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Mail Online asking if Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber bailing on Paradise Beach development.

Last July we published the comments of Death Wish film director Michael Winner about what he described as the “bizarre saga” of the on-again, off-again Four Seasons / Paradise Beach development.

Then Avinash Persaud was quoted in The Nation News as saying that everything was okay with the Four Seasons project since the Barbados government issued a guarantee for $120 million – except that was apparently not enough money and the project needs more.

Now the Mail Online is saying that Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber are rumoured to have cancelled and asked for the return of their deposits.

What’s the truth? Hey… this is Barbados, so who knows?

“Have Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber finally lost patience with the troubled Paradise Beach development in Barbados and demanded their money back?

Six months ago developer Robin Paterson assured The Mail on Sunday that all was back on track and work had re-started at the site. Now, it appears, more refinancing is required.”

…full story at Mail Online Hothouse Property Gossip: Paradise postponed for Simon


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Barbados Customs apply Rule of Law to Simon Cowell – he’s “miffed”

Cowell shells out £100 extra duty on Sapporo beer

The Sun says that Simon Cowell was “a bit miffed” that Barbados Customs made him pay duty on ten cases of Sapporo beer last Tuesday. Mr. Cowell enjoys yeast-free Sapporo beer and it’s not available in Barbados so he brought some with him on his executive jet.

Fair enough. We can see Mr. Cowell’s side of things.  He spends a small fortune every time he visits the island and he helps keep many folks employed, so he sees £100 as nit-picky. His jet will fill up with thousands of dollars of fuel and he’ll pay far more than £100 in fuel taxes and service fees alone and that’s just his airplane arriving. Mr. Cowell thinks, “Why are you bothering me with this?” Continue reading


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Michael Winner talks about Paradise Beach, Simon Cowell and Barbados Free Press

Death Wish film director lets loose on “bizarre saga” of Four Seasons Resort and a lot more

There can be no dispute that our old friend Michael Winner loves Barbados – and not just the West Coast / Sandy Lane crowd either. We’ve seen him pass through places like er, Grape Hall, and he’s usually smiling away in the passenger seat like he’s just had a tonic and gin… or five. Sometimes he waves at folks in much the same manner as Queen Elizabeth in a motorcade. We wave back. Like we said, Michael Winner loves Barbados and we get a kick out of him too.

Mr. Winner has been following what he describes as the “bizarre saga” of the on-again, off-again Four Seasons / Paradise Beach development and has just published a tell-all about the project in the Telegraph. It’s a wonderful and fun read with a few secrets and private quotes thrown in here and there.

Here’s a list of some of the folks he talks about… Continue reading


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Simon Cowell Spending An Adulterous Christmas In Barbados?

simon-cowell-sinittaDoes Being Married Really Matter Anymore?

Marriage matters or it doesn’t. Why should a man bother? As some comedian once said, “The next time I want to get married, I should just find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house.”

Mrs. Sinetta Willner (otherwise known as Sinetta), her mother and Mr. & Mrs. Willner’s two adopted children will be spending Christmas with Simon Cowell in Barbados. Mrs. Willner is telling the tabloids that she has always been, and is still in love with Mr. Cowell. (Story links here and here)

Mr. Wilner will be in Hong Kong. Mr. & Mrs. Wilner are still married.

Should I care? Should the world care? Does it matter?

And if it doesn’t matter, does marriage matter anymore? Should we just forget about marriage and let the chips fall where they may?

As a still-healthy man who is long past the desire to start a family, part of me says  the days of “shunning” adulterous couples are long, long gone. Yet another part of me says that the big losers in all this dethroning of marriage are women.

Why buy the cow when you can enjoy the milk for free?

Cowell obviously agrees and tells the press he’s just out for a good time.



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