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Zetas Drug Gang agrees with Barbados Police Commissioner: Social media, blogs, are bad!

Barbados Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin doesn’t mind telling anyone: he hates social media – Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs – all of it. Our top cop has spoken several times about his negative views on citizens who use social media, most recently a few days ago as documented at Bajan Reporter (story & video).

It looks like Commissioner Dottin has some support for his position from the murderous Zetas Drug Gang in Mexico.

The Zetas drug thugs don’t like social media either, so two days ago they murdered two bloggers and hung their bodies from a bridge to give citizens the message that using social media to communicate with each other about crime is a bad thing to do.

The bloodstained bodies of a man and a woman were found hanging from a bridge in northeast Mexico Tuesday, along with threatening messages to people who report drug violence on social networks.

The messages lay near the two bodies, found half naked, alluding to websites set up for people to report drug violence in the area, police said.

“That will happen to all of them,” read the text of one message signed with the letter ‘Z’ usually associated with the Zetas drug gang.

… from the AFP story Hanging corpses carry threat to Mexico Internet users

Yup, both the Zetas Drug Gang and our Commissioner of Police recognize that social media helps to make their organisations accountable in society. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and discussion forums empower ordinary folks and makes it impossible for those in power to do what they want in secret. The drug gangs and the police can intimidate the news media and individual citizens – but they can’t stop anonymous social media from fairly revealing and criticizing abuses of power, corruption, incompetence, failures and the use of violence by gang members and police officers.

“Like the Zetas Drug Gang, Police Commissioner Dottin hates the lack of control over what people talk about on social media.”

Commissioner Dottin’s police officers have arrested journalists for reporting on police activities, roughed them up, seized cameras, erased videos and covered up police corruption. Barbados police of all ranks regularly intimidate the local news media – but they can’t intimidate anonymous citizens who responsibly use social media and the internet. Like the Zetas Drug Gang, Police Commissioner Dottin hates that lack of control over what people talk about on social media.

Barbados Commissioner of Police remains silent about police corruption revealed on social media

While we’re at it, we’ll reprint this September 10, 2010 invitation to Commissioner Dottin that lists some of the serious police abuses and corruption we’ve spoken about at BFP. So far Commissioner Dottin remains silent, except for his slamming of social media.

Dear Commissioner Dottin,

During your recent press conference, you alluded not only to a recent BFP story, but also to past internet “rumours” as you call them. In light of this we thought we’d mention a few of our previous articles and see if you could clarify the facts for Barbados citizens about police stories that the regular news media either wouldn’t cover or allowed to fade away unresolved.

Sir, this is your chance to specifically address anything that Barbados Free Press has ever printed about you or the RBPF (or anything else) and to speak directly to the same audience without our interference.

Commissioner Dottin, we promise that we will prominently post anything you write to us – unedited and without our comments. If you think any of our stories are inaccurate, upon your request we’ll post your response right with the story so everyone can read it. All we ask is that you send us an email from your RBPF email so we know it’s really you.

And, if there are serious errors in any of our stories, we promise we’ll make changes and publicly apologise to you, the RBPF and any officers we mentioned in the stories.

Here are some of the issues and our related stories that you might like to address. Please feel free to mention any others as well.

1. Bribery and corruption charges dropped against RBPF Sgt. Paul Vaughan (Vaughn) without explanation.

2. Barbados Police outright refusal to investigate arson, and threats of death, arson and rape against foreign investor and hotel owner Adrian Loveridge and his wife.

3. The Royal Barbados Police Force hired corrupt Florida Sheriff Ken Jenne and his associates to provide training and equipment to our police officers. This corrupt bunch got mixed up in kickbacks, fraud, tax evasion and money laundering – some of it in relation to work done for the RBPF.

4. Passersby and innocent people shot by Barbados Police officers.

5. Police Sargeant Paul Vaughan (Vaughn) collecting unpaid rent for Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock. A blank, pre-signed search warrant was used, and a woman’s vagina was searched for back-rent money.

6. Refusal of Barbados Police to investigate violent threats against witnesses in trial.

7. Failure of Barbados Police to implement a zero tolerance policy on spousal abuse, and to take spousal abuse seriously.

8. Failure of the Barbados Police to stop the Boscobel Road Toll Gang.

9. Failure of Barbados Police to uphold the law at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary & RAMSAR protected wetlands.

