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Drug dealing Barbados Police Officer found dead

RBPF Constable Torey Brathwaite dies at father’s home

The police aren’t saying much other than 25 year old Torey Brathwaite was found by his father on Thursday morning. There is no indication if drugs or foul play are suspected.

Constable Brathwaite had been suspended since he was arrested in December 2008 for possession and trafficking in cocaine. The amount of drugs involved was over a kilo, so this man was no little fish. Oh sure, a kilo of coke is not a shipping container, but it’s not a couple of baggies of herb if you understand what I’m saying here.

I’m sorry for his parents, his family and his school friends who say he wasn’t a bad fellow, nevermind his recent new troubles and that bad decision two years ago that cost him so dearly.

Mostly I feel sorry for Barbados and yes, for Commissioner Dottin, and for the many many good police officers who give it their best every day as they try to make do with inadequate equipment, poor laws and a budget and salaries that mock our claim to be the Caribbean’s premier high end tourist destination. Continue reading


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