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Hollywood Actor Sean Michael Field on Barbados Free Press, Rihanna’s Mohawk & Segway Polo Championship: “I’m going to have to say something about this…”

Actor Sean Field - Comfortable with or without mohawk, in Hollywood or Bridgetown

Actor Sean Field - Comfortable with or without mohawk, in Hollywood, New York or Bridgetown

Ok I’m going to have to say something about this. (BFP’s article Rihanna: We Want Our Girl Back The Way She Was)

Just a few years ago being the first man in Bim to have a mohawk I was gawked at, ridiculed, etc. Personally I could give a ra_____. (substitute traditional bajan slang here) The reality is I am who i am and if i choose to wear locks, a bald head, or mohawk and dye it green, its my blasted head.

Now three years later i walk the streets of Bridgetown and see ZR conductors, kids at school (and yes my son was the first one back then too), women, you name it, all wearing a mohawk. No more ridicule, now we have acceptance. Did I set out to change something in Barbados? No. Did Gigi Jones? No. We just did us. She was the first woman in Bim to do so as well. And we rocked it with style. (which we continue to rock without asking permission)

What we have in Barbados is a conservative society blended with an usual desire to seek confirmation from outside sources. We need to first be able to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is.

rihanna-mohawk-haircutThe girl cut she hair, why is this news? She was made an ambassador to the youth for one reason only, she is the ONLY superstar we have (so far, I’m working on changing that) and this will always bring attention.

And yes, Rihanna is a superstar. Living here in LA all I have to do is mention Barbados and every person says “Rihanna”. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Does it mean that she is a role model for children in the country? NO. That is what parents are for. And in Barbados we have plenty of those to go around, along with aunties and uncles. So at the end of the day does it matter that she has a mohawk? NO. Does it matter that someone at BFP doesnt like it? NO. That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.

I mean just turn on CBC anytime cricket is playing and there splashed across the screen is my face, mohawk and all, advertising condoms. And that for the National HIV Commission. I got ridicule for that. Did i care? NO. It was my choice and i wore it gladly. The real thing is we need to have the courage to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is. If the girl come out tomorrow and say she gay what people would say then? Seriously, we need to end the judgmental, gossiping by the rumshop mentality that has permeated our society for years and try to show the world what we have. Regardless of what that is. I mean we just won the Segway championship, to me that is just another example of how were finally expanding in this global society as a real player. No pun intended.

Lets try and realise that only Rihanna is living Rihanna’s life. Everyone else needs to go and live theirs.

Exiting soapbox now….

Sean Michael Field

Website: SeanField.com

Editor’s Note:

Barbados-born Sean Michael Field is an actor, artist, host, model and spoken word poet. Within a week of moving to Los Angeles in 2007, he was hand picked from a line of 300 actors and two days later was in a scene in the blockbuster film Hancock, starring Will Smith. Since then he has been seen on popular TV shows such as CSI Miami, ER, Lincoln Heights, 24, NCIS,  Two and a Half Men, Dirty Sexy Money and the pilot for Life on Mars.


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