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Dear Prime Minister – Your promises got you a shot, but you’re blowing it

When you lack accomplishments on your own, you have to feed off the success of others.

When you lack accomplishments on your own, you have to feed off the success of others.

DLP delivers Circuses to the Barbadian masses

“Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring

• a declaration of assets by public officials,
• a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
• a new Freedom of Information law,
• amendments to the Defamation laws and
• new constitutional provisions to rationalise
the powers of the Prime Minister.”

… from the DLP’s 2007 “Pathways to Progress” election manifesto

These things which were used as political bait and ammunition to differentiate the DLP from the BLP have ..what’s the term.. ah yes.. fallen by the wayside (if you read this Ryan Brathwaite, take note buddy), in favour of lavish celebrations, promises of support, ambassadorships, and sports and youth policies, while elected officials who no one can catch nary a sight of since the election, get fat doing NOTHING for our money.

I will not touch the cost of living, roads, or jobs right now. I may well be charged for inciting riot.

The PM would like to think that these memorable events will count as having proven his worth come election time, but they will not. The youth vote came out last year in a BIG way. It will come out again, just like last year, armed with facts and a scorecard with many incompletes and absent MPs.

The DLP will get a rude awakening I believe. Right now I cannot say they will lose, but articles like this will continue to be written every month, every year, especially in light of proclamations which spit in the face of poor people who are in need. (see the article in the Nation with the crowd outside of the Welfare office).

People aren’t stupid, and promises may get you a shot, but that’s it.

The voting youth run tings now and they don’t need your cornbeef, even the yardfowls have diversified their diets to include some truth. They will be persuaded by results.

You have precious little to show thus far Mr. PM…

… from The Good, The Bad & The LOL article Doing Nothing Never Looked So Good

Photo of Ryan Brathwaite from our friend at Cheese on Bread blog


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“I think the Bajan took it!” – Ryan Brathwaite wins Gold in Berlin photo-finish


“At the first hurdle I thought I do not have this race anymore but then I fought and fought to the end and the gold was mine.”

Ryan does Barbados proud and let the world know it!

How close was it? So close that Ryan Brathwaite won gold in the 110-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships because he bent further forward than the two Americans on either side of him: Terrence Trammell on his right and David Payne to his left.

Brathwaite hit the first hurdle but ran a clean race for the rest of the way and finished in 13.14 seconds.

Here is Ryan at the finish line…

Brathwaite Photo Finish

So Barbados’ first gold at the games comes from speed and technique.

Some of the news coverage tried to take the shine off Ryan’s victory by highlighting that two of the top runners weren’t in the race. Olympic champion and world-record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba and defending champion Liu Xiang of China were both sidelined with injuries.

Barbados Free Press would like to remind Cuba and China that athletic competition isn’t just about speed – its about stamina and toughness too!

A horse might be fast every so often, but if it can’t take the long run then another horse might win the race – a horse named Brathwaite.

In all fairness though, have a look at the photo-finish. At this level of competition the difference between gold and bronze can be a sneeze or a pebble… or the ability to bend lower while running at full tilt.

Well done Ryan!

Here is the YouTube of the entire race, including the announcer’s “I think the Bajan took it!”


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