Anonymous

    Yes can we now ignore Bob Storey.

  169. Robert Storey

    Please do. As I said I had no input into this thread until someone decided to bring my name into it.

  170. Anonymous

    After recalling all those 36/FDNRM posts that at times took up
    circa 20% of all posts on some earlier threads I am tempted, sorely
    tempted to respond to RS/10:54 but I won’t….

  171. Robert Storey

    @Anon but you just have responded, so you are a bit thick aren’t you.

  172. yatinkiteasy

    Oh so Bob has title to his Cabana?No.just some payments(already spent) for writing pro Harlequin crap on a blog and Trip Advisor as “Sportingman”. What facts are wrong Bob?..Do you actually have something to show for your investment in Harlequin?.Is it even close to what was promised in the nice glossy brochures and websites? No.And do you have title to your lovely cabana at BB? No. And those are the facts.The rest from you is all bull crap.
    You are one sad, sad, case.

  173. View from the hill

    @anonymous don’t he isn’t worth it , I thought we agreed to ignore him .
    Maybe we can get back to recovering our stolen money and looking for solutions to Harlequin as soon as miss manderfield , mr dalligan and the other Harlecon trolls have popped of to bed .

  174. Anonymous

    Yat, what BS has to show for his investment is a job to agitate on forums. Never once has he provided a valid argument as to how or why his paymasters are not involved in defrauding thousands. He simply disrupts and is not worth this attention, so move on. BB loses hundreds of grand a month, completing on that is not really worth doing anyway even if you could get clear title. Paying more money over would be madness.

  175. View from the hill

    @yatinkiteasy we are ignoring the little scum bag ……. We all know he has had a few quid of poppa Ames and boy has he earned it , let’s face it when the sfo do pick up Ames snr his purpose in this world is over . For me his purpose is over now .

  176. View from the hill

    Back in reality over on the other forum ran by Fatchett , the group seems confused .some eagerly awaiting the due diligence to manage a limited recovery of funds , others still certain that the resorts will be built and finance payments made and others who are smelling blood and looking for attack methods .
    Fatchett is doing all he can to keep order in the ranks

  177. Robert Storey

    Lol 4 more posts about ignoring me. You really are the most stupid bunch of posters I have ever come across.
    @ Yatinkiteasy, you know absolutely nothing and are soooo far from the truth, which of course only I know. Now let’s see if you can resist posting about me again.

  178. Anonymous

    Just one question —-is there a ridgeview from that hill?
    God, I hope not.

  179. Anonymous

    Meanwhile with his family in tatters Ameless is in Buccama Bay .bumping a few knuckles no doubt in his quest for finance ……are you asking for the bag back ( and I don’t mean Carole)

  180. View from the hill

    Nope all I see is ice ice baby

  181. Anonymous

    In three days time CLC an excellent and reputable law firm along with Peter Knox QC an equally excellent barrister return to the high court in the UK representing 22 Harlequin purchasers.

    All they are looking for is a return of their money as is due to them under their contracts.

    So its odd that Harlequin now take the opportunity to attempt to discredit CPC and its Principle Mrs. Crozier one of a number of support companies to the claimants action.

    Harlequin if they had real suspicions with respect to Mrs. Crozier would have alerted the authorities along time ago. Indeed they could also have brought it to the attention of the judge in the current case. Fact is they have not.

    The only ones rattled in this case are the Ames family, Harlequin and those thieves who work for them.

    The anti CPC rhetoric will possibly increase in its ferocity as Tuesday approaches.

    Carol and Dave Ames would be far better suited just to turn up on Tuesday and plead their case.

    I suspect however that neither coward will attend.

  182. Anonymous

    Surely there is noone alive stupid enough to think the Harlequin model can be revived, with finance enabling construction of the 9000 or so units still to be built, and then all those units operated at a profit? Absolutely amazing, a no wonder Ames got one over so many in the first place if people actually still believe this. Makes you actually think Ames should get away with it as such folly would have seen the investor lose money one way or the other on investing in carbon credits (ahem) or some such other ridiculous scheme/scam. This thing was blatantly a scam from the start, was barely dressed up – when Ames was telling people they would not have to pay their mortgages off, and no resorts were built, where did investors think that money would come from?? Does anyone among the investors/regulatory legal actually know about operating a resort in the CAribbean, what it takes to do it at a profit, not to mention build in the first place? If they did, they would have seen some of those locations and sizes and just chuckled along with the rest of us about what a ridiculous idea it all was.

  183. Anon

    Comrade Ralph Gonsalves submitted a character reference for Mattie boy in his recent trial.

    Not sure whether he regrets his decision, it all depends on the size of the bag of cash handed to him by Ames I suppose.

  184. greetings

    Isn’t Tuesday’s court appearance a real test of the crazier bunch ?

  185. Anonymous

    If Fatchett had gotten off his fat ass and carried out even the slightest of due diligence he would have found that the trust he referred to recently in Manchester cannot happen.

    There is a huge irony here which will come to pass very soon. I would not like to be Fatchett facing a baying mob when he tries to bullshit his way out of this one.

    The words ” only game in town “, will haunt Fatchett for a very long time.

    That’s why it pays to engage legal firms who are impartial and who prioritise their clients over the needs and wishes of, as in this case Mr. Ames and Harlequin.

    Remember Fatchett, all who deal with Ames end up tainted some more then others and you my friend are no exception.


  186. View from the hill

    @anon it’s 24 claimants . Of course Harlequin will attempt to discredit anyone who attacks Them look at Newman , WK , Ridgeview ,Ice group , not to mention the hundreds of managers who stole from them , the endless list of people who through jealousy set out to destroy them ( according to harlequin)and then of course the low life scum purchasers who Carole Ames stated set out to discredit her family because they couldn’t afford to complete on the 5000 imaginary houses her husband had sold .

    Harlequin have forged emails , lied under oath , encouraged others to do the same ( if you believe the posts on here ) cheated and stole from pension funds with the aid of those who ought to have known better ,

    A ordinary housewife has been vilified beyond belief , personal attacks have taken place on Crozier , Corney and even on FAtchett until he fell into line with AMes .
    Paul Walton is having sex with everyone , RIchard Ingham is stalking MRs B, MR Jones is engaged in illegal activities against ladies , and every tom dick and Harry is a Freemason .

    all agents and sales people are con artists everyone who touched the holy harlequin is a scam act , the only innocent people are the AMes family they are beyond reproach …….. How could MAttys jury be so so wrong .

  187. Anonymous

    Tuesday will be upon us real soon, let us see what happens and who joins the fray shall we.

    No point in surmising at this stage. If CLC are successful on Tuesday, will the pro Harlequin mob raise the white flag. Somehow I doubt it.

  188. View from the hill

    No for sure Ames will fight on he is hoping the CPC/CLC mob run out of money …… But mark my words THEY WONT …… So hope be damned it’s a fight to the bitter end

  189. Anonymous

    @ View From the Hill aka Paddy booooooring. Bla bla bla.

    What a stupid statement. If you cant afford to complete you should never have invested.

    Its very clear mortgages were only being provided subject to status.

    And look how many mortgage payments the Ames family covered for investors who would not normally be in a position to make an investment.

    Greedy agents lied and the Ames’s are truly disgusted by this.

    Builders ripped off Ames, proven fact.

    Supported by corrupt Accountants, proven fact.

    And now you have 24 investors who lied about their ability to afford such an investment, who could not afford to complete, who needed the Ames family to pay mortgages on their behalf. Now crying. And also trying to take down the trust.

    90% of investors want the trust fact. The trust is going ahead. Fact.

  190. Anonymous

    Make your minds up 22 or 23 or 24? Let’s make a number up shall we.

  191. View from the hill

    At the Warrington meeting clients asked if the trust would recover their money in full others asked if the finance payments would restart . And for you information my letter said guaranteed mortgages not subject to status .
    The trust can go ahead , fall apart do as it pleases you do not have all the investors on board because you do not have me and I am one .

  192. Anonymous

    The court papers says 24 so I guess it’s 24 ,it’s a public document so read it.

  193. Anonymous

    VFTH – The trust holdouts (assuming the trust ever has status)
    will in the end rule the day.

  194. Anonymous

    Ames on video lying virtually every time he opens his mouth. How is that risk free development in Thailand going? The marina at BB? The airline? How can anyone possibly defend this man?

  195. greetings

    We all know Harlequin is a right mess. Are you seriously suggesting RL don’t know ? It’s not what they said last week. They painted Harlequin as a disaster. Which as we all know it is.

    It is way better to try to secure the assets that not. If it does not work, so what ?

    £240.00 is a punt, nothing more.

  196. Wibble

    @anonymous 12.43

    I am not sure RL could have taken the same steps as CLC / CPC. Their clients did not want to fund it. Too much money. Hence the £240 option.

  197. Anonymous

    @tax implications .This has been mentioned before that people who take their pensions out early are liable for tax on the money . I have no idea if the UK authorities would follow this through but apparently they could..
    @Wibble , GF tried for a freezing order but lost the case ..
    @Greetings, Of course Gf knows it’s a right mess I am not certain a lot of his clients understand it though from reading his forum ..
    @anon 1.01 – it’s hard to get why people defend Ames but then you look at the salaries he paid his staff Daligan and Manderfield were on 30k per month , that kind of money buys a hell of a lot of loyalty no matter what .

  198. Anon - reasons unknown

    Anonymous 12.01am

    What money were the Ames family using to pay investors’ mortgages? It was investors’ deposits wasn’t it? Straight forward, pure and simple, Ponzi fraud.

  199. WhatstheUse

    From what I see the Trust will ultimately fail, Buccament Bay will be put into administration. SIPP investors will get redress through Insurance. The cash investors who have enough cash to complete will complete in the next few weeks – when BB goes bust a buyer will come in because the new airport will make things more viable. These cash investors who have title ( I am tod the real figure is 20 to 30 completions) will then agree a sale with the new owners and recover their investment that way.
    Cash investors who can complete need to complete – handing over the balance to Ames may not be as stupid as some people state.
    I hear of the 30 completions many are Ames friends and Masons?
    Does anyone else think you should grab title if you can afford to?

  200. Wibble


    The whole point of the due diligence process is to enlighten investors. Judge the process when it had happened. If at that point, GF says it’s wonderful, then he will have some questions to answer.

    The RL freezing order app was made against the companies, not Ames personally. Different actions.

    What is fair to say is that RL, Paddy, Crazier have all played their part in bringing what is really going on to light. Irony is, they are all in it for different things.

  201. Wibble

    This is terrible. How could someone do this ?

  202. Harlequin

    No Wibble you are wrong they are all init for the same thing dosh!

    Don’t make these the hero’s they are far from it you know and I do

  203. Wibble

    Harlequin – you are right.

    However, help is never free. Free usually has no value etc.

    The video above says more though. Who would rip this chap off ?

  204. Harlequin

    I wold’nt but YOU Wibble Wobble Paudie You would if it got you the result you wanted ………………….

  205. Wibble

    What a shocking thought !

  206. Wobble

    Agreed, apart from get title unless you can afford to lose the lot.

    The tax will run into many 1000’s

  207. What's good for the goose.....

    Regarding Crozier.

    Many are making comments about Matt Ames and Dave Ames.- a fraud link.

    Let’s just assume it was actually Croziers ‘sister’ who ripped people off, how do we know Crozier was not somehow involved? Or knew about the scam?

    Crozier just re-appears after years of hiding?

    Just saying……….

  208. Harlequin

    Yes let’s bump the thread so crazier is not the hero or indeed the victim
    as you have tried to make out…………Karma is coming for you matey

  209. Anonymous

    That’s funny Wibble, Erica posted the same clip on her blog. Now there’s a coincidence.

  210. What's good for the goose.....

    Have any of the 22 Muppets ever asked for proof, who she really is?

    What does she do other than Harlequin? Even that is this Corney bloke a real solicitor.

  211. Anonymous

    He is no better or worse than any investor. Why not go the whole hog and get some 80 year old crying.

  212. Paudie O'Halloran

    Whats good for the goose,

    You might well be right who knows

    One thing we all know is confidential emails are on this forum which were sent to her

    Or is she going to claim hacking again yawn yawn

  213. DD

    Could Crozier look like her sister? has anyone ever met the woman?


  214. Worriedinvestor

    Crozier is one dodgy woman, lie with dogs get fleas. 😉

  215. Robert Storey

    Why the video of the spastic? Is the spastics money worth more than mine? When Dave cashed the cheque was he to know it came from a retard?

  216. Dave's Due Dilligence

    When the time is right, the whole sorry mess about Crozier will be exposed. This will blow the case right out of the water….

    The Crazy Crozier following will be left to pay Dave’s costs.

    Dave is not as stupid as people make him out to be.

  217. yatinkiteasy

    I think any investor with plans to complete on BB should remember what the FCA had to say about that in 2013. Nothing has changed since that time.

    “We are aware that on 13 May 2013, Harlequin Hotels & Resorts approached investors to state that Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited, another company within the Harlequin group, is working with SIPP and SSAS providers to facilitate the completion of built properties at Buccament Bay Resort. They invite investors who are in a position to fund the balance outstanding from their SIPP and SSAS or wish to relocate their investment from another Harlequin resort, to contact Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

    We wish to remind financial advisers that our expectations where financial advisers are asked for advice on overseas properties purchased through Harlequin group were set out in the alert of 18 January, which remain valid. Also, please note that Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is not regulated by FCA and it is not a company incorporated in the UK. Harlequin Property (SVG) Limited is based in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

    We urge financial advisers considering recommending consumers paying monies or further monies over to any of the companies in the Harlequin group at this time to proceed with caution. You should ensure that consumers fully understand the risks involved with the investment. You should also advise consumers to obtain legal advice from lawyers in the country where the property is located before proceeding with any investment in a company in the Harlequin group.”

  218. Anonymous

    February 16, 2014 at 12:17 pm
    Crozier is one dodgy woman, lie with dogs get fleas. 😉

    Don’t worry about the fleas worry more that the dog don’t bite ya

    just saying

  219. worriedinvestor

    Why would you change your name? shock horror, maybe something in your past….. that happened in Spain???

  220. anon

    Have any of the Sunday papers picked up on the conviction for fraud for Ames? There was a piece on the UK Times yesterday on a case with striking similarities. A Ferrari driving conman who gulled affluent investors out of more than £21m using charm and a fake dealing room was jailed for seven years. He got this sentence after pleading guilty too. The evidence showed that this was also a classic Ponzi scheme with investors being paid out of other people’s investments.

    So 7 years for £21m after a guilty plea? Not sure what one would expect for £1.3m after wasting everyone’s time with a not guilty plea. Then what would £400m weigh in at?

  221. anon

    Also, the guy convicted for Fraud had spent money on a trip to Las Vegas and had bought himself a £4m home. Fast car, trip to Las Vegas and a nice house. Is there a book out there called “Fraud for Dummies” with all these tips inside?

  222. Anonymous

    I have now lost all faith I actually thought the Bob Storey post above was a hijacker but unfortunately not and to think the guy in the video is on the RL Forum 😦

    Watch this investor on You Tube – makes you think

    Posted by Robert Garvin on February 16, 2014 at 11:29 in Investor DiscussionsSend Message View Discussions
    You Tube video

    I stumbled across this. It made me feel sick.

    What type of person could sell such a scheme to a clearly vunerable person ?

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    Permalink Reply by Robert Storey 1 hour ago
    Oh please, this was posted on BFP on 11.25. Four minutes later it appears here. 1t was posted by Erica on her blog some months ago. Yes the guy is disabled, but he is no different to anybody else on here, or any other investor. I suggest you question his motives for investing. Are you ” Wibble” by any chance?
    ▶ Reply
    Permalink Reply by kathryn tinkler 1 hour ago
    Hi Robert, yes it is a disgrace, for how everyone as been treated by Harlequin. I have seen Patricks youtube before. I believe Patrick is on this forum, so when you are on I would like to say hi , and I hope you are ok and being well looked after by RL@co. We are all in the same.. boat and are in this mess together. Good luck to all of us. Kathryn

  223. worriedinvestor

    He is no different to any other investor and to imply that he insulting.to Patrick.

  224. worriedinvestor

    11 Years for Spanish fraudster who rips off English investors for 2.5 million.
    How does she afford such a house….. just askin.

  225. Anonymous

    Sorry for taking fees and promising the world….

  226. How did you pay for such a big house

    Such a legal professional you would think all these lies would be removed?

  227. Anonymous

    This forum is boring as a Robert storey posting . Erica go eat a pie or something .
    Who gives a flying f..k about anything other than their investment with Harlequin. This crap on hear is just to disrupt and stop people thinking about the real deal . Ames Where Is My £120k give it back now. I can drive to Basildon to collect it

  228. Anon 24

    Anon3.18 .dont expect any sensible responses Harlequin are terrified of Tuesdays hearing (I didn’t know anything was happening if this is the trial it’s come really quick)
    They will keep this rubbish going to deter anyone from fighting them . I haven’t decided on the trust option yet but looking at this rubbish maybe the 24 had the right idea to grab as much as they can and get out of it .

  229. Retribution

    I don’t think anyone should be using the threads on BFP re Harlequin and its odious team as guide to future actions!

  230. Croziers crap.

    The over promised over paid 24, that have got nothing back you mean?
    Crozier is the one shiting herself.

    Ames will just drag it on until they run out of money……….. simple.

  231. Nikki done soemtime?

    he British Home Office (Ministerio del Interior) actually got involved in one case, a company called Oasis Properties had been scamming so many people that the Home Office asked the Spanish police to arrest the owner of the company and sling her in jail. In 2004, Audrey Dixon was incarcerated in Malaga for fraud. However, you can’t rely on the British authorities taking an interest in your case. They won’t.

  232. Worriedinvestor.

    Strange with all the documented information about Oasis, nothing every mentions that she has passed on……….. funny than?

    Just sayin……..

    No pictures of either sister,

    just sayin

  233. Anon 24

    More rubbish from the Harlequin camp …… The big question is what do this group have that is so damn frightening to the trolls …
    Let’s take a guess

    Could it be they are fully funded
    Could it be they have a definite win
    Could it be the investigations turned up something so scary Harlequin are terrified
    Could it be nothing whatsoever moves this group from its direction

    Whatever it is the Ames camp are in panic

  234. anon

    Yeah, I’d heard that there is a sudden rush on toilet paper in Basildon right now.

  235. Anonymous

    Ames can and will drag this out. Many investors do not have the money to complete. It is they who are dragging Harlequin down.

    And we have agents who mislead investors. Fatchett has stated this.

    And you have Builders ripping Ames off. See Irish Court Case.

    Fatchett would not support Ames if he thought he was a Conman.

    Liverpool FC would not support him.

    Gary Player would not support him.

    UK and West Indies would not support him.

    The Prime Minister of St. Vincent would not support him.

    The Prime Minister of St. Vincent sent the UK trial a personal character witness statement for Matt Ames in his trial through his lawyers Williams and Williams. Why do this if he did not believe in and trust Mr. Ames.

    Now on Tuesday you have a bunch of greedy stupid investors and we will name and shame them who could not complete or pay their mortgages now wanting to cause trouble for Mr. And Mrs Ames.

    And they are also trying to bring down the trust. These are greedy stupid and irresponsible people.

    Putting up videos of again people who could never have afforded their investments. No offence to Patrick but he would have been better off keeping his money for his medical condition. Wonder how much he costs the NHS ? Another greedy investor.

    And Mr. And Mrs. Ames are getting blamed for all this. Are they responsible for Patricks illness. Bollox are they.

  236. Anonymous

    Dave Ames has land worth over $200 million. And Buccament Bay worth the same again. So why do investors think they are going to loose. RL are fully behind Dave Ames now.

    They have said this. RL is not suing Dave Ames or Harlequin. He is suing the agents and IFAs.

    And the reason he is doing this? Yes they lied Dave Ames did not.

    We know Wilkins Kennedy went to the SFO in October. We know they tried to make a complaint then to the SFO. We know they produced false documents. They were trying to force Dave Ames out of business.

    Next week Dave Ames will sue Wilkins Kennedy for £30 Million. RL will confirm.

  237. BS Bob needs Kleenex too

    We see Bob Storey is posting under multiple personalities again today.

    We can tell it’s you Bob because of your poor sentence structure and consistently bad spelling and grammar.

    How was your pissander curry last night Bobby Knob? Bet you didn’t get a shag and retired to watch women-porn on your ipad in the bathroom again.

  238. Anonymous

    Correction Investors/purchasers HAVE land and BB


  239. Anon 24

    Dave Ames has as much chance of getting 30million quid off Ames as I have of getting my £120k back zilch ……… He is a liar plain and simple

  240. Same old pig swill being fed to the Harlequin victims

    @ Anonymous February 16, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    You are talking rubbish. For God’s sake get a grip will you. BB is not worth $200 million USD. And Dave Ames does not ‘own land worth over $200 million’, which by the way is not very much in the international property market. Where do you get this wrong information from?

  241. Anon - reasons unknown

    Highly amusing to see the Harlequin trolls wallowing around in the gutter spouting increasingly more pathetic lies.

    This level of fear and desperation would usually tug at my heart strings, but these low life pieces of shit deserve what’s coming to them. And the more they stir their own shit, the worse they’re making it for themselves.

    That deluded psychopath Ames must be getting even sicker with worry. Let justice finally be done. I can smell it; it’s near.

    So, continue to squeal you fat little Harlequin pigs. The misery you’ve caused people through your ignorant self obsessed greed is going to hurt you like hell.

    Happy days.

  242. Anonymous

    Let’s see the names the n clever boy …… Let’s see what you’ve got , let’s have a show and tell night if you’ve got the balls for it. Your getting really scared of this hearing …
    You have nothing to show have you .

  243. Anon 24

    Buggar it anon 24 meant to say if he get so e recent of Wilkins Kennedy I will show my backside nude in harrods

  244. Robert Storey

    @Anon 2.06, nice try but guess what, nobody took any notice of your pathetic trolling attempt.

  245. Anonymous

    I will name the names after the case on Tuesday. What has Dave Ames and Caril done.

    Did people think the Amses will always pay the mortgages for others.

    Dave Ames sold his business to Cortholds and put every penny that is millions into the Caribeen.

    Martin Mack Donald bribed some guys in the Doninican and tried to hang it on Dave Ames. The he and Wilkins Kennedy went to the SFO in October with the false information. Trying to stop the case against him. Fact

    Dave Ames showed the papers to everyone in Manchester last week that proves Wilkins Kennedy are the real thieves. Gareth was there to fact.