10. Barbados Police are a law unto themselves in respect of wiretapping phone calls. There are no controls and no oversight by the judiciary or any independent body.

Here’s the list again with links to our stories… >>> Continue reading


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Was Barbados denied DVD Region 1 Status because of Police Corruption?

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Barbados Police Intellectual Property investigator took $56,500 in bribes while US Embassy wondered why no enforcement!

WikiLeaks US Embassy Cable: Barbados Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan “limited success” stopping pirated DVDs, Intellectual Property

Two years before corrupt Sergeant Paul Vaughan of the Barbados Police Copyright Infringement Unit was arrested and charged with taking bribes to allow a counterfeit DVD “pirate” to operate, a US Embassy cable lamented the fact that he and the Barbados Police were unsuccessful in stopping the blatant copying of intellectual property like movie and music DVDs.

“Although he appears committed to his work, Vaughan has had limited success stopping IPR violators. Local music is often available only in pirated form and video store employees blatantly copy tapes behind the counter during working hours. Hopefully, the USPTO training will encourage Vaughan in his fight to better enforce IPR in Barbados.”

February 3, 2006 WikiLeaks US Embassy Cable:  06BRIDGETOWN232 (full text at end of post)

The frustration of US Ambassador Mary Kramer is plain throughout the February 3, 2006 cable. It looks like it never occurred to her that the reason why no enforcement was happening was that the DVD pirates were paying off the very police officer in charge of copyright violations!

Almost two years later on November 13, 2007 another US Embassy cable repeated the frustration…

“the government needs to improve its enforcement of the anti-piracy laws. For example, shops openly sell and rent pirated CDs, videos, and DVDs.”



Sgt. Paul Vaughan arrested, charges later dropped by friend

Then in September 2008 the news broke that Sgt. Vaughan had been arrested and charged with with corruptly accepting $56,500 in bribes between December 1, 2004 and April 30, 2007 from Evadney Cindy Bushell in return for protecting her from prosecution for selling pirated DVDs.

Please note the very specific amount of bribe money that was said to have been paid over several years. They didn’t pull that figure from a hat, you know.

As we predicted at the time, Charles Leacock, our corrupt Director of Public Prosecutions later withdrew all charges against his friend Paul Vaughan and that was the end of that. An insider source even told us ahead of time that the charges would be dropped when things quieted down. (See our MUST-READ STORIES here, here and here).

By some strange coincidence, the corrupt Barbados news media seems to have removed all news of Vaughan’s bribery charges from the internet. What a surprise!

As to the result of the DVD Piracy charges against the shopkeeper, Evadney Cindy Bushell, well – we can’t find any record of those charges anywhere. Again, what a surprise!

Commissioner of Police Dottin remains silent amidst the stench of corruption

We can’t find anything to indicate what happened to Bushell’s DVD Piracy charges, so we’ll speculate that the charges were dropped in a tit-for-tat deal so Sgt. Vaughan could be set free too. That’s justice in Barbados for you… you’re okay if you have an ace up your sleeve – but it doesn’t look good to the rest of the world. If that’s not the way it happened, perhaps Commission of Police Dottin can finally explain to the public what did happen. (We’ll print his response unedited right here. We’re waiting, Sir!)

Corruption has consequences: Barbados wanted a change to DVD Zone 1 – DENIED

Barbados DVD players are “officially” set to Zone 4 (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and much of Oceania) but let’s face it, most homes have a Zone 1 player.

According to a WikiLeaks cable, Stuart Mottley led a group to Washington to ask for a change to Zone 1 (USA, Canada, Bermuda). The request was obviously denied and we have to wonder…

Was Barbados denied DVD Zone 1 Status because of corruption by Sergeant Paul Vaughan and the Barbados Police Copyright Infringement Unit?

“According to Vaughan, Stuart Mottley, brother of Barbados Attorney General Mia Mottley, led a group of Barbadians to Washington to lobby the MPAA for Barbados to be in Region 1 for DVD sales (same as the U.S.) instead of Region 4 (Latin America). (Note: To protect Hollywood’s system of varying theatrical release dates by country, DVD players and disks are restricted by geographical region. A movie that is out on DVD in the U.S. may have just been released in movie theaters in Europe. Ensuring that DVDs only function in their intended region helps movie studios maximize profits and avoid a situation where a new movie is simultaneously in the theater and available on DVD. End Note.) According to an American who owns a movie theater in Barbados, most people on the island own Region 1 DVD players so restricting DVD imports to Region 4 limits the legitimate DVD sales market.”

