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UK Commons Speaker’s wife to make Barbados speech with or without clothes?

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Conflict of Interest scandal surrounds Sally Bercow’s Barbados trip.

Barbados Anti-Gay buggery laws also focus of attention.

“I would end up sometimes at a bar and someone would send a drink over, and I’d think, ‘Why not?’ and we’d go home together. I liked the excitement of not knowing how a night was going to end.”

Sally Bercow, Labour Party approved candidate and wife of UK Commons Speaker John Bercow at Mizzo

Folks, this should be fun… and the story is already garnering some great publicity for Barbados.

If somebody at the Barbados Tourism Authority could take credit for the growing scandal surrounding Mrs. Bercow’s upcoming speaking engagement at the Bridgetown Hilton, I’m sure they would jump at the opportunity. We won’t say “You can’t buy publicity like this”, because you can and Barbados buys stories all the time as part of the BTA’s marketing efforts.

… But this one wasn’t bought. It’s the perfect storm and hopefully the BTA will jump in to make the best of it. After all, it’s free publicity!

The BTA won’t be able to take credit for Sally Bercow because she’s already a legend in the Brit papers after ‘scandalizing Parliament’ by appearing on the TV show Big Brother and posing nearly naked in front of Parliament.

Oh yes… she also told the Brit public what it is like to have sex in the Speaker’s bed under Big Ben (apparently very exciting!), and also told about her binge drinking, drug use and series of one night stands with… well, anybody. Even Gordon Brown succumbed to her, ah, assets, when the Queen gave here Diamond Jubilee Year address to Parliament, Mr. Brown seemed to be more interested in Sally’s “generous cleavage”. Shades of Owen Arthur and Rihanna!

Well, you know how it is… when the pretty little poodle shakes that thing, all the puppies on the block follow her around. Continue reading


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Thompson’s Folly: Forcing “Barbados Ambassador For Culture and Youth” Upon A Girl Named Rihanna

Prime Minister Thompson couldn't resist naming Rihanna "Ambassador for Culture and Youth"

Prime Minister Thompson couldn't resist naming Rihanna "Ambassador for Culture and Youth"

Should Bajan Girls Adopt The Rihanna Pasties Fashion?

What would David Thompson – the man, father – advise a 21 year-old daughter who showed up in public dressed with exposed breasts and pasties as Rihanna did on July 4th to celebrate American Independence Day? Would he say he was proud of her? Would he say “Whatever you do, I support you” ?

Or would he take her aside and tell her that she had gone off the path? No father who cared for a daughter could do anything else.

When Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson named pop-star and sex symbol Rihanna as our “Ambassador for Culture and Youth”, we had our doubts about the wisdom of this political move – for a political move is exactly what it was. Thompson and his DLP advisors just couldn’t help themselves: they saw an opportunity to leverage their political profile by tying themselves to an icon of the day. Not for a moment, not for an awards ceremony: but with an open-ended ambassadorship for Barbados.

Thompson and the DLP could have recognized Rihanna and her work to date in some more appropriate and less-permanent manner – but no… they wanted to forge an ongoing union with an international superstar. So… they made Rihanna “Barbados Ambassador for Culture and Youth”, complete with a diplomatic passport and the worldwide message that Rihanna was a fine example for young people.

Don’t get me wrong here, folks: Rihanna is an adult. She can wear whatever she wants to wear. She can show titty and tattoo guns all over her body…. That’s her business.

But when she is our “Ambassador for Culture and Youth” and shows up dressed in a way that no father could say he was proud of, then it is the business of the people of Barbados.

Mr. Prime Minister: you got us into this. You gave (probably forced upon) Rihanna a title and position that means something to Barbados – or should mean something to Barbados.

Do you still think that Rihanna’s behaviour is worthy of her position?

But what about Jdid?

A few days ago our friend Jdid of Doan Mind Me blog in Toronto Canada published a little article mentioning Janet Jackson’s nipplegate. I wonder what he will have to say about Rihanna’s new fashion statement? Jdid old friend… over to you!


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