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Will Barbados hang Police Constable Everton Gittens?

Shot in the back. Just another day with the Barbados Police.

Unarmed and shot in the back. Just another day with the Barbados Police.

For the first time that anyone can remember, we have a police constable charged with murder. Everton Gittens was arrested and charged and appeared in court yesterday for the murder of Selwyn Knight at Dash Gap, Bank Hall.

Rumours are that Selwyn Knight and his father were shot in the back as they pursued Gittens’ homosexual lover Jamal Skeete who had broken into their home. Folks who read this blog know that I Robert don’t care who anybody sleeps with, or how many people they sleep with, or how many people they sleep with all at once. You want to be friends with Cliverton, you have to accept that the man will sleep with anything that breathes and I’m not even sure to draw the line that close.

But, the moment you bring emotions into the equation when somebody has their finger on a trigger, well mister, as they say that is serious business. And if the man holding the gun is a cop, that’s another layer, or perhaps another lawyer.

Rumours are that there is a video of the shooting made by a security camera, but that Gittens himself destroyed the recording. (So says Sheri Veronica an she’s plugged in everywhere)

As Sheri Veronica made note, Gittens is the same police constable involved in the Shanique Myrie case, and the court rejected his evidence as not the truth.

For too long ’bout this place police have done what they want to do and gotten away with it. That’s one of the problems when you have a little rock like this with 275,000 people on it and call it a country. Cabals take over everything including justice and policing.

We’ve had other police officers shoot people in the back before with no charges. It’s even dangerous in Barbados to run away from police if you’re unarmed on your bicycle.

But here’s the big deal… this is the Caribbean and some folks want to hang Gittens because he supposedly had a man for a lover.

If Barbados is going to hang Gittens, it should be for murder and nothing else.

But this is the Caribbean and there’s nothing you can do ’bout that.


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Innocent Bystander Shot By Barbados Police – Kim Joseph Begs The World For Justice


Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar

Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar


UPDATE: September 9, 2010

Barbados Free Press has received information that the victim of this police shooting is still be stonewalled by the Royal Barbados Police Force and ignored by the Barbados Government. Kim Joseph is just one of a number of shootings where innocent bystanders were “accidentally” gunned down by police.

The only way these victims will receive justice is if the world takes notice… because in Barbados the government doan give a damn. Barbados Free Press will continue to run this and other such stories of police corruption and abuse until right is done or they shut us down. We will never forget, we will never let go.

Original story follows (more police abuse links at the bottom)…

17 Year Old Girl Gunned Down By Wild Barbados Police Shooting

No Settlement, No Inquiry In Ten Years

Almost 10 years ago, 17-year-old Kim Joseph was walking her little cousin in Bridgetown. She didn’t know that within seconds she would be shot in the head at close range by a wild-eyed reckless armed man who happened to be an officer with the Royal Barbados Police Force.

10 years later she still carries the scar on the side of her head and bullet fragments in her brain – but there has been no inquiry into the police shooting of an innocent 17-year-old girl on the streets of Bridgetown. There has been no apology from the police or the government. No monetary settlement for a decade of being unable to work due to headaches and other health problems. No compensation for her young life and a promising future turned upside down. No penalty, no disciplinary hearing for the man who almost ended her life due to carelessness. Continue reading


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