… from the WikiLeaks US Embassy Cable February 3, 2006 WikiLeaks  06BRIDGETOWN232

Full cable published below. >>>>>> Continue reading


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Sex for promotion confirmed in Turks and Caicos Police Force

Barbados Police almost look good compared with T&C!

submitted by BFP reader “TCL”

I’ve read the criticism about the Barbados Police at BFP and on other blogs and in the media. The criticism is not undeserved and I agree that many faults in the police are systemic and the result of long term neglect and underfunding by the political class. Add to that underfunding the long standing subservience of the police management to whatever party is in power.

Management’s cowardliness killed police independence

Police are supposed to be independent agents of society who enforce the laws equally – without regard to class, race, religion etc. The Barbados Police management allowed that police independence to disappear like smoke in the wind. I blame nobody else except police management.

“Barbados Police management don’t have the courage to stand up to the politicians when there is political interference in their work. They have trained themselves, the politicians and the public to expect that all events requiring the police are processed politically on certain levels.”

A police officer encountering a situation to be dealt with should not have to process his or her decisions politically. It should be about the law and nothing else. Police should not have to think about whether the person in front of them is connected to government or influential people. The decision should be about the law. That is where our society is going wrong.

Everything that is wrong with our police was illustrated some years ago when the police would not enter a gated community for many days to answer the call for help from an abused wife because a security guard would not let them in past the gate. The security guard should have been in handcuffs and charged for interference with a police officer answering a victim’s call. (BFP please find the story and reference it here: Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!)

There is a certain irony when I read on the TC Eye Now blog that the Turks and Caicos police Sex Offence Unit was recently in Barbados taking training on “Supporting Victims of Sexual Assaults”. I hope the Barbados Police learned something from that disgusting incident at the gated community and passed it on to the Turks and Caicos police.

The TC Eye Now blog is probably written by a T&C police officer or someone very close to the inner workings of that police force.

Speaking of the Turks and Caicos Islands Police, there are a series of police scandals happening that make the Barbados police look good. It was confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police that female officers no longer have to sleep with management to get promoted!

Now that’s progress!

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Typical Barbados Justice System Follies: Another Police File “Missing” at Director of Public Prosecutions Office

Justice-Scales-MoneyIn a real Justice System all the alarm bells and sirens go off when a police file goes missing in a high-profile case.

In Barbados, its only another day of at the office.

Welcome to the Justice System of Barbados…

This is a country where a twelve year old girl is raped and it doesn’t come to court for ten years and then gets tossed because the “old boy network” looked after things.

This is a country where a popular pastor is charged with rape and it doesn’t come to court for seven years.

This is a country where a civil lawsuit against the Attorney General can’t come to trial in 17 bloody years!

This is a country where we have no laws to protect buyers of condominiums, a country where a court dispute over a condominium can take 19 years and still be unresolved!

This is a country where a seriously injured tourist has to wait eleven long years for justice.

This is a country where a foreign resident who purchased land in Barbados can’t get title or deed for 34 years! No, that is not a typo error. It is 34 bloody years and still counting!

This is a country where rape victims are pressured into taking money in exchange for not testifying when criminal charges have already been laid… and the courts go along with it!

And if the courts give a decision that the government of the day doesn’t like? The foreign investor is just as likely to see the army sent in with guns to overrule the court’s decision. They don’t usually print the story of Barbados Sea Island Cotton and Nitin Amersey in the local news!

“Rule of law?”

Ha! You mek sport my friends!

This is the reality of our Barbados courts and it has been recognized again and again but nothing changes.

Here is the latest story. Just today’s story — but citizens and foreign investors alike should be aware that if they have a dispute with one of the Barbados elites or the government, or find themselves relying upon the Barbados Justice System, this is what they are in for…

from The Nation (online story here)…

Delay in Radio Boss’ Case

THE POLICE FILE has been allegedly lost and so a year after the case against radio manager Veoma Alisha Ali first came to court, it is yet to start.

Ali’s counsel Wilfred Abrahams yesterday told the District “A” Magistrates’ Court that “apparently the file had gone to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office and had been misplaced”.

His comments came after police prosecutor Sergeant Trenton Small said he was not yet in possession of a file.

