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Donville Inniss ignores his own sex-industry profits to chastize Jamaica Gleaner

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at Orgasm.com

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at Orgasm.com

Minister of Industry and International Business has convenient memory lapse

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss

Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss was part of the lucrative online sex business for years. He profited from websites where desperate pregnant women and teenagers performed sex acts for money.

Inniss also profited from websites showing humans committing sex acts with animals.

You know we couldn’t say this if it wasn’t true folks. Our WordPress hosting company would take us down faster than a rum disappears at Oistens on a Friday night.

DLP Democratic Labour Party government member Donville Inniss has a long and sullied history of internet sex profiteering. Mia Mottley first brought this up years ago, but the Nation and the other Barbados news media protected Inniss by ignoring the big story and only writing about the ‘Naked News‘ website in a humorous manner. The Bajan news media made no mention of dozens of disgusting porn websites that formed part of the Inniss online porn empire at the time.

The only Bajan journalist who has ever seriously questioned Minister Inniss about his online sex business is Ian Bourne of The Bajan Reporter.

You can find a list of BFP’s Donville Inniss online sex articles here: Questions about Minister’s porn business profiteering

Now Inniss has launched a “scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial” where the Gleaner supported the Nation staffers charged with child porn.

At the same time Barbados Home Affairs Minister Adriel Brathwaite reminded folks that ‘Not everyone involved in transactional sex is doing it willingly‘. That’s true: many of the men and women at the Inniss sex websites are quite desperate. It’s a wonder that Minister Brathwaite can sit in the same room with online sex profiteer Donville Inniss.

You should read The Gleaner articles at their website, but because so many news articles are taken down or changed we have to reprint the whole thing here:

‘Mind Your Own Business And Look At Rot In Jamaica’ – Bajan Minister Blasts Gleaner For ‘Political Undertones’

Gleaner, November 19, 2013

A BARBADOS government minister has launched a scathing attack on a Sunday Gleaner editorial, telling the newspaper to take its nose out of Bajan affairs and concentrate on the “rot going on in Jamaica”.

The fiery reaction stemmed from the editorial, published this past Sunday, on the controversial arrest and charge of three employees of The Nation newspaper in Barbados for publishing a story and photograph of two 14-year-olds having sex at school.

Bajan Minister of Industry and International Business Donville Inniss described the editorial as shameful.

Said Inniss, it is “one of the nastiest pieces of editorial work which I have seen in any media house in the Caribbean”. Continue reading


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Barbados Pimp pushes “sustainable” development of sex tourism. All he needs is to recruit your children…

“It is time to stop burying heads in the sand and allowing hypocrisy and political expedience to take precedence over common sense, prudence and good judgment.

Firstly all stake holders must accept the Sex Tourism is a reality and stop pretending it does not exist. Then they must implement policy and strategy to deal with the issues head on.

Specialized training needs to be introduced to related officials, directors and managers in order to level the playing field and to be effective in minimizing the negative impact of Sex Tourism.

Conversely, it is important to note that the decision makers in the Sex Trade are working 24 / 7 and are constantly improving their recruitment, marketing, training and management strategies.”

… Charles Lewis writing The impact of the Global Sex Trade on the sustainable development of tourism at Sexxx Sells blog

Charles Lewis says that sex tourism is here, so why not embrace it?

Self-professed “Sex Industry Expert / Consultant / Lecturer” Charles Lewis is on a mission from… God – er, maybe not from God – to legitimize the Sex industry. Lewis doesn’t expect that Barbados is ready to legalize it yet, but according to him that shouldn’t deter us from structuring everything to best profit from the activities anyway.

There’s lots of foreign exchange to be made selling our daughters and our sons, so why not have our Tourism, Health, Police and Immigration officials “implement realistic strategies” to minimize the negative impact of Sex Tourism while reaping the money?

And Mr. Lewis knows just who the authorities can call to get advice on these “realistic strategies”: Mr. Lewis himself, of course.

Mr. Lewis says “Sexxx Sells”, but being an expert in the sex industry he should also know that younger girls sell better than older girls. By the time the normal prostitute hits 23 years or so, she’s getting too old and used to compete against the fresh 18 year olds and younger girls. The clients want younger girls and the industry strives to keep the customers happy! That’s was “recruitment” is all about.

Mr. Lewis tends to not mention such inconvenient truths.

Mr. Lewis also doesn’t mention the truth about human trafficking, sex slavery and the fact that legitimization of prostitution assists in the “recruitment process” – a euphemism he finds useful to describe some of what pimps do.

His arguments that the sex industry uses and supports the existing service infrastructure in the the tourism economy could easily be said about drug trafficking and drug buyers and sellers.

Charles Lewis as Mafia boss Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Zaluchi in The Godfather

Mr. Lewis reminds me of the scene from the movie The Godfather where all the Mafia bosses are discussing the drug trade and how they should control it to keep it as clean as possible because it is going to happen anyway.

Says Mafia boss Don Zaluchi…

“I also don’t believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says, “I have powders; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment, we can make fifty thousand distributing.” So they can’t resist. I want to control it as a business, to keep it respectable.

[slams his hand on the table and shouts]

I don’t want it near schools! I don’t want it sold to children! That’s an infamia. In my city, we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.”

Barbados does not need Mr. Lewis’ advice, thank you very much. His agenda is clear, even though it is masked in a suit and tie. He is a proponent of having our children selling themselves to strangers for foreign exchange. In my value system, and in the minds of tens of thousands of other Bajans, that puts Mr. Lewis just a little lower than toilet bowl scum.

Politicians would do well to remember that if they feel compelled to go to Mr. Lewis for advice.


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