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Barbados Chief Justice Testifies Under Oath: He Destroyed Business Records Evidence After Lawsuit Launched!!!

Barbados Chief Justice Simmons testified he had a man burn the corporate records for his land speculation company, S.B.G. This fellow looks like he could have done the job for the Chief Justice!

Barbados Chief Justice Simmons testified he had a man burn the corporate records for his land speculation company, S.B.G. - This fellow looks like he could have done the job for the Chief Justice!

A Sad Day For The Dignity Of The Office Of The Chief Justice Of Barbados

Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons recently gave testimony for a Canadian court in the Kingsland land fraud case. The court transcript has been posted online at Keltruth Blog here so there is really no dispute about what Sir David said while under oath.

Sir David confirmed that in 2004 he ordered the destruction of his land speculation company’s business records  — even though the business records were evidence in an ongoing lawsuit concerning US$1 billion worth of prime Barbados real estate known as Kingsland. Disgusting, but true.

According to Keltruth Blog, the Chief Justice and some other defendants were recently dropped from the Canadian lawsuit about Kingsland. We at Barbados Free Press have to wonder if the charges being dropped against Sir David had anything to do with the unavailability of evidence that he ordered destroyed. If so, it can be seen that our Chief Justice is a very intelligent man — in a cunning sort of way.

Whether cunningly destroying evidence is a quality that we want to see in our Chief Justice is, of course, another matter.

Career Politician Appointed As Chief Justice To Consolidate Political Power

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Once again the people of Barbados are reminded what a mistake it was when then Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his former Attorney General and good friend as the Chief Justice of Barbados. Our country needed and deserved to have an independent, non-political person as its Chief Justice. Instead, Owen Arthur and the BLP decided to consolidate power by politicizing the office of our highest judge.

David Simmons was a career politician who had served as Attorney General and acting Prime Minister. He was also an entrepreneur, land speculator and backroom deal maker. As we have stated in the past, we believe that David Simmons should not have accepted the office of cheap justice Chief Justice, but that he wanted the job and the power more than he loved our Barbadian democracy and judicial system. He cheapened the office of the Chief Justice and made it impossible for citizens to have confidence that the highest court in the land was not a political tool. We shall never forgive David Simmons for allowing this to happen.

Further reading: click on the photo to read the original article and the court transcript at Keltruth Blog


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Barbados Chief Justice Involved In Corporate Law Breaking – Documents Online!

“We were unable to find any financial statements for any of the Chief Justice’s companies. In particular, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Limited may be required by law to file audited financial statements. I would have thought that since CGI was an insurance company, it would go to great lengths to comply with the law. I believe the public is due an explanation…”

… Keltruth Blog digs into the murky corporate records of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons

Sir David’s Corporate Records Not A Pretty Sight

The folks over at Keltruth blog have been at it again — rummaging through the property and corporate records that are available to them in Barbados. They don’t always find all of the records, and we have a feeling that some records disappear at exactly the time they walk in the door, and then magically reappear when they leave the government office.

But they always seem to find enough records to piece together the most curious of stories every few weeks, and this week is no exception.

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

Chief Justice Simmons - Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!

As a lifelong professional politician, Sir David Simmons at times served as Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Attorney General and Cabinet Minister in the Owen Arthur government. In private law practice Sir David represented many clients in large land deals and was himself involved in land speculation and business deals through various companies in which he had a stake.

After making his fortune and mastering the Art of the deal, Sir David decided to leave the rough-and-tumble of politics for the stately dignity of the post of Chief Justice of Barbados.

As Barbados Free Press extensively covered in the past, David Simmons had to reinvent himself [at least publicly] before taking the position of Chief Justice. Much like a girl whom too many men know too well, Sir David had to be reborn as a new virgin in search of a husband — or in this case, a respectable job.

He attempted to do this by resigning from politics and the government for a few months before then Prime Minister Owen Arthur [his good friend and drinking buddy] anointed him as one of the most powerful men in Barbados. Once freed from the backroom deals of politics, Sir David’s dignified place in Barbados history was assured…  Or so it seemed…

The only fly in the ointment are all those legal documents floating around Barbados that Sir David signed before he became Sir David!

Well, Keltruth Blog has rounded up some of those documents and it’s not a pretty sight. Apparently the Chief Justice recently testified that he resigned from one of his corporations in 1994. The only trouble is that no record of his resignation appears until 2007 when he was about to be exposed. And then there are other of Mr. Simmons’ corporations where no financial statements were filed for years — contrary to the law.

Barbados deserved a Chief Justice who could be seen to be independent of politics and political favoritism, but the good of the country came second to raw ambition and the consolidation of power.

It was unethical for Prime Minister Owen Arthur to appoint his Attorney General as our Chief Justice. It was unethical for David Simmons to accept the office of Chief Justice, but he wanted it so badly for himself that he was willing to undermine the independence of our judicial system and our courts.

Sir David Simmons wanted to appear as Chief Justice like a Virgin bride on her wedding day, but the corporate documents found at Keltruth are like an old boyfriend at the back of the church yelling, “Hey Hot Stuff, remember that night when?”

Keltruth Blog Digs Into David Simmons’ Corporate Past

Chief Justice David Simmons and the insurance company

Was David Simmons’ resignation from GEM Travel in order?

Chief Justice Sir David Simmons on Ethics

David Simmons resignation from SBG dated 1994 — filed in 2007!


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