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Meet Barbados’ future King: His Royal Highness Prince George

Prince George Birth

Kate and, what’s his name? Oh yeah, William. Anyway they are a nice young couple across the pond and they have just had their first little one, a boy. His name is George Alexander Louis. (Yahoo! News story here)

George for his great-great grandfather, Louis for his great-uncle (?) who was murdered by the Irish Republican Army and Alexander for some distant relatives in Scotland.

Unlike many other children born on the same day in Barbados and around the world, George will never be hungry for long. He will never have malaria or gum disease. George will never experience parasitic worms in his eyes or have trouble finding clean water to drink.

George will have soap available to him every day. A good school and tuition for anything he wants to do are a given. Should he ever have a health problem it will be spotted as early as humanly possible and then treated immediately with the resources of an entire nation. George is already wealthy and as he grows he will have real power and authority (the two are different, you know). As with his wealth, George won’t have to earn that power and authority because it will simply be handed to him.

This little one is truly blessed, and good for him and his proud parents.

George’s task now is to use his blessings to change the world for the better. That’s up to him – he can work hard at using his position to advance the human race, or he can choose to do little or nothing in that regard.

And to those who begrudge the fact that little George has such a good start in life – I remind you that the privileged children of the Bajan political class (and elsewhere) are born with the same silver spoon of assets, family influence and political ties to help them along in life. The difference is only in the size of the assets and influence.

Some of those who are critical of the Royals tend to forget that Barbados has its own royal class, and if the test is to judge how much good they have done with their blessings, our island’s royal class has already failed the test.


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Shona discovers Queen Victoria’s Indian lover

Abdul Karim is a piece of history they never taught us in school!

I only heard of Queen Victoria’s footman-lover John Brown when the movie Mrs. Brown was released in 1997. I wasn’t surprised that Victoria took a lover after the death of her husband. She was only 42 years old when Prince Albert died and at 42 years old no woman is ready to go it alone for the rest of her life. Not me anyway and not Victoria but when we learned about Queen Victoria in history class the teacher skipped the part about Mrs. Brown. Queen Victoria was a woman with lots of, “energy”!

My history teacher also skipped the part about Queen Victoria’s Indian lover, Abdul Karim, (called “the Munshi” that is “teacher”) but thanks to a gift from Marcus I’m reading all about the last scandal of Queen Victoria.

My newest book on the nightstand is “Victoria and Abdul: The True Story of the Queen’s Closest Confidant”. I started it two days ago and I can’t put it down. I haven’t gotten to any naughty parts yet. I’ll let you know when I do!


The following is suggested by an old friend…

The story of a romantic, headstrong woman who liked passion, sex and men… dark and scandalous relationships with servants…


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Prince William In Barbados Training With Special Boat Service

HRH Prince William

HRH Prince William

Prince William joins special forces for Caribbean training

It is thought the Prince, 26, will work with the Special Boat Service (SBS), which is aiming to combat drug trafficking and piracy in the region.

The Prince is said to have flown to Barbados on Sunday in preparation for 10 days’ activity with the SBS. While details of his mission are being kept secret, SBS forces train in carrying out late-night raids on suspect vessels…

… continue reading the article at The Telegraph UK (link here)

Can Barbados Free Press Readers Report Any Sightings?

Alright folks… let’s see if we can come up with HRH’s location. We know he wasn’t at Hercules Bar on Friday night! If you see Prince William, please let him know that Clive will stand him a gin and tonic (or whatever he drinks) next Friday afternoon. 🙂

Meanwhile, A Guyanese Living In Barbados Says We Should Dump The Monarchy…

Hmmmm… if Dawn A. Holder is so concerned that Bajans are oppressed by our old Colonial ties, perhaps she can explain why no one walks after dark in Guyana and why she is so happy to be in Barbados…

Stabroek News – Guyanese should be proud that they have ‘broken the bondage of far distant powers’


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