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St. Lucia Police formed Death Squad, murdered criminals in vigilante actions

Barbados Murder Gun Revolver 3

Why bother to have courts, judges, juries and trials when we can have the police dispense justice as they see fit – in a cane field at 3am…

St Lucia’s police force kept ‘death lists’ of suspected criminals and planted guns at police shootings to make them look legitimate, according to a report.

The Caribbean island’s prime minister Kenny Anthony said a team of Jamaican investigators had delivered an ‘extremely damning’ report on the deaths of 12 people shot by officers in 2010 and 2011.

Mr Anthony said the report, which has not been made public, revealed that the shootings were ‘staged by the police’ but reported as murders by unknown assailants.

… read the fully story at The Daily Mail: Caribbean police force ‘kept death lists of suspected criminals and planted guns


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Royal Barbados Police Force a house divided

Journalists’ leadership questions dog Commissioner Dottin at RBPF press conference

“…so emboldened, the deputy sought to make a complaint against the top cop – no one is sure if this is related to the connected matter or if there are other details in addition to the open fracas? Yet when the review of 2010 with Crime In Barbados unfolded today at Police Headquarters at Roebuck Street – Bertie Hinds was conspicuously absent!

This led Peter Thorne from CBC to query if there was still disagreement between the two officers and Commissioner Dottin declined to respond, then almost immediately afterwards, Mike King of the Nation asked if the top cop has any plans of announcing a retirement in the near future and again Dottin refused to answer! Usually such declinations are left to die on the vine, but in the interests of all Barbados it needs to be made clear…”

from the Bajan Reporter article Power Play between Police Commissioner of Barbados and Deputy remains simmering


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Do we need armed officers at each Barbados school? Shot fired during school canteen robbery

Violent criminals know the Barbados Police Force is understrength by 100+ officers

When two thugs burst into the Parkinson School canteen just after lunch on Friday and fired a shot to terrorize the staff, they knew that they could probably get clean away. That’s because criminals, like the rest of us, have noticed that patrolling police officers are a rare sight in Barbados compared with even two or three years ago.

According to the story in The Nation, canteen owner Nancy Lynch was taken to hospital and another woman had a gun placed right against her chest as people screamed and ran from the masked men.

In our school.

Where our children are.

Where we send them every day to learn and be safe.

School Principal Orson Alleyne wrong about one thing…

“It is frightening to think that in this society we can come to the point where people can think they can come onto a school compound and perform such acts, and in broad daylight,” … school principal Orson Alleyne

The truth is that the thugs don’t think they can rob a school in broad daylight with our children there – they know they can do it because they, like the rest of us, watched the politicians squeeze the budget of our Royal Barbados Police Force for the last 15 years.

Dale Marshall - Policing not a priority

Former Attorney General Dale Marshall told potential Barbados police recruits that they shouldn’t expect to be paid anywhere near what they could earn elsewhere as police officers. That said everything about what Mr. Marshall’s priorities were. (To be fair though, Dale Marshall’s government did give us a hell of a Cricket World Cup party over a few weeks for only a half a billion dollars or thereabouts.)

Policing and community safety was not a priority for the Mottley/Arthur BLP government and it is not a priority for the current DLP government. That’s why our police force doesn’t have the money to attract and hire the more than 100 officers who haven’t been replaced.

An Insider Talks

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Police urge Bajans to not walk alone in secluded areas, be wary of strangers approaching your home


Was Chief Justice Simmons right? Is it time to bring in the Military?

The end of a murderous weekend has the Royal Barbados Police Force advising members of the public to avoid walking alone in secluded areas and to exercise care when anyone approaches their property.

A list of murders and violence over the last few days has folks wondering if they somehow moved to Jamaica or Trinidad without realising it.

Interestingly enough, when the Nation News first published their story of the violence it was called Days of Mayhem. A few hours later the title was changed to “Three die on tragic weekend.” I guess the politically correct people got to the editors!

Woman shot in head. Store keeper murdered. Man shot in legs by robbers. Elderly woman slashed in home. Body found in field. And on and on and on…

A St. George couple are lucky to be alive after three armed masked men smashed their way into a home on Friday morning and demanded money, strangely enough claiming that they were police officers. When the couple ran the woman was shot in the head. She is lucky to be alive as the bullet grazed her skull: another half inch lower and it would have been murder. That night the mother of our director of the Department of Emergency Management, Judy Thomas, was attacked in her home by a man with a cutlass. Police arrested a man for burglary. The 85 year old victim is recovering from serious cuts in hospital.

The fun continued on Saturday night with a man shot in both legs by robbers while he was out walking in St. Michael. Then on Sunday Mr. Anderson Phillips, the proprietor of Pam’s Variety store, was shot to death by two men as he closed the Christ Church business. The next morning the body of 74 year old Aron Joseph was found in a St. Philip field. Police are calling his death “unnatural” but haven’t released further details.

Chronic Understaffing of our Police Force – A deliberate choice by government

Police Commissioner Dottin: No money for training or equipment. Officers paid less than garbage workers.

Police Commissioner Dottin: No money for training or equipment. Officers paid less than garbage workers.

The Royal Barbados Police Force is, last we heard, still about 100 officers shy of authorised strength. The force is finding it difficult to recruit sufficient personnel despite having lowered the educational standards to attract persons who were once deemed not educated enough to be officers.

