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Arrest warrant issued for Michael Misick – former Turks and Caicos premier

BREAKING: Misick seeking asylum

Michael Misick, the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, says he has sought political asylum in an undisclosed country because of “political persecution”.

“Let be clear. I am not a fugitive, and will never be a fugitive. I have applied for political asylum from another country and I am merely seeking protection from political persecution. I will continue to bring challenges to clear my name and that of my government and colleagues. I dream to return to my homeland as an independent, victorious, proud and free nation.”

Misick said he is convinced that he is being persecuted because of his views and firm plan to move the Turks and Caicos Islands towards Independence .

“ This plan goes counter to the British and their supporters in the Turks and Caicos Islands . That is why stories were fabricated by the opposition, the British and their supporters in order to call for a Commission of Inquiry , ” he added.

Do we believe him? On first blush, not a f’ing chance. But on sober second thought: it wouldn’t be the first time that an innocent man has been set up.

Truth is… we just don’t trust the established system anymore.

Original story…

Corruption, Money laundering alleged

That’s Michael Eugene Misick you’re looking at and what an amateur he is! That’s why he’s in trouble: not for corruption or money laundering because God knows that’s standard operating procedure in the Caribbean. Nope. He’s in trouble because he was sloppy and amateurish. If only he had of followed the lead of so many of our politicians and government officials in Barbados, he’d be on easy street right now with not a thing to worry about.

Nobody in government has to STEAL money or take overt kickbacks. That’s stupid. What he needed to do was to form ‘consulting’ companies or better yet have some friend or relative front a ‘consulting’ company where he was a share holder. Then he could award government contracts to his friend’s company and legally take a dividend because there’s nothing in law to prohibit that.

Oh. Wait a minute… That’s just in Barbados where it is legal for elected and appointed government officials to award government contracts to companies owned by relatives or companies in which they have an interest. In the Turks and Caicos that doesn’t apply because the place is a British Overseas Territory and comes under the anti-corruption legislation of the United Kingdom.

Oh. Now I get it. Now I see why former Premier Misick is the subject of an Interpol Red Alert.

Man, here in Bim we do things so much differently! Take former Prime Minister Owen Arthur for instance… the guy gets caught red-handed depositing a $75,000 ‘campaign donation’ into his personal bank account. The DLP and then Opposition Leader David Thompson publicly rip the hell out of ‘Goin wid Owen’ for corruption and stealing from his own BLP party, call him down to the lowest and then the DLP and Thompson soundly won the 2008 election.

Then David Thompson didn’t prosecute Owen Arthur for corruption. Instead, he appointed him as the head of a Commonwealth team in the Maldives that was tasked with ensuring that the elections were conducted legally! Woaloss!

Then just a few weeks ago we learned that Prime Minister David Thompson was himself involved in money laundering CLICO funds by acting as an intermediary to transfer money from CLICO to his buddy Leroy Parris. This was to conceal from CLICO policy holders how much money Parris was taking from the company. And we still don’t know how much CLICO money went to the DLP political machine or to ‘consultants’ who happened to be related to DLP politicians.

Dirty, dirty, dirty… isn’t it?

Michael Misick is such an amateur.

Further Reading

Stabroek: Warrant issued for arrest of former Turks and Caicos premier


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Breaking: Brother of former Turks and Caicos Finance Minister arrested for Crown lands fraud, money laundering

TCIpost Reports…

Earl Hall, the brother of former Turks and Caicos Minister of Finance Floyd Hall (photo above) has just been released on bail by the UK anti-corruption investigators.

The TCIpost is breaking the story and reporting that Earl Hall will face numerous charges including defrauding the government on the sale of Crown land and money laundering.

Someone actually charged with corruption offenses? How unusual!

Of course Earl Hall is presumed innocent until proven guilty and he will have his day in court – but that is a different story than in Barbados where we don’t have trials for corruption. In Barbados when elected or appointed public officials or their family members are found to be engaged in corrupt activities, the politicians will trade some insults in the press or in Parliament but no one is charged. Ever.

That’s the rules here. No charges. Ever. We’ve seen all kinds of incidents where Barbados government assets mysteriously end up in private hands, where politicians place “campaign donations” into their personal bank accounts and where the United States FBI complains to the Prime Minister about money laundering by government officials and that file somehow went missing. Never any charges though.

Here at Barbados Free Press we’ve even posted photos of a Minister of Government building a home with his mistress on land that his government expropriated and never paid for. How did that work out? The government and the opposition ignored it, as did the Barbados news media.