    And Dave Ames will close Wilkins Kennedy and will get the 30 million and in front of Gareth promised to put the money back into Harlequin.

    Look how much Dave and Carol will lose if the trust dose not go ahead.

  246. Robert Storey

    Post of 5.51, do “we” You need to open your eyes and your brain. Been out all afternoon. What time are the SFO and Essex old Bill calling round tomorrow Lol

  247. Daves deal

    @Anon 24

    More rubbish from the Crozier camp …… The big question is what do this group have that is so damn frightening to the trolls …
    Let’s take a guess

    Could it be they are skint
    Could it be they have a definite split in the camp
    Could it be the investigations turned up something so scary Crozier wants a deal
    Could it be nothing whatsoever will stop Crozier from bleeding you dry

    Whatever it is the Crozier camp are in panic

  248. Anon - reasons unknown

    No company called Cortholds ever existed according to Companies House. Still, Harlequin employees from thick twat Ames down can’t spell. So Dave, can you remember how you used to spell the name of the company you sold for millions (you lying bastard)?

  249. In the Know

    They ( Camp Crozier ) want to walk away. Ames is the one who has them in court on Tuesday. Twats.

  250. Anonymous

    @In the know
    Crozier is a devious lying drunken old has been.

  251. A bully by another name.....

    I must be really annoying to have been ripped of again by Crozier, does she still keep reading you all the riot act 😉 you keep obeying, because she is just a bully.

    Grow a pair and stand up to her.

  252. Robert Storey

    @Anon 6.04, I was at the Tigers game when the post was made. Not that I have to justify to an “anonymous” keyboard warrior like you.

  253. Anonymous

    Don’t forget Erica has tried to get her money back from Crazier. Does the Crazier 24 include Erica still?

  254. In the Know

    Anyone who believes that Crozier will win need to think about this.

    You all invested in Harlequin the business. Not in Mr or Mrs Ames.

    As a result you cannot win your case. Its not to late. Call Mr. Ames tomorrow or Simon Terry. They will listen. They will be delighted to let you into the trust.

    Mr. Ames is not vindictive. But if you make him go through more cases he will have no option but to defend his good name and that of his company.

    If you give him time he will share the 30 million amongst all investors. And if anyone does not believe this just ask Garreth Fatchett.

    Folks it is not too late. Tell Crozier and Corney to get a life. They are chasing ghosts. They know they have lost. Walk away tomorrow. This will drag on for years otherwise and Crozier and Corney will bleed you dry. Cut you losses with them and join the trust. RL have guranteed that the only safe place is the trust for your investment.

    Dont you think RL would have done what Crozier did if they thought they would win.

    They didnt. Remember RL and Fatchett personally got some 50 million quid back in cash for Arch Crux investors.

    They got their money back only because of RL.

  255. Anonymous

    Bob shut up. There was no post about you at 6.04. Great you were at the Tigers game.

    Should have stayed there Bob. Maybe someone should have fed you to them. Lol

    Bet Joe Hopkins would be in that que. Twat. Muppet. Illiterate idiot. Ames stool pigeon. Spasticphobe,

    ………..yeah yeah Bob. ☻☻☻☻☻

  256. Anon 24

    Oh this is hilarious …… Firstly RL got frig all back from arc cru …… Read it and weep .
    Second it doesn’t matter if crozier is involved or not the claim goes ahead
    Thirdly . What the f..k are you harlequin shite so scared of

    Could it be the lady has you by the balls those that know mrs c know she has more guts than any of you and doesn’t give a shit no matter how many times you attack her
    Grow a pair or foxtrot Oscar

  257. Anonymous

    The Harlequin camp are certainly really rattled this evening.

    Crozier is going after Ames personally, which is a perfectly reasonable strategy but only feasible for a limited number of claimants. RL were always looking for high volume therefore pursued a different route, again equally valid.

    Ames has resilience, I’ll give him that but his days are numbered, patently so.

  258. Robert Storey

    No it was 5.51

  259. Inch high

    Rumour has it ames is begging crozier for a meeting , methinks all is not clear on this blog

  260. Robert Storey

    “Que”. What is a que? You mean queue. Not very nice things to call Joe is it. Oh by the way I have never called Joe anything else but Joe. I’m sure he appreciates being named in full by yourself and your friends. Now go and check all your screen shots and find out which Joe I’m referring to. Yes you twat, muppet, illiterate idiot, that’s you ok.

  261. BFP

    Dear Inch

    Improve your language or leave the blog. I’ve dumped several of your comments but if you don’t play nicer I shall block you.

    BFP Robert

  262. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hahaha, Harlequin trolls bricking it big time.

    Terry and Ames will “let” people join the Trust. They’re absolutely DESPERATE for people to join the trust and hold off on inevitable litigation. Litigation for thousands of breached contracts, the majority of which will NEVER be honoured and all the money is GONE. Harlequin in FUCKED.

    Bye bye you lying bastards, and the King of the lying bastards, Ames.

    Harlequin companies soon to fold, then let the criminal prosecutions begin.
    Ponzi fraud and deception.

  263. Anonymous

    Anon @5.46 – hilarious. Ames has only ever lied, who gave the agents the information with which to sell, that he is on youtube spouting so ineloquently? He did not sell any company for millions, that is not even vaguely based on truth. He is a former bankrupt (twice) and has no track record that should encourage investors. Buccament Bay was built using investor money (9000 investments), so in theory it does not belong to Ames, and it is worth US$20m at the very most. Noone in this market would pay that for the place, and that is including the 110 units, Take them away and probably worth US$5m. When did you last shop for a resort? You buy based on profitability, and potential. A resort caught up in litigation and only loses money is worthless. Offers for Marquis are knocking around at US$4m in real estate circles. Blu similar amount. Dom Rep land a little more. The efforts to suggest Ames is blameless and was a victim of dozens of others who wronged him in business are futile. He alone is responsible for what has happened and he will shoulder the blame and get the longest prison sentence. Also, why quote Liverpool and Gary Player etc as supporting him means he is legit – did you see who invested in Madoff and Stanford? Did you see the positions Madoff held?? All the while was a complete fraud. Only difference is is that Ames was clearly a fraud from day 1 and it is inexplicable that people did not see through it. Madoff and Stanford were smooth talkers and knew a bit about what they were peddling. Ames knows less about resort development and operation than he does about rocket science.

  264. Anon - reasons unknown

    Oops, pardon my language BFP Robert. I was getting all excited. Sorry.

  265. Robert Storey

    @Anon RU ha ha ha ha. Now behave.

  266. Anon - reasons unknown

    Fuck off Bob. Rent boy.

  267. Robert Storey

    That’s not playing nicely is it. Tut tut.

  268. Anon - reasons unknown

    BFP make exceptions for people swearing at you Bob, what with you being an irritating twat.

  269. Robert Storey

    And the more I irritate you the more I like it. The worse your swearing the more I know I am irritating you. Loving it!

  270. Robert Storey

    @Anon RU aka Inch, is Inch a reference to the size of your manhood? Lol

  271. Anon - reasons unknown

    Can’t wait for the evidence to be presented at the Fab 24 trial.

    Ames must be crying himself to sleep at the injustice of justice.

    What will Ames’ defence be considering his advice to all other investors is to sue their agents for recommending such a shit investment? And for them to pay up to form a trust to relinquish their contractual rights in exchange for owning a fraction of that shit investment?

    A fool and his money ….

  272. Anon - reasons unknown

    Bob, why the hell would I ever sign in under another name, and pretend to have lost all command of the English language? Do you think I want more anonymity?! You really are a thick twat and just keep proving it over and over again.

  273. Robert Storey

    @Anon RU aka inch. This is as funny as Top Gear.lol. Looks like I am still irritating you.

  274. Anonymous24

    @in the know ….. Defend his good name lol mr ames will allow me into the trust …. Thanks but no thanks … Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me .

    Gloves off Ames ….. Let’s dance

    Read my lips Ames is a fraudster like his son 1 down two to go
    Jonathon Dolby ain’t much better ……. Your next

  275. Anonymous


    My guess is the evidence comes from mercenary Jones

  276. The ghost of Margaret

    Desperado why don’t you come to your senses ………. Why does Dave ames remind me of that old eagles song ……..
    Oh dear the lady has you rattled but the ladies not for turning and will give you a damn good hand bagging .

  277. Anon

    Leave cliff alone …….

  278. Nikki nicked the cash

    Nikki aka Audrey the con woman.

    Poacher turned game keeper

  279. Nikki nicked the cash

    Crozier is crapping herself, the ‘clients’ 23 /24 are very upset.

    Ames will go bust and you can swivel lol 😉

  280. Dixon's Dick 'eads.

    £7,000 per month, security of costs, thousand paid so far.

    Who is the winner?

    Not the 24 muppets.

  281. Dixon's Dick 'eads.

    Yep, Ames have NEVER EVER not fought a court case, why would he change?

    Attacking him, does not work.

  282. Anon

    Yup there is a good chance that Ames will go bust ……. For sure it’s more likely than that silly trust idea you lot keep banging on about .

  283. Anon

    Well he is going to have to fight this one isn’t he .

  284. Anon - reasons unknown

    What is that revolting smell?

    Of course, it’s Harlequin troll crap! Piles and piles of the stuff.

    We have all makes of crap being expelled now from all those now insanely sick with fear:

    Ames x 4
    Mandefield/Wooller the dressage wannabe (terrible brood mare though)
    Terry the bent lawyer
    Sonny and the inbreds …
    All the agents and “I”FAs …

    Retribution is going to be fabulous.

  285. Anonymous

    Cliff who;s side you on this week???
    OR who is paying the most for your services???

    Both sides I guess. Lol

  286. Anon

    No one cares on Tuesday is shit or bust ….. Ames will shit for sure.

    You lot can say what you want the 24 will win and Ames will loose …………
    Keep your crap coming boys
    Might have to taser Vinny in harlequins car park if it continues

  287. Anonymous 1000

    Oh the joy of bbfp ….. No accuracy , limited knowledge and outright slagging off
    How’s the one arm bandit Katherine ….?

  288. Anon 24

    Naughty naughty ……….. But in fairness god does not hit with a stick

  289. Team corney

    Corney is delighted ……. He has won every thing against Ames , Tuesday will prove he is the better lawyer . His group are delighted with him .

    Go team Corney

  290. Daves can raise the dead?

    Audrey lives.

  291. Robert Storey

    The Crozier bunch will be defeated, who is the contract with NOT Mr & Mrs Ames.
    fools, muppets.

  292. Robert Storey

    Erica are you sill being followed by Inghams lol

  293. Anonymous 24

    We will never be defeated …….. Even if we loose we win .

  294. Anonymous

    Prison for what? Being good at selling to the great unwashed?

  295. The bankrupted 24

    Of course you loose the clients money, you win!

  296. Anonymous

    The corney crozier group have obviously rattled the Ames camp …… Why is the question

  297. The bankrupted 24

    Crozier has conned the lot of you, a classic.
    Ask about when Dave goes bust.
    No win, still pay.

    Daves cost wow.

  298. The bankrupted 24

    Camp Corney are clearly crapping themselves, you should be preparing instead of writing on here Nikki 😉

    Warn your £7000 a month.

  299. worriedinvestor

    Crozier wannabe solicitor, common as muck rough as f**k.

  300. Anonymous

    Lol ……. As if she could be arsed to read this bull .

  301. Anon

    Hello Erica … Still sore at been dumped are you sorry paddy found another lover

  302. Anonymous

    David Edward Ames recently travelled to St. Vincent not to endeavour to work on completions. Not to offer his condolences to the family of the employee killed in the storm. No. David Edward Ames travelled to St. Vincent to arrange a further payment to the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in return for the character reference and witness statement the Prime Minister Mr. Ralph Gonsalves prepared for Matt Ames in his recent criminal trial.

  303. Retribution

    Paid too much then

  304. Anon

    Ames is in SVG ?.. Must be doing the completions then is he .

  305. Yet another anon

    Bet Ames is nowhere near SVG ….. He’ll his son has just been convicted , what kind of man would desert his wife at this difficult time

  306. Anonymous

    Just had a little look at CLC’s webpage and did some wider reading around the firm. It seems pretty clear to me that all attempts to disparage “Corney” are borne out of fear — his calibre, pedigree and experience in this field is impressive; I’d be scared if I were in the wrong side of any case that he was acting on too.

    The attempts to undermine him, and the manner in which they are levelled, betray a fairly profound ignorance of exactly the sort of legal professional that this individual clearly is — and how the legal system and profession in general works. Unlike those making laughable statements about him above, he is clearly educated and intelligent and expects a result — interesting too to note the subjects of the papers that he’s had published (he’s clearly been chosen for this case for a reason). Attempting to suggest that he isn’t fully aware of exactly how to structure his case and identify relevant parties is similarly ignorant — do you honestly believe that he doesn’t know how legal parties work? Have you got any idea what you’re dealing with in terms of the intellect of an individual like this? Do you not think that if he’s going after individuals here, there’s a good reason for it — or do you genuinely think that with zero legal experience, you’ve thought of something he hasn’t?

    This attempt to launch ad hominem attacks on every single individual who has an axe to grind with Harlequin is cynical and transparent — fortunately it also says far more about those launching the attacks than those they are launching them against. And reeks of desperation.

  307. Anonymous

    Crozier has attempted to make contact with Mr. Ames in an attempt at doing a deal prior to Tuesday.

    Crozier has tried to contact Mr. Ames a number of times in the past few days.

    She has asked for a meeting on a one to one basis, no lawyers, no third parties.

    If this is not a sign that Crozier understands the case against the Ames family is ill conceived I do not know what is.

    Of course Mr. Ames has refused to meet Crozier ahead of the hearing on Tuesday. To do so would be improper.

    Crozier has indicated that her clients have no wish to continue the case and are instead looking to join Mr. Fatchett’s trust.

    Given the above it is rather odd that Crozier and Co. are still attempting to persuade the uninitiated that they have a winning case.

  308. Anonymous

    Dave Ames was with his wife in the court in Ilseworth when the jury returned their verdict.

    Both Dave and Carol remained dignified through out the whole proceedings even thanking the court staff on leaving the court.

    The reports of the undignified response from Carol Ames are just totally untrue.

  309. Yet another anon

    Save your. Breath anonymous the harlequin rabble are terrified and think by attacking the group who have the freezing order they may scare them off . If it wasn’t so pitiful it would be funny .
    Ames is desperate for the trust so crap will go on till lunchtime Tuesday when the case will be over .

    Everything is in place , everything is going to plan .

  310. Anonymous

    They paid money pursuant to, and contingent on, contracts stating that certain things would happen within certain time frames: they didn’t.

    Seems like a pretty winnable case to me.

  311. Yet another anon

    Anonymous 10.37 prove it because if it were true your little trolls would have been told to beautify her ad they did Fatchett. Beautification is the stage before sainthood for you non left footers

  312. Anonymous

    Chris Corney is just acting as a Legal Postbox of sorts.

    It is Crozier who puts together the pleadings and supporting documentation. The CLC role is minimal.

    Hence the reason why the pleadings are so weak.

  313. Anonymous

    @ 10.45 its beatify not beautify.

    Beatify. Twat.

  314. Yet another anon

    Weak enough to win. Every time ………sorry beatify auto correct was on

  315. Anon

    @anon 10.45

    I think you mean beatification not beautification.

  316. Robert Storey

    Does anyone know what time the Essex police are coming tomorrow? Is it going to be a dawn raid? Perhaps I should have an early night. Ha ha lol

  317. Anon24

    Enough of the catholic crap ……. It will end up worse than the masons !!!!!!
    Crozier can’t make deals only Corney can and even then he needs the agreement of the clients and he doesn’t have it .

  318. Plod

    Na you’ll be fine it’s a lunchtime knock …. You weren’t worth the overtime

  319. The Pope

    No, its not. You must be dead to be beatified.

    Beautify: to make beautiful
    Beatify: the third stage of cannonisation

    Back to school for you

  320. Anonymous

    Yo, – Frankie dude, you go guy. Are you the same Cisco that I met
    in B.A. in 1978?

  321. Anonymous

    I just don’t understand Mr. Storey. Thanks to him and his references Mr. Joe Hopkins will face an inquiry and Mr. Storey seems to be relishing in it.

    I for one am very disturbed by the idea that Mr. Storey would know details of witnesses in a criminal investigation.

    I believe his attitude towards what I would consider a grave allegation frankly stinks.

    Interfering in a criminal case is considered a serious criminal offence. Why would anyone be so flippant about such a serious issue.?

    Indeed why would someone tempt faith in such a manner. Clearly Mr. Storey has no grasp on reality or indeed the potential consequences of his actions.

  322. Anonymous

    Anon 11:48 Congratulations…..that sounded very much like a
    prosecutors summation speech in a court of law. Absolutely no
    flaw in logic. Bravo!

  323. Crozier due dilligence

    Crozier is only Corney assistant she like pretending about lots of things!
    Try peeling back a few layers,she what you find we have……

  324. nikki - clear up this nonsense

    Matters not if Nikki Crazier is bent. She has the whip hand at present.

    Good luck to both sides. May the least dodgy win !

  325. Robert Storey

    @Anon 11.48 just give it up. No one is interested, your postings are factually wrong despite being told so. We are all bored now with your very silly accusations. Let me just point out a small point to you. I have never posted Joe’s second name, unlike you. So that’s your silly argument shot down . “You don’t understand me”? You need a brain to do that mate.

  326. nikki - clear up this nonsense


    You have not mentioned the SFO in any way which would compromise your obligations. Odd, why would anyone even say that !

  327. Guardian GIVE UP ! You're getting boxed in.....

    All, RL has a report….

    We received numerous copies of the Guardian SIPP update. It was a shame that Guardian were unable to attend last Thursday. If they had of attended, they would have seen that we were trying to seek a common accord between SIPP providers on a number of technical issues.

    Harlequin impacts on Guardian more than any other SIPP provider. On our figures we estimate they have around 50% of all of the 3500 or so SIPP investments. Therefore, the effect on Guardian is significantly more than any other SIPP.

    We fully understand that Guardian need to see the due diligence. We also understand that they will need to be party to any Deed of Waiver. However, what we have been invited to do would prevent us from pursuing any redress claim for both our existing clients (of which there are many).

    All our clients want either / both of (a) the securing of the assets bought by Harlequin using their money (b) the ability to obtain redress so that they can exit the Harlequin investment as soon as possible (c) a compromise / concession by SIPP providers to waive annual management charges whilst this matter is dealt with.

    We cannot and will not agree to something which prevents (b).

    What we are going to do is agree something with Guardian which allows them to work with us on the due diligence. We would have talked this through last week if Guardian had attended. We have suggested meeting Guardian as soon as possible to see whether common ground can be agreed.

    We will report back.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  328. nikki - clear up this nonsense

    Paddy / Dave M / Nikki

    You need to post to tell the 11 readers how much of a sham the due diligence is. GF is thick, RL are going to be sued for not working Ames out.

    Irish thief
    Spanish scammer
    Man who didn’t sign The Beatles – well the Ames gravy train !

    Made for each other !

  329. worriedinvestor

    Tick tock you all will end in in the dock lol

    All thick as in stupid, and thick as thieves. Totally horrible people.

  330. Guardian Pension Consultants Ltd (skint)

    Instead of paying all those backhanders, should have held some back for a rainy day.

    Guardian Pension Consultants Ltd

    Registered Office: Guardian House, Capricorn Park, Blakewater Road,

    Blackburn BB1 5QR

    FCA Number: 463717

    Company Number: 05532587

    Balance sheet total (2012): £394,366.00

  331. Truth be told

    Has anyone got any proof Guardian paid “commissions” We know from other sources Kathryn Taylor (CE Guardian) has contacts in Harlequin but only limited evidence of commissions et al so far

  332. Anonymous

    Funny you should say that………
    Oh and a email from Guardian has just arrived do not think Gareth is going to be happy.

    It is all a nest of RATS

  333. Guardian Pension Consultants

    Yes I have proof.

  334. RATS

    Just imagine a RAT infiltrated people computers?

  335. Anonymous

    “If they had of attended..” If my lawyer wrote such bad English, I would be concerned. US$650m taken by Ames is unaccounted for, and a trust will protect him from being sued by investors, is that the gist? Contracts breached, and investors foregoing rights under those contracts? Surely that is not the case?

  336. Truth be told

    Guardian Pension Consultants- can you share such proof? Have you informed SFO? I would love something I could add to my file for the Ombudsmen and the FSA!

  337. Mystic Fred.

    Condensed version of the future.
    Harlequin, Ames, SIPP’s IFA’s and agents go bust.
    FSCS feeding frenzy.
    The end.

  338. Completions LOL

    What’s stopping Ames stealing the completion money?

  339. Correction

    Absolutely nothing. I think a more apt question would have been:

    ”What’s stopping Ames stealing the completion money – AGAIN”

  340. Bizarre in the extreme.

    RL”s latest release is bizarre in the extreme.

    RL state that they “cannot and will not agree to something which prevents (b).”

    (b) being the ability of investors to seek redress in order to allow them to exit the Harlequin Investment as soon as possible.

    Yet RL are actively encouraging all investors to sign up to a trust which will prevent investors from seeking any redress from the main protagonist in this…… that being Harlequin and the Ames family.

    RL are not only claiming to be protecting the interests of investors but they are also protecting the interests of Harlequin and the Ames family.

    Who is RL actually representing ?

  341. Anonymous

    RL is representing (spoiler alert) the interests of RL.
    It purely and simply is a money making scheme for (surprise) RL….

  342. Just a few thoughts on RL.

    Another point worth noting aside from the use of the word “of”. RL say Harlequin impacts on Guardian more then any other SIPP provider.

    Should that not be Guardian impacting on Harlequin.

    Also for some time now RL told us how the SIPPs formed the majority of the contracts within Harlequin. They also told us there were in excess of 9000 contracts. We can only deduce from that that there must be in excess of 4500 SIPP investments.

    But now RL are telling us that there are 3500 or so SIPP investments. About 40% with half of this held by Guardian. That according to RL’s own figures is 20% of Harlequin investments. A sizeable figure indeed.

    Can RL confirm that Rowanmore the other very large SIPP provider has acceded to RL’s demands. If not well the figure not currently buying into the trust rises further.

