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Oh Harry! (What happens in Vegas… gets posted on the Internet)

HRH Prince Harry – All of ‘im

Secretly taken photos of a nude Prince Harry cavorting with a nude woman in Las Vegas seem to be causing more smiles than shock – and that’s true at our house too. “His Royal Highness is in good shape. Cute bum too!” was the first response of Shona just before she poked me in the belly. (hmmm… yes, not as taunt as it used to be, I know dear.)

So far it looks like Harry was unaware that someone was taking his photo, and that probably garners him some sympathy and leeway. If he knew and allowed the photos that would be another matter, but if some friend betrayed his trust and he didn’t notice, that shifts the perspective.

It looks like Prince Harry is another victim of the new reality: people don’t carry cell phones, they carry cameras capable of making calls. So you’d better be sure you’re with friends if you want to play strip poker, strip pool or any of the other variations that young men and women have been playing for a hundred years.

Further Oogling

TMZ.com  – Prince Harry: Naked at Vegas party


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Prince Harry, Prince Seeiso launching Sentebale Polo Cup – coming to Barbados in January

Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso focus on children as HIV/Aids ravages Lesotho

Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso are coming to Apes Hill Polo Club in Barbados on Sunday 31st January 2010 for the first Sentebale Polo Cup.

Prince Harry will play for the Sentebale team in the match to raise money for Lesotho’s orphans, abused, disabled, ill and most vulnerable children.

“Prince Seeiso and I are incredibly proud of what Sentebale has achieved. But HIV and AIDS are killing more people every year, and poverty and drought afflict many more people than we currently are able to help. The situation is critical. It is the children who are suffering the most from this crisis. Without help, the future of this beautiful country and its unique people is very bleak. We believe Sentebale can change this.”

from a December 18, 2009 story posted on the Prince of Wales’ official website

Life expectancy in Lesotho has plummeted to 34 years

Have a look at the video above, and you can also check out the following website for more information…


Our mission is to transform the lives of Lesotho’s orphans and vulnerable children. Sentebale was founded by Prince Harry and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso to help the forgotten victims of poverty and of the HIV/Aids epidemic ravaging this kingdom.

Sentebale is a new charity with a new approach. We combine thoughtful aid giving with effective businesslike methods. We are committed to the long term funding and support of small but dynamic organisations in Lesotho that are really making a difference in their communities.

Lesotho is fighting for survival. Nearly one third of Lesotho’s people are infected with HIV/AIDS – the third highest rate in the world. There are an estimated 400,000 orphans and vulnerable children in a country of 1.8 million. Life expectancy has plummeted to 34 years.


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