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Hard times coming to Bim. Are you ready?

2013 Almond Barbados

“Booming Bim? Here is the current state of affairs at the Almond Hotel. We were there last week and it’s not pretty.”

… an old friend sends a photo to BFP (click on photo for large)

How many people do you know still waiting for VAT and tax refunds? If you’re like us, you know plenty. The government doan have much money these days.

How many people do you know who were laid off in the last year and haven’t managed to find another real job? Answer: lots and lots.

How many hotels and businesses gone or just hanging on? How many shops in the city are understaffed because they laid off the newbies when the “high season” tanked this January?

Been to the Gap lately? You could have Jamaican gang shootouts on the street and not hurt a soul. Maybe we should rent the place out for that purpose… at least then there would be something happening at the Gap!

And let’s not get started about how many airline seats we lost in the last year with Dallas Fort-Worth, Atlanta. Let’s not talk about CLICO, the downgrades or raiding our NIS pensions to “invest” in doomed hotel projects.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it…

1/ Shun debt. Shun expenses. Live as frugally as you can.

2/ Work hard, save what you can.

3/ Look after family and friends as you are able because you might need their help someday.

4/ Learn to grow food, repair your own car, maintain your own home. Repair clothes, repair everything. Don’t buy new anything: let some other fool pay the depreciation!

5/ Smile at the tourists, make them feel welcome but never pressured. Pick up the rubbish where you can and never do anything that takes away from the beauty of Bim.

6/ Thank God for what you do have – then get back to working harder than you ever have before.

We can do this, folks. But it can’t be business as usual.


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