Nobody wanted to throw rocks while living in a glass house and all that.

So as we watch the events unfold in the Turks and Caicos, we are reminded that Barbados government officials shouldn’t be too smug. If we hadn’t become an independent country, the UK anti-corruption investigators would be on our doorstep too. But it’s our country so our corrupt politicians don’t have to worry about that.

Sleep tight boys and girls in Barbados Parliament. You have nothing to worry about because the rules still apply: No charges. Ever.


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British anti-corruption team may refuse to deal with certain Turks and Caicos lawyers

<- click to visit TCI Post

“In her letter, Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick emphasised “close family” connections between attorney and accused. Garlick therefore concluded that the investigations may be “prejudiced” or otherwise put at risk. Continue reading


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TCIpost: Blogging “a dangerous journey”

“I must also thank all the bloggers and websites that supported me during what turned out to be a dangerous journey. I never expected the hatred, personal verbal attacks and hacks that came my way.”

“I have survived again but only just – I mean the tcipost. I have lost a considerable amount of data but I have not lost hope. The message should by now be embedded in the minds of Turks and Caicos Islanders. Freedom and democracy should never be suspended because of a corruption investigation. Britain is about to change our constitution to make all Turks and Caicos Islanders ceremonial citizens in their own land. The constitution will take powers away from the local population and put it in the hands of unelected British officials…”

John of TCIpost.com explains what happened to the blog and to him.

(Editor’s note to John: You link to the wrong website. We haven’t had anything to do with barbadosfreepress.com in years and years.)


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The People of Turks and Caicos Ask Caricom to Condemn the New British Constitution

TCIpost finds new home at Barbados Free Press

The controversial blog TCIpost.com disappeared without warning and we at Barbados Free Press suspect that the UK Government or SIR David Simmons or a combination of powers have something to do with that. Of course, the fact that Turks and Caicos citizens are burning copies of the “new” Constitution imposed by the UK (photo above) might have something to do with the UK’s trying to kill all talk of the TCI independence movement.

We’ve asked our readers to send us any TCIpost stories that they copied to add to those we have some ourselves.

We’re going to republish them all here because it’s all about freedom of the press. Hey… we’re happy to be of assistance!

Here is the first story. We haven’t a clue about when it was first published at TCIpost and if someone could let us know we’ll include a dateline.

TCIpost.com lives!

The People of Turks and Caicos Ask Caricom to Condemn the New British Constitution

As Caricom leaders gear up this week to discuss the new constitution being imposed by the British on the Turks and Caicos citizens, the people are overwhelmingly vehement that they wish to preserve their rights under their own constitution. This week Caricom will be meeting to discuss how they should collectively respond to the UK in regard to this new constitution.

When the British began their occupation of the Turks and Caicos Islands, starting about 2 years ago, the British disbanded or “suspended” the existing Turks and Caicos constitution citing local government corruption. The British corruption investigation has been ongoing for two years and is targeted at a handful of local government officials for profiting from crown land sales. Though no arrests or indictments have been made yet after two years, the British demand that the people of Turks and Caicos continue to live without the right of democracy or self determination during this process. Continue reading


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Controversial Turks and Caicos blog disappears. Did the UK government get to TCI Post?

TCI Post criticized United Kingdom government, Sir David Simmons

A hard hitting blog calling for Turks and Caicos independence disappeared overnight without notice. Visitors to TCIpost.com are now met with an administrative page for Trendy Site Builder.

We can’t say that this comes a surprise to Barbados Free Press. We couldn’t believe TCIpost.com lasted as long as it did because the bloggers foolishly registered a domain and rented a server instead of locating at a free service like WordPress.com, Blogger or similar. Sure, the name TCIpost.com was registered through a proxy domain service, but a lawyer’s letter or a couple of dollars in the right pocket would take care of that, wouldn’t it? Continue reading


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Britain in the Turks and Caicos: Is it about oil?

TCI Post: Are the British here to help us or themselves?

Then I asked myself, why now?  Why do the British want the oil now years after the oil discovery.  At first I thought it was because of British economy was doing so poorly that they wanted access to cash from the oil.  The timing makes sense because the British muscled in during the height of their economic crash, but then I read this, “The entire Caribbean Basin is sitting on one of the largest oil and natural gas reserves ever discovered, but they are deep, and are only now in 2010 proving accessible.”

This oil accessibility announcement came right after the British forced their way into Turks and Caicos.  It’s too much of a coincidence for this editor…

… from the TCI Post article Is Britain after the oil?


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