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Bored sheep herders create viral video for Samsung. Barbados… are you paying attention?

Everybody wants a viral video these days. Whether it’s being creative about sheep and dogs like the above video from 2009, or some accidental wedding duress that gets 9 million hits: everybody would love to have a little video that goes viral.

Where is the Barbados Tourism Authority on this? They would rather pay 10 million dollars for some traditional campaign than to take a small portion of that money and be creative.

Question: How many BTA types have personal bank accounts in New York City, Miami, London and Switzerland? How many kickbacks from big advert agencies in the USA and the UK?

You just know it’s gotta be happening.

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Father of the bride and daughter dance at wedding. I love you too!

I saw this and couldn’t help myself. Had to post it.

Life can be good!

(Will I ever have a daughter or a son? Will I dance at their wedding? I guess I had better settle down.)



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Thanks Mom! (Procter & Gamble commercial going viral)

If creating a viral video was that easy, there would be a whole lot more people and companies doing it. That said, soap maker Procter & Gamble struck gold with this one.

Come on, tell us. Did you cry too?

Thanks to an old friend


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Spark of the Day! Will you marry me?

Ginny thinks she’s watching a movie with her brother. She doesn’t know that the trailer is something else!

(Hey darlin’ – I know I didn’t make any movie trailer for you…

… but Auntie said she’ll collect up the boys for dinner on Monday evening. See you later!) 🙂


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Spark of the Day! – Mobile phone commercial shows why I love the Japanese

Prepare to be amazed!

posted by Robert


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Spark of the Day! Keenan Cahill goes viral with Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World

Keenan has over 200 hundred million views on YouTube

I laughed, I cried and I prayed as I watched 16 year old Keenan Cahill’s lip-sync singing videos on YouTube.

God made us all different, and Keenan’s challenges didn’t stop him. He’s a worldwide sensation and I love him. (and yes that is 50 Cent singing with him in another video.)


Here’s Keenan’s homepage: http://keenansroom.com/

Here’s his full YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeenerKeeKee19952


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Viral video: Christmas flash mob sings at Canadian shopping mall

Give thanks to a friend for sending this Christmas video. It was just the lift I needed today.

Large shopping mall in Canada. Food court with a couple of hundred people munching away at lunch.

And then…


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