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Was Derek Crawford beaten by police to make him confess to rape?

Call for police video-recording of confession statements

Cheerful Commissioner Dottin ignores calls for police reform

Cheerful Commissioner Dottin ignores calls for police reform

Derek Crawford was originally charged with the rape of two visitors to Barbados – Rachel Turner and Diane Davies.

When both women said the police had the wrong man the case exploded in the worldwide news with the incompetence and brutality of the Royal Barbados Police Force front and center in the questions.

The Police Commissioner said that Crawford “confessed” to the rapes and particular knowledge of the crimes. Mr. Crawford said he signed the confession after the police suffocated and beat him