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Your Child Is Sick: Welcome To Barbados Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We had an email from a wife last week, crazy that her husband was not getting even the minimum proper care after surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We’re not going to print her email because we don’t want to interfere with an ongoing situation. Instead, we bring you something we published back in 2007. From what we received last week, nothing has changed.

How disgusting it is that our elected and appointed representatives steal everything and leave family members to purchase medicine and dressings for their loved ones.

You would think that we were some African outpost. God DAMN the last 20 years of politicians who stole everything. When they get sick, they fly to Miami.

But we can’t…

Barbados Free Press

qeh-barbados-hospital-3.jpgDear Friends At Barbados Free Press,

I won’t give you the details because I don’t want any reprisals for writing you with the story of his “medical treatment” at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Please edit my letter and change the words so no one knows it is me that wrote to you. (editor’s note: done)

Every day I or one of the family stayed with my son and kept him clean and brought him food. This was necessary because of the lack of food, bad food when it came IF it came and the lack of trained nurses and supplies. Especially supplies.

None of the ward toilets where my son was had paper, none had soap or paper towels for drying. Everyone must bring their own.

I had to buy “Intrasite gel” for my son’s wounds because the hospital had none that they could give me after 3 days. This…

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