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Part-time Member of Parliament William Duguid waiting for pension before bailing out

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I hope Barbadians understand now that most people entering politics are not motivated by an quest, as they are wont to spew, to represent the people. Most of them are motivated by a personal agenda.

A year and a half ago news broke that William Duguid was hardly attending parliament and was barely making the basic requirements to keep his seat. Oh he rushed in the paper and said that was not true etc etc.

Lo and behold the truth has come to light.

But the reason I said most candidates are personally motivated these days is that Duguid knew that if he had quit a year and a half ago he would have been short of the ten year or two term requirement for pension. So what do you do? Keep spending three weeks in Canada and rush back so that you don’t miss four sittings (which I think it is) and then rush back off to Canada  again.

What has me puzzled is that we used to hear how Duguid had a fantastic dental practice and how he was such a great dental surgeon. You think that if that was the case it would have translated into monetary gains once one is dedicated to the practice. But to give up a ‘lucrative’
dental practice to go and speculate with regard to real estate in Canada sounds very dubious. It sounds as if he is running from something. At one stage he even talked about having leadership (Prime Ministerial) ambition.

I just hope that the electors realise one thing: IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

Little Boy Bleu

BFP Editor Replies…

Hi LBB, we think you are too cynical by half – and we know cynical!

Way back in 2006 and early 2007 William Duguid was a frequent commenter on BFP – at least until the questions about his government became too direct and unanswerable. While the dear doctor might be making a strategic decision at this point based upon the fact that it is unlikely that the BLP will form the government after the next election, that doesn’t take away from his original intents upon entering politics.

We have no doubt that William sincerely thought he would be able to work within the political system to “do good” as he says. The problem we see with new politicians is that they are almost immediately seduced by their more experienced mentors to take advantage of a system that has no rules about conflicts of interest or misuse of office. Who could withstand the temptation of running wild in a candy store with no rules? You? Me?

We saw the BLP turn into a gang of thieves and we’re now watching the same thing with the current DLP government. It’s all too easy for a politician to make big money under the current free-for-all and that’s why Thompson and his gang did not implement a Ministerial Code on their first day in office as they promised to do. We also said that Thompson and the DLP would stall and sabotage the promised Integrity Legislation and that’s exactly what has happened.

As to Duguid not finishing out his term in a proper matter, we share your concern. One would think that honour would demand an MP to be on the island for the vast majority his time – not just when parliament is in session. The job that Dr. Duguid took on demands much more than just showing up in Parliament. Although Duguid has been very careful of late to orchestrate appearances in the press, he is seldom seen by his constituents anymore.

(And please, Doctor Duguid: unless you’re willing to publish your the Air Canada flight details of your coming and going – don’t waste our time with some statement full of generalities. Publish your flight information and then we’ll talk, Doc.)

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William Duguid Re-appears In Barbados Parliament – Speaks… but not about his Canada Permanent Residency Application

William Duguid Barbados Canada 3

Has William Duguid applied for Canadian Permanent Residency or not?

Barbados Labour Party MP Dr. William Duguid has been quite prominent in the last few days in and out of Parliament. This flurry of activity was no doubt the result of recent reports here and in the Nation that Dr. Duguid had been neglecting Parliament and his constituents while “visiting family” in Canada. (See BFP’s Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?)

Questions are naturally on people’s minds: Is their absent MP getting ready to pull the ejection handles from Barbados and the BLP? Is he trying to live a dual life between Canada and Barbados so he can complete the little time remaining to receive a full pension? Is it fair that constituents elected a full time Member of Parliament but now have a part-time MP whose focus is wavering?

The island press, Interim Opposition leader Mia Mottley and Duguid himself made things worse instead of better by tap-dancing all around the question of whether or not the Member of Parliament for Christ Church West has applied for permanent residency in Canada.

Nobody in the regular media has asked the question directly of Dr. Duguid or interim BLP leader Mia Mottley.

So how about it, Dr. Duguid? How about some direct and honest communication with the people of Barbados? Frankly, as far as we’re concerned at BFP we’d be prepared to cut you some slack if you were forthright about your intentions, worked hard while you are in Barbados and publicly announce your on-island/off-island schedule.

How about it, Dr. Duguid… Have you applied for permanent residency in Canada? Do you intend to? Do you intend to complete your term?



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Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?

Duguid Barbados Canada

Hey folks… I don’t think Dr. Duguid or Mia Mottley ever gave us a straight answer about whether or not Duguid had applied for Canadian residency. So how about it, Doc? Did you apply for Canadian residency? Yes… or no?

Evasion & Deceit From Dr. William Duguid & Mia Mottley

William Duguid, the BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, returned to Barbados yesterday from Canada amid accusations that he and his family have immigrated to Canada while Duguid unethically retains his parliamentary seat & salary. Even BLP supporters are complaining that Duguid is not providing proper representation to his constituents and are calling for his resignation. (Nation News: Call for Duguid to step down.)

Duguid had the press waiting for him at Grantley Adams International Airport, but considering recent articles in the Nation and at Barbados Free Press – Duguid’s comments were evasive and the news media let him get away with it. The press never questioned him as to whether or not he has applied for Canadian residency, and Duguid never addressed the issue. Continue reading


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The Question For The Leader Of The Barbados Labour Party That The News Media Won’t Ask

Dear Mia Mottley,

barbados-mia-mottley-fraudYour member for Christ Church West, Dr. William Duguid, is absent from Barbados and has not been attending Parliament or his duties in his constituency for some months. The news media reports that Dr. Duguid now lives in Canada.

You are quoted in the newspapers as saying, “His family is not here, but he lives here; his practice is still here; his constituency office is still here; he is still building apartments here. But obviously if his family lives overseas, he will be in and out,”

Miss Mottley, presumably Mrs. Duguid and her children have been granted residency status in Canada and lawfully immigrated to that country.

Please answer the following question:

Dear Mia Mottley,

Has Dr. William Duguid, your BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, applied for immigration or been awarded residency in Canada?

Yes? No? … or you don’t know and don’t want to find out?

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