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Chris Brown Hearing To Go Ahead Monday – Rihanna May Testify About Assault

California Supreme Court Says Its Time For Chris Brown To Face The Music

Like the coward he truly is for hitting a woman, Chris Brown tried to delay his preliminary hearing into assaulting Rihanna last February. The Supreme Court of California says that the hearing is to proceed as scheduled on June 22nd. It is expected that Rihanna will testify on June 22, 2009

Rihanna & Chris Brown A Few Hours Before The Alleged Assault

Rihanna & Chris Brown A Few Hours Before The Alleged Assault

A Rap For Chris Brown

Well Chris, it’s like this...

Well Chris, it’s like this...

Even though you have money for big fancy lawyers,

It isn’t a murder trial! You don’t rate – the highest court in the State says you have a date

to face the music on Monday.

You’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the day, so HEY! for once be a man and take your medicine if you have to.

I don’t care if she hit you first. I don’t care if she was screaming throwing a hissy fit. You don’t Hit!

I don’t care if she was crazy lady moon time. ‘less you tell me she had a knife at your throat, I don’t, I won’t…

I don’t buy any story that has you laying hands on a woman… let alone bite marks. Bite Marks!

Look at you, Chris. Look at Rihanna. Hey doan ya know, she’s a little slip of a thing who coulda beat on you all night

…and not even raise a bruise.

What message are you going to deliver to the world, Chris?

Okay to beat on a woman if she hit you first? Okay to bite a woman if she won’t let go?

Okay to slap her on the face? Slam on the brakes, launch her face – into the windshield?

If you were wrong, fess up. Doan try to get more licks, ’cause then the judge gonna fall on you like a ton a bricks!

(submitted by a reader who says “apologies to Lady Ga-Ga” – which means nothing to me! 🙂 )


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Is Rihanna About To Do Something Stupid? Rihanna & Chris Brown Attend Orlando NBA Game – Separately

At the MTV Awards The Night Of The Assault

At the MTV Awards The Night Of The Assault

We Hope Rihanna Isn’t Getting Stupes Again!

People Magazine reported yesterday (Thursday) morning that Rihanna and Chris Brown would be sitting together last night at Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Orlando. When game time arrived sure enough they were both there – but sitting far apart.

How unusual that both should end up at the same game, and that it should be reported in the press beforehand. Then again, Tiger Woods, Chris Tucker and Hulk Hogan also attended the game so its not as if its unknown to have multiple celebrities at an NBA Final.

But still…

What happened? Did Rihanna and Chris Brown initially intend to sit together and then change their minds after the publicity?

I hope that Rihanna hasn’t decided to “forgive and forget” after the famous incident last February when it is alleged that Brown beat her and left her by the side of the road. Rihanna has been subpoenaed to testify against Chris Brown at his June 22, 2009 preliminary hearing on assault charges.

Rihanna Fans: Before you leave Barbados Free Press, please take the time to read the following…

Save Graeme Hall

Help Rihanna’s Home Island Save The Last Mangrove Forest…

For any of Rihanna’s fans who are interested in knowing about her home island of Barbados and the kind of natural, quiet and peaceful place that Bajans need once in a while, please visit the website of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and also the Graeme Hall National Park.

We’re in a battle here to save the last natural area on the south of our island. The Government and their land developer friends want to turn the Graeme Hall wetlands into a row of highrise condos, golf course and water park. This is the last Mangrove Forest on the island!

Please help raise awareness around the world.

You can also help by joining the Facebook Group: Save The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

Thank you from the ordinary people of Barbados!

Here are a few background stories…

How The Barbados Government Is Stealing Graeme Hall National Park From Our Children – With The Help Of The News Media

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Closing – Canadian Philanthropist Gives Up On Barbados – World-Class Eco-Tourism Attraction, 85+ Jobs Gone

Barbados Government Confirms Plans To Develop Graeme Hall Wetlands. Thompson’s Million-Dollar Lie


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Rihanna Story Breaks Record At Barbados Free Press – Welcome To Our New Friends Around The World

Thanks to our tens of thousands of new visitors over the last 24 hours – a new world’s record at BFP with well over 40,000 new visitors in the last 24 hour period. (We’re not sure, but as we write this it looks as if we might touch 59,000 or more in the next 24 hours if the trend holds. As of yesterday evening, Barbados Free Press was the #3 WordPress blog worldwide.)

We have closed the comments on the Rihanna assault thread as requested by many of our readers.

Rihanna is always newsworthy, but she is always and will always be our girl and one of us in Barbados – an island that can seem very small at times. She has done well for herself and her country, but she probably needs a little break for the next while at home. Like the vast majority of Bajans will do, when we see her we shall do our utmost to let her walk around without being bothered.

So many of you coming for our Rihanna articles are then staying to have a look around Barbados Free Press.

Now that you are here, we hope that you will tell your friends about the ongoing battle by Bajans to strengthen our democracy and to free our country from the systemic corruption and oppression that has been a quiet truth in Barbados for so many years.

We love our country and many of us are working hard to forge a better life for our children and the coming generations. To do that, we must start paying attention to political and individual freedoms – and especially the rule of law that is so carelessly disregarded by the political and business elites who have run Barbados for so many generations. We must also regain freedom of the press and do our part to keep our island home from becoming nothing but concrete and pavement.

Please read some of our articles and talk with your friends around the world about the struggle for rights and freedoms in Rihanna’s home island of Barbados.


Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert & Auntie Moses
Barbados Free Press

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We’re going to let this story stay at the top for a few days. We’ll have some new stories for you at the end of the week!


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Chris Brown Arrested For Assault-Battery Of Rihanna – “Visible Injuries, Bruises To Face” Cause Rihanna No Show At Grammys

“(Rihanna) got out of the car to walk home. (Chris Brown) got out to stop her,” said the source. “Things got physical. He hit her, possibly more than once. She had multiple bruises.”

Rihanna & Chris Brown A Few Hours Before The Alleged Assault

Rihanna & Chris Brown A Few Hours Before The Alleged Assault

Rihanna Released From Hospital – Chris Brown Out On Bail

Auntie Moses has some advice for Rihanna… “Never ever go back to that man. Once a man hit you it be over. Doan be foolish.”

Our girl was released from hospital early Sunday morning after being involved in a “domestic assault incident” with Chris Brown at 12:30am Sunday on the way home from a pre-Grammy dinner Saturday night. The above photo was taken at that dinner a few hours before the alleged assault.

Brown fled the scene of the assault and turned himself into LAPD at about 6:30pm Sunday afternoon. He was later released on bail.

Rihanna’s publicist was talking about a “minor auto accident” even as the LAPD were putting out an arrest alert for Brown. Hey… somebody should tell that publicist that kind of cover-up isn’t possible anymore.

What Now?

As for Rihanna, we hope if she heads home to Barbados that people will give her some room to unwind and rebuild.

As for Chris Brown, if he did bruise up Rihanna, we hope he rots in jail for a while and meets a few bigger bullies who will teach him that hitting a woman makes him the lowest of the low.

Further Reading

New York Daily News: Chris Brown arrested in battery investigation, victim suspected to be girlfriend Rihanna

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