Barbados Political Party Websites – Update

DLP Website

The DLP sent us notice that they have now posted a list of candidates and their photos – so we couldn’t resist a little peek. (link here)

First impressions…

– No lack of enthusiasm as the page is called The Next Government Of Barbados

– The vast majority of candidates are male, black. Looks like the DLP (so far) has one woman and one lighter-skinned male as candidates.


– Prize for the absolute worst candidate photo of all time goes to Michael Lashley for his impression of a drug dealer’s mug shot. Seriously, Michael, you don’t always look like that, do you? (All in good fun folks – none of the BLP or DLP folks would be in politics if they couldn’t take a poke or two!)

– We still can’t see any definitive statement on the DLP website concerning Conflict of Interest and Integrity Legislation. How about it, Mr. Thompson. Do you mean it or not really?

BLP Website

Ho-Hum. The “news” section of the BLP Website contains only the latest little rant seen in the papers and the BLP blog. (Full Marks On Energy Pricing)

The “Publications” page hasn’t been updated in over five years, since August 30, 2001. A June 8, 2001 entry is still valid though…

June 8th, 2001
Media Urged To Play a Greater Role

Media personnel in the Caribbean have a pivotal role to play in educating the public about the preservation of the environment and of the dangers facing the same. This reminder came yesterday from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Billie Miller, during the closing ceremony of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union’s media symposium on “Marine Resources, Use In Economic Development”, at the Grand Barbados Hotel.

BLP Blog

The BLP Blog might be nothing more than an advertising vehicle for the Barbados Labour Party – but give them credit. They leave some very harsh comments up for all to see. They don’t answer every criticism, and ignore any issue where the readers pin them to the wall (and there are a quite a few!) – but at least they have the courage to leave the negative comments up as well as the positive ones.

Then again, as one BFP reader pointed out, the BLP Blog has turned out to be a chinese finger trap for the party. Once in, can’t get out gracefully.

No doubt they regret their initial enthusiastic announcement that the Prime Minister would engage in an open chat session on the blog. Oh well!

All Barbados Political Party Websites

The Barbados Free Press maintains a list of all known Barbados Political Party Websites. We’d appreciate knowing about any not on the list.

Website Links – Barbados Political Parties, Candidates


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7 responses to “Barbados Political Party Websites – Update

  1. Dizzy Bajan

    Ok – so the candidates page needs work but cheese-on-bread Ten stars to the DLP for providing video from their Mass Meetings.

    My favorites are:

    1.) Dr. Estwick ripping the Prime Minister to shreds. It’s a link marked New or Hot on the fornt page of . I really believe that this guy has the potential to make Owen melt (it’s a fire with fire thing)

    2.) Then there are three clips (speeches) from a meeting in Six Roads held only last night.

    Me thinks that the DLP has yet again beaten the BLP. Owen must really be tired (so tired that he actually let Noel Lynch arrogantly annonce the sale of Hilton).

  2. Yo!

    If you had a New Wife,
    you would be tired,too!

    Why yuh think he stand hoam de odder night and couldn’t attend?

    Man BUSY,den!

  3. Dizzy Bajan

    Listen Yo – In bajan terms – “De man had the woman for years now. Wuh new wife you talkin bout? E got a little child that got years pun she.”

    Hartley Henry told the people that Owen thinks higher of Mr. Tull than Cupid so you could imagine how he feels about Cupid. It was not a surprise that he dis the meeting.

  4. pab

    Is that Owne Arthur on my phone book cover with a bat in hand i will hope not

  5. Yo!

    Pab boy,
    you eyes sharp, yuh!
    Iz Owen fuh trute!

    I like the stethescope rung de neck,doah.
    Adds a certain touch of CLASS!

  6. Yo!

    Oh shimons!
    Wrong bat.sorry.
    (too many bats?)

    I see de real Owen now
    and it is definitely He.
    all cute in blue and yellow. awww!

    Notice dat even de chile-mudder standing in front of Him, got she bat too,
    en even de baby got a bat.
    Watch it good!

  7. Observing

    Just noticed that the BLP awoke from its cyber slumber and after posting one (1) article per week for how much ever years, they’ve managed to post 7 articles in 48 hours (6 of which directly attack Thompson…sounds familiar).

    They also seemed to have attempted a live feed of the nomination of Lashley and Lynch this evening. Anyone know if it worked?

    DLP seems to still have the advantage website wise though. Even the BLP’s font and colour choices for articles leaves plenty to be desired.