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Sparman – Ishmael Affair: Queen Elizabeth Hospital cancels suspension, lawsuits fly

The Nation is reporting that Senior Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Richard Ishmael is fully back on the job after his suspension was lifted by the QEH Board. Doctor Ishmael (photo above) filed a lawsuit against the hospital and perhaps others, although information is sketchy right now.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss is doing his best to distance himself from the chaos, but we don’t think that’s possible. Minister Inniss punched the tar baby when he sued Dr. Ishmael and his hands aren’t going to come unstuck anytime soon.

And speaking of Minister Inniss: his scripted “soft questions only” radio appearance didn’t answer anything to do with government funding of the Sparman private clinic. It’s an important question because many voters believe that public money should go to public health care first – especially considering how badly the Queen Elizabeth Hospital needs repair and replacement.

Here are some of our background articles on a story that deserves your continuing attention…

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