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LIME cuts top Police Wiretap Executive: Donald Austin

If these walls (or Mr. Austin) could talk…

The man who knows more than anyone else about police and other wiretapping of phones, emails and text messages at Cable & Wireless Caribbean has been gently sacked with a large severance and a “consulting” contract designed to keep him loyal and silent. Continue reading


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Prime Minister Thompson’s health is his own business

Dear Barbados Free Press

On a point of principle, the Prime Minister’s health is nobody’s business but his own.

I refer to Julius Gittens’ article “Tell Us More – P.M” (online edition of “Barbados Today”, July 6, 2010, and his blog of same date).  Mr. Gittens states that he thinks that “while the PM is getting great medical advice he might not be getting – or taking – the best communication advice.   He is the prime minister and the public have a right to know as much as they possibly can, both for his own benefit and for ours”.  Accordingly, the P.M. should give us “full, frank disclosure”.

Presumably, Mr. Gittens refers to whatever diagnosis, or diagnoses, may have been made of the PM’s medical condition.   I respectfully dissent for the following reasons. Continue reading


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