    And what then of RL’s previous statements whereby they stated a mandate of 75% of investors was required in order to allow the trust to proceed.

    And finally what affect would any existing liens, charges or cautions on Harlequin’s assets have on the assets to be placed in the trust ?

  343. Anonymous

    Why are you asking questions of RL on here? They are not going to answer. Ask them on their blog, oh but you would have to be an investor to do that. You are an investor, yes or no?

  344. Anonymous

    Teeny tiny itty bitty question JaftoRL. Affect is ALWAYS A VERB.
    EFFECT is the result of an action. Don’t get the wrong idea because
    I really admire your posts…

  345. yatinkiteasy

    If you go back to several of the RL communications, you will find many inconsistencies in their statements. Like all lawyers…they are in it for the money…protecting investors? What a joke. They know all is lost, but they can still (maybe) get away with a million pounds or so for their services.

  346. Anonymous

    The anti RL mob, could this be the ones who won’t join the trust because they chose the wrong option? Or the cash investors? Or the mortgage fraudsters? Or the fat Paddy?

  347. Charge

    I’m not anti RL , I am not anti anyone making a living , I am not surprised that the due diligence will be cods wallop .

    I just want to know how Ames thought he could trick us again ???

  348. yatinkiteasy

    How can any DD be done for a Company that has never filed Annual Financial Returns..can someone please explain how RL or anyone else can get around this?

  349. Tracing board

    It’s in his genes…… He maybe knows the game is up?

  350. Memoirs of a Geisha


    By getting answers to questions, it’s really logical.
    No answers = no DD = liquidation.

  351. Anonymous

    Yatink – Try bribing a Prime Minister for starters, it has gotten
    around a lot of pesky laws in the past.

  352. Anonymous

    Setting people up is good too, Panorama for example.

  353. worriedinvestor

    I have noticed some of the ‘stupid 24’ are posting on here does Nasty Nikki know about it?

    You know it’s not allowed or going on the RL blog. lol

    You will be told off…. and excommunicated.

  354. yatinkiteasy

    I don’t get the connection between bribing a PM and doing DD on a Company.Even a PM can not create several years worth of Financial returns.

  355. Another thought

    Some of the more pertinent comments on this site have had the result that RL have indeed responded.

    Harlequin would like us to believe the this site and this thread is the domain of freaks and weirdos. Yes there are many who fit that bill who post on here, but from time to time little gems are posted which result in an avalanche of abusive posts coupled with allegation followed by counter allegation.

    It is these little gems who are helping those who read this thread and others similar to this to put together the pieces of the jigsaw.

    You do not necessarily have to post or identify your self when just browsing this thread.

    And Mr. Ames should be under no illusion as to the many parties with an interest in Harlequin who visit these threads on a daily basis.

    Why else would Harlequin go to the extremes they have to quell sensible debate on the issues being raised.

    But sadly much of this Harlequin Troll activity does nothing more then pique the interest of readers further.

    Mr. Ames and his tribe of delusional followers appear not to have understood the concept of the Streisand effect.

    The Ames family and Harlequin are akin to a rabid animal in its final death throws. Still highly toxic to those who come near them but other wise a spent force.

    On another note Matt Ames remains incarcerated pending the independent surety being found and put in place. Carol Dave and Dan have been precluded from visiting him without as all 4 are suspects in the Harlequin criminal investigation.

    RL are also about to cut some fairly large amounts of flack on the issue of the due diligence they apparently over looked. It’s going to be a highly embarrassing and most awkward situation for RL to talk their way out of.

  356. Anonymous

    Where is the burger flipping SFO leak today are do I dare raise that particular issue today.

  357. Anonymous

    Yatink – I meant to imply that bribing a PM can shield a company
    from complying with legally required financial statements. Sorry,
    I got garbled typing.

  358. Anon

    All quiet on that Western Front this afternoon, Thank God. Although at times he is worth it just for a laugh.

  359. Anonymous

    Yatink- Hope that I am not double posting this. What I meant to say
    is that by bribing a PM one might get away with not submitting
    legally required annual reports.
    Another thought – The “little gems” are exactly why I read this daily.

  360. yatinkiteasy

    @anonymous, Thanks for the clarification. Understood and agreed. However, if the financials are not available, for whatever reason, DD can simply not be completed, even if the Country involved does not demand that they are done (as is required by law on an annual basis.)

  361. Anonymous

    Yatink – As they say…”we are singing from the same hymn book”

  362. Anonymous

    Some back of napkin DD:

    9000 units sold
    Average size – 1,500 square feet
    Build cost U$150 (very low side for high end) – US$2.7bn for the units
    Infrastructure on the properties @10-20m per property given their location and status – US$80m
    Golf courses/marinas – anyone’s guess as really these are not feasible, but generously let’s say US$40m.
    Total cost to build out what has been contracted to build – US$2.82bn.

    Money taken is US$650m, more than half gone on commissions.
    No evidence anything is left.
    Assets are common areas of a resort (units effectively do not belong to developer as they are under contract to pass to the purchaser), and unbuilt land. Total asset value of all land and assets less than US$100m. Probably less than US$50m.

    Debts – contracts are breached so should be showing some US$600m as a liability on balance sheet.
    If people all decided not to enforce the contracts, and expected to get what they bought, then still some US$2.8b needed to complete.

    If US$650m is one third of all deposits, then the total sales value is US$2.1b. If two thirds is remaining of that to come in from investors/purchasers, then the total they can expect to collect in the best case scenario is a little under US$1.4bn. They are almost US$1.5bn shy of being able to meet their obligations, and that is before one takes into account finance costs (if finance were ever forthcoming which clearly is not going to happen with such a business)

    Given that investors cannot complete anyway, and most likely don’t want to and just want money out, people should immediately forget about resorts being built. Given that the only resort loses money hand over fist based on what Harlequin themselves have said, and the others are not built but would lose also given location and lack of demand for their kind of resorts, and given resorts just do lose money for the first three years, then a huge provision would have to be made to fund that also. Even if the resorts could be built, there would be no point as they would be money pits. Other than the DR, the resorts are totally unsuitable for location.

    Forget about criminal investigations, non filing of accounts, and all other improper conduct, noone should think for a moment any more units other than what is already built are going to begin. With that in mind, the only DD required is that of Buccament Bay as a resort to see what the 110 investors or so that may own holiday units are actually getting. This is not an expensive process – just send the auditors in, get access to the accounts and very quickly the real picture will emerge. This could be done for US$30k. It does not need a trust to do that either, they are legally obliged, so “investors” should enforce that obligation.

  363. Robert Storey

    Still waiting for the knock on the door. Ha ha lol
    @Anon and others, you seem to have the misconception that I have raised the SFO recently. You are guilable enough to swallow the bullshit from the posters of Saturday night. How brainless you are.

  364. Silly post

    We all know it’s F***ked, just need to know how bad, sadly I don’t believe you DD will stand up to scrutiny. It’s all a bit silly.

  365. worriedinvestor

    Ames will try to steal the completion money then do a bunk. Why else is he hanging around? it’s over for him and his parasitic family.

  366. worriedinvestor

    You Storey still getting a return ha ha

  367. BBaywatch

    Looks as if Ames fils is not the only one with an iffy moral compass. Where do they get it from?


  368. Anon

    @ Silly Post. The due diligence will be made public tomorrow evening. This should focus attention on a number of issues, primarily the absolute inability of Mr. Garreth Fatchett to manage properly the establishment of the trust.

    Enough money is being wasted chasing dreams and the time has come to put those true facts out for all to see.

  369. Silly post

    Even dafter post.

    How can you do DD without Ames giving you the information?

  370. Anon

    @ Silly post. All we are doing is making the details of our findings in the different land registry offices in the Caribbean known to all on here. No biggy. Why would we rely on what Mr. Ames says. We will leave that to Fatchett.

  371. Silly post

    Good, so will this be documents or just ‘anon’ post? and why not do it now?

  372. Robert Storey

    @open letter and your gang of followers, so how did your e mail to the SFO go? I have to go out tomorrow and need to know what time the Essex plod will be here. Of course you did send the e mail didn’t you? Wouldn’t like to think it was a wind up would we? Ha ha lol

  373. Anon

    @ Silly Post. The information is readily available in the Caribbean.

    The information will be available tomorrow evening in the UK.

    The legal representatives of the trust would have the documentation available to them tomorrow if they wish.

    The information will end all hopes of a trust as currently proposed by Fatchett, it will also demonstrate that he was not the only game in town.

    That will be obvious from the documentation

    At least we are not doing the RL on this. We will go public with what we have discovered so all investors can see.

    Then they can make up their minds. It is that simple.

  374. Robert Storey

    I am waiting for the SFO and Joe lol ha ha. Mind how the cat goes down there in Waldon in your bungalow. Ha ha

    You are all so guilable. Lol ha ha. I never mentioned the SFO in months. Lol ha ha. Mind how you go.

    Worried Investor aka Erica. Wouldnt you like to know ha ha lol

  375. Robert Storey

    That wasnt me. Its gullible illiterate twats. Mind how you go now ha ha lol. Still waiting for the essex police. Tea on the boil. Ha ha

  376. Robert Storey

    @Anon, just like the old Ralph posts of the past, “the information has been passed to the authorities, all will be revealed soon” only soon never comes does it.

  377. Robert Storey

    Anon you enjoy renting lol ha ha. You should have got a unit like me ha ha. You could share Paddys caravan ha ha. Still waiting for the police. Hang on who that oh its only my chinese delivery ha ha.

  378. Robert Storey

    @ Anon and your twat followers. I have to out tomorroow so WHAT TIME ARE THE ESSEX PLOD COMING is JOE COMING or is he in Waldon on Thames with a bucket. Lol ha ha.
    You dragged me into this twat. You mentioned Joe H#@#$#@@ ha ha not me. Must be loads of joes twats. How many joes idiot rental acountant twat. Ha ha

  379. Anonymous

    Robert Storey sounds like a lonely little man cackling away
    in his loo. Just a guy and his i-pad. It may not be the SFO at
    his door but more likely men in white coats with big nets.

  380. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the action is in the high court tomorrow against the Ames family. ?

    Will the Ames family be present minus Matt of course. ?

    I do wonder what Carol must be thinking now ?

    I have been told that the authorities will be arresting them soon. Dave Carol Dan & Matt.

    Here is hoping.

  381. Robert Storey

    I have been out all evening so I have not been on. Idiots do you believe everything on here lol ha ha. Twats. Essex plods never left a note anon. Tomorrow ? Im in Waldon at Thames tomorrow looking at rental property. Lol ha ha

  382. Anonymous

    Yes, I do fear that Mr Storey is drifting into the realms of the unwell. It has been a slow but perhaps inevitable decline. What an unseemly way for a man of advancing years to behave. And why is everyone a “twat” all of a sudden?

  383. Robert Storey

    I have not posted today. Its not me.

  384. Robert Storey

    I too am a victim in this mess. Yes I was receiving a return for some 2 years. I was receiving a return until some on here through jealousy tried to destroy Harlequin.

    Dave and Carol Ames have never been convicted of any crime. Matt was set up by the builder and Newman.

    I am joining the trust to show my support for Dave and Carol. No one can demonstrate the business model has failed. The Irish case proved that Dave Ames is honest.

  385. Anonymous

    The many faces of Bob….and they are all loony!

  386. Robert Storey

    I must sign more atographs for my fans lol. So Essex plods is it me lol ha ha. Stupid twats ha ha. Idiots

  387. Anonymous

    @ Robert Storey Dave Ames is honest. now that is the funniest post I have ever seen on BFP

    question for you as you do seem to be the man with the answers….lets just assume that DA/CA etc all get arrested and join Matt behind bars….do you not think you will look a t@@t then after all the posts , or will you blame the Irish builder for setting him up

    deffo got a career in comedy

  388. Anonymous

    More like theatre of the absurd.

  389. Small Mole

    May I interrupt all your sad little bickering and pointless back biting to ask if anyone KNOWS what happened at Matt Ames’ Bail hearing on the 14th? Is he in prison or on bail?

  390. Charges on the land

    Well I’ve read this forum for a few weeks and my conclusion is as follows

    Your scre.ed and I know it you cannot overrule previous cautions …..

  391. Once a crim always a crim

    @Small Mole

    Don’t care he is a criminal like the rest of his family.

  392. worriedinvestor

    Seems to be the calm before the storm. Let’s see what surprises are in store today!!!

  393. worriedinvestor

    Mirror mirror of the wall who is the dodgiest of them all? Dave Ames or Nasty Nik 😉

  394. Squeaky squeaky mole in the bunker

    UCIS my arse!!!!

  395. Anonymous

    Win or loose today the trust is dead.

    That is one sure outcome of today’s events.

  396. Anonymous

    Will Ames turn up?

  397. Anonymous

    Let’s hope no one has been killed or injured in the earthquake which rocked Barbados and other Southern Caribbean Islands an hour ago.

  398. nikki - clear up this nonsense

    Today is not that significant for the trust. It is significant for Dave & Carol.

  399. Anonymous

    Today we will see what kind of man fatshit really is. Could it be he hasn’t a clue? The Marathon man might just have hit his wall.

  400. Anonymous

    Today will split the troops in the trust. Today will expose a few wee little problems.
    Today will be a defining moment.

    Tick tock tick tock, today we find out if Fatshit is a cock Tick tock tick tock.

  401. Anonymous

    it seems that no damage has occurred. Good job otherwise it will all be DA fault. .

  402. Anonymous

    Tick Tock, tick Tock, is that Red Button Girl? Is she one of Craziers 24? Or did she suffer a breakdown having her fingure hovering over the nuclear option for so long?

  403. Judge

    The RL due diligence hasn’t issued any conclusions as yet. Surely that is the time to judge.

    GF will be too busy carb loading for Sunday. With all his pink pounds, he can probably have a caviar and champagne diet !

  404. Regulatory Legal Solicitors


    I read our much maligned due diligence process. We have done plenty of work in the background and understand Harlequin pretty well.

    Our results have not been published yet. When they are, please then inform us of any errors, misunderstandings etc.

    I speak regularly to most of the parties involved. They appear to be pragmatic. However, it seems to us that because CLC have their application today, Nikki Crozier has been subject to constant attack. For the same reasons CLC bring their application, Harlequin will resist it. The fall out from the application will form part of our due diligence.

    Please do not assume any pre determined outcome to our advice. It will be based on the known facts.

    I am not bothered about some of the historical issues. They litter this site. What I am bothered about is getting a decent result for investors. We have a trust, redress or a mixture of the two.

    Happy to answer sensible questions, but not to anonymous internet posters. My email is gareth.fatchett@regulatorylegal.co.uk and my telephone number is 01384 889911.

    Gareth Fatchett

  405. Truth be told

    Well said- but you should have said “hysterical”- not “historical”!

  406. worriedinvestor

    Today we will see what sort of man Crozier is, for F**ks sake she looks like one! tick tock

  407. worriedinvestor

    So the stupid 24 not only happy paying ‘he/she’ £7k per month Ames now has the information, he desired.

  408. Anonymous

    Listen Fatshit you lazy bastard. You should have known what was going to come out of today’s hearing had you bothered to get off your ass and do something with the money you were given aside from swanning off and to make the body beautiful.

    You were not the only game in town. Of course as a result of today your due diligence lets us say will be altered.

    And why did you take it upon yourself to respond to what you refer to as anonymous posters.

    You are up to your neck in this and you are shitting it.

  409. worriedinvestor

    Oh please anonymous 12.48pm what’s upset you now? run along now have a chat with the 24 stupid ones….

    tick tock 😉

  410. Anonymous

    Ames knows what’s coming out of the case. Sadly he did not tell that prick Fatshit, and dropped Fatshit in it from a very deep height.

    But Fatshit would have known had he not crawled up Ames’s crevice.

    See Fatshit was not the only game in town. Nor does Fatshit get it.

    The trust cannot go ahead. Fatshit, all will be explained shortly, we then hope as a result that investors come after you too.

    Till then go fuck off you lying, scheming, greedy wanker.

    You were warned that anyone who has dealings with the toxic toad tends to get burned.

    You deserve to be fried you prick.

  411. Nasty Nikki

    Something seems to have rattled the nasty Nikki Camp today? Could it be those fees…… for doing what?

  412. Nasty Nikki

    You will be told off by Nikki posting on here. I think investors will becoming after you if you carry on you nasty ranting, why you so uptight?

  413. Nasty Nikki

    When you fry me make it sunny side up 😉

  414. Anonymous

    So who won Dodgy Ames or Dodgy Nikki?

  415. Robert Storey

    DAve Ames has nothing to fear.

  416. Robert Storey.

    Unlike some who will be fearing 24 or is it 23 calls tonight!

  417. Well posted Gareth Fatchett at 12.23pm.
    The language that is used by some posters on BFP is unwarrented and uneducated.
    However you are losing the argument!

  418. Truth be told

    I’m not at all sure he’s (GF) lost yet! and which argument?

  419. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where I can buy some carbon credits?

  420. Truth be told

    Try Ames family, they’re going up in smoke

  421. Anonymous

    I tried them already but was told that the person I need to speak to has popped out of the office for 7 years. Thanks anyway.

  422. Truth be told

    Seven years- is that the MA sentence? or are ya joshing?

  423. Anonymous

    It was just a very funny joke.

  424. Anonymous

    Gareth Fatchett has on numerous occasions updated us on the trust.

    What I find a little odd is his need to come onto BFP to clarify his position. A position which appears to ebb and flow like the tide.

    However what is a fact, is that aside from the CLC 20-24 there are others who have taken steps to protect the financial interests of their clients, and I am most surprised by the antagonistic manner in which Mr. Fatchett is dealing with some with respect to the trust.

    Indeed it is those same entities through their actions, that have made the trust an unworkable process in its present format, and until those outstanding claims, and again I am not referring to today’s action in the UK High Court, are settled sadly the trust will not be able to proceed.

    Mr. Fatchett has no one to blame but himself for this unfortunate train of events. Had he even carried out the most basic of due diligence he would have clearly understood that the trust, as is proposed would not have worked, however it would have allowed him time to negotiate with those who currently hold all the cards in a rather different and possibly less antagonistic manner.

    I am not referring to Harlequin or the Ames family either.

    The failure of the trust is therefore purely down to the inaction of Mr. Fatchett in understanding the alternate avenues that were available to others, and I apologise if this seems harsh, but the faith Mr. Fatchett has put in the Ames family to provide him with factual and accurate information on their companies, and the apparent absolute arrogance of the man with respect to the notion that he was the only viable alternative to liquidation.

    The fact that Mr. Fatchett had to come onto BFP, a site he has ridiculed and derided in the past by stating that the posts on this and other threads were without any factual basis or provenance, is now an indicator of the seriousness to which he is now accords some of the more informative posts on this site.

    As has often been stated, these threads are viewed by a far wider audience with varying interests in Harlequin then some on these threads would like us to believe, and Mr. Fatchett’s earlier post is testament to this.

    One other point I would like to pick up on, is Mr. Fatchett’s rather benign reference to the provenance and authenticity of the due diligence he is in the process of conducting. He appears in his letter on BFP to welcome analysis of his due diligence once it has been produced. And would be willing to correct any anomalies to his due diligence if his due diligence was proved to be inaccurate.

    Given that Mr. Fatchett has claimed that his due diligence will only be made available to paying clients of his, I find it both odd and bordering on farcical that Mr. Fatchett is now suggesting that any one with contradictory information to that due diligence being produced by Mr. Fatchett is welcome to present this to Mr. Fatchett in order for him to reconsider the content of his due diligence pack. Given that Mr. Fatchett has alluded to this due diligence being covered by a type of NDA.

    It is becoming more apparent that Mr. Fatchett is attempting to force through his trust proposals regardless.

    It must be noted that Mr. Fatchett does not believe that the Serious Fraud Office will proceed with any action against Harlequin or the Ames family. This is however a personal view held by him and to date he has not provided any additional information to add credence to this view.

  425. Squeaky squeaky mole in the bunker

    One has to wonder where Mr Fatchett gets his information from with regards to the SFO??

  426. Rumpole

    Re Matthew Ames
    The Application to Vary Bail Conditions on 14 Feb was REFUSED and Ames was remanded in custody.

    Matthew Ames is scheduled to be sentenced on 14 March. He certainly hasn’t helped himself by pleading not guilty.

  427. Robert Storey

    Of course the assumption is that the post from RL earlier is actually from RL. The obvious cases of ID jacking which goes on on this thread or indead on BFP in general means nothing can be taken on face value.

  428. Sid

    Is that really you Bob?

  429. Anonymous

    Absolutely correct Robert, I am sure RL will post something very shortly on their site disclaiming the post on BFP if indeed Mr. Fatchett did not post on this thread. We wait news of this. Perhaps you could monitor this for us all.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  430. Anonymous

    @ Sid Indead it is Bob.

  431. Anonymous

    @ SSMITB Fatchett gets all his info from Ames. Indeed Fatchett seems to assist Ames in many matters.

    Heading back in to Court.

    Harlequin contesting CLC case. Very interesting who the players in support of Harlequin are.

    Further update later.

  432. Robert Storey

    Indead Sid, it is me.

  433. Anonymous

    Robert are you referring to the possibility that your ID gets hijacked. Does this mean that you do not know anything about the witnesses in the SFO case and that you do not know Joe Hopkins?

    Robert could it be that you never got a return on your investment, indeed could it be that you do not in fact exist.

    Who knows Robert, so agreed it is best we place no credence on anything you may have to say. This removes one of the more colourful, humorous and predominately idiotic contributors ( single plural ) from the discussions.

  434. Robert Storey.

    The Gareth Fatchett post was a fake.

  435. Robert Storey / Sportingman / FDNRM/36

    Bob, there are only 3 of use on here.

  436. More fees

    All did not go according to the CLC plan today. Oh dear sounds expensive.

  437. Anon

    @ anonymous 4.04pm

    I’m sure we would all be interested in a full account of the days proceedings.

  438. Anonymous

    Are you Robert Storey. Or Robert Storey ( without the dot). Or is it Gareth Fatchett is a fake ?

    I’m sure Gareth will tell us all in good time.

  439. Small mole

    @Once a crim always a crim on February 18, 2014 at 8:17 am

    I’d like to know obviously! I’ve put a lot of hard work to see he faces justice, therefore I’d to make sure he is where he should be!!

