Central Bank of Barbados still hiding from news media

That's Governor Worrell on the right... er, left!

That’s Governor ‘Weasel Words’ Worrell on the right… er, left!

Over a year ago Dr. DeLisle Worrell, the head thug of the Central Bank of Barbados, took issue with a Nation News story about the central bank.

So did Worrell ask the paper for space to present his thoughts to the citizens? Did he demand an apology, retraction or correction? Did he write an article to be published in the media or on the bank’s website?

Nope… Worrell banned Nation journalists from all bank events. Worrell wants to control what the press says about him and banning them was his stupid, thuggish reaction to an article he disagreed with.

This is so typical of the Bajan elites’ contempt for freedom of the press and the right of citizens to hold government officials and institutions accountable.

Journalist Ian Bourne

Journalist Ian Bourne

Then the central bank issued a press release in an attempt to backpedal, but as our friend Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter points out, the Central Bank of Barbados hasn’t held a quarterly statement media briefing since then.

Bajan Reporter is sticking to its guns and hasn’t published the bank’s quarterly reports, and won’t until the institution resumes press briefings. In return, the bank has cut off advertising revenues to The Bajan Reporter, but as Bourne says, he will not sacrifice his dignity at the alter of CBB’s coffers.

And as Worrell is showing – once a thug, always a thug.

Check out The Bajan Reporter for the whole story on how the Central Bank of Barbados is failing to be accountable and transparent to citizens and government alike: Bajan Reporter will carry CBB’s media statements as soon as Quarterly Press Conferences resume.


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4 responses to “Central Bank of Barbados still hiding from news media

  1. There is no freedom of the press in Barbados. The journalist do not do investigative journalism, afraid to loose their jobs, or be put in court, it’s really sad. The lives and livelihood of a lot of bajans are stagnant because of fear, don’t want to be fired if they say anything. This is what democracy has come to.

  2. West Side Davie

    Good for Ian Bourne. I always thought that when he was let go from the TV station it was all political. A man with integrity he is.


    crooks always hide in the dark and from the truth ,Nasty bunch they are not the only ones

  4. LOL when I left CBC in 2005, I resigned on a full month’s notice from 31 Oct that year, but they never let me say Goodbye, probably figured my Swan Song may be deadly? Any freelance radio shifts I had were cancelled, my username and password were removed from the system while I was presenting my what was to be my final bulletin on 4th Nov 2005 – luckily I suspected it days ahead and sent a notice to family, friends and clients that I was changing jobs, then I went to SSA which is another kettle of fish!