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Nation News Rihanna photo mistake made me smile

Visitors to The Nation’s website earlier today were greeted with a photo that seems to be captioned about this weekend’s weather.

Yup, the photo of a smiling Rihanna looking prettier and more feminine than we’ve seen her in a long time proclaimed “Prepare for a wet weekend.”

Indeed.  🙂

It looks like a copy editor made a wee mistake and labelled the wrong photo. That’s probably the editor’s story and if I were him, I’d stick with it!

I had to laugh at the error, but then I felt a little sad. You know, this photo reminds me of the Rihanna that we knew only a few years ago although it seems like such a long time past. Look at her: fresh, pretty – no raunchy dress or moves, no over the top hair, no tweeting photos of strippers having oral sex (yes, that was the latest) – just a pretty girl in a nice dress. I wonder, am I the only one who smiled at the photo, and then felt a little sad?



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