The problem is, of course, money. The people who drive the Sanitation Service Authority’s garbage trucks make a higher wage than many officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

This travesty was initially brought about under the previous Arthur/Mottley BLP Government, but after two years of the Thompson DLP Government, police salaries remain absurdly low. As we keep pointing out, after almost two years in government David Thompson now owns the problem and he’s done nothing to correct it.

A while ago Chief Justice David Simmons suggested that our police and military should be amalgamated into one entity. The police and the military have long operated joint patrols in “difficult” areas, and these were stepped up after the murder in broad daylight of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld.

Frankly, it almost seems as if this crisis in citizen safety has been engineered by successive governments. Considering that public safety is the foundation of our tourism industry we are at a loss to explain how our BLP and DLP governments allowed things to get this bad.

Now Barbadians are forced to choose between bringing in more military personnel or continuing the slaughter brought about in part by inadequate staffing of our police force.

Chief Justice Simmons - Wants military to police Barbados

Chief Justice Simmons - Wants military to police Barbados

Frankly we weren’t surprised to hear our Chief Justice suggesting a para-military police force and ending the independence of the police and military as Mr. Simmons actions have long shown that he favours eliminating independent branches of government. His own appointment effectively placed the Barbados Labour Party in charge of the nation’s courts.

As we wrote in a previous article about the Barbados Military being used to “police” the country…

Good men and women instinctively realize that the consolidation of government powers in the hands of any small group is dangerous. That is why democratic societies take care to split powers and responsibilities among of the various arms of government, and to ensure that societal institutions function with independence and always under the scrutiny of other balancing entities.

No one person, group or institution should have the power to operate without being accountable to society at large, and this accountability is often structured into the system on multiple levels.

The David Thompson DLP government refuses to pay a living wage to officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Joint patrols with the military are being stepped up to fill in the gaps, but the military are not police officers.

As the violence grows, the Thompson government will have to make up its mind: more military, or more police?

Which will it be, Mr. Prime Minister?

A professional police force, well paid, adequately staffed and trained… or young soldiers with automatic weapons on our streets? Or the status quo of doing nothing and letting everything go to hell in a handbasket?

Your choice Mr. Prime Minister.

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Four Shot At Football Match As Thousands Run For Their Lives: Jamaica? Guyana? No… Barbados!!!


Welcome To Your New Island

The Barbados Advocate and the Nation call the shootings an “incident”.

We call it Barbados out of control – the natural result of what happens when you combine no rule of law with no effective police force and a top-down culture of corruption in government that has permeated everyday life.

It looks to us like 15 years of starvation wages for the Royal Barbados Police Force and 15 years of corrupt governments are the chickens that are coming home to roost.

Read it and weep…

CBC: Guyanese Killed, Four Men Shot

Nation: Shots Fired At Football Match

Barbados Advocate: Police Investigating Incidents


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BFP Joins Call For Boycott Of LIME – Cable and Wireless

“Early in the New Year Barbados Underground proposes to instigate a Boycott LIME Day. At that time we will encourage LIME subscribers in Barbados to protest to LIME in a tangible way i.e. non-payment of bills for one month, transfer  of service where practicable to the competition, send emails and telephone calls to Customer Care/Contact Centres, write to the Public Counsel/Fair Trading Department etc.”

… from the BU article TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service

Limited Internet, Many Expenses

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service – Why Not Give Them A Try?

Our friends over at Barbados Underground blog have been complaining since forever about the poor performance of LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) both technically and in customer service. Consumer advocate pit bull Chris Halsall has also been critical of the inability of LIME to deliver a quality product at a fair price.

Now that TeleBarbados has upgraded it’s broadband service to the ARRIS WiDOX solution that “provides fixed wireless solutions from a single tower to cover large geographic areas, thus eliminating the need for high infrastructure costs in rural environments” many Bajans will have the option of dumping the unreliable LIME internet. Some Barbados Underground commenters are reporting excellent satisfaction levels with TeleBarbados.

LIME – Cable & Wireless Deserves To Be Punished For Failing To Act On Murder, Rape And Arson Threats Too!

Since 2007, LIME – Cable and Wireless has been made aware of numerous threats to murder, rape and arson political opponents of the Barbados Labour Party government that were made using LIME’s internet service. On multiple occasions, LIME also received sufficient information to enable them to identify the people who were making the threats. LIME has not only the ability to identify the thugs who are making the threats, they also have the legal ability to monitor the internet traffic to make sure they are 100% correct – even to catch the culprits in action.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

LIME could have monitored the internet accounts being used to make the threats, turned over the exact identities of the thugs making the threats, and then SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET ACCOUNTS BEING USED.

The threats continue to this day and LIME allows them to continue. They have not shut down the internet accounts of those responsible.

And we’d like to point out that we’re not just talking about threats here: hotelier, journalist and critic of the BLP government Adrian Loveridge was threatened with arson and THEN THERE WAS AN ARSON at his business.

Yes, the corrupt Royal Barbados Police Force did nothing because they are owned by their government masters and have no idea what “Rule of Law” means – but that does not excuse LIME for being government lapdogs too.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

Further Reading

COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman


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