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Office etiquette: Is it wrong for me to say, “Wow… Nice tits!” ???

Boys will be boys – especially if the girls encourage them.

by Nevermind Kurt (apparently under the influence of a stiff shot of rum. – Marcus)

Does it matter? Is the President of the Barbados National Council for Parent Teacher Associations being unreasonable in her observations?

The president of this country’s National Council for Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) is calling for the licence of the Wadadah Cultural Club to be revoked, to prevent the annual Back2School fete from being staged every Crop Over festival.

Rhonda Blackman told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday that she still had “grave issues” with the staging of the event, since it not only promoted misuse and defacing of school uniforms, but sent a horrible message to Barbadian youth regarding respect for those uniforms, as well as a mixed message regarding their behaviour.

… from the Nation article Wadadah under heavy criticism

My friends remember that two years ago at work I was savaged by management, torn to pieces really, because I had the audacity to get caught looking at some very nice cleavage sported by the woman in the next office over. I was cautioned about my ‘roving eyes’ and sexism. The bosses didn’t like my humorous response that maybe I should craft my pants to show an inch or two of the python – just a hint – for the sake of fashion. I’m so damned confused at work I don’t even want to say hello anymore to anyone wearing a skirt and that includes the 54 year old division manager.

Girls, if you want to let it hang out – expect me to stare. And don’t be surprised if nothing gets done during the weekly strategy session: you wave that thing at me and I have other strategies on my mind. That’s the way the good Lord made me.

I’m a man.

Nevermind Kurt



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