Matthew David Ames disqualified from being a company director for 13 years – Harlequin founder’s son

Apple Tree Harlequin Ames

Carbon Credits Scam

Name: The Investor Club Limited
Date Order Starts: 07/08/2013
Disqualification Length: 13 Years 0 Month(s)
CRO Number: 06674458

Matthew David Ames FraudConduct: Between 15 December 2008 and 2 March 2011 Mr Ames caused The Investor Club Limited (“TIC”) to trade with a want of commercial probity and/or to the detriment of its investors in that: •TIC offered investments in either carbon credit trading or an investment in Teak Tree Saplings and between 26 February 2009 and 2 March 2011 customers paid monies totalling at least £1,166,100 either directly to TIC or to TIC via agents. •No funds were invested onwards by TIC. •TIC paid £205,107 for travel expenses, £273,666 for business expenses and £151,000 was paid to him.

It’s called a Ponzi Scheme…

“£233,536 has been paid to investors by way of commission payments however of the £1,745,260 received into the bank accounts, £1,166,100 was received from investors, and no income was received from any investments.”

TIC’s statement of affairs completed by him for the liquidators disclosed liabilities to investors of £846,494. Forestry For Life Limited Between 16 March 2010 and 2 March 2011 he caused Forestry For Life Limited (“FFL”) to trade with a want of commercial probity and/or to the detriment of its investors in that: FFL offered investments in carbon credit trading on the basis that there would be a 12% annual return on monies invested over the first three years.

Between 16 March 2010 and 2 March 2011 customers paid at least £436,021 either directly to FFL or to FFL via agents. ? No funds were invested onwards by FFL. ? Investors’ funds were used to facilitate set up and running costs of FFL including £133,247 for consultants. ? £300,100 of investors’ money was transferred to a connected company. ? FFL’s statement of affairs completed by him for the liquidators disclosed liabilities to investors of £443,327.

Source: UK Government Insolvency Service


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24 responses to “Matthew David Ames disqualified from being a company director for 13 years – Harlequin founder’s son

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  2. BBaywatch

    Still on bail facing fraud charges, disqualified from being a company director – but – now general manager in charge of operations at Buccament Bay resort SVG. No need for further comment!

  3. A Real Investor

    I am so happy being an investor in Buccament Bay such a high quality general manager is looking after my investment 😉

    I wonder where he got the idea from to defraud

    Any normal person would not let a convicted conman near an already dubious investment – not Mr David Ames, no way!!!

  4. Well Well.

    Only small island tin pot leaders shield these types of criminals.

  5. Andaz

    A pack of family thieves. I understadn there is particular man in Barbados Ames has robbed and who claims to that he should be sent scuba diving with some caribbean concrete boots on.

  6. Wot no title!!!


    maybe when he next visits blue this certain individual will give him a diving lesson?

    Problem is Ames thinks he has done nothing wrong, this is being fueled by the Irish court case

  7. If Matthew Ames is on bail, why did the Serious Fraud Office not confiscate his passport, especially as they are investigating his father David Ames for fraud?.

  8. FDNRM his own little world.....

    He is only allowed to travel for his job, now as he has no company he is working for Daddy conman in BB, strange I was not aware he was an experienced hotelier.

  9. Loony tunes

    Matt is an arrogant little pot bellied shit.

  10. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    @ FDNRM
    Are you happy this cock is running BB and ultimately you £150,000?

    I don’t expect an answer ‘Bob’ you are happy getting your bloody money, that says it all really.

    I tar you with the same brush as the Ames scum.

  11. The Ames family & their new teeth

    Has Fat Matt got new teeth too?

  12. Loony tunes

    no, but he will be torn a new one in prison …ouch!

  13. Anonymous

    Just posted on
    28 August 2013
    The Serious Fraud Office, together with Essex Police, continues to investigate the Harlequin group of companies. We are not able to comment on the on-going investigation nor are we able to comment on an individual’s particular investment. Individuals who are concerned about their investment should seek independent legal advice.

    Investors considering further investment in the Harlequin group of companies should be aware of information provided by the Financial Conduct Authority at

    The SFO would like to thank all those investors who have completed our online questionnaire. We are unable to respond to each one due to the volume of responses received but we can assure all those people that responded that your questionnaire has been read by the case team.

    Anyone who believes that they have information which may be useful to this investigation can contact the case team at this e-mail address. Please do not leave anonymous information – any information received will be treated in strict confidence. Please include the case reference (“HLM 01”) in the subject header of your e-mail to ensure it comes to our attention promptly.

    Further investigation updates will be posted on this site periodically.

  14. CNBD Owes me money!

    That’s not the only business which Matt has had that failed.
    He set up and ran, Carbon Neutral Business Directory in November 2010, even though he wasn’t allowed to be a director, he ran it. And just registered the company in his best mates name. Ian Devlin.
    The company failed, with him owing thousands to companies who he promised equipment to and never delivered (not that he had any intention to either!).
    He also owes money to former employees of the company where he didn’t pay them.
    I hope he gets a nice lengthy jail term or goes on that diving course!

  15. Matt-Vent

    Anybody aware of the Trial date? Is it time for a ‘Matt Vent’ calender?

  16. Anonymous

    How is he managing to pay the bills? No job, can’t be a director? HOW?

  17. worriedinvestor

    Daddy will be paying him from the Cayman Island account that Ingham sent the money to totally disgusting that’s what these people are like scum.

  18. Anon

    6th of Jan in the Old Bailey

  19. EddieLizzard2

    And today 12th February 2014 the nasty arrogant little shit Matthew Ames has been found guilty on both charges of FRAUD! That should wipe the smile off his face.

  20. BBaywatch

    Ponzi Scheme – a term we will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months.

    “Any employees who questioned the legitimacy of Mr Ames’ companies quickly had their employment terminated, showing that Mr Ames would stop at nothing to try to ensure his fraudulent activity would continue undetected.”

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it? MA admitted in court that his business was modeled on his father’s…

    Featured in The Guardian and The Mail next?

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