“Even if that were true,” said Magistrate Pamela Beckles in response to Abrahams’ comments, “this is a whole year that has passed and you should go back to the complainant and re-interview her.”

Ali, 29, of No. 397 A, Westwood Park, Husbands, St James, has been accused that with intent to maim, disfigure or disable Kareen Clarke, of Denton Road, Grazettes, St Michael, she did serious bodily harm to Clarke on August 27, 2008.

Ali remains on $20 000 bail.

The matter was then adjourned until Novembers 9.


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Mexico Decriminalizes Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin Personal Use – Is it about tourism?

Wise Move in the Drug Wars… or Desperation By A Failed Nation?

Our favourite Bob

Our favourite Bob

This week the Mexican government decriminalized personal possession of marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and heroin.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that Mexico has just expanded the demand for product and enriched the drug cartels and local dealers – while doing nothing to stop the gang warfare that has killed over 11,000 people in the last three years alone.

Had the Mexicans also instituted governmental production and distribution of the drugs – much as jurisdictions control and license liquor – the drug wars in Mexico would have ended virtually overnight just as the end of alcohol prohibition in the USA and Canada ended the turf wars of the rum runners in that era.

Why Did The Mexican Government Make This Move?

Mexican Federal Police... serving what master?

Mexican Federal Police... serving what master?

According to Mexican government officials (as reported here, here and here) one of the primary reasons for decriminalization is to stop corrupt Mexican police officers from using the drug laws to extort money from casual drug users and other little people.

In other words, the Mexican police are so out of control, so corrupt and so autonomous that the government’s only hope of limiting abuse of police power was to change the drug laws. With this admission, all the other supposedly good things about this change (like being able to offer treatment to addicts) become so much window dressing to brighten up an otherwise desperate move by a desperate government.

“Parents will be delighted to learn that their college students now have a legal place to experiment with hard drugs. And it’s just across the border.”

Phoenix Times: Want to Do Drugs? Go to Mexico: Now Small Amounts are Legal!

Drug Tourism… Here We Come! “We gon get high, high, high!”

The Stranger (a famous or infamous counter-culture publication out of Seattle, Washington) discussed the decriminalization and then summed it up with the phrase “In the meantime, have fun vacationing in Mexico.”

This sentiment is echoed on dozens of other blogs to the point where it is obvious that many people in the USA will now consider vacationing in Mexico because recreational drugs will be available. I can’t really empathize with these folks because my drug comes with a Mount Gay label on the bottle. Then again, would I consider a vacation at a “dry” destination? Probably not, so maybe I can understand the potheads to a certain extent.

Mexico’s tourism has been in the dumps for some time due to the recession, out of control crime and the drug wars. There’s nothing like a few severed heads rolling about on a nightclub floor to attract tourists, you know! Or heads left by the side of the road in a cooler.  Even the Mexican police are frightened to death.

Mexican Tourist Attraction: Severed heads in coolers by the roadside

Mexican Tourist Attraction: Severed heads in coolers by the roadside

Will decriminalization stop the drug wars? I don’t think so.

Will decriminalization “save” Mexican tourism? I don’t think so – but it may attract more of a certain type of tourist and “retiring” person to enjoy recreational drugs as Mexico moves even closer to the abyss of being a failed country.


“Just say No!”


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Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock – Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Barbados News Media Remains Silent

On September 16, 2008, Barbados Police Sergeant Paul Emmanuel Vaughn (sometimes spelled Paul Vaughan) was charged with corruptly accepting $56,500 in bribes between December 1, 2004 and April 30, 2007 from Evadney Cindy Bushell in return for protecting her from prosecution for selling pirated DVDs.

We said at the time that the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock would eventually withdraw the criminal charges against his old friend, Sergeant Vaughn, because the two corrupt public employees had previously been involved together in the Ronja Juman scandal. In short, Charles Leacock had Sergeant Vaughn and his goon squad arrest Ronja Juman in the middle of the night and subject the terrified woman to a vaginal search – over back rent she owed Charles Leacock. There was no way the DPP was going to continue the prosecution of a man who was his friend and a co-conspirator in the illegal activities and abuses that happened to Juman – and we said so.