  440. Anonymous

    @ More Fees, Simon Terry tweeting from the court then?

    Rees is making his arguments so unless you can read the mind of the judge well why not let the proceedings carry on.

    Let’s see what the judge has to say when the argument and counter arguments have been concluded or would you prefer we take REES’s arguments at face value.

  441. Bro.Rees

    Rees is making Masonic gestures to the Masonic judge.
    Bro.Dave will get his way.

  442. Robert Storey

    @anon 4.10 you could of course remove yourself from posting, oh hang on a minute that would be every Anon on here, there would be no body left. And there you go posting the second name of Joe, something that I have never done. Lol tut tut

  443. NO! I am Robert

    I Am Bob.

  444. Anonymous

    5.20 and all quiet on the Crazier front. Must have gone well then.

  445. Anonymous

    Bob you should have said ” there you go again, Joe who? I know no Joe Hopkinson. ”

    But you didn’t lol

  446. Anonymous

    Deff never heard of a Joe Hopkinson, have you? Lol

  447. Robert Storey

    No not me either.

  448. Dave Ames

    Well done to Jon Austin, he is not my son.

  449. Dave Ames

    I have adopted Gareth Fatchett as my son.
    Please refer to him as such.
    Gararth Ames. 😉

  450. Anonymous

    Lol looks like Mattie Boy can’t help himself lol

  451. It's not my fault, Dad taught me

    Like father like son……….

    This whole things is going tits up. Trust or no Trust it’s dead.

  452. Anonymous

    The Ames family is finished, Harlequin is finished and investors have simply lost their cash.

    Nothing more to say, no point paying Crozier anymore money, cut my losses. Fed up with the whole thing.

  453. Robert Storey

    Tues night and still no sign of Essex plod. This is getting to be an anti climax now. Can Open Letter update me on his e mail. Did he get a reply, was it sent? Was Open Letter just a troll? I think we all know the answer to that one. Mind how you go.

  454. Robert Storey

    @Anon February 16th 6.44, “I will name names after Tuesdays case” well we are all waiting. Perhaps you can start by trying to remember your own name.

  455. Anonymous

    As promised. Dear Mr. Fatchett, with the greatest of respect, we have undertaken an exercise in order to ascertain the true position as it pertains to the land assets held by the various Harlequin entities and the Ames family in the Caribbean.

    The exercise was simple in its execution. We engaged a firm of solicitors in each of the respective jurisdictions where Harlequin / Ames claim to have land assets.

    Each of the firms contacted the respective land registry offices in each of the jurisdictions.

    The following is what transpired. We have summarised the findings and have sent the land registry documents to the relevant authorities.

    The total cost of the exercise was less then $10,000 USD inclusive of Vat. Or in simple terms the equivalent to 26 investors contributions to the trust.

    All of the resorts owned by Harlequin have cautions attached. Ironically some of those cautions have been attached by Guardian SIPP and Rowanmore. As you your self have pointed out both these companies account for close to 30 % of investors.

    Both Guardian SIPP and Rowanmore took these cautions out, not recently, but in many cases prior to your initial engagement on the Harlequin matter.

    They have taken this action in order to protect the interests of their clients.

    These cautions have the affect of providing an encumbrance on the land assets of the Harlequin entities.

    You could call it a trust of sorts.

    You have at all times stated and alluded to the fact that you and your company RL were the only option open to investors in lieu of a liquidation of the Harlequin assets.

    There is also persuasive evidence that your relationship with Harlequin and the Ames family is conflicted as it pertains to your claims to act on behalf of investors within the Harlequin Group. We will deal with this issue at a later stage and will of course allow you the opportunity to be open and transparent with all investors.

    Harlequin and Mr. Ames have on numerous occasions stated that the lands owned by Harlequin / Ames remain unencumbered, we now know this statement was false.

    You can now understand given the many cautions on the assets of Harlequin through out the Caribbean that the trust as being proposed by you cannot legally work until such time as these cautions are dealt with.

    You however have no authority, financial capability nor mandate from Harlequin to deal with the issue of these many cautions.

    As to deal with the cautions, which were obtained by way of affidavits will require Harlequin to settle with the clients who have obtained these numerous cautions. Harlequin can do this in two ways. Pay the clients what they are owed or challenge the validity of the cautions by way of court actions.

    You also made a statement that you had seen a letter of intent from a financier but due to an NDA are precluded from sharing details of this financier with us. The finance you state would be predicated on the establishment of the trust.

    We find it very difficult to accept this, any reputable financier would have carried out the same exercise we did.

    Mr. Fatchett you have now some very serious questions to answer.

    But its time to drop the charade. Its time to face up to the reality of the situation. Investors do not want continued updates on how much progress you are making. They now will require unequivocal answers.

  456. Squeaky squeaky mole in the bunker

    RL paying for trust.

    Posted by Keith on February 18, 2014 at 19:38 in Investor DiscussionsSend Message View Discussions
    Just looking back through all previous correspondonce and came across this extract in the invation snet out to last octobers meetings by David Ames.

    The trust documentation is currently being independently prepared, the cost of which is being covered by Regulatory Legal Solicitors, who do not act for Harlequin but for a number of investors. Harlequin has not yet seen the documents but understands that the trust will be based in the UK and will have 5 nominated trustees to represent the interests of its members.

    What did he mean independently prepared and RL to pay trust costs, RL must have been aware at the time.

    Maybe he was just dreaming again.
    Views: 15
    ▼ Reply to This

  457. Anonymous

    David Ames has known about the cautions for over 18 months now.

    It now begs the question of how independent Garreth Fatchett really is. When push comes to shove who will Fatchett protect?

    It is time for answers Mr. Fatchett.

  458. Matthew Ames found guilty and remanded in custody

    Matthew Ames’ Application to Vary Bail Conditions on 14 Feb was REFUSED and Ames was remanded in custody.

    Matthew Ames is scheduled to be sentenced on 14 March. He certainly hasn’t helped himself by pleading not guilty.

  459. worried investor

    February 18, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    Let me guess you have told the authorities lol post the documents you gob shite.

    Completions have taken place on BB today.

    See I can make things up too 😉

  460. Angela

    I have been ‘informed’ by an ‘informant’ that CPC got a bloody nose in court today?

    All unhappy in Croziers camp?

  461. Anonymous

    Yes we are fucking pissed off.

  462. Truth be told

    What happened?

  463. Anonymous

    Absolutely SFA, unless you count spending my money again, they made the wrong call – jumped the fucking gun.

  464. Hilda Rumpole

    Truth be told
    Tell me which court and the names of the plaintiffs and defendants. I will look it up and tell you the outcome.

  465. Anonymous

    Why is Bob now posting as Worried Investor? The dodgy syntax and poor grammar is a stone cold give away.

  466. A deflector

    Most of us should never have been put in the case, talk about throwing good money after bad. I have very little left and no end in site for the £1000’s I have paid Crozier.
    Feel totally fed up with this whole thing.

  467. Worriedinvestor

    You have absolutely no idea who I am.

    I can, however, at will change my writing style with gay abandon. This is something that demands a certain level of intelligence; does it not?

  468. Anonymous

    Nikki Crozier, the wannabe solicitor. Still trying to control the 23 by bullying them? What an awful woman.

  469. Anonymous

    What happened today in court with Crozier and Harlequin?

  470. In Court

    Rather odd I was in the court room today. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ames were conspicuous by their absence. Harlequin were represented by QC Mr. Rees, his junior, Richard Specter of ELS, Dan Abrhams in house solicitor for Harlequin and Simon Taylor VP for Harlequin Hotels and Resorts.

    CLC were represented by Mr. Chris Corney, Mr. Knox QC, his junior and a large representation of investors from the claimants.

    The start of the case was delayed to 12.00 given an over run of an earlier case.

    The case broke up for lunch returning in the afternoon.

    At 16.30 the judge ordered both sides to reach a consent order on a number of the issues raised. They are due to return to court tomorrow at 16.00 in order to have consent order perfected.

    A number of witness statements supporting the defendants case were produced, only one of Harlequin’s witnesses was in court today. Mr. Spectre. Two other witnesses for Harlequin were not in attendance, they were Mr. Sam Commissiong Lawyer for Harlequin in the Caribbean and Mr. Gareth Fatchett a solicitor with a company called Regulatory Legal from Birmingham.

    The claimants witness statement was from Mr. Chris Corney who was in attendance.

    To be fair to both parties, I will report on the undertakings made by the defendants once the order has been perfected tomorrow.

    It is wrong to state that the claimants received a bloody nose. It is correct to state that the action was hotly contested by both parties.

    It is worth noting that Harlequin stated in court that the only reason the company is in the dire financial position it finds itself in, was as a result of the actions of the ICE Group and its principal Mr. O’ Halloran in league with Wilkins Kennedy. Mr. Rees stated that Harlequin through a different chambers was to file a lawsuit for USD $ 50 Million next week in the high court in London against Wilkins Kennedy.

    The judge stated that those matters were of no interest to him as they were not related to the particular claim before him.

    Last week Harlequin submitted documents to commence an arbitration process against Wilkins Kennedy. We do not know whether the offer of arbitration was rejected by Wilkins Kennedy.

    The claimants in that case are Harlequin Propert SVG and Harlequin Caribbean Ltd.

    Mr Rees representing the defendants was grilled on the quality of the evidence provided by the defendants. The defendants and claimants were asked by the judge to sit together to agree a consent order pending the outstanding evidence being provided by the defence. The order is to be perfected tomorrow at 16.00. The case was then adjourned for two weeks by which time the defendants will have had to comply with the terms of the consent order.No order as to costs has yet been given in today’s applications

    I think that fairly sums up the proceedings today.

  471. Thank you

    In the court. Thank you for the summary. I look forward to hearing the contents of the court order tomorrow. Again thank you for keeping us updated.
    I have one question however, surely you meant that Gareth Fatchet was a witness for the investors and not Ames. It would be horrific to think that Mr. Fatchet would be supporting Mr. Ames against fellow investors, I am sure Mr. Fatchet would not wish to be reported as having worked on the side of Mr. Ames.
    But aside from that little mistake ???? Again thank you for the summary.

  472. Anonymous

    Ha, ha Bob you imbecile – using a semicolon (incorrectly) doesn’t disguise anything you old fool.

  473. worriedinvestor

    February 18, 2014 at 9:51 pm
    Sorry you are wrong.

  474. worriedinvestor

    Thank you, and In Court.

    The same people, Nikki you are looking silly now LOL

    Getting worried aye?

  475. Anonymous

    What was today’s case about, in English please.

  476. In Court

    @ Thank you. You are most welcome.

    However Mr. Gareth Fatchett was most definitely a witness for Mr. and Mrs. Ames.

    To those who are claiming some sort of loss for CLC on the contrary. Mr. Rees was heavily criticised in court by the judge for not providing evidence as previously ordered by the court. The consent order will have the consequence that accounting and valuations for all 43 Harlequin companies will have to be presented to the court within 14 days. Or the Ames family will face serious sanctions.

    And could potentially have their defence struck out.

    As I repeated earlier I will be in court again tomorrow and will post the details of the court order.

  477. Anonymous

    I think one person who is going to come out of this with more than a bloody nose is Fatchett.

    In bed with Ames eh? Well I never……….

  478. Truth be told

    However Mr. Gareth Fatchett was most definitely a witness for Mr. and Mrs. Ames. G F please clarify, several refs to this above

  479. Perfectly Clear to me

    Fatchett takes money from investors for valuations. He says they are for investors. Gives the copies to Ames. Ames uses them in court against CLC. Fatchett works for Ames. But heh you guys carry on believing the bull from Fatchett. I would not trust him as far as I would throw him. He could not care less about investors.

  480. Anon

    Yes Please Gareth. Why were you a witness for Harlequin of all people. Sorry worse for the Ames’s. And why did you not know about the cautions????? Fancy that Guardian and Rowanmore moved a year ago to protect their investor money and you see fit to attack them. How much is Ames paying you Gareth.Guardian clients did not have to undertake not to sue Ames to get cautions. So why are you attacking investors who go down a different route.

  481. Anonymous

    Fourteen days to come up with accounting for years and years
    of obfuscation. Really I don’t understand how Harlequin can do it.
    Looks to me like CLC just may be holding the upper hand.

  482. Anonymous

    Bad move bringing Fatchett into the fight for the Ames. Same guy who wants people to give up all rights to sue Ames. Not only smells but stinks.

  483. Anonymous

    Cant wait for the update. Can just see it now. Im doing whats best for investors. The cautions are historical. Im going to sue Guardian. They will toe the line. Everything moving forward as planned. We supported Ames for a good reason but we cant tell you yet because it is part of the plan.

  484. Anonymous

    This all could be the work of someone who ripped off customers in Spain, oops sorry it wasn’t me.

    My sister.2.5 million

  485. Name changer

    When did you change your name Audrey?

  486. Name changer

    Did you ever work with your ‘dead’ sister 😉

  487. A photograph of Nikki?

    Crozier was not in court, she won’t chance a photograph – I wonder why?

  488. Charges on the land

    Keep your shit coming ……it’s funnier by the minute ….

  489. Same person

    How did the case go against Harlequin Liz ?? No news posted yet, so I take it you were blown out of the water. I did warn you to stay away. People need to be made aware who is really behind your company. The biggest fraudster in Spain who conned millions from expats for properties they never got. None other than Audrey Dixon, now known as Elizabeth Crozier or Elizabeth Dixon as I am aware. If you wish to deal with CPC Worldwide, check out Audrey Dixon on Google first and you will find a lot out from other victims she worked her magic on. BEWARE !!! You will be her next victim !!!

  490. In Court

    Just going through my notes. Mr. Rees did bring to the attention of the court that Mr. Commissiong a barrister and lawyer for Harlequin in the Caribbean and who is a witness for Harlequin in the CLC case and was a witness for Harlequin in the Irish case got his evidence wrong in Ireland.

  491. Nikki nicked the cash

    Must be great getting money for a case when you know your clients will run out of money.

    SLA claim coming.

  492. Nikki nicked the cash

    Where did Crozier work before? Just askin……

  493. worriedinvestor

    Nikki stop posting Chris will tell you off 😉

  494. worriedinvestor

    Bet he tells you what to say LOL.

  495. Typical

    Well going by the reaction of the pro Harlequin lobby tonight it looks like CLC won.
    Sad to think that Ames and Co believe attacks on individuals will divert attention away from the facts.

  496. Dave Ames girlfriend

    @same person
    You have no knowledge of what you speak. , you speak rubbish and crap and all of it lies .
    But then again harlequin is built on lies

  497. wot the wrong name.

    Did you get the names correct on the court documentation today

  498. wot the wrong name.

    One trick pony crozier

  499. Anonymous

    There must be a full moon in England tonight. The lunatics
    are all howling at each other…

  500. Anonymous

    Botox bitch….. I got the documents on you……

  501. Anonymous

    A court case was held today and now rather then any cohesive or rational views from those pro Ames we get the usual rubbish.
    But they apparently dont just come up with rubbish on here. They seem to have no issue with lying in a court. Any investor who believes that they will recover any losses should start thinking straight. The Ames family are nothing but cheats, thieves and cowards.

  502. In Court

    In today’s court Mr. Rees pointed out to the court that Mr. and Mrs. Ames faced slanderous comments on a daily basis.

  503. Anonymous

    Great we have an obviously bent lawyer looking to drag us all into a trust where we cant sue Ames and share a pond. That is if it has no caution. And it has cost us another £250 Fantastic.

  504. Robert Storey

    To those people who think I have been posting on here tonight, you are wrong. Ive been down the pub. So get a life.

  505. Anonymous

    @ in court… just to confirm, HP etc will have to provide accounts for all of the HP companies within fourteen days….and what is the potential result and penalties if they don’t. Do the accounts need to be verified/cerified in any way by a registered body (if so that could be interesting to predict the documents produced)

    surely Ames is in trouble for not producing a set of accounts for companies house etc for all these years…if he does produce some form of accounts surely the CLC QC will rip into why have these only just been presented and why were they not submitted to CH…I put it to you that these have been fabricated in the previous fourteen days…..oh fecking dear CLC just hit check mate game over button

  506. Sid

    I wouldn’t worry too much about waiving your right to sue Ames. It doesn’t seem to work even if you do get him into court and have an obvious breached contract and are only asking for a refund as per your contractual rights! How can this not be an open and close case? What possible defense can Ames have? It just sounds like another nonsense to me, but heh, what did we expect? The circus continues.

  507. Sid

    @Anon, I’m sure there will be a strategy to appeal for more time to drag the case out until the money runs out.

  508. In Court

    Anonymous we will know the full terms of the order once it has been signed off by the judge tomorrow.

    The court order should contain the sanctions etc.

    We should have all the details about 16.30.

  509. In Court

    @ Sid These are currently just procedural issues so appeals do not come into play at this point. The court order will stipulate what ever sanctions will be enforced. It will be then up to the judges discretion to enforce the sanctions of the order should the order not be complied with.

  510. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Produce my statement word for word. It simply says a trust is being worked on. Nothing more.

    That is factually correct.

  511. Anonymous

    This cannot be true that Fatchett was a witness for Ames. If so, this is a massive conflict – he has been trying to get investors not to sue someone who all evidence would suggest defrauded them, and then acts as witness in the alleged fraudster’s defence. Whilst wanting to protect investors. This would be career ending for him, so would need concrete evidence of this before rushing to judge.There would be no way back for him if it were true.

  512. Sid

    Very sensible words anon.

  513. In Court

    Yes it might appear to be an open and shut case, but it needs at least some cooperation from both parties. In the Ames case, CLC have now made 6 attempts to get from the Amses a full and frank disclosure of their personal assets, to date this has not been forthcoming.

    You would assume that for example lawyers would play an honest game as officers of the court, but we then see the revelation today by Mr. Rees the Ames’s barrister that evidence provided by Mr. Commissiong a barrister and solicitor for Harlequin in the Irish case was wrong.

    In other words he lied in Ireland on oath. Barristers and Lawyers who are witnesses don’t normally risk their professional reputations by getting something wrong. Do you believe Harlequin will bring this mistake to the attention of the Irish Court, of course not.

    It can be a long and laborious process, however this is not to say that it’s just not worth pursuing.

    Another interesting facet of the current case is that at the onset of the proceedings the level of damages and costs to be paid by the claimants in the event that they lost was capped. The Ames’s made an application today to have that cap increased. This was not forthcoming. So from the outset the claimants are fully aware of their exposure with relevance to damages and costs should they loose. If memory serves me correctly as I do not have my notes of today’s proceedings on me, I think the cap figure was £70,000.00 or about £3000 per claimant.

    Sadly many on this site would like you and others to believe that the cost of this action is prohibitive but in reality given that it is a class action and in this case with a cap the costs are greatly reduced.
    There are additional costs in the region of £15,000-£20,000 per month in legal fees, case preparation and court appearances, but spread across 20-24 claimants again the cost burden is greatly reduced.
    You will have seen figures quoted on this site and statements along the lines of Ames will bankrupt you if you loose the case, given the Cap in this case they are just scaremongering tactics.
    Stuff of fantasy. No doubt this post will be savaged in the morning but I would suggest that anyone with an interest should try and get to the next hearing in the CLC case in 14 days. It is quite revealing.

    The Ames strategy is to try and drive the costs of the case through the roof through legal delaying tactics. This is a common strategy used in cases where one side may feel their case is weak for whatever reason. In doing this the weaker side hopes to win by default by driving the other side out of money prior to the end of the case. The Ames unfortunately use this tactic using investor funds to fight litigation with those same investors.
    This strategy whilst morally repulsive to some is not illegal.
    In the current case against the Ames given the cap, the strategy above is not as important and is far less of a concern to the claimants. Ironically the Ames are claiming in this case that the strategy outlined above is being utilised by the claimants. The Ames have proffered an argument that it is the claimants who are dragging out the case in order to force the Ames to a settlement position by default.

    This goes against the arguments being proffered by some on this site. But that is propaganda for you.

  514. In Court

    Gareth Fatchett proffered a witness statement in support of the Ames in the UK high court today. The witness statement was with respect to the establishment of the trust.

    Whichever way you look at it, it was a witness statement in support of the Ames defence against investors.

    Given that the trust has not yet been established and technically there should be no guarantee that the trust will proceed until the due diligence process has been completed I fail to understand why someone would feel compelled to enter a witness statement in support of the defendants when they themselves are technically in dispute with the same defendants and professing to represent thousands of investors in a similar situation to the claimants in this case.

    Regardless of the content a witness statement is a witness statement, and witness statements are designed to buttress the arguments of a particular side.

    I’m sorry but I personally do not accept that a person in Mr. Fatchett’s position should have entertained such a request not to mind acceded to it. It does seriously question his impartiality and independence.

    One wonders what other information Mr. Fatchett is passing to the Ames.

    These are my personal thoughts on this issue.

  515. Anonymous

    @ regulatory legal solicitors 12.41 am.

    I think you are missing the point. You submitted a witness statement as a solicitor in support of the Ames defence of the action by investors.

    It actually makes little difference what the content of the witness statement was.

    But let’s take your argument.

    By your own words, you are not in a position to state whether the trust will proceed or not. You have been at pains to point out it is dependant on the results of the due diligence.

    But as an officer of the court you would be fully aware that a witness statement from a solicitor for a defendant in itself holds some sway with a judge.

    In doing what you have done your independence has most definitely been compromised.

  516. Anonymous

    Wow. So Gareth has joined Harlequin too. Is there no end to the crookedness of all this?

  517. Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Spot on.

    I gave my statement as I felt it appropriate that the court was aware of the current trust process. Are you suggesting that it should not have been mentioned ? Who would that suit ?

    It is in my clients interests for the courts to know. I do not act for the CPC clients. I owe them no duty whatsoever.

    They run their own case.

  518. Anonymous

    You claim to have two thousand clients, did your clients instruct you to submit a witness statement on behalf of Mr and Mrs Ames?

    Did you not pull a similar stunt a few months ago when you stated on your website that you were going to assist Ames in his case against Wilkins Kennedy? Admittedly you backed down from that particular stance a few days later.

    Sorry Gareth your independence on the issue is compromised.

  519. Anon

    Bullshit Gareth absolute Bullshit. You by your own words previously don”t even have a mandate. Did you even discuss or alert your “clients” to the fact you were issuing a witness statement? And what about the cautions? How does that affect your trust? Spot on. Very professional of you.

