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Greg and Jane Got Married On The Beach: Then They Discovered Barbados Government “Workers” and “Island Time”…


“The magistrate who married us on January 9 told us to go to District Court A a week after our ceremony to pick up our marriage certificate.

Silly us.  We thought it would be a matter of actually doing just that…”

“…The spirit of the Bajan citizen is good. It’s warm. To me, in the end, that’s far more important than how efficient the system is…”

Congratulations, Friends! Now Take A Deep Breath…

Jane Shattuck of Planet Barbados Blog and her sweetie Greg tied the knot on January 9th and nothing made them do it except their love for each other. Good for them, and we hope that someday they will… perhaps, maybe, if … have a marriage certificate to prove to the world that they really are legally married!

Someday they will actually have an official government piece of paper stating that fact. Who knows? Dreams do come true sometimes!


Planet Barbados Blog: Barbados Red Tape Derails a Moment of Wedded Bliss


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