Opinion: Freundel Stuart and his DLP are the real destroyers of Barbados

by David Comissiong, President of Clement Payne Movement

by David Comissiong, President of Clement Payne Movement

If there is a group of inexperienced and irresponsible “leaders” who have done serious damage to our country that group is not to be found in the trade unions of Barbados! Rather, they are to be found in the Freundel Stuart-led Democratic Labour Party administration.

Who – after all – is responsible for the dismissal of close to 5,000 Barbadians from their jobs in the public service of our country?

Who – for the first time in our history – imposed tuition fees on Barbadian students at the University of the West Indies, thereby causing some 4,200 Barbadians to drop out of UWI?

Who is it that recently imposed an additional $200 million in taxes on an already over-taxed and over-burdened Barbadian people?

Who is it that has taken virtually every Governmental contract of any worth and conferred them upon a small select group of elite business people?

Who is it that has entered into contractual arrangements that obligate the masses of Barbadian taxpayers to literally pay hundreds of millions of dollars to a small group of privileged elite business people over the next two or three decades ?

The record is clear! Barbados is being destroyed – not by young Toni Moore and Akanni Mc Dowall – but by Prime Minister Stuart and his band of Ministers, the majority of whom may legitimately be described an immature, callous, irresponsible and rudderless.

How comic it is to hear Stuart complaining that the new President of the NUPW does more talking on behalf of the Union than the General Secretary, when he (Stuart) has absolutely no control over no less than 5 of his Ministers; Donville Inniss, Chris Sinckler, David Estwick, Ronald Jones and Denis Kellman!

Furthermore, if Stuart wants to talk about new wine in old wine skins then we need to tell him that his Administration constitutes a “new wine” that we, the citizens of Barbados, do not recognize!

We all recall and recognize the late Errol Barrow and the Democratic Labour Party that he established. But we do not recognize Mr Stuart’s Democratic Labour Party! The Freundel Stuart – led DLP administration is something totally new in our political culture! Where Mr Barrow’s DLP constructed and nurtured Mr Stuart’s DLP attacks and destroys!

Submitted by David Comissiong, President, Clement Payne Movement


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6 responses to “Opinion: Freundel Stuart and his DLP are the real destroyers of Barbados

  1. Party Animal

    I am glad to see the Comissiong has come to his senses and now tell us who the real culprits are and not blaming Colonialism in this article.
    One regret I have, is that the Unions are too weak as they should have shut the Country down and send the Government packing like what St. Lucia did some years back. Particularly when he said he would have brought Legist ration in to stop the strike action, my blood boiled, that was the time for the Unions to call on 277 thousand people to protest with them
    It was nice to hear Stuart talking at last, we all thought he was dumb and could not talk.
    The DLP did it in the 90’s and they are back again only to repeat the 90’s, but worst.

  2. WSD

    trouble is it is the same old crowd. DLP / BLP all the same and look what they have done to this country. Three decades of sucking on the government teat ruined the young people.

  3. nope

    Love it how the news media is embracing former PM Arthur as a wise old sage, but says nothing about the corruption of the World Cricket Cup, highway contracts, sugar industry etc etc etc.

  4. Heard Fumble screeching this morning on VOB that if Statutory Board staff are called to retire at 60 then they must go, does this apply to the PM himself and the GG as well?

  5. bimjim

    I have lived in Canada since 1996, and was back home again last year (October 2014). From what I read and what I saw then, Barbados is a shadow of its former self, and our two main (incompetent) political parties – with their (incompetent) yard-fowl approach to everything – seems to be the root cause of the country’s downfall.

    In case you had any doubts, no it is not still falling, it has already fallen. Check your National Insurance Fund that has been (illegally) emptied by these politicians for their own narrow interests. The NIS is not funded by taxes but by deductions – that is all YOUR money, NOT destined for the “General Fund” OR accessible to the politicians.

    In my humble opinion everything in Barbados is now subject to dismal political influence, and that influence is always denigrating and uninformed. Last year I also made an attempt to join with a number of my fellow citizens living at home to improve tourist traffic to the island. We first spoke to an airline and then to Minister Richard Sealy and his “aviation advisor” (who has the requisite Degree but no industry experience).

    When we got the go-ahead from the Minister we then contacted the airline again – only to discover that they were now dealing DIRECT with the Government of Barbados, and they refused to discuss anything with us.

    From that day on we have done what we could by ourselves, because now we know that if we talk to anyone in this Government they will steal our ideas and plans.

    Now we know that this government is not only bankrupt of all the taxpayer money from the past, present and future and are incapable of governing properly, they are also bankrupt of ideas, ethics and morals – while dealing with their own constituents at home, no less.

    The sooner this government – bankrupt in every possible way – is driven out of office, the better for the island of Barbados.

    And with the BLP no less incompetent, perhaps there is great merit in giving the new political party headed by Grenville Phillips an opportunity to show us how much better thay can perform – surely they could not be worse than this (or the other) bunch of professional pirates – oops, sorry, I meant politicians.