  520. An Investor

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Its a disgrace. You took our money. You had no permission from me to go to Ames. I paid you 250. So I am a client.

  521. St George's Dragon

    In what way was Commissiong’s evidence wrong? Did he lie or “mis-speak”?

  522. Dave Ames girlfriend

    Because in the Irish case he claimed Dave Ames owned part of Buccama bay in his personal name , and for yesterday’s hearing he claimed it was all owned by harlequin companies…. It was a confusion

  523. Anonymous

    Copied from RL Forum

    GF is in Tokyo, so he certainly was not in London.

    GF provided a statement to the court confirming that an investor trust is being worked on. GF took the view that the court should be aware of the large number of investors seeking to protect their interests.

    The meat of the case relates to whether David / Carol Ames complied with their disclosure requirements relating to earlier orders. GF made no comment in relation to this as both he and RL have not part in this action.

  524. Will Matt Ames have to defend a third fraud case?

    I am posting this link again as it got lost in yesterday’s ‘discussions’.

    South Essex fraudster tried to “scam” Queen’s representative in Essex.

  525. Anonymous

    What I find odd is why Crozier is a prolific user of this blog and deems it correct to discuss fees etc.

    I certainly would be unhappy at cira £1000 per month for court costs, plus security of costs, and no end in sight – how much have you paid so far?

    It’s a fact most of the clients should NEVER have been ‘sold’ into the case.

    SLA claims anyone?

    Dave has the right idea, run them into the ground – they can’t afford it.

  526. worriedinvestor

    Let’s just assume Ames does a deal with Crozier, what 20-30 % maximum, less your ‘fees’ – you still get naff all.

    If Ames wins, well you are into some totally serious numbers.

    Good money after bad…….. Unless you are the Queen of botox.

  527. Fee earner.

    Question time.

    Work out what you have paid Crozier to date.
    What you ‘may’ pay her
    What you ‘may’ get in return
    Verses what you invested.

    Still look like a good deal?

    This latest exercise is just to generate more fees and you fell for it.

    She has no other income apart from you lot.

  528. Fees, fees, fees, Nikki loves fees!!!

    How much did yesterdays bloody nose cost your clients Nikki?

  529. Anonymous

    There is an incredible stench of fear emanating from the anti CLC/CPC poster(s). I’ve only recently come across this site and had heard about Harlequin but otherwise have no vested interest for or against but I just could not help feeling the terror in his/her/their post(s). I assume the poster(s) can’t be investors otherwise why the fear so what is Harlequin so scared of in this court action? Anyone know?

  530. Nikki messed up

    Nikki – if you did well, please tell us what orders you obtained.

    I know the answer. Let’s see whether you tell the truth.

  531. worriedinvestor

    February 19, 2014 at 9:28 am

    All there is to fear is fees and fees……… How much were the cost’s for a day in court? Plus the prep………….oh dear.

  532. Let's all be calm

    I am saddened that people are attacking NC. She made the application in good faith. Spent some money and her schedule of costs would have made Ames cough.

    She has not obtained an order. No wonder she seeks to blame GF. GF simply gave a statement saying trust process in play.

    Very very odd. Particularly as neither NC or GF act for Ames.

  533. 24 lose more money - Nkki wins

    Nikki didn’t get an order. Not one. Spent 30k approx..

    24 Muppets pay that.

  534. worriedinvestor

    Croziers cock up?
    Or Daves defense?

    She was really really angry last night. Bet Chris could not get his pecker up.

  535. Erica Broughton

    Not me! That will teach you for calling me freebie Erica
    LOL 😉

  536. Anonymous

    Did you get the names right this time #makesachange

  537. Fees, fees, fees, Nikki loves fees!!!

    @24 lose more money – Nkki wins

    You can add about £20k to that after today, Croziers cut £5k for two day’s work plus costs.

  538. Sid

    What yesterday does prove is that Ames will go to great lengths to keep investors money rather than do the honourable and legitimate thing and pay back what he owes under contract. I don’t think this aggressive stance will do him any favours with the SFO if/when the time comes.

  539. Anon

    Well said Sid.

  540. Angela

    I agree Sid.
    If he has no money left what can he do? I firmly believe Harlequin and Ames are finished.

    Why don’t CLC just get a grip and sell his assets if the case is sooooooo tight?

  541. Anonymous

    Why are some of you so impassioned by the costs of this action? I can’t really see why it’s any of your business. Some individuals have chosen to deal with things in a certain way as is their right in the circumstances. The information from “In Court” above, which seems very credible, has nixed the idea that the potential fallout is a bottomless pit. It’s been dealt with.

    I’m struggling to understand why, if it’s not your money, you’d care so much. They’ve obviously made their own decisions — oafishly opining “wrong choice” smacks of a strange desperation; “if I say it enough, it might eventually be true — or people might not bother to actually engage with this more than the facile level at which I do.”

    As usual in this case, any individual who puts themselves up against Harlequin and actually attempts to assert what they consider to be their rights, is subject to a barrage of ill-informed, repetitive, ad hominem attacks. Have you got any idea how reprehensible that makes the company, and its supporters, look to the outside world?

  542. Anonymous

    GF states he has no duty to CLC investors. But he has a duty to Dave Ames? All he does seeks to protect him. He may say this is in the interests of his investors. Nonsense, he should be telling Ames to hand over everything or all of his clients are going to sue him and ensure he goes to jail for life – that is what a lawyer should be doing, fighting for his client against the bad guys. Ames defrauded GF’s clients, it is clear as day. This whole protecting and playing nice with Dave Ames makes no sense, and is utterly distasteful. Now he has sent in a statement on the side of Ames really does show which side his bread is buttered and frankly is shocking. He would have lost my trust 100% and I expect most right thinking clients will think the same. I would be complaining to the bar association if he had no mandate to issue a statement for Ames’s benefit, total conflict.

  543. WhatstheUse

    Its not we are obsessed with costs its just that the old trout Crozier, a convicted fraudster, who uses aliases, who bleeds 20% of the fees that are paid away to her, has been gobbing off along with her followers taking a selfish route that will damage the majority and the success of the trust has failed and will have cost her disciples another £50k!
    Its bad enough being ripped by Ames now they are being led a merry dance by Crozier!
    Its all too funny

  544. Anon

    “Matthew Ames found guilty and remanded in custody

    February 18, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Matthew Ames’ Application to Vary Bail Conditions on 14 Feb was REFUSED and Ames was remanded in custody.

    Matthew Ames is scheduled to be sentenced on 14 March. He certainly hasn’t helped himself by pleading not guilty”

    Matthew Ames’ application to ‘Vary’ Bail Conditions ‘may’ have been refused but I can categorically confirm Fat Matt IS out on Bail until his sentencing on the 14th March. His passport has been confiscated and is banned form travelling under his Bail conditions.

  545. Sid

    @Anon 10:55, “that is what a lawyer should be doing, fighting for his client against the bad guys”….spot on (to quote the man himself).

  546. know enought to know this is a scam

    why is MA out on bail…having been found guilty for a serious crime on two counts, and the sentence is a prison term, then they are not usually given bail??

  547. Trout Pout

    Old fish lips pockets another £50k. Poor clients between a rock and a hard place, pay for more legals or walk away.

    Some of them will have pay almost as much as their investment at the rate.

  548. anonymous

    may be of interest to investors. redress option is not cut and dried and would be complicated even further if the sfo took action against harlequin

    Claims in relation to investments in Arck LLP
    17th February 2014

    Since our previous update, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced that two former partners of Arck LLP, Kathryn Joy Clark and Richard Aston Clay, have been charged with fraud and forgery offences by the SFO and Nottinghamshire Police. The trial is due to take place in January 2015.

    Due to the ongoing criminal proceedings, FSCS is not able to reach a view on the liability of the independent financial advisers (IFAs) against which we have received claims at this time. In particular, FSCS is not able to confirm whether any losses incurred by investors were caused by the advice they received from their IFA to invest in Arck LLP. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further information as soon as we are in a position to do so. We regret the continuing uncertainty, but unfortunately we cannot finalise our position at this time.

    In addition, as explained in our update of 22 August 2013, we have been considering the liability of HD Administrators LLP in relation to those investments in Arck LLP which were held in the HD SIPP. Our investigations in respect of these claims are ongoing.

    FSCS will provide further updates regarding claims relating to Arck LLP and HD Administrators LLP as soon as we can provide more information.

    RSS Feed

    Jargon Buster

  549. Gareth Fatchett - Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Most clients would think it odd that if I did not give a statement.

    Otherwise, based on the application I have seen, 24 people would have frozen the Buccament Bay land.

    24 CLC clients get what 2000+ clients want. No way would I stand by and let that happen to my clients.

  550. Scabby

    Only really dumb people would think a civil suit could get a person a life sentence.

    Lack of understanding …

  551. No return for your money


    What order did you get ?


  552. Anonymous

    So why doesn’t Harlequin give the 24 their money back. Problem solved, and the rest can get on with the trust ??

  553. worriedinvestor

    Because they don’t have it to give.

  554. Anonymous

    @scabby – who said anything about a civil case? 2000 investors filing complaints and action relating to the crime of fraud would be fairly compelling and something Ames may wish to avoid. I suspect it is coming to him anyway as you just cannot get away with fraud on that scale, but think others who are seen to support/protect this would consider this alternative.

  555. Anonymous and stupid

    February 19, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    The SFO won’t get me me dosh back, asked em.
    They said Crozier will scam me a bit more and achieve nothing.

  556. Nikki's Disco

    Dave, a dedication to you

  557. BBaywatch

    “Gareth Fatchett – Regulatory Legal Solicitors
    February 19, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Most clients would think it odd that if I did not give a statement.

    Otherwise, based on the application I have seen, 24 people would have frozen the Buccament Bay land.

    24 CLC clients get what 2000+ clients want. No way would I stand by and let that happen to my clients.

    That comes across as a deliberate ‘spoiler’ tactic to derail the oppositions case. RL don’t want anyone else jumping the queue when they have their own ‘solution’ to promote. Nothing to do with justice, just commercial considerations. Harlequin seems to be so toxic that it corrupts all who come into contact.

  558. Them Freemasons behind this 100%

    Them F***cking Masons, Ames was instructed to sacrifice Matt for an easy ride yesterday. What more proof do you need? wake up.

  559. Them Freemasons behind this 100%

    what about masonic corruption? its a fact

  560. Anon

    February 19, 2014 at 11:16 am

    You are right he is out on bail. Even the court office doesn’t know its left hand from its right and gave out conflicting information. Jeez.

  561. Crazier and crazier

    So was was crozier upto exackly, buccament bay? thats plain crazy

  562. Injustice

    Daddy made a few calls, all for show.

  563. Anonymous

    Corney / Crozier you have had my f***cking money, get the f***cking results, you wont get another penny out of us – from now on.

    As bad as Ames, sold a dream deliver fuck all

  564. Dave Ames girlfriend

    How’s the weather in SVG today looks like storm clouds are gathering “…………………..

  565. Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone who invested in this is in a position to call anyone else stupid. To invest was stupidity beyond compare, and stupidity comes at a cost. GF being involved with Ames is a path he has chosen for investors. It would have made more sense to be more aggressive with Ames to back him into a corner so he had to make available all assets and accounts to the group being put together by RL. I accept though that this is just an opinion which may not be correct. What is more than opinion is that recovery of any money is only going to come from selling off of assets or redress claims. The business is not going to create new wealth or increased value over what is there now, to believe otherwise is continued stupidity. To get more value would require massive investment in product and marketing which is not going to happen in current circumstances. Those with cautions will get paid first, many have been saying for a couple of years now that getting cautions is the first thing investors should be doing, and many have been doing so for a while. It is extremely cheap to do this, but you get yourself in the line for recovery of monies. A contract has been breached, you have rights under contract, and ultimately you can force asset sale to recover funds.

  566. Anon

    ‘A contract has been breached, you have rights under contract, and ultimately you can force asset sale to recover funds.’

    Absolutely right but you have to be able to get your hands on those assets.
    In this case they seems to have been frittered away [or did I mean hidden away] some time ago?

  567. Unbelievable


    What a soap opera….. Cant believe that so much energy is being spent on this trust that has no value whatsoever until Ames puts all his assets into it.. The longer this drags on the worse it will be for investors. At the end of the day nothing will be left but broken dreams. Can anyone explain if there is any benefits whatsoever with the potential trust. I can only see more headache and more losses for investors.
    Give it up and let a liquidator sort out the mess

  568. Anonymous

    There are still assets – Blu is there, land is there. They do all have cautions on them for the very reasons outlined above. You need some balls, a good lawyer and money to force that liquidation. Or, you would do it with a number of others to reduce cost. Obviously, RL have put those investors together to form a trust to get control of the assets that way. It is not what I would have done, and not what most local lawyers would have advised for recovery of their client’s deposit. To try to work with the very people who put you in this mess is just plain wrong on many levels, including practical ones, as is being borne out.

  569. Right Move

    I was talking about personal assets of the Ames family.

    Dave & Carol (she’s a director) Ames and Daniel (he’s the other director) Ames live in very nice houses don’t they?

    Now why hasn’t David Ames been a director of any of the HP companies? Just go look in the Companies House files.

  570. Anonymous

    In my experience, for investors to go after those personal assets you have to show intent to defraud. Often this is difficult. In this case however, it does not seem difficult to show intent to mislead or defraud due to the massive amount of documented lies and inaccuracies in so many of his communication both written and recorded, and the lack of any kind of obligatory reporting due, and of course as they were selling properties on land not owned or where there was planning permission. It would very easily be proven that Ames was de facto in control, even if not a director, of all things Harlequin – he is recorded telling people he owns Harlequin, he launched the resorts, launched the sales programs, sales training, is the one that meets the ministers etc etc. Going after the land assets is a straightforward process, and I suspect also would be more than possible to go after personal assets. Still need those balls, money and a decent lawyer. You had the first two when the investor group was formed – the decent lawyer part I don’t think you have, but proof will be in the ultimate results and I could be wrong.

  571. Anonymous

    Hotel Blu in St. Lucia has been mentioned. Harlequin own this hotel???? Ames owns this Hotel???????

    If RL and Gareth Fatchet had done some proper due diligence they would have discovered that title was not vested with any Harlequin entity or with the Ames family.

  572. Anon

    Has anyone, apart from maybe the inner core of Harlequinistors, not bitterly regretted the day they ever met a member of the Ames family? Which individual or organisation has not been utterly trashed by association with them?

    It’s like an anti-Midas effect. Everything they touch turns to shit.

  573. Anonymous

    It is very likely blu is owned by a company owned by people Ames is in cahoots with, such as soraya skeete, but easily linked ultimately. Paid for by investor money of course.

  574. worriedinvestor

    How odd this blog is full of piss and vinegar, the RL blog is perfectly calm 😉 Could there have been bad news and bloody noes all round in the Trout Pout camp? tick tock……

  575. Anonymous

    Erica, go and fuck yourself, fat bitch

  576. BBaywatch

    Were there ever any investors in Hotel Blu? Or was it just bought with investors money? – typical of the absurd business model which the Ames’ have pursued. As all of the ‘noise’ on here seems to be coming from RL/Harlequin ‘supporters’ I would assume that it is they who are in trouble, as you can usually guarantee that when HP supporters squeal they, like all pigs, are in the sh..

  577. Sinister Dexter

    David Ames owns very little (probably not even his flashy house on Brock Hill)

    He owes a lot though.

  578. All of this fuss

    @ Sinister Dexter

    Good because he will lose the lot.


    IFA and HP’s staff have been singing away for ages no doubt

  579. Sinister Dexter

    Were there any Harlequin investors involved in the H Barbados?
    It’s still a derelict eyesore and such a bad image for tourism in Barbados.

  580. Anonymous

    SD – A good reason why the authorities in Barbados should take a
    hard look at David Campion. He knows EXACTLY who owns H-Hotel.

  581. Anonymous

    I think tourism in Barbados has more to worry about than a unfinished hotel.

  582. Robert Storey

    stop robbing, raping and shooting tourists, would be a good place to start.

  583. Anonymous

    Add to that, R. Storey, ignoring fraudulent land schemes…

  584. BBaywatch

    The irony is that if the H Hotel project had been run by someone who knew what they were doing (and to a sensible plan) it would probably have turned a profit. As it is it’s just another part of the whole delusional mess that Ames created. Trust/rescue plan – call it what you will, it is no more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. No amount of late stage fiddling and fudging will save what was fatally flawed from the very beginning.

  585. Truth be told

    Isn’t the fact that Ames family took over £4mil in dividends (much more in total) fraud? A company can only pay dividends out of profits. To best of my knowledge Harlequin never ever made a real profit. They just took in more of investors money than they spent!

  586. Robert Storey

    Don’t bring me into these exchanges. Oh I see Anon you thought the post above was me. You muppet.

  587. Anonymous

    No Robert – you are the muppet. So much so that you couldn’t
    even keep your identity secured. Personally I don’t care who posts
    as Robert Storey. Each and every one of them are idiots.

  588. Sinister Dexter

    @Robert Storey February 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm
    ‘stop robbing, raping and shooting tourists, would be a good place to start.’

    Please can you expand on that statement Robert Storey?

  589. Truth be told

    Isn’t the fact that Ames family took over £4mil in dividends (much more in total) fraud? A company can only pay dividends out of profits. To best of my knowledge Harlequin never ever made a real profit. They just took in more of investors money than they spent!

  590. yatinkiteasy

    Crooked Brits caught in Barbados falsely claiming armed robbery at their Sandy Lane Villa..Hope they brought a supply of vasaline! The robbery made news in many UK newspapers,no doubt causing alarm and worry amongst travelers and investors…their arrest and conviction however, has not been reported in the UK.Good job Royal Barbados Police Force.


  591. Anonymous

    Yatink – Crikey!…what a cringe-worthy looking pair of losers.

  592. Robert Storey

    @sinister Dexter, I will be surprised if the ” Robert Storey” of 5.18 tries to explain anything.
    @ Anon 5.54. Obviously the concept of ID hijacking doesn’t cause your one brain cell any difficulty.

  593. know enought to know this is a scam

    You have to admit, though, they do look like they would have $34million in jewellery, so maybe their storey is not that false…rolmfao

    Should have read the Matt Ames book of scams first….oh you did….ahh that’s where you went wrong its the Dave & Carol Ames book of scams….I do hear that GF is releasing an updated version….how to be a solicitor and scam people

  594. Anonymous

    @ Rolling over etc…I don’t think the crown jewels would help
    those perps…

  595. In Court

    Apologies for the delay in the update.

    Both parties have apparently agreed the terms of the consent order. The order needed Mr. Ames input as it is a consent order. Mr. Ames unfortunately was called away on urgent business in the US and could not be contacted, therefore the judge adjourned the case for 7 days to allow the consent order to be perfected. The parties are due back in Court next Wednesday to have the order signed off.

    There was no objection by the claimants to the 7 day adjournment.

  596. Anonymous

    Of course there was no objection, the clock is ticking and the Crazier till is filling up nicely. In the legal profession time = money.

  597. Anonymous

    That urgent he told everyone at last weeks meeting all about it. Lol

  598. Anonymous

    Apparently Gareth Fatchet has been keeping some very important facts from investors. Mr. Fatchet’s plan for the trust was basically scuppered by the PM of St. Vincent, hence the need to have the trust established under UK law. Mr. Fatchet has also refused to inform investors of the 20 + Judgements obtained against Harlequin in St Vincent and the applications now to enforce these judgements.
    Such is the anger towards Harlequin that there is to be the equivalent of a full parliamentary debate in St. Vincent on the issue next week.
    Issues to be covered include Matt Ames and his involvement in Harlequin. The current litigation, judgements, cautions, tax owing, outstanding creditor payments, etc etc.

  599. Anonymous

    Anon:7:53 – Other than i-witness-news-svg it does not seem that
    there is any investigative reporting allowed in SVG. The Peter Binose
    postings on BFP and Caribbean News Now are invaluable to filter
    through the agitprop of the Gonsalves regime. Should there be an
    honest and open debate in the SVG parliament I would think that
    things vis-a-vis Buccament is in sight. Surely Gonsalves must
    realize what an albatross David Ames is.

  600. Anonymous

    Clarification it is the opposition in St. Vincent who are pushing all the buttons on this one.

  601. Anonymous

    I should hardly think it would be Gonsalves. He’s up to his neck in
    it. Too bad that there isn’t a young feckless lawyer on SVG who
    wants to go for the “big kahune”. All the islands are governed by
    “leaders” who are still in the late 1980’s/90’s. One reason why
    their economies are stagnant.

  602. Anon

    If anyone is in any doubt that Fat Matt Ames, the convicted fraudster, has been involved with Harlequin Property recently, just check out this picture he tweeted in October 2013, of himself and X Factor Star Stacey Solomon, at what looks like, the Harlequin Offices.

    I’m guessing you’re not smiling now Matty boy!!

  603. Anonymous

    Please change “feckless” to “fire-brand” Man oh man was I way off.

  604. Anonymous

    No point in getting Fatchet to do anything he is firmly in bed with Ames.

  605. Anonymous

    Question: Now that Fatchett has seemed to go over to the dark side
    would it be possible for the “pink slippers” to sue him and RL for
    legal malfeasance?

  606. Anonymous

    Matt was looking very comfortable in the meeting room of the Harlequin offices in Basildon in October 2013. What must Andy Townsend Ames’s conduit to ITV be thinking ?

    And what was Matt doing.

  607. Lord Haw Haw

    I find the recent failure of CLC / Crozier and the level of attack on Gareth Fatchett amusing, they are no doubt related.

    Basically, the 20 something clients have now decided they have been led a merry (albeit) expensive dance.

    How much have you paid for yesterday’s farcical performance? Will you get a refund? 😉

    How much longer will you continue to pay? How much? £10k, £20k? when is enough, enough?

    At some point you have to get out, before you just can’t pay anymore.
    Set a date or cash figure, then do it.

  608. Anonymous

    Several of us are very, very pissed off with the whole thing, cost an bloody fortune, sadly no end in side.

    CPC just want more and more money, I feel well and truly ‘hooked’ don’t know what to do.

    £240 for the Trust, sounds like a bargain!

  609. Miss Marple.

    Oh my poor Dear.

    Come over to the RL blog, no need to hide behind a silly name. It’s so calm and relaxing nobody bossing you about. 🙂

    You even get to have a nice chat, ask questions, get answers.

