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Stanford Ponzi scheme victims looking for love in all the wrong places

“Why is the IMF about to award a $124 million dollars loan to the Government of Antigua, knowing that Antigua was a criminal partner of R. Allen Stanford in the perpetration of the largest pyramidal fraud in history?” questioned Jaime Escalona, leader of the Stanford Victims Coalition (SVC)

“Why help them if its Government has not responded for the $7.2 billion US dollars that were robbed from 27,992 victims distributed among 113 countries? Why do they ridicule us so unmercifully? Why such complicity?”

IMF Rewarding Antigua & Barbuda for Crime?

The International Monetary Fund is about to give a US$124 million loan to the Government of Antigua – and victims of SIR Allen Stanford are calling upon the IMF to stop aiding the government that was his criminal conspirator.

Barbados Free Press is in total sympathy with Stanford’s victims, but we fear that “de fix is in”. The IMF does what it wants to do and it’s not going to allow a few thousand victims of a criminal scheme to upset the house of cards known as the precarious international economy.

Read the sad story at Caribbean 360’s Stanford Investors lash out at IMF

Now let’s compare the Stanford/Antigua losses with the CLICO fraud!

When compared to the CL Financial – CLICO scandal, Sir Allen Stanford looks like a kid who pocketed a sweet without paying.

C.L. Financial’s assets vanished into thin air – $100.7 billion down to $23.9 billion in just 12 months! There were phony shell companies, executives who took bribes to have the company purchase land in Florida for more than its real value and on and on and on.

The CL Financial – CLICO scandal is huge and the people of Barbados deserve better from their news media than they have been getting.

Until the Barbados news media decides that they serve the public interest, Barbados citizens will continue to be kept in the dark about how much of their money went missing, where it went and who profited from their losses.



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