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Stories and Memories: The shores of Lake Maracaibo

Lake Maracaibo Girl Memories

“It was difficult not to fall in love.”

Late night Idylls. The shores of Lake Maracaibo.

by Colin Leslie Beadon

There were things he had not wanted to write about for many years, thinking perhaps they were best weathered away by time. Yet time, as he had thought it might, could never deaden such memories. And so the years had slipped, and before his memory should fail, ….

Even the bodega music, had a life of its own, the late night music of the bodegas, which he loved still, the languid throb of boleros, or waltzing Castian, the bote, still cut into his being.

And the girls he danced with; the slap of their sandals, the soft almost urgent sound of their voices, as they sang, sweet-breathed, body pressed-swinging tightly- giving,… against him. And so the warm nights around Lake Maracaibo merged, the girls in your arms, sweating, into one.

True, he was near-exhausted after days and nights out on wells on the lake with little sleep; and so he and his Venezuela crew coming off lake, late, stopped off, at watering holes they referred to as ‘The Convents’ their walls being cluttered with sad-faced Mother Mary images, their lighting being ambiance-creating flickering candles.

And the girls gathering around, fascinating long black haired-sweeping young women, carefully dressed, with impeccable bodies, and manners, if you treated them as the ladies they deserved.

Those dark Latin eyes, their small sometimes inquisitive hands, the almost childlike smoothness of their skins, their natural unforced laughter; and what they would tell about the misfortune of their lives where they came from, Barranquilla, Cucuta, or Bogota; and what they could promise with their eyes.  Continue reading


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