    Even Bob FDRM is playing nice…. most of the time.

    You are even allowed to visit other blogs, and the best bit, shhhhhhh it’s free, yes free.

    The nice solicitors won’t even charge you if you don’t get your money back.

  610. Miss Marple.

    All unhappy in CLC land?
    Come over too for a nice little chat.

  611. Cash strapped Crozier.

    Ran out of cash? tut tut.

  612. Anonymous

    Gareth have you told your chums in the BBC about your witness statement ? Now why would you even be talking to the BBC in the last few weeks ?
    Does Dave know you have been talking again to the BBC ?

  613. Anonymous

    @Miss Marple, one serious flaw in your post of 9.30. Care to guess what it is?

  614. In Court

    I am not sure why posters are stating that CLC lost their case. This is simply not true. Mr. Peter Knox QC and Mr. Heflin Rees were told by the judge to agree the terms of a consent order. The terms were agreed but Mr. Rees QC pointed out to the judge that he was unable to confer with his client Mr. Ames on the issue of costs to be paid by his client and to be lodged with the court. The judge has simply adjourned the matter for 7 days by which time he expects Mr. Heflin Rees QC to have located Mr. Ames. It was pointed out to the judge that Mr. Ames was on urgent business in the US and was uncontactable. If Mr. Ames cannot be contacted within the next 7 days the judge will make the order.

    This is exactly what happened in the High Court Queens Bench Division today.

  615. Anon

    When oh when will the SFO and Essex Police finally move on Ames.

  616. Robert Storey

    Yes day 3 and no sign of Essex plod. I am beginning to believe that Open Letter,s post was just bullshit. What took me so long to realise this. Lol

  617. Anonymous

    In Court – Exactly what is a consent form and in this case what
    would it contain. ps- Thank you for keeping and update.

  618. Anonymous

    1. Secret Ledger ‏@secret_ledger 23h
    @TimBushLondon This is what I mean about accountants: no-one ever blows the whistle.
    @secret_ledger Spot on. Accountants could not blow the whistle even if you put one in their mouth and hit them in the goolies.
    1. Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn 2h
    @TimBushLondon @secret_ledger Ahem. I did. I’d not recommend it. Professional suicide
    1. Secret Ledger ‏@secret_ledger 2h
    2. @jwgn @timbushlondon … agree that you were anonymous and I respect that.
    3. Jeremy Newman ‏@jwgn 2h
    @secret_ledger @timbushlondon Not that anonymous – I was sued for libel

    You certainly did thats for sure! OOPS

  619. Anon

    A consent order is an agreement made between both parties.

    CLC were looking for everything including the kitchen sink.

    ELS were looking to give nothing and contest everything.

    The analogy;

    CLC were happy just to take the kitchen sink for now.

    ELS were happy that much of the commercially sensitive material pertaining to Harlequin would not be aired in public.

  620. Anonymous

    Anon —Oh Crap!, and I thought that we were at last getting somewhere.
    But why should any commercial material pertaining to Harlequin
    NOT be aired in public? Sensitive or otherwise.

  621. Anonymous

    the accounts for HPSSE or whatever should have been posted at co house but I don’t think they were…that offence would merit an order banning being a director…but ames seems to have, foe now, got away with it….sure once the house starts to fall it will fall ahrd

  622. Gareth Fattchett

    Dear Nikki,

    I am sorry for not allowing your 24 clients to nip ahead of my group. I had to provide a statement as I wanted to make sure the court knew the situation.

    I do know about the cautions etc. It will be all be published in our due diligence report. We only issued the last batch of Terms of Business last week. Therefore, we have only been working on this since then.

    We seek a collegiate way of working with all parties. Having a war achieves nothing as you have just found out.

    If that means you want to post under “anonymous” continually, then that is a matter for you. I am disappointed on a personal level as we have shared ideas /information etc over the last year.


  623. Anonymous

    It would be s hoot if Gareth Fatchett did actually write such a letter to Mrs. Crozier. Alas he didn’t.

    But on a more serious note he made a statement earlier today on his forum that was wholly misleading.
    Gareth Fatchett is a second rate lawyer who is trying to coerce investors into giving up all rights to sue Mr. Ames.
    One has to assume Mr. Fatchett read all the documents in Harlequin’s evidence bundle before writing a witness statement in support of Harlequin.
    Now Garreth as a lawyer what assets are being placed in the trust ?
    How many investors want the trust as proposed by you to proceed, ? please for the purposes of this exercise count the SIPP trustees as investors ie Guardian and Rowanmore etc.
    How many investors have instigated legal action ?
    How many have obtained cautions ?
    How many fee paying clients in this matter do you have ?

  624. Gareth Fattchett

    Don’t worry, the due diligence will reveal the information we have !
    Please wait for the outcome of the process. It does include all the topics you have set out above.

  625. In the Know

    There is no way Gareth Fatchett would post on here. These posts are made up. BFP is not the forum used by RL.

    Anyone daft enough to think any different needs their head testing.

  626. to the GF impersonator

    One would expect him to spell his name correctly too. A poor effort troll.

  627. Nikki Crozier

    After me dressing up as a Japanese school girl for you, then you do this to me Gareth, it’s just awful.

  628. Nikki's Disco

    Just for you my marathon man!

  629. Gareths Geisha Girls

    Naughty Nikki, we love Gwarff, and make hwappy endings fwor mawafpon man 😉

  630. Nikki the nut cracker

    You lot don’t deserve me, if it wasn’t for your cash me an Chris would tell you all to fuck off.

  631. Dave Ames girlfriend

    Chris and I,

  632. Truth be told

    I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs and can’t learn much here really. But I will tell you this- Nikki Crozier kicked me out for the group prior to “signing up” for asking too many questions! I think I’m relived now.

  633. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud......

    @Truth be told.
    You had a close escape.

    Crozier is a liar, that much she shares with Ames.

    Furthermore, she uses no being a ‘proper’ solicitor to her advantage, she is unregulated.

    Hang on! is she Dave Ames?

  634. Anon

    Why can’t everyone just wait for the court order next Wednesday. It will be a court order and will explain everything for once and for all.
    This conjecture and comment on conjecture is ridiculous. If CLC have won this action, then that is fantastic news for the 24 clients. Ames and Gareth Fatchet are adamant the trust is proceeding so great news there too. And since Ames and Fatchett have seen the letter of intent from financiers there will be enough cash all round. So what is the big deal ?

  635. Dave Ames girlfriend

    Because it would spoil the muppets fun , this is the only life they have

  636. Anonymous

    I wish Simon Taylor would stop using the word muppet, it’s doing my head in.
    Saw Simon Taylor in court, I thought the police and SFO were looking for him. He was in court, he was the taller slimmer guy with boyish good looks who constantly looked back at the claimants and smiled. The portly little guy sitting beside him, who looked like he pretended to know what he was doing is Dan Abrhams, child in house solicitor for Harlequin and replacement for that bent solicitor Simon Terry.

  637. Anonymous

    Simon Taylor was a professional golfer but tragically had his career cut short at the age of about 12. Like the rest of the Ames / Harlequin mob he is a prolific liar and absolute fantasist. He was also a very close friend of Matt Ames. He likes young girls and indulges in prostitutes on a regular basis when traveling.

  638. Sid

    Does anyone know what the occupancy at BB is right now?

  639. Where did all the towels go at BB?
  640. Robert Storey

    What a pity you did not refer to the TA review which followed it. 5* review!. the only problem was with our friend LIAT again. Although to be fair to the review quoted above, Paddys drains get a mention again.
    Open message to Essex plod, going out for a couple of hours so no point in calling in till after 3 today. Mind how you go lol.

  641. Anonymous

    The Irish judge said Paddy never put in the drains and this was confirmed by Harlequin.

  642. Anonymous

    When was ICE Group removed from site ? Oh yeah nearly 4 years ago. And Ames 4 years ago knew there was no drainage. Yet are posters now trying to say this has not been repaired lol. Nearly 4 years later lol.
    The pro Harlequin mob are just being ridiculous lol.

  643. Heffin Rees QC

    Great news, GF will be pleased when he returns.

    He’s nearly at the £1m mark for pink forms. Must make NC realise she backed the wrong horse. His office staff seemed very chuffed.

    At £240.00 a pop, his client will not go mental if things go wrong. £240.00 is a good night out for many.

    On the other hand, spending thousands and getting not £1 back will be hard to explain away.

    Chris – cost / benefit analysis ?

    What if Ames goes bust ?

    Why is a non-solicitor fronting matters ?

    Chris, what if Nikki is Audrey is Elizabeth ? – surely, you need to be every wary ?

  644. Sid

    Whilst it’s good that the resort seems to be getting busier, it sounds like it’s overcrowded with only 150 villas built. Yet thousands of people are still to be given property. Common sense tells you that that can’t happen…so what then? And of the 150 that are being sold, are they in the hands of investors or the property of Ames? If they are being occupied by paying guests then they are obviously complete and should have been handed over years ago to investors who should be seeing their return….like Bob is.

  645. Truth be told

    Well Sid- I expect a property audit fir the entire Harlequin network of companies in the RL DD. In my case I can only see the Trust working if a consolidated business plan was developed where all, or al least most investors receive a “fraction” mortgage free. The old model of leveraging in anything up to 70% is unrealistic.

  646. Where did all the towels go at BB?

    Bob 36 I was referring to the latest review “Don’t be taken in by the flash website & brochure 5* it’s not”.

    One would have thought that the drains should be in good working order at a five star resort. That is one STINKER of a review. I expect that Damage Limitation will be along quite soon posting some more gushing and over-effusive reviews to push it down the list.

    Pardon the puns.

  647. You Muppet

    Dan Abrams is the good looking one you Muppet. Only looks like a dashing young chap!!

  648. Good man!

    February 20, 2014 at 11:10 am
    Well he can’t be all that bad then, nothing wrong with a good sh*g. 😉

  649. Anonymous

    There are some who still believe that something can be rescued from Harlequin. The trust is over. Harlequin will be liquidated.

    The trust has received a mortal blow this week. More on Gareth Fatchets faux paux next week. Gareth is not telling us all the whole truth. But it is now time to expose the awful truth about GF and RL and the fact that Ames has been wagging this dog for quite some time now. And if anyone cares to wonder where Mr. Fatchett is, he has taken 10 days off to prepare for the Tokyo marathon at the weekend.

    Nice one Garreth, at least you don’t need to pay for any due diligence, you can lift it all from the Harlequin CLC case, or at least cherry pick the bits you want. Well Gareth what goes around comes around. Enjoy the Tokyo Marathon. See you when you get back next week. Hope to see you in a video in your nike running gear.
    And please could you stop removing posts from your blog site, it gives the impression you are trying to hide something.

  650. Wherefore art thou Nikki?

    @Heffin Rees QC
    February 20, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    I was waiting for a glimpse of Nikki / Audrey / whatever she is called, in court.

    If I did see her, would have no idea what she looks like.

    Why is that? Chris can you help out? You must have some ‘pictures’

  651. Chris Corney - sort this mess out.

    Chris Corney – time you cum clean on this. 🙂


  652. Chris Corney - sort this mess out.

    Chris you need to be very careful Crozier will cause you some problems. Many are asking – why do you hook up with a crim?

  653. Anonymous

    @ Richard Specter, you have many questions to answer working with a criminal like Ames. Same to you Hefin Rees. We like those from Harlequin who want answers from Chris Corney want answers from you guys. We demand answers.

  654. worriedinvestor

    This is a real, ‘name changer’ or should it be ‘game changer’ LOL

  655. worriedinvestor

    Hang on, unless I have missed something don’t QC’s work with criminals?

  656. Anon

    We would like to know Gareth how many of your 2000 Harlequin clients asked you to do a witness statement for Mr. Ames who after all caused this mess. We have asked you to recover our money. Not have a love in with the Ames family. Do you do this with all the crooks you hope to recover something from.

  657. Anon

    Solicitors work with criminals too. Just look at Fatshit and Ames.

  658. PHIG

    I gave a statement, why would I not?

  659. worriedinvestor

    Or Chris Corney and Crozier 😉

  660. yatinkiteasy

    @where did all the towels go..
    That is a pretty poor review…I would be surprised if Harlequin does not get it taken down. It does not seem to have been made up either, as are many of the super positive “reviews” that are posted.It seems honest, and written by someone who was truly disappointed with the whole experience at BB.
    “Paddys drains” were caused because Mr Ames supposedly gave Paddy $50 million to build the resort..Without a written contract!
    Who does he blame for the eyesore H hotel wreck in Barbados..Paddy?…no it was that incompetent guy at H Studio that messed up.

  661. Anon

    And Fatshit and the 100’s if not 1000’s of investors who committed mortgage fraud. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  662. Robert Storey

    @Anon 12.59, page 66, par 66. Irish case ” the requisite waste water drainage systems had not been put in place, such that sewage was found to escaped into the soil”

    @anon 1.05 you obviously are having a sense of humour failure. Lol

  663. worriedinvestor

    February 20, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Fraud is fraud, deserve what they get. Just greedy people.

  664. Nikki robó el dinero

    The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane…


  665. No era mi hermana

    CPC Worldwide is run by a woman who faces many charges in Spain for running away with 2 million plus euros of ex pats money and is now behind this company. Her real name is Audrey Dixon and she now uses the alias Elizabeth Crozier. Check her out online. This company is meant to be retrieving money fro investors in Harlequin and yet is run by a complete scammer. You investors need to know the truth behind this company. Check her out on google. Former owner of Oasis Spanish Properties. If she ever returns to Spain she faces 11 years in prison.

  666. Robert Storey

    @Yatinkiteasy, you really make me howl, any negative post on HP is genuine, while a positive one is by a HP troll. Unbelievable. The fact is your “negative” reviewer, who has only ever posted 1 review on TA, gave the resort 5 stars for location, sleep quality, cleanliness and 4stars for the reviews seems to escaped you. What a surprise.
    The poster below, who is supposidly a HP plant, has travelled around the world to many varied destinations. Think I would rather take his advise than a first time TA contributor.
    Re “Paddys drains” yes he did give him $50m under advise from his “mate” MacDonald, who was really Paddys mate. No excuse for not having a contract, but their is even less excuse for taking advantage.
    Yatinkeasy = one eyed.

  667. yatinkiteasy

    What about H studio and H Hotel Bob, opening in 2013?
    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

  668. Robert Storey

    * 4 stars for cleanliness
    * there

  669. know enought to know this is a scam

    Robert Storey = one sided view

  670. Anonymous

    Robert is ill, Dave is the victim in all this !!

  671. Robert Storey

    H hotel stopped because the SIPP revenue stopped. Stopped but will restart.
    In the land of the one eyed man, the blind will follow because they cannot see. That counts me out then.

  672. Robert Storey

    Dave Ames is a true visionary and leader, why else did we invest?

  673. yatinkiteasy

    It stopped for the same reason the projects in Dominican Republic ,St Lucia Merricks Barbados and Buccament Bay stopped…The ponzu scheme ran out of new investors. Money stopped coming in. That`s how all Ponzi schemes eventually stop.
    Matt tried it, but it did not work…daddy did it on a much larger scale.

  674. Dave Ames girlfriend

    This forum gets worse by the day ….
    Gareth had every right to give a statement .
    CLC/CPC took a claim their clients wanted and a result will be seen by them when the barristers finish the job .

    Harlequin are terrified of nikki for some weird reason but let me say this theses posts just prove she’s onto something ……. God knows what but no doubt we will find out soon .

    I heard she met with Ames ……maybe they sorted something …

  675. The View from Mount Pleasant

    Given that nearly 200 positive reviews were removed by TA I think that there is every reason to be highly suspicious of these latest ones, especially as they seem tailored to addressing issues such as the flooding and put that in a positive light. Why would a guest who had paid to stay at BB post a negative review (with so much detail) if it did not reflect the reality. Not likely to have much of a motive to do that. However, in the past many of the positive reviewers have been shown to be investors, travel agents and professional travel bloggers so plenty of vested interests there.

    Anyone familiar with the resort knows that it is getting very tired and shabby round the edges and needs a major refurb already. Most of the Americans staying recently have been comped as part of a sweetener to push the hotel in the US market.

  676. Robert Storey

    So you don’t think that an anti HP troll with an agenda might post a negative post then? Bit naive that.

  677. Carole Ames Thoughts of the day

    all of the posters on here have an agenda …… some good some bad ….

  678. Anonymous

    GF statement on the side of Ames shows who he is working for/with clearly. I would not be comfortable knowing he supports the person who did this. Can you see Madoff being supported by his clients’ lawyer?
    Who actually owns H Hotel, Blu, the planes?
    Whether BB is a good hotel or not at this point is really less relevant to the size of the fraud going on. A sight of the accounts would be good though. Hotels generally doing ok in the region at the moment, the competition of new Sandals in Barbados and Grenada would massively impact on BB one would think, as both market themselves as high end all inclusives, albeit BB welcomes children and families. That family market though is dead outside of school holidays. The attraction of an ex footballer or rugby player or west end singer will not draw in couples looking for a romantic holiday – that concept is up there as one of the most misguided and expensive ploys.

  679. Anonymous

    CATOTD – why would you want to hear from Dave Ames? His word has no credibility. Even in better times he was telling bafflingly provable lies. In bad times, he will say anything. It is barely worth listening to the lawyer for the investors who is working to protect Ames. You need a local lawyer to enforce a local contract, that is the only way to get your protection of that contract. You really don’t need to ask about investor funds anyway, proof is there for you. 9000 units sold, 100 or so built, nothing started on the new build projects, and the renovation one standing still. There is therefore obviously no money left of the investor funds, it has gone. When over half was paid out in commission, and the rest obviously mismanaged with investments in planes and lifestyle and loans to the Ames, as well as cashflowing a resort that according to Harlequin was losing US$1m per month, you can see where it went.

  680. Carole Ames Thoughts of the day

    so as far as you are concerned the man is an out and out fraudster ? has everything he said been a lie ? thats not possible otherwise the police would have moved to arrest him

  681. worriedinvestor

    The Crozier followers certainly have been rattled, maybe the penny has dropped they backed the wrong horse!

    Should I stay, or should I go?

    Feel a youtube clip coming on 😉 tick tock Croziers been in the dock

  682. worriedinvestor

    For Nikki’s disciples!!

  683. Dave Ames girlfriend

    Oh shut up Erica you old hag …you have nothing to contribute execpt in the ugly daughter competition

  684. Little runt Matt

    That could have been Dave Ames, instead of the cocky little shit Matt.
    Can’t wait until he goes down.

  685. Anonymous

    Serious question. Can this mental disorder Ames and now Matt Ames suffer from, be genetically passed on.

    Poor kids….

  686. Disappointed investor

    Yes delusional behaviour is inherited . In fact I feel a bit sorry for Matt he only got done for a million quid . Ames must be mortified , what a crap level .

  687. Anon

    Funny thing in the past when Ames had any type of victory he would send a letter to all his investors, and crow. So why the silence Mr. Ames ? It would be easier for Ames to find the 24 claimants and shoot them. What is Mr. Ames afraid of ? All will be revealed on Wednesday. ALL . Do you honestly believe the incessant attacks against the claimants and their legal team does anything to diminish their resolve. Why not wait for Wednesday. ?
    Then everything will be in the public domain. And I think everyone will be very surprised by the outcome of last weeks events.
    The panic in the Ames camp is being graphically illustrated by posters on this site led by Mr. Simon Taylor, who was present in the court last week.

  688. Who conned who?

    I have no idea who Simon Taylor is, Simon Terry maybe?

  689. Disappointed investor

    He is the scrawny dark haired thing who pretends to be a professional golfer or gofer

  690. Horney Corney.....

    It’s all going wrong in Camp Crozier 😉

    Rebellion within the group of followers, legal costs she has to pay, deflectors, leaks, holding back on payment….. what a mess!!

    Horny Corney is conflicted.

    He know the truth about Audrey, but his pecker rules his head……..

  691. CPC Worldwide Disco

    Special request for the stupid 20 ish

  692. CPC Worldwide Disco

    To Chris and my Clients………….

  693. Disappointed investor

    Oh look the night shift has arrived . Please stop the you tube crap it slows the thread …

  694. In Court

    Tonight Mr. Fatchett on the RL website gave further reasoning for producing a witness statement in support of the defendants. What is glaringly obvious is his apparent attempt to mislead investors who are members of his forum and clients of his.

    He states that the CLC clients were a minority and given that he had a majority of clients he felt compelled to produce a witness statement.

    His witness statement however claims he represents 2000 investors which he calls clients. This is 33% of Harlequin clients even by Mr. Fatchett’s own numbers quoted in the past. So this can hardly be called a majority.

    The worrying aspect for Mr. Fatchett’s clients is that he appears to be treating his clients like proverbial mushrooms.

    Keeping them in the dark and keep feeding them shit springs to mind.

    Mr. Fatchett would have also seen the documentation provided by Harlequin and CLC to the court, yet strangely has failed to bring the contents of these documents to the attention of his clients.

    He claimed in his High Court witness statement to represent 2000 Harlequin clients. The assumption must be that in some way he is acting on direction from his clients, as such he should make available to his clients all the documentation produced in the case.

    The Witness Statement produced in court gives the court the distinct impression that Mr. Fatchett is acting on the instructions of his 2000 clients.

    Mr. Fatchett has been given sight of other documents including a letter of intent for external finance, yet he claims that because of an NDA he is unable to provide any details pertaining to this, yet if he is acting for 2000 clients surely his clients should have been given sight of these particular documents and any NDA should have applied to his 2000 clients.

    So I do have to ask are the 2000 investors actual true clients of Mr. Fatchett in real legal terms.

  695. Anonymous

    What strikes me as strange is that an NDA is a legal restriction and
    has to be sanctioned by a court of law. My question is what court of
    law would issue an NDA for a Letter of Intent. Its just too convoluted
    to understand. Especially since in and of itself a Letter of Intent has
    no legal standing. Please someone explain to me.

  696. Planet of the Ames

    A recent poster on here stated that the Judge in Matt Ames’s case refused the defendants application to vary his bail conditions and the poster further stated that Matt Ames was out on bail.

    This might happen on Planet Ames but here on Planet Earth it is rather different.

    On Planet Earth in a case such as young Matthews the defence would seek to vary the bail conditions for the convicted defendant pending his sentence. The application to vary the bail conditions could include the provision of an independent surety and acceptance that the convicted offender surrender his passport and sign on at his local police station on a regular basis pending his sentencing hearing.

