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Latest Ping Yark issue pokes, prods and slashes former UK High Commissioner Hugh Anthony Arthur…. other victims too!


Ping Yark latest issue free at BFP

Editor Leigh Bourne and his friends are at it again and they are not holding back.

Here’s a few of the topics in the first Ping Yark of 2014:

On former UK High Commissioner Arthur…

UK High Commissioner’s farewell party cancelled because only 10 people RSVP’d!!!!

“If Tony Arthur’s remit was to avoid the public’s gaze – keep in the background – smile as little as possible – come across as abrupt, aloof or act like Mr Grumpy ….then he was a roaring success !

Sadly …community wise …which is all we’re interested in …success is not a word you can attribute to Tony Arthur’s UK tenure. Many a time in these here pages have we had a pop at the relationship between him and his staff – and the chasm that existed between him and his deputy.”

… download Ping Yark below to read the full Monty.

Other stories in Ping Yark…

  • Grayce: 50 year old grandmother and pin-up girl
  • National Council of Barbados Associations “an entity with one foot in the grave”
  • Air Passenger Duty Committee fundraiser a failure
  • 2nd Generation Birmingham Independence Dance a disaster
  • Vince ‘Boo’ Nurse and Barbados Labour Party celebration EXCELLENT!
  • Sex in the school yard: journalists charged at The Nation
  • John Milton Ward – A life well lived, a legacy that will endure.
  • Marking the Spot – preserving and promoting our history.

Download the latest Ping Yark (PDF 3mb) Ping Yark Jan 14 2014


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