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VECO cover-up continues in Barbados – CEO Bill Allen gets 3 years prison for bribing Alaska politicians


Alaska Senator’s Son was paid US$243,250 in “consulting fees”

The corrupt former head of VECO Corporation – the same company that built the Oil Terminal and the new Dodds Prison in Barbados – has been put in jail for 3 years for his leading role in VECO’s ongoing policy of using bribes to obtain government contracts. VECO founder Bill Allen will also have to pay a 3/4 of a million dollar fine, but frankly that’s just spare change to the man who used bribes of politicians as a standard operating procedure to grow his business into a multi-billion dollar international company. As part of a plea-bargain and in exchange for Allen’s testimony, Allen’s son and other family members escaped prosecution and were able to walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars.

The American FBI seized millions of VECO’s documents and made hundreds of hours of secret recordings to document how Allen and his company undermined US democracy by the simple method of paying millions to various politicians over the years. As was revealed over the last two years in public testimony and court documents, this bribing of politicians was VECO’s standard operating policy.

Who Did Barbados Prison “Consulting”?

In Barbados, VECO was closely associated with now Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and with former Attorney General Dale Marshall. Mia was “in charge” of building the new Dodds Prison.

After the scandal broke in Alaska, then Attorney General Dale Marshall met with VECO company officials in Barbados for 23 minutes, and then announced that there were no issues about VECO’s activities in Barbados. Dale Marshall was an active part of the VECO cover-up in Barbados.

Hmmmmm…. let’s see here. VECO had never built a prison before it was awarded the contract for Dodds – without tender. VECO used bribery of politicians as its standard operating procedure to obtain government contracts around the world.

And Dale Marshall says “no problem here” after a 23 minute meeting.

Nothing suspect there!

In any event, VECO and the BLP spread the “consulting” and sub-contracts around to DLP members at the time so that if the DLP ever formed a government, they wouldn’t be able to come after the BLP.

Hmmmmm…. DLP Prime Minister David Thompson has never asked American officials to allow Barbados to examine the VECO company records that list bribes of politicians around the world.

Nope. Nothing suspect there, either!

Who were the middlemen in Miami that handled the Dodds Prison shipments? What money was paid to “consultants” in Switzerland and the USA? Which Dodds Prison sub-contracting companies were owned by relatives of Barbados politicians?

Barbados citizens will never know, and have no right to know because both the Arthur/Mottley and the David Thompson government keep this information secret.

Citizens of Barbados? More like “suckers of Barbados” if you ask me.

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Sentencing coming for key accused in VECO corruption scandal – but Barbados never asked US Authorities for Barbados corruption evidence.

FBI seized millions of VECO financial records showing bribes paid to corrupt politicians. Barbados doesn't want to see them!

FBI seized millions of VECO financial records showing bribes paid to corrupt politicians. Barbados doesn't want to see them!

VECO’s Bill Allen going bye-bye

This is just a short note this morning before I head off to bed. (How I hate nightshift).

Remember VECO out of Alaska? The company was disbanded and sold off after it turned out that for the last three decades they had obtained government contracts all around the world through the simple means of bribing politicians. We’re not talking about a slip or two by a sub-manager in a foreign country, we’re talking about a standard operating procedure by a company that was started and built upon corrupt practices.

Under the BLP and Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall, VECO built our oil terminal and our Dodds prison – the one with the $10,000 toilets and no transparency or open bids. ($10k per toilet? Yup… our sources tell us that’s what we paid for them after they came through a “handling company” in Miami.)

But the BLP were smart enough to spread the wealth around so that if and when they were defeated by the DLP, the new government wouldn’t want to go there.

Started VECO Cover-Up

Started VECO Cover-Up

After the Alaska scandal broke, then Dale Marshall had a meeting with VECO executives for 30 minutes and announced “Nothin wrong in Barbados!”

That’s the last that Barbados heard about it.

Like we said, the DLP Thompson government doesn’t want to be forced into charging members of the last government with any offense because what comes around goes around.

So David Thompson lets the corruption stand without any transparency or accountability to the people of Barbados.

You want proof? Good. Here’s ours… maybe the current DLP Government will find the voice to reply…

Proof that the Thompson DLP Government does not want to know anything about VECO’s corrupt activities in Barbados:

Under Prime Minister David Thompson, no authorities from Barbados – including police, the DPP or the Auditor General – have ever asked the US Authorities for evidence concerning VECO’s Barbados operations that was gathered during the US investigations. Millions of documents and hundreds of hours of secret recordings were lawfully collected by US authorities during their operations. Barbados never even asked to meet with US Authorities – because all indications are that VECO’s financial records would show payments & “gifts” to Barbados officials and contracts to offshore suppliers owned by them.

And that tells the story, my children.

Anchorage Daily News: Sentencing for key bribe witnesses may be soon.

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