    In young Matthews case this application was denied by the judge and Young Matthew was remanded pending his sentencing hearing.

    The practice on Planet Ames is somewhat different. In the example of young Matthews case, the same application would be made by the defendants lawyers, they would seek to limit his original bail conditions which allowed him to travel abroad for work.

    The judge as a matter of routine would deny the application to vary, allowing young Matthew to freely travel around the universe including traveling to his favorite Banana Republic where it’s leader had provided him with a character reference and an offer of sanctuary.
    In planet Ames the judge would tell young Mattie that he would be sentencing him for upto 10 years in March but till then would wish young Matthew a safe trip on his travels, saying to young Mattie that he was looking forward to seeing him in four weeks.

    Thank God we do not live on Planet Ames.

  697. Heffin Rees QC

    Telling a court that the trust process is happening is hardly contentious.

    Smokescreen for CPC not getting what they want.

  698. Anonymous

    About as non-contentious as a Letter of Intent.
    But is Ames getting what he wants?

  699. That awful feeling in my belly

    I suspect Richard Spector rues the day he ever heard of Harlequin or the Ames family. Imodium Richard????? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  700. Heffin Rees QC

    Doubt it. His fees are good.

    Lawyers can represent whoever they want !

  701. Tick tock

    Is Gareth Fatchett a freemason ?

  702. Gareth San

    Greetings from Tokyo.

    Flying Business Class courtesy of the pink pound. Thanks

  703. Gareth San

    I am in Tokyo with Nikki. We are in love.

    Leave us alone. We need the money for our future.

  704. Harlequin Insider (Disillusioned)

    Now Hefin Rees QC, Mr. Fatchett was not the one who stated that now was he. ?

    Perhaps that was concocted by your client.

    Or was that the first draft issued to your witness, you maybe getting confused, am not surprised, god knows how many multiple differing witness statements you drafted for different candidates. Must be hard to keep up. Cant blame Simon Terry for this.

    I see Dan Abrhams is potentially preparing to take the torch from Ricky. Another young career destroyed perhaps.????????

  705. Planet of the Ames

    Planet of the Ames is indeed a strange place indeed it is considered by some to be some type of parallel universe.

    The Ames tribe are the predominant tribe on the planet, comprised of humanoid featured beings who communicate via what some call a dialect not un similar with a form of dialect found close to the coast East of London on planet Earth. Most of their dialect is made up of unintelligible ramblings.

    The hierarchy is decided through a competition held every 5 years, we have nothing like it on planet Earth with the exception possibly of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival held in the Republic of Scotland, a desolate land, close to the arctic circle on planet Earth.

    Those who are chosen to lead the tribe and control the planet must demonstrate an absolute manic ability to fantasise and to indeed live those fantasies. The Chief of the tribe then gets to choose his breeding partner from a selection of the most grotesque and brutish looking females on the planet. Inbreeding is quite common and most acceptable on planet of the Ames.

    Victory is not celebrated in Planet of the Ames rather losses are. For example when Planet of The Ames were knocked out of the first round of the Universe Cup, the Tribal leader gave all the inhabitants of the Planet a two week national Holiday. And ordered celebrations of a magnitude unheard of anywhere else in the Universe.
    One would be greatly mistaken for assuming they had won the Universe Cup Final.

    The bulk of the inhabitants are made up of creatures with little or no intelligence, it is impossible to compare them to even the most basic life forms on earth, scientists have after studied and compared single cell organisms on Earth to the creatures which inhabit Planet of the Ames and have deduced that the single cell organisms are far more advanced in every way.

    The creatures on Planet of the Ames appear to accept everything the leader fantasises about like programmed inanimate robotic forms. To describe the creatures as living a life of servitude is an under statement.

    The leader of the Planet of The Ames, recently attacked a neighbouring planet, 90% of his forces were destroyed the remaining balance captured and sodomised. The attack was a total defeat and the losses staggering yet in typical Planet of the Ames Fantasy, the loss was celebrated with great gusto and preceded by weeks of extravagant victory celebrations.

    Scientist from Earth have studied the creatures of Planet of the Ames. They worship and adore a God called Dave. Worshipping him with total abandon.

    Legend has it that the God Dave was formed out of a brown gooey smelly substance not dissimilar to what emanates from the rear end of a bull here on planet earth, bull’s shit. His wife the Goddess Carol was created from the larvae of the flies that called this brown gooey smelly substance home or so legend has it.

    A strange place indeed this Planet of the Ames.

  706. Anonymous

    Heh Ricky Hefin Rees QC says solicitors can represent who they want. Bet you will never want to represent Ames or Harlequin again. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
    Maybe you should have considered joining Fatchet San in Tokyo. Conichiwah Garreth. Sayanora Ricky my old buddy. Sayanora lol 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  707. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Fatchett,

    We note from your forum that you once again deride the postings here on BFP.

    You wonder why we remain anonymous. We do so because our good friends on BFP allow us the freedom to post.

    If we were not anonymous you would seek to injunct us as you did tailormade. Once bitten, twice shy as they say.

    You on the other hand have sought to police your forum and remove any contentious posts soon after they appear. Luckily we have grabbed screen shots of all these posts including the in excess of 20 you removed in the past 24 hrs.

    There is no other way of putting this. You are a lying, duplicitous little shit. But rest assured, we will demonstrate this. We are surprised you have not mentioned the cautions on your forum. Of course as a result of these cautions, you know the trust cannot proceed.

    We have known about these for months. Indeed we warned you that you were not the only game in town. But in the interests of your clients (the Ames family) you chose not to listen.

    You have basically conned 2000 investors out of £400,000 + VAT and for what. Your trust CANNOT go ahead. Please explain this to your clients and explain why you feel it necessary to tell us how urgent the trust is, take our money and then fuck off to Tokyo so you can run in a marathon.

    It will be our absolute pleasure to expose you further for the lying, greed and gross incompetence you have clearly demonstrated.

    And expose you we will at every turn.

  708. worriedinvestor

    @ In Court
    February 20, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Or should we just call you Nikki?

    £240 for the Trust V’s £10k, £20k, £30k +++ with a fraudster who is as false as her the rest of her augmented body.

    Come on expose me, really scared!!!

    I think it’s me exposing you 😉

  709. Rattled

    Getting a little bit rattled ?

    CPC are now stuck. That doesn’t leave many options does it ?

  710. £240 notes

    Bargain !

  711. £240 notes

    £240 v limitless costs and Ames’s downside costs risk.

    Double bargain.

  712. £240 notes

    How much has NIkki / Audrey recovered to date ?

    Less than £240.00

  713. Nikki Crozier is not who she says she is.


    Why not produce your Birth Certificate ?

    We will then know who you really are !

  714. Nikki Crozier is not who she says she is.

    Company search – check
    Cross check date of birth against Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

    Er – no Nikki. Certainly an Audrey.

  715. Team Nikki

    Leave Nikki alone.

    She is trying her best for her clients. Nothing more.

  716. Anonymous 21FEB AT 2.05AM.
    That bad language is back again.
    It is Friday and you are still losing the arguement.

  717. sick to the back teeth of crap from harlequin

    more crap to slow the thread , rubbish piled upon rubbish . back in the real world Ames nicks the money and everyone else plays on you tube ….

  718. Anonymous

    A few observations;

    Harlequin are panicking, to the point it is now becoming alarming.
    Harlequin were not victorious this week in any way, had they been we would all have known. That is one thing Harlequin do well, they communicate good news to all their investors.

    Gareth Fatchett was wrong. He in the eyes of most conflicted himself. His arguments do not read true compared to the full facts presented to the court. But he knows this. This can also be seen through the cull of posts on his forum over the last 24 hours. Has Mr. Fatchett been damaged by this.? Yes of course.

    Mr. Fatchett lied on his own website last night. He claimed he represented the majority of investors, he does not, nor did he state that through his statement to the court. So investors need to ask themselves why he lied to them.
    The assets to be placed in the trust have been spelt out to the court. Why has Mr. Fatchett not informed his 2000 clients of what these assets are ?

    The Trust. Can the trust go ahead today ? In simple terms No it cant. Unless Mr. Fatchett is suggesting that investors should be happy to take a 3rd charge. Strangely enough and probably what will disgust many is that Dave Ames through Harlequin Hotels and Resorts has taken out cautions on his own properties.

    Gareth Fatchett will come unstuck when the full details of the case become known. And his involvement in it.

    Nikki Crozier. The incessant attack on Mrs. Crozier are typical of Harlequin. But if Mrs. Crozier has done something illegal and Harlequin through their trolls have been claiming this for months the question has to be asked why have Harlequin not reported this to the Police. And why now on the week of the CLC action are Harlequin becoming manic about it.?

    I suspect there are a few intelligent people in the Harlequin camp feeling very uncomfortable about the all the posts. Ames and his mob are running riot. Some others associated with Harlequin know that their association with Harlequin is about to come to a sudden end and their careers might very well be on the line.

  719. Disappointed investor

    Don’t panic harlequin … It’s starting to show just how much this is hurting .

    Really the panic is obvious

  720. Anonymous

    I have been posting on here for months now.

    In that time I have been accused of being, Mr. Newman, Mrs. Broughton, the Irish Builder, Mr. Man and now Mrs. Crozier amongst others.

    Well I am not.

    I am me. Plain and simple. I am me.

    Goodbye Mr. Fatchett, Fairwell, your career is going to come to a sudden halt. You should contemplate sticking to marathon running or visiting the Ames’s in prison. Hope your PI cover is adequate, you just cannot tell what little gems are going to come flying out next week.

    Ironic that you do a witness statement for Ames in the same few weeks that you sit with BBC panorama and attack your mate Ames. There certainly is no accounting for taste.

    David and Carol, I have recently signed my witness statement for the SFO as have many many others. I am sorry David, I very much doubt you and Carol will get to spend another Christmas with Matthew.

    Carol I see you have been taking this badly, you will only be on suicide watch for about a week once incarcerated, after that you will have all the time in the world to do as you please. But please don’t do it till you have been convicted and found guilty. Allow us watch you go through that at least.

    Had Matt been contemplating suicide, can you tell us how down he is feeling, you must be devastated, what’s it like knowing you may never see your son again by the beach or in the park, down by your ducks, together running playing with the kids.

    Will you miss your grand children. I think they will not want to know much about you.

    I suppose Prison Dave will protect you from those who are looking to dispense justice their own way. Will you miss Carol and your family???

    Will you miss the grand kids ?

    They were good times while they lasted and the money was rolling in. I’m talking about the last few years when you were walking on air. Probably the same hot air that was coming out of your lying mouth.

    What does it feel like to know it will all be torn from you a third time eh?

    You know this is it. No more chances, are you like Carol contemplating suicide, best not do it before Carol and you are convicted. Give your victims a chance at attending your trial and watching justice being served. Please at least give us that. You took everything else away from us so give us that at least.

  721. Anon

    So Anonymous is nasty for writing that one post. Please can you tell me how you would describe Mr. Ames given that his actions have driven hundreds to despair and ruin. Hmmmm what words should be used to describe Mr. Ames and his family ?

    Victims ? Heros ? Philanthropists ? Prudent Business people ? Cmon its time you guys spelt it out.

  722. Cymru Caught

    I do wish we could stick to facts and honest debate here. More spins than a spiders underpants!

  723. Anonymous

    The facts are on here. Ames and his loyal band just don’t want to face up to them.

    The facts are that Harlequin is finished, the facts are the cautions will prevent a trust.

    And as “in court” pointed out the facts of the case last week will be out for all to see next week.

    Why oh why are investors still clinging onto any hope that Ames has any honorable intentions towards them.

    Again the facts are it’s over. All Garreth Fatchett did was bought Ames time.

  724. Grimble


    Stick to the facts. You have done the best for your clients. No more.

    RL will do the best for their clients.

    Ames is the one who is in the wrong. No one else.

    Attacking each other makes no sense. Never has.

  725. Disappointed investor

    It’s not possible Harlequin are so panicked they love to distract with crap and you tube .

    I describe the Ames family as Lowlife scum . Any decent businessman would have gone bankrupt not stole pensions

  726. Anonymous

    Mr. Fatchett had a choice in submitting a witness statement on behalf of Mr. Ames. He did not confer with his so called 2000 clients. He therefore was not acting on instructions. He claims to have seen the arguments put forward by the defendants barristers and this is what spurned him to submit a witness statement.

    The question from a legal perspective is why did he have sight of the claimants pleadings prior to the case,when as he states he neither acts for Harlequin, any of the Harlequin Group of companies or indeed any members of the Ames family. Neither does he act for any of the claimants. Yet in order to decide on making a witness statement for the Ames family he first had sight of the claimants documents.

    He refers to this in his statement on the RL blog. But surely he would also have seen the defendants statements as they pertained to the trust and he would have seen that they were wholly conflicted with his version of events.Yet he fails to raise issue with this.

    And why when similar questions were asked of Mr Fatchett on the RL blog site did he see fit to have those questions removed?

    I am asking important questions here, not attacking anyone ?

  727. Cymru Caught

    I can’t understand how cautions can apply in the UK under these circumstances? I’m really perplexed as to how they can apply to land in the Caribbean et al- anything not subject to UK land registry rules? Can anyone explain?

  728. Disappointed investor

    Mr Fatchett has just sent a letter out claiming he made his statement to the court in the interests of justice ……….

    I will say no more on this point .

  729. Who's side are you on?

    21st February 2014 – Update
    FSCS Surgeries
    We have a very full week at The Village Hotel, Warrington next week. If you want to discuss your FSCS form, the trust or any other related issues, please call Rebecca Handley on 01384 889900.
    FSCS Surgeries – Midlands / Southern Venues
    We will be publishing these very shortly. Please watch our website for updates.
    Terms of Business / Due Diligence Process
    We have issued our terms of business to all clients. As we receive new clients, we will issue terms of business on a rolling basis. We are now fully into our due diligence process. We are not going to comment on the due diligence process piecemeal. We intend to deliver the due diligence process as a complete piece of work. We will invite comments and corrections.
    We cannot rely on hearsay, rumour or innuendo. Nor do we place any store in “anonymous” posters on other forums. If third parties have something to inform us, they can formally engage with us. To rely on “anonymous” third parties is dangerous, particularly as there is a reason they post without identity in the first place.
    High Court Action
    During this week, we provided a witness statement to the High Court for a hearing on Tuesday relating to David & Carol Ames. Our statement confirmed to the court that the trust process is proceeding. Harlequin’s lawyers also put a statement into court in relation to the trust. We provided our statement to confirm the position in relation to the trust. We took the view that the court understanding the position from all sides was in the interests of justice. We are not party to the proceedings in court. Nor do we act for any of the parties. Therefore, we see little point in commenting further at this point.
    We will be liasing with SIPP providers (who hold Harlequin) to seek a way in which we can allow them access to our due diligence findings. We will keep investors updated as we progress.
    Pink Forms
    Please be in contact if you have not lodged your Pink Form(s) with us. Harlequin hold a significant number of forms. Some investors clearly assume that this is sufficient. It is not. We need the Pink Forms to make you a client of our firm.
    We are progressing forward. As we do, we expect those who wish to see Harlequin fail increase their activities. The side effect of any Harlequin failure will be a total loss for investors. This is not in the interest of any investor. Investors need to secure their position as best they are able. To that end, we will continue with the work we have been instructed to do.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors
    Visit Harlequin Investor Group – protecting investors at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

  730. Geoffrey Boycott

    A witness statement is exactly that. A statement made by a witness to a set of facts.

    The GF version will be his take. He does not need to consult anyone to make a statement (other than himself). He is not a party to proceedings. Nor does he represent anyone. He does not need to consult with 2000+ people.

    It makes a good story and a deflection from the real issues. RL have made it clear where they stand. You can disagree with that. Some will, some won’t.

    The point is that it does not matter. The actual witness statement of GF has not been published here or anywhere else. The people who have seen it are :-

    (a) Harlequin / Harlequin lawyers
    (b) CLC / CPC
    (c) Court

    I doubt Harlequin will attack GF / RL. That leaves CLC / CPC to spend all their time attacking. All that this does is encourage people to make personal attacks.

    RL may have picked up the issues which anonymous posters refer to on this blog (cautions etc). Is there any evidence they have not ?

    The real culprits in this mess are Harlequin and those behind Harlequin. It just so happens that RL do not see a liquidation of Harlequin as the best approach.

    This forum is in the main for those either 100% for or 100% against.

    I bet that under 50 people post on this site. The RL forum has approx. 3000 people registered to it.

    Whatever good points are made on here get lost between You Tube videos, masonic posts, rants and some frankly horrible things.

  731. Geoffrey Boycott

    RL are on their own side.

  732. Disappointed investor

    @GB thank you for an intelligent clear post that cuts out the rubbish on here .

  733. Sid

    Bob’s been very quiet over the last couple of days. I expect he is safely in the custody of Essex Police and has had his iPad confiscated.

  734. Geoffrey Boycott

    Depends on the nature of the caution etc …

  735. Robert Storey

    No still waiting for the knock on the door. Mind how you go. Sent from my I pad in Boston.

  736. Geisha Gusset

    Bob, you know all about changing names – is that what Crozier done? 😉

  737. Audrey's song to Nikki

  738. Anonymous

    Bob – Are you lecturing at the Harvard Business School on how
    to be an unsuccessful investor? I can imagine the howls of laughter
    you will be confronted with…

  739. Sid

    If you’re in Boston Bob, that could explain why you haven’t heard the knock on the door! Boston US or Boston Lincolnshire?

  740. Anonymous

    CATOFTD – Is Ames and out and out fraudster and is everything he said a lie? You just need to look at the evidence to answer that yourself. He promised 10% guarantees, sold properties very cheaply, said he would pay mortgage payments, returns would be massive, resorts built within certain timeframes, the marina at BB was almost ready etc. All of those things have not happened. He has said things that are not true, or could never be true, so yes he is a liar. He did so in order to take your money, and paid that money to himself and his cronies. He did not build, he did not plan to build and in some cases he did not own the land. As he told lies to take your money and then use it for reasons not in your contract, then that would make him an out and out fraudster. So much money was coming in, he had to do something to keep more money coming in so BB was partly built. In whose names are the H Hotel and Blue? Has this been made clear to investors whose money was used? Have you had accounts sent regularly on the performance of the assets that you investors own, namely BB and Blue? And the planes? If you can answer those questions positively for Ames, then he is not a fraudster or liar. If you cannot, then he is a fraudster and a liar.

    I see all the RL and GF comments. This route is absolutely not a route I would have taken, but people are paying GF and RL, they are his clients so it is only them who can comment on his performance. He is not doing anything illegal as far as I can see, but he has fallen into the trap of believing Harlequin is not already finished as he keeps referring to people who want to see Harlequin fail. It failed several years ago. His protection of Ames is curious, I am sure whether that is sinister or not will be revealed in the fullness of time.

  741. Anonymous

    From: Harlequin Investor Group – protecting investors

    Date: 21 February 2014

    21st February 2014 – Update
    FSCS Surgeries
    We have a very full week at The Village Hotel, Warrington next week. If you want to discuss your FSCS form, the trust or any other related issues, please call Rebecca Handley on 01384 889900.

    (FSCS, you understand that the FSCS route is what they refer to as a route of last resort, ie, when there is nothing left the FSCS may pay compensation up to a limit of £50,000, the FCA have already indicated that they are not willing to entertain claims and you have stated that you will be looking to appeal this decision, however given that the FSCS scheme is a scheme of last resort how can you make a justifiable last resort claim when you yourself are seeking to enable Harlequin to trade out of it’s current difficulties, you have even stated that you have seen a letter of intent from financiers and know their identity. )

    FSCS Surgeries – Midlands / Southern Venues
    We will be publishing these very shortly. Please watch our website for updates.

    Terms of Business / Due Diligence Process

    We have issued our terms of business to all clients.

    (All RL clients ???)

    As we receive new clients, we will issue terms of business on a rolling basis. We are now fully into our due diligence process. We are not going to comment on the due diligence process piecemeal. We intend to deliver the due diligence process as a complete piece of work. We will invite comments and corrections.

    (From who Mr. Fatchett, who will you invite comment and correction from, Mr. Ames?,or investors who are still very much in the dark, for had they known what is to be known about Harlequin now they would never have invested in the first place)

    We cannot rely on hearsay, rumour or innuendo.

    ( Are you stating that the claimants documents as provided to you by Mr. Ames contained hearsay, rumour and innuendo?, are the cautions hearsay rumour and innuendo )

    Nor do we place any store in “anonymous” posters on other forums. If third parties have something to inform us, they can formally engage with us.

    ( Who are you prepared to engage with, in the past you have let it be known that by engaging with certain parties, Mr. Ames would be very displeased with you and you took the decision NOT to engage with certain parties because of this. )

    To rely on “anonymous” third parties is dangerous, particularly as there is a reason they post without identity in the first place.

    (And what might that reason be, a fear that you would use investors money to seek an injunction preventing the truth from coming out, you have clearly demonstrated your willingness to do this, take Tailormade for example, then you had the audacity to say that action was settled, it was not, Tailormade contested the action and won)

    (You are also deliberately stifling debate on the issues on your forum, by culling negative comments, in the past 24 hrs you have removed in excess of 20 comments which were neither offensive nor in contradiction of your forums use policies yet you chose to remove comments raising pertinent questions, they have been saved.)

    High Court Action

    During this week, we provided a witness statement to the High Court for a hearing on Tuesday relating to David & Carol Ames.

    ( No not relating to Dave and Carol Ames but in support of their defense and as requested by them )

    Our statement confirmed to the court that the trust process is proceeding.

    ( The trust process is proceeding is a very vague statement, the due diligence should determine the trust process, yes you will state that the due diligence forms part of the process )

    Harlequin’s lawyers also put a statement into court in relation to the trust.

    ( Which was different from your statement, or at least the final draft of your statement),

    We provided our statement to confirm the position in relation to the trust. We took the view that the court understanding the position from all sides was in the interests of justice.

    (From all sides???, you submitted a witness statement on behalf of the defendants, as you claim you are not a party to the action, this was not a three way case, you do not act for the claimants, so how can you justify your statement here, all sides really Mr. Fatchett ???? )

    (You claim on the RL site that you had seen the claimants claim, therefore you would have seen mention of a number of cautions, this would have demonstrated to you that your trust proposals are fundamentally flawed )

    ( Justice, please Mr. Fatchett, you submitted a witness statement in support of the defense, where 24 claimants are claiming a refund which under the terms of their contracts they are fully entitled to and you claim you provided a witness statement for the defendants and you say it was in the interests of justice? )

    We are not party to the proceedings in court.

    ( Whether you were or not not in the past, you most certainly are a willing participant in the proceedings now, you are a witness for the defense, and as a result could very easily be called to provide evidence in the trial, please Mr. Fatchett as an officer of the court you know how this works. )

    Nor do we act for any of the parties. Therefore, we see little point in commenting further at this point.

    (The debate has just started Mr. Fatchett )


    We will be liasing with SIPP providers who hold Harlequin to seek a way in which we can allow them access to our due diligence findings. We will keep investors updated as we progress.

    ( How have you progressed with Guardian and Rowanmore, as you would have seen from the claimants bundle they have cautions against the Harlequin land assets )

    Pink Forms

    Please be in contact if you have not lodged your Pink Form(s) with us. Harlequin hold a significant number of forms. Some investors clearly assume that this is sufficient. It is not. We need the Pink Forms to make you a client of our firm.

    ( You have clearly stated in the UK High court that you act for 2000 investors, 4000 investors have still to give you Pink Forms, clearly that is not really some, now is it Mr. Fatchett.)


    We are progressing forward. As we do, we expect those who wish to see Harlequin fail increase their activities. The side effect of any Harlequin failure will be a total loss for investors. This is not in the interest of any investor. Investors need to secure their position as best they are able.
    (Would not placing cautions on the land like many others have done been the best option to secure investors positions)

    To that end, we will continue with the work we have been instructed to do.

    ( Given that you now claim to have been instructed by your clients, how come its you, not them, who is covered by an unenforceable NDA with respect to the identity of the financiers and the letter of intent)

    (Who instructed you to set up a trust????? Was it not you and RL along with Dave Ames who initially came up with the idea of the trust. )

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

    Visit Harlequin Investor Group – protecting investors at: http://harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk

    (Conclusion, Mr. Fatchett was does the trust actually achieve? You will have seen from the defendants documents submitted to the court what assets are being offered into the trust, you would have also seen the issues raised by the claimants in relation to some of these assets, you of course will also see that the assets being offered by the defendants are not as you have indicated in your communication with “Your Clients”
    The trust will try and achieve two primary goals, 1. the removal of the threat of litigation against the Ames family and the Harlequin group of companies for good, given the time bar situation, which you have never given answers too,
    And 2, the trust will have the affect of writing down the inter company debt to a fraction of the circa 400 million which stands now, in other words the value of the assets owned or paid for investors will become about 2.5% of what they are now.

    The only ones to benefit from this are Harlequin and the Ames family, if the debt is written off Shipleys might look favorably upon a CVA.

    What benefit is this to investors, some say investors will still have to find a 70% mortgage to complete on properties if indeed they ever get completed, however that is not legally the case, since they will have given up their contractual entitlements for a a few ponds and footpaths being held in the trust, there is nothing to stop Ames from selling investors original properties to new clients. Investors will have as part of the trust given up entitlement to their current plots. Fact. If existing investors want to buy their existing plot, they may have to go through the whole process again, pay a deposit and start over. )

    Lets hope some savvy clients of Gareth Fatchett and RL take them up on the points above, and lets hope that others considering the trust as an option, now consider the other options available to them. The best that non trust investors can do to protect their interests is apply for a caution on their respective RDC’s. This is something Mr. Fatchett failed to do. Those with cautions will hold the upper hand and given that Mr. Fatchett seems hell bent on proceeding with the trust, a caution seems like a very sensible way in which to secure your interests. Mr. Fatchett or Mr. Ames would have to negotiate from a position of extreme weakness with those caution holders in order for the trust to proceed.)

  742. Nikki robó el dinero

    Fair play to RL, can’t ask anymore can you?

    Nikki Trout pout is being unfair on them – her call she backed the wrong horse.

    And lost.

  743. Nikki nicked the cash

    The increased attacks of RL are from Nikki Crozier, her stupid 24, and the Irish builder.

    Why? sour grapes nothing less.

    She has spent all clients money on a wild goose chase, promised Paddy she would destroy Ames.

    She failed and now got a mini rebellion on her hands.

    tick tock…..

  744. Anonymous

    @Geoffrey Boycott, very few of the registered users on the RL forum contribute to that site, and many of the registered users are not even investors, you have IP’s the SFO, Police, Lawyers, creditors (non investors), etc. There was a time when the RL site allowed users to see who had joined the forum, many whilst having a keen interest in Harlequin were not investors. BFP do not give figures for those who just browse their site, however it might be interesting to see if they would be able to indicate what hits and spikes their site gets when relevant Harlequin related material is posted on their site, as I write this I am also looking at the RL site and I am not an investor.

  745. Can't afford anymore legal fees.

    Nikki some of your clients are skint, why are they in the case?
    You should pay.

  746. In Court

    Why do the Harlequin supporters i
    keep insisting that Mrs. Crozier, CLC or Peter Knox lost, please lost what exactly?, The perfected court order will be available for everyone to see next week. So again please stop filling up this thread with utter nonsense. IF CLC had lost anything Ames would have emailed the world and he has not. Fact. The perfected order will clarify everything.

  747. Disappointed investor

    Oh I see harlequin are back from lunch ….. Just when sensible threads were getting posted . Oh dear .

  748. Anon

    Whether CLC’s clients are broke or otherwise is a matter for CLC and their clients. A rather odd statement.

    What we have been told on numerous occasions is that the Ames’s are broke. Mr. Fatchett has told us many times that the Ames’s are broke. Wonder will Richard Spector have to pay the Ames’s legal costs.

    Actually maybe he will 😜😜😜😜😜😜

  749. Disappointed investor

    It’s harlequin back from lunch again . Of course everyone will be skint because the Ames family took their money !,,,,

    More crap and nonsense …… Come back GB your posts are at least interesting

  750. In defence of Mr. Fatchett

    To be fair to Mr. Fatchet, he was approached by Mr. Ames and his legal team and asked to sign a pre written witness statement regarding the trust. Mr. Fatchet refused to sign that particular witness statement because it contained wholly inaccurate information on the trust and he knew by signing it he would be misleading the court.

    Given the rather unusual approach made by Harlequin Mr. Fatchet felt compelled to produce a document which fairly represented the facts as they pertained to the court.

    He was most certainly not doing it to cause problems for the CLC 24. He felt that Harlequin’s original version relating to the trust needed to be clarified for all to see.

    This very decent and noble act is now being attacked.

  751. Anon

    @ anonymous 3.31 pm. You make some very interesting points. The cautions look like a very viable route given Ames’s desperation to proceed with the trust.

    As GB very appropriately pointed out Fatchett is for Fatchett, investors beware.

  752. Masonic conflict

    The Judge was conflicted, let me tell you why.
    Fatchett is a Mason
    Ames is a Mason
    Both QC Masons.
    When asked to help a fellow brother they have no choice – this is why the Judge threw them all out. He won’t be allowed in on the next case.

  753. Anonymous

    @ In defence of Mr. Fatchett 4.32 pm. This is not the first time that Mr. Ames and his legal team are alleged to have falsified witness statements. My question is why would Mr. Fatchett even entertain entering into the fray when he would have seen that the Ames family were willing to lie in court.

    If I was a cynic, I’d say the reason why Fatchett did a witness statement for Ames was to get his hands on some juicy info from the claimants.

    I suspect that Mr. Fatchett as a witness now has access to all the claimants documents which he can sift through and use or amend dependent on how much he wants the trust to succeed.

    A lot of juice for his due diligence paid for of course by the claimants, allowing Gareth to nip off to Tokyo for a marathon. He has been paid by investors to provide due diligence amongst other things, so now he can pocket some of that cash.

    No flies on Garreth.

  754. Anon - reasons unknown

    So, CPC’s clients pay £3K (or whatever) to fund legal action to recover their money through litigation, suing the Ames’ personally.

    RL’s clients pay £240 to get a 1/6000-9000th share of common areas (of what, we’re not sure), and relinquish their contractual rights, and slag off investors who try to sue to get their money back?

    I know what I would have done.

  755. Anonymous

    I posted several years ago about placing cautions if contracts in breach. Why is it only now people are looking at this? It is always the first port of call in the Caribbean when property contracts are breached. It is not rocket science and it is cheap, and many people did. The concept of the trust really is not helpful to an investor wanting to get his/her money back. Sorry to state a hard truth, but investors were extremely naive investing in Harlequin and Ames, and are demonstrating the same naivety here on an ongoing basis.

  756. Anonymous

    Are the investors who are Fatchett’s clients as thick as planks.

    Just look at the update today. Fatchett is holding FSCS clinics. The FSCS is the redress of last resort, google it for Gods sake, so how if Harlequin is being saved by the great Fatchett can Fatchett commence last resort applications. For Christ sake, when are people going to wake up to this.

  757. Anon

    Fatchett keeps stating that some want Harlequin to fail. Ok Fatchett why are you asking your clients to forgo their contracts for a few ponds and footpaths. Harlequin has failed, It needs a CVA to prevent Shipleys LLP from putting the whole damn mess into liquidation.
    What do investors get from the trust, probably 2.5%. Nothing more.

  758. Anon - reasons unknown

    I don’t think they will get anything whatsoever from the trust. Joining the trust with thousands of others rather than instigate aggressive litigation against Harlequin (who love a bit of litigation at investors’ expense) actually is the “sit back and do nothing” option.

    The trust campaign didn’t change much really. It was always going to be a case of the proactive minority managing to get their investment back through legal action and subject to NDA; and the majority of investors ending up losing everything at the hands of a fraudster. Isn’t that always the way scams go?

    I’m going to put my neck out and state that I think the £240 paid to RL for the DD, and subsequent set-up of the trust was a complete waste of money.

  759. Anonymous

    When … or if… the trust gets going, are there ongoing fees that members will have to pay? Are they responsible for the upkeep of the areas in the trust?

  760. Anon - reasons unknown

    Why ask a question like that?! You clearly want Harlequin to fail!!

    Yes … the trust will require ongoing fees, will not generate any returns, but I’m not sure of the liabilities for maintenance, insurance etc.

    Waste of money. The only notable benefit is to the Ames’.

  761. Anonymous

    Will the Trust be an UK Trust or an SVG? Which countries laws
    will govern the Trust?

  762. Anon

    The trust WAS to have been governed by UK law not any Caribbean law. But now until the cautions are dealt with, there can be no trust. Fatchett knows this now too.

    Investors will just have to wait for him to come back from his Marathon in Tokyo.

  763. Gareth Fatchett

    The trust is proceeding, we have a mandate, please let there be no more discussion on the matter. We are going ahead with the trust. Those with cautions are just trying to cause Harlequin to fail. Those who question the trust want it to fail. But they are a minority. Justice will prevail. Justice for the Ames family will prevail. They will be exonerated. No need to look at the historical issues, no need to rake up the past, no need for due diligence. Note to the caution holders, we will challenge the cautions, we will win, and we will then pursue you for the rest of your assets. You will not interfere with the trust.

  764. Anonymous

    Since there have been adjudicated (to some extent) cases in
    SVG I would suppose it is also out of bounds until final resolution.

  765. Anon

    Gareth Fatchett originally stated he had stat demands, he did not. He took a case in the High Court in the UK against Harlequin and lost on jurisdictional grounds, but both sides kept that quiet. He claimed he won a case for a group of his clients, Ames undertook to give Fatchett’s clients some of the assets in Dubai. Shipleys scuppered that little deal.

    So all in all Fatchett has achieved the square root of sqwat diddly for his clients yet has taken a cool 400k from them in fees.

    There are cautions in SVG and 22 judgements to date against Harlequin.

  766. Anonymous

    Your contract gets breached, so rather than demand money back via local lawyers and place cautions, you join a trust with thousands of others to get security of some common areas, and at same time give up rights to pursue the other party on that contract. A very very passive approach to being scammed.

  767. Anonymous

    Cautions in St Lucia too.

  768. Anonymous

    Certainly looks like “check if not yet check-mate” for Fatchett.
    But he sure seems to be cornered. Perhaps he will attain enlightenment
    around the 23d or 24th mile. Epiphany is a delusion.

  769. Anon

    Big probs in Dom Rep too. Looks like someone has been divesting.

  770. Disappointed investor

    Can any of this be proven absolutely as it has a bearing on investor decisions

  771. Anonymous

    The barrister Mr. Rees QC named in this weeks high court case in London as suing Wilkins Kennedy for $50 Million USD is a Mr. Jacob Dean QC,

    5RB are Mr. Dean’s chambers and they specialize in entertainment and media law. Mr. Dean QC was the barrister representing Harlequin in the recent arbitration over Harlecon.

    Harlequin are claiming that they are suing Wilkins Kennedy for professional negligence, not one of Mr. Dean’s QC specialities nor is it a speciality of 5RB, Mr. Dean’s chambers.

    Two weeks ago Harlequin filed documents with Wilkins Kennedy seeking arbitration, so why was Hefin Rees QC stating to the judge that Harlequin were taking Wilkins Kennedy to the High Court in the UK to start a civil law suit for the recovery of $50 Million USD.

    This is a huge case, why has this not hit the news papers or the trade magazines?

    Why are HMSSE refusing to take part in the action given that Ames claims that his case is a slam dunk. Shipley’s LLP are fully entitled to join the action, why haven’t they, Indeed why did they refuse to join the action in the Harlecon case previous to this. $50 Million is a hell of a lot of money, especially given that it is a “Slam Dunk Case”

    The claimant companies in the professional negligence arbitration papers filed are Harlequin Property SVG Ltd and Harlequin Caribbean Ltd. Odd given that Wilkins Kennedy represented Harlequin Property SVG, Harlequin Hotels and Resorts and HMSSE.

    Mr. Ames introduced Mr. Jacob Dean at the meeting in Manchester as the barrister suing Wilkins Kennedy, or so he claimed.

    Please visit the 5RB website to see the profile for Mr. Dean, was this the man at the meeting in Manchester?


  772. Anonymous

    Disappointed investor 2000 people paid Mr. Fatchet to find this out, ask him. The cautions are on all the lands. Gareth knows, or should do by now.

  773. Anonymous

    This is really weird, look at the last post cut and paste below, this post appeared today.


    4. Re: Why are reviews re Buccament Bay so disparate?
    today, 20:09
    I am an investor with BB and am experiencing a few problems re my quarterly payments with the company. However having stayed at BB some nine times since their opening i cannot fault the resort and the running of it at all.

    At the end of the day i would rather receive my payment late in order for a bill to be paid at BB and see the resort continue to operate to a high standard.

    Individual tastes and expectations seem to dictate as to a good or bad review.

    Its a fabulous place which i recommend wholeheartedly. I am back for another three weeks in august and as long as the place continues to run and be a success i am happy to wait for my return.

  774. Anonymous

    Answers many of the questions as to where many of the guests come from. Wonder what planet that investor is on. ???????

    Gareth San here is an investor that might not have got a PINK SLIP, a straggler as you call them.

  775. Anonymous

    That investor is not from this planet. lol

  776. Anonymous

    Disappointed investor – after proof, pay a local lawyer to take a copy of land register. There are cautions, I have seen them on one piece of land, but did not take copies. That piece of land is going to sell for a fraction of what was paid for it as it is pretty bad land and Ams overpaid, as he did for everything he bought. Not directed at you, but lots of investors still want “proof” of things – do they need proof too that construction has not started on any of his other developments than BB? Investing in property overseas is not like buying blue chip stocks. Got to do your own DD. Now they still have a third party UK lawyer taking money to set up a trust with minimal security to then do DD.

  777. Anon

    Yes why are people still sitting back and asking for proof. Fatchett appears unwilling to do as “instructed” by his “clients”, that is to carry out the most basic of “Independent” due diligence.
    The cautions have been in place for some time now. Ironically Mr. Ames himself has a number of cautions on the lands. Yet the saviour of investors appears wholly oblivious to what is going on around him. Gareth Fatchett is a very lazy solicitor. Does not bode well for his clients.

    All we get from Gareth Fatchett is nothing more then glossy waffle. He seems more like Ames as each day goes by.

  778. Disappointed investor

    It’s difficult for a normal person with little experience to understand what’s going on . We took the advice of an agent to buy into Harlequin and invested cash and pension money . Of course we understand that we need a lawyer now because after four years we have nothing , our hope was that the trust would get us our money back but from what you are saying it won’t.

  779. Anon

    Has it yet dawned on the masses that anyone and I mean anyone with any contact with the toxic toad and his family become tainted in one way or another. I know Mr. Fatchett is trying to throw oil on the water by stating that no credence should be paid to anonymous posters, but he knows it is these anonymous posters who are providing the pieces of the jigsaw that otherwise would never have come to the attention of investors. Mr. Fatchett’s greed and belief in Ames appears to have been his Achilles heel, now even he must realise the trust is dead.
    But what about all the cash he took, any quick very basic due diligence would have unearthed the cautions on all the lands and would have signalled that the trust could not work.
    It’s time Fatchett refunded the cash.

  780. Jane Doe

    I asked H early last year to put my cabanna up for resale at Buccament bay
    as I could not afford to complete, so if another investor completes on my cabanna do I get my resale monies as I notice some idiot on RL Forum saying the money will go to the trust? why would it? surely it is mine?

  781. Anon

    @ Jane Doe
    How are you ever going to know anyone completed on your property, there are no records, that is half the problem with Harlequin, secondly there are a raft of judgements against Harlequin in SVG. This is the subject of a debate in parliament in SVG next week.

    So you have little or no chance of seeing your money.

  782. Jane Doe

    But people are completing on cabana’s in the next few weeks? everyone has a unit number so surely the unit belong to someone as per contract? so what happens to the money I have paid? we entered into a legally binding contract so how can someone just come along and buy my cabanna? without my selling it to them? if this happens H have broke the contract? I understand I did but that was because they promised 100% mortgage

  783. Anonymous

    Would I ever love for a pro-Harlequin troll to answer your question
    Ms. Jane Doe. Robert Storey comes to mind.

  784. Anon

    @ disappointed investor,

    The trust on its own could never have had the desired affect that you would have received all your money back.

    The assets of the trust and this can be confirmed from this weeks case were to be the common parts of Buccament Bay the 19.5 acres, there was another plot of land in the DR being proposed by Harlequin in addition to the common parts of Buccament Bay, but even if there were no issues with this and there are, then the value of the assets being proposed was 4% of the original monies invested.

    Are you a member of the current trust or are you a client of RL?

    If so it is time you guys got him to get off his backside and put cautions on all the resorts where his clients have investments. That would do for a start, but it looks like time has run out.

    I suppose you guys could ask Fatchett what the hell he is doing swanning around Tokyo when the situation you guys find yourself is so time critical.

  785. Robert Storey

    Too busy watching the rugby and waiting for Essex plod. How should I know the answer you idiot.

  786. Anonymous

    I’m surprised that “the rugby” is broadcast in Boston…

  787. Disappointed investor

    @anon9.50 . I have sent my blue form in for redress but not the pink one I am undecided what to do . If I can get my money back from Harlequin I won’t claim against my advisor as he has advised us on financial matters for a while , this is the first problem we have encountered .
    I don’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone but we don’t have much time to decide what to do .

  788. Anon

    @ Jane Doe

    If any completions take place in the next few weeks then they will more then likely be illegal. To complete Harlequin must have a certificate of good standing, ie this means audited accounts and taxes up to date etc. and that they can’t get.

    Have you had any correspondence from Harlequin with respect to your resale in the last 4 months? You state you have breached your contract, be careful here, You seem to believe that Ames will act honourably, just look at the stance he is taking against the 24 claimants in the UK High Court where Ames is in total breach of his contractual commitments to those 24 investors.

    If as you state you are in breach of your contract with Harlequin then I would advise that you seek immediate independent legal advice and not Mr. Fatchett nor CLC.

  789. Jane Doe

    I cannot complete as I have not got the 100% mortgage that H said they would get me so am I in breach of contract?

    Who can I turn to? if not Mr Fatchett or CLC

  790. Anonymous

    Jane Doe – Reading between the lines of what has been posted on
    BFP for well over a year, i-witness-news.svg, & Caribbean News Now
    if I were you I would immediately contact a lawyer in SVG who is also
    a member of the opposition party currently serving as a Senator.
    Unfortunately corruption seems to be the name of the game. Kind of
    like fighting fire with fire. Good Luck!

  791. Anon

    @ Disappointed investor, Harlequin is insolvent and has been trading that way for years. The trust will not get you your money back.

  792. Anonymous

    @Disappointed Investor, where did you invest?

  793. Disappointed investor

    Two rivers

  794. Face facts.

    In the real world that makes about 50% of investors up shit creak without a paddle. 😉

    The Trust gives those poor F uckers a slightly better chance than liquidation.

    Fatchips has about 3000 on the RL blog, on here about 20, and most have multi ID’s.

    Conning Crozier has about 24 followers.

    Round it up say 50 against 3000…….

  795. Anonymous

    @Face facts What’s your point?

  796. Anon - reasons unknown

    Erm, yes, Face Facts, what’s your point??

    And why do you think the Trust helps investors in almost certain litigation?

    Because they may sleep a bit better? If so, I agree with you.

    Anything else is disingenuous. There is no advantage to setting up a trust.

  797. Anonymous

    So Ames has finance WOW!!!!

  798. Anon

    Over on the RL site Gareth Fatchett again is claiming he has a majority.Remember earlier he also says he is instructed by his 2000 clients. He also states he has the court documents from this weeks case. Produce the documents to your clients Fatchett, produce them. And produce your witness statement. Majority means just that. Your witness statement does not state you have a majority, how could it, it states you have 2000 clients, 33% of the Harlequin total.

    Richard Ingham must also have the court documents, his claims that the claimants were looking to secure the completion monies is broadly correct, so Richard please make these available. Richard wants Gareth to push on with the trust.

    Mr. Walton Mr. Fatchett commissioned you to provide one or could it have been two reports, maybe its time to come clean.

    So lets stop all the sqwaking here and now. Put the documents on the table Garreth, all of them, you are claiming on your site that some of the claims made on this site are untrue. So its time to put this to the test. Produce the documents to dispr