See our article Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

Well surprise, surprise! The Director of Public Prosecutions recently ordered the withdrawal of the bribery and perverting the course of justice charges against his friend, Sergeant Vaughn. No public explanation was given – and the cowardly lapdogs in the Barbados news media never asked a single question even though the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

As our friend from GBL Blog pointed out, the original charges stated that $56,500 had been paid by Evadney Bushell to Sergeant Vaughan between certain dates. The police who laid the bribery charges didn’t just pull that figure out of a hat, you know! Here is what our friend said…

“Yesterday, prosecutor, Sergeant Trenton Small informed the court that acting on the instructions of the DPP, Charles Leacock, QC, the two charges were being withdrawn by the prosecution.”

– Daily Nation, June 23, 2009, Pg 17.

This stinks to me. I wish I had the original court report so I could point how ‘dead to rights’ this guy was. The 56K figure which seemed connected to him had to come from somewhere. As far as I am aware, an influx of cash of that amount for a civil servant will raise eyebrows, as civil servants are not allowed to work outside of the civil service whilst still employed by the civil service.

There is also the evidence against the accused Evadney Bushell. Did that just disappear into thin air? What brought the charges in the first place?

The article does not say that the case was dropped for lack of evidence, the procedure was not improperly followed, so I am left to ask WHY?

The boys in blue look after their own. That’s why. From the beat cop to the DPP.

… from The Good, The Bad & The LOL article Charges Against Sergeant Discontinued

Police Commissioner Dottin… Why Do You Think The Barbados Police Enjoy So Little Public Respect?

As we said when we predicted the charges would fade into nothing without any explanation…

I love Barbados – but I hate the corrupt and incestuous cartel that seems to run everything.


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Barbados Police Receive Training From China – Chinese Law Enforcement Handbook Instructs How To Beat People Without Leaving Marks (Were I’Akobi’s Cops China Trained?)


Slippery Slopes Get Very Slippery Indeed

Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force already receive training from China’s police both in Barbados and during exchanges in China. As Barbados Free Press has pointed out on numerous occasions, we don’t believe that Barbados police officers have much to learn from a country that drives tanks over teenagers, kidnaps pregnant women off the streets to force abortions upon them and routinely trains police officers in how to shoot prisoners in the head during public executions. Our Barbados Defence Force also receives Chinese training and equipment.

And now we have to ask if the Chinese authorities will be supplying our police officers with the latest textbook for city administration law enforcement squads. The Chengguan handbook instructs Chinese law enforcement officers in how to inflict pain upon citizens without drawing blood or leaving marks…

“In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and that no people are in the vicinity.”

… From the Beijing Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement training textbook “The Practice of City Administrator Law Enforcement”

Did Any Barbados Police Officer Involved With The Death Of I’Akoki Receive Chinese Training?

Barbados Free Press will have much more to say about the illegal arrest of I’Akobi Maloney by Barbados police — an act that is all too common on this island as our police officers routinely exceed their authority in law and abuse the rights of citizens and members of the press.

But for now, we just want an answer from the Commissioner of Police…

Commissioner Dottin — Please inform the good citizens of Barbados whether any of the police officers involved with the death of I’Akobi Maloney, either at the scene or during the subsequent investigation, ever received training from China.

Further Reading

Global Voices – China: A practical handbook for beating street vendors

Nova Scotia Scott blog – Chinese Junior Cops Trained In Thuggery

Danwei – A practical handbook for beating street vendors

BFP: Chinese Police Arrest Christians For Nativity Play, Praying – But Barbados Still Loves Chinese Charity and Investment

BFP: Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?


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Innocent Bystander Shot By Barbados Police – Kim Joseph Begs The World For Justice


Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar

Innocent Victim Of Barbados Police Shooting Points To Bullet Entry Scar


UPDATE: September 9, 2010

Barbados Free Press has received information that the victim of this police shooting is still be stonewalled by the Royal Barbados Police Force and ignored by the Barbados Government. Kim Joseph is just one of a number of shootings where innocent bystanders were “accidentally” gunned down by police.

The only way these victims will receive justice is if the world takes notice… because in Barbados the government doan give a damn. Barbados Free Press will continue to run this and other such stories of police corruption and abuse until right is done or they shut us down. We will never forget, we will never let go.

Original story follows (more police abuse links at the bottom)…

17 Year Old Girl Gunned Down By Wild Barbados Police Shooting

No Settlement, No Inquiry In Ten Years

Almost 10 years ago, 17-year-old Kim Joseph was walking her little cousin in Bridgetown. She didn’t know that within seconds she would be shot in the head at close range by a wild-eyed reckless armed man who happened to be an officer with the Royal Barbados Police Force.

10 years later she still carries the scar on the side of her head and bullet fragments in her brain – but there has been no inquiry into the police shooting of an innocent 17-year-old girl on the streets of Bridgetown. There has been no apology from the police or the government. No monetary settlement for a decade of being unable to work due to headaches and other health problems. No compensation for her young life and a promising future turned upside down. No penalty, no disciplinary hearing for the man who almost ended her life due to carelessness. Continue reading


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When Police Become Thugs: Bahamas Night Raid Terrorizes Mother and Child – Memories Of Barbados Police Ronja Juman Abuses

You are the mother of a seven year old child and you are both at home sleeping and at 4:30 am you are awakened by loud banging on your front door with someone shouting “open the door or we will break it down”. You start to frantically search for your keys and at the same time you hear a banging on the back door. By the time you get the door open both you and your child are terrified. Seven immigration officers rudely enter your home and start to terrorize you and your child. You offer to show them your Bahamian passport and you are rudely brushed aside. Not one of them states the purpose of their intrusion and they leave as abruptly as they entered.

I saw the fear in this young woman’s eyes. I saw a picture of the mallet that was used to break her gate. I could feel her anger because her home was invaded and she does not know why, nor has anyone apologized, nor has the Minister met with her as promised, nor has she been able to contact him or anyone else at the Immigration department.

… from Weblog Bahamas article Is the Bahamas becoming a frightened society?

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

News Media Continues Cover-Up Of Corrupt Activities By Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

A story of abuse by Bahamian Immigration authorities reminds us that it is time to once again mention an unresolved story of corruption and abuse by the Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions, Charles Leacock. Unlike the lapdog Barbados news media, we at Barbados Free Press don’t let a story fade from the public memory just because it is convenient for the elites – who are so powerful that they don’t bother to answer corruption allegations even when the incriminating documents are posted online for all to see.

The Corrupt Relationship Between A Dirty Cop And Our Director Of Public Prosecutions

Just before Christmas, 2006, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock told his police friend, Sergeant Paul Vaughan, to collect some back rent owed to him by a former tenant named Ronja Juman.

Sergeant Vaughan used an illegal, blank, pre-signed search warrant to raid Ronja Juman’s home in the middle of the night with some of his fellow thugs. Juman was dragged off to the police station where she was strip-searched and humiliated by a VAGINAL SEARCH!

Over back-rent. And no… the Barbados police didn’t find any back-rent money in Juman’s vagina.

For Sergeant Paul Vaughan of the Royal Barbados Police Force, the middle-of-the-night raid was all about terrorising the woman and her child to get back rent for his friend DPP Charles Leacock. There is far more to the story and none of it is good. (The links are at the end of this article.)

So when we read the story on Weblog Bahamas about a middle of the night Gestapo-like “visit” by authorities there we decided it is high time again to remind the Bajan public that just because the cowardly “professional” news media won’t cover a story, it doesn’t mean that the incident isn’t newsworthy.

In fact, the refusal of the Barbados news media to cover a story is often proof that a cover-up is in progress.

Read the stories, view copies of the original documents online and make up your own mind about corruption by the DPP, the police, the courts, the government and the news media…

Barbados Free Press Articles

September 18, 2008: Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

January 30, 2008: The Strange Disappearing Court Cases Of Barbados – And How The News Media Keeps Silent

November 5, 2007: We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

October 12, 2007: Barbados Police Given Blank, Pre-Signed Search Warrants By Corrupt, Lazy Judiciary

September 24, 2007: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!


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Barbados Police Officer Arrested – Rape Charge Against Constable Richard Allan Toppin

Constable Richard Toppin

We're Making Progress! Barbados Reporters Allowed To Take Accused Cop's Photo Without The Reporters Being Beaten By Police.

Presumed Innocent Until Guilt Proven (Especially With Rape Where There Are So Many False Accusations Made)

We are delighted to see another police officer arrested and charged with a crime – not because we believe he is guilty, but because not so long ago there never would have been an arrest. In the not too distant past, guilty police officers were either quietly allowed to resign or quietly allowed to retain their jobs.

Perhaps some things are changing on this island. Perhaps the police senior management have come to realise that with the internet they cannot keep misbehaviour secret as they used to. Whatever the reason for the change, the change is being noticed.

Who knows, if the police continue to enforce the law against their own perhaps one day the Royal Barbados Police Force might even regain a bit of credibility with the citizens.

Further Reading

The Nation: Police Officer Charged With Rape


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Royal Barbados Police Blow It Again – Abandoned Baby’s Dad Waits Months While The Police Did Nothing

Too Bad We Can’t Rely Upon Our Barbados Police

barbados-police.jpgLast August 29th, a newly-born baby boy was abandoned by his mother at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The child was left unattended near an elevator. The mother left the country for her native Guyana after telling the father that the child died at birth. When the father, who is a resident of Barbados, read in the newspaper about the abandoned baby he came forward and claimed the child as his.

The Royal Barbados Police Force became involved because of the child abandonment, and they started what can now be laughably termed as “an investigation”.

The baby’s father provided a DNA sample to the Royal Barbados Police Force a few days later on September 8, 2008 and then waited for the results so he could claim his son.

And he waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

He waited a total of four months…

Until he realised that the DO NOTHING OFFICERS of the Royal Barbados Police Force were lying to him. They hadn’t done a damn thing. They hadn’t yet submitted the samples for testing.

So the father had to arrange for DNA testing himself at an independent laboratory – which he would have been happy to do in the first place except that the DO-NOTHING POLICE told him that they “had to handle the tests officially.”

According to our source, once the father realised that he had to take action himself the paternity results from the independent laboratory took all of eight days. That’s all.

When will the Royal Barbados Police Force become a Professional Law Enforcement Organisation?

That’s easy. The RBPF will be come a professional organisation when two things happen: 1/ Officers in all ranks are paid a living wage, and 2/ The current senior leadership is replaced with REAL LEADERS.

From the Nation…

DNA test proves baby’s dad


BABY JOHN DOE should soon have a new name, and a new home too.

That is because paternal instinct has finally paid off for a young Guyanese father living in Barbados.

Five months of playing a waiting game finally came to fruition last week, when he learnt that a newborn baby boy left abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) last August was positively his son.

The man had delivered a saliva sample to Royal Barbados Police Force officials on September 8 to determine if he was in fact the father. But the prospective father’s attorney Samuel Legay decided it would be more expedient to have an independent laboratory in Barbados conduct the DNA tests to prove the child’s paternity. Results of that independent test came back last week, proving the Guyanese is father of the child, who is now almost six months old, and in the care of the Child Care Board, having initially spent more than two weeks under observation at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being discovered….

… continue reading this disgusting story of police incompetence at the Nation (link here)


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Was Corrupt Barbados Police Sargeant Paul Vaughan Extorting Bribes From Codrington Family’s DVD Store?

Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Way back in August of 2007, Barbados lost an entire family as their apartment collapsed into a giant cave. Once a response got moving (which took some five hours) rescuers tried their best, but five bodies were eventually pulled from the hole. Dead were Cassandra Codrington 27 years old, Donavera 30 years old (husband), Shaquonda 7 years old, Shaquila 3 years old and Yashero 1 years old. One family member survived: Donica 3 months old was staying with relatives at the time of the collapse.

There was much discussion on the blogs about issues that the lapdog Barbados news media would never address. For instance, one of our articles revealed that months after the deaths, the government was not investigating the extent of the caves at Arch Cot where the Codrington family died! (See BFP’s Retired Barbados Chief Geologist Accidentally Reveals: No Cave Studies Being Done At Arch Cot Collapse!)

After reading that article, a reader called OMG commented and asked some very pointed questions – one of which was about a corrupt Barbados police sergeant who had been receiving “side cash” from the Codrington family’s DVD store. Here is the comment…

November 13, 2007 at 12:01 am
Cant believe I miss this.

Thanks BFP. This will be passed on to the appropriate solicitor.

Can anyone out there provide answers to the following questions?

1. Which government minister was building a Day Care centre at the back of the collapsed apartment?

2. Who allowed construction to begin again after it was stopped for one week prior to the Cave In.

3.Who knows the name of the owner of the apartment block.

4. Will the powers that be write off the date (August 28th) on the death certificates as an error?

5. When will the inquest be held?

6. Who will a famous Sgt. get his side cash from now that the Codringtons have closed the DVD store.

7. What is the media really doing with the telethon money? Trust me, they aint give a boy a cent.

Flash Forward To September 2008: Police Sergeant Paul Vaughan Charged With Corruption Over DVD Store Bribes!

Last September, Royal Barbados Police Force Sergeant Paul Vaughan was charged with taking $56,500 in bribes over a two and a half year period from a DVD store owner who was selling counterfeit movies. At the time that Sergeant Vaughan was taking the DVD store bribes, he was a member of the Barbados Police Copyright Infringement Unit.

Nice touch, don’t you think?

We reported the charges in our story Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

THEN YESTERDAY… I stumbled upon the original comment by OMG made in November of 2007 where it is said that a corrupt Police Sergeant took “side cash” from the Codrington family’s DVD store!

So we wonder: was Paul Vaughan the corrupt police officer spoken about by OMG, or is there more than one police officer taking bribes to protect DVD shop owners who sell counterfeit DVDs?

Tell the world what you know folks… it is all anonymous here at BFP, and if you want to add another layer of protection for your self you can always post a comment here through www.anonymouse.org.

Let’s out any other corrupt police officers here and now!


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Witness Intimidation In Barbados: Was Mercedes Van At Home By Accident – Or For A Sinister Reason?

Similar Van Was At Witness Home

Similar Van Was At Witness Home (photo from Wikipedia - not the actual van)

For Barbados and for our children, this threatening of court witnesses must stop. This firing of court witnesses must stop. This harassment of court witnesses must stop.

If the police will not stop it, then we must turn to the court of world opinion. Barbados Free Press will do everything it can to ensure that each of our three million visitors a year learn how Bajan citizens and court witnesses are threatened, harassed and fired from their jobs by the powerful cartel that runs this island.

This must and will stop.

UPDATED: Grape Hall, Barbados – December 11, 2008 10:27pm Continue reading


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BFP Joins Call For Boycott Of LIME – Cable and Wireless

“Early in the New Year Barbados Underground proposes to instigate a Boycott LIME Day. At that time we will encourage LIME subscribers in Barbados to protest to LIME in a tangible way i.e. non-payment of bills for one month, transfer  of service where practicable to the competition, send emails and telephone calls to Customer Care/Contact Centres, write to the Public Counsel/Fair Trading Department etc.”

… from the BU article TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service

Limited Internet, Many Expenses

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

TeleBarbados Upgrades Broadband Service – Why Not Give Them A Try?

Our friends over at Barbados Underground blog have been complaining since forever about the poor performance of LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) both technically and in customer service. Consumer advocate pit bull Chris Halsall has also been critical of the inability of LIME to deliver a quality product at a fair price.

Now that TeleBarbados has upgraded it’s broadband service to the ARRIS WiDOX solution that “provides fixed wireless solutions from a single tower to cover large geographic areas, thus eliminating the need for high infrastructure costs in rural environments” many Bajans will have the option of dumping the unreliable LIME internet. Some Barbados Underground commenters are reporting excellent satisfaction levels with TeleBarbados.

LIME – Cable & Wireless Deserves To Be Punished For Failing To Act On Murder, Rape And Arson Threats Too!

Since 2007, LIME – Cable and Wireless has been made aware of numerous threats to murder, rape and arson political opponents of the Barbados Labour Party government that were made using LIME’s internet service. On multiple occasions, LIME also received sufficient information to enable them to identify the people who were making the threats. LIME has not only the ability to identify the thugs who are making the threats, they also have the legal ability to monitor the internet traffic to make sure they are 100% correct – even to catch the culprits in action.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

LIME could have monitored the internet accounts being used to make the threats, turned over the exact identities of the thugs making the threats, and then SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET ACCOUNTS BEING USED.

The threats continue to this day and LIME allows them to continue. They have not shut down the internet accounts of those responsible.

And we’d like to point out that we’re not just talking about threats here: hotelier, journalist and critic of the BLP government Adrian Loveridge was threatened with arson and THEN THERE WAS AN ARSON at his business.

Yes, the corrupt Royal Barbados Police Force did nothing because they are owned by their government masters and have no idea what “Rule of Law” means – but that does not excuse LIME for being government lapdogs too.

Barbados Free Press joins the call for a boycott of LIME – for reasons of consumer advocacy and also because the management at LIME are supporters of the political thugs of the Barbados Labour Party – who continue to use LIME’s internet service to threaten political opponents with murder, rape and arson.

Further Reading

COVER-UP: Royal Barbados Police Force Ignores Violent Threats To Businessman


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