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Tennis pon de Rock – Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki while Marcus changes nappys at home


This is NOT the photo of Serena that Marcus links to in the article. 🙂

The girls (meaning Shona and friends) have tickets to see tennis giants Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki square off at Tennis pon de Rock on November 28, 2009. Yours truly has been informed that, night shift or not, I WILL be changing the diapers so the ladies can have a day off. I am not allowed to call Auntie Moses even though she won’t be going to the match.

Funny thing is, I told Shona that I’d love to go with her to the match but she won’t hear of it. Says she needs some time off from me and little ones. I don’t think that’s it though. I can’t figure out the reason she doesn’t want me to go to the match. Could it have been that nude magazine cover that Serena recently did for ESPN? I mean, come on honey, it’s only a sports event. Tennis, doan ya know?

Maybe I’ll figure it out later, but meanwhile it looks like I’m in the doghouse for some reason.


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Tennis! Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniaki to battle it out in Barbados

Serena Williams Barbados

Tennis pon de rock – November 28, 29, Barbados

With US$27 million in career prize money won, Serena Williams is the #1 player by winnings in history – and she’s coming to Barbados.

Shona is all excited and it looks like yours truly will be springing for tickets and handling the babysitting so the girls can see Serena do her thing at “Tennis pon de rock” next month at Wildey Gymnasium on the 28th and Sugar Hill on the 29th. Truly, I would enjoy going but I’ve been given the message that this is strictly a “girls day out” as far as my woman and her sister are concerned.

(Yes dear)

Kodi Lewis

Organiser Kodi Lewis

This tennis exhibition looks like it’s a big deal and it has me thinking about what it takes to pull it all together. I’d love to know the story behind what is being called “the country’s biggest ever exhibition game”. Undoubtedly it all started with an idea, but good ideas are like raindrops in a storm: so many that it hardly matters.

What really counts is being able to turn the idea into reality. Somebody (or maybe a few people?) had the drive to make this event happen. I see Barry Gale and Kodi Lewis mentioned online so perhaps one or both are responsible.

Kodi Lewis, who is described in various stories as either the “coordinator” or the “organiser” of the event made an excellent point when he described how Barbados won out over Singapore when Serena made her decision. This from the Barbados Advocate:

“They had another offer to play in Singapore on the same day so we had to be quite pro-active in securing their contracts”, said Kodi Lewis, coordinator of the event. “The attraction is Barbados itself and both Serena and Caroline know Barbados so definitely it was an advantage being here in Barbados and having the reputation that Barbados has”.

… from the Barbados Advocate article Barbados set to host showdown between Serena and Caroline

Once again, the cache of Barbados as a world-class destination comes through. Although this is an exhibition, I wonder if the event has enough of a profile to receive international coverage or even mention on television. That, I don’t know – but it seems to me that there will be increased interest if Wozniaki (number 5 rated) wins over Serena Williams.

Hmmmmm… perhaps Bajans should be cheering for Wozniaki when the day comes? (Couldn’t but help throwing in a little mischief 🙂 )

We’re going to keep this event on the radar as we think it is an excellent opportunity for Barbados to be proactive as a brand during tough times and, as Kodi Lewis pointed out to The Nation News, this might just be the start of something bigger. (Nation: Organiser pushing for ATP tourney)

Once again, our thanks and encouragement to the people who had the vision and the drive to make this happen.


From the newspapers we read the following: Tickets for both events are expected to go on sale (October 24th) and are available from the Barbados Tennis Association, all Supercentre locations and through e-mail at tennisponderock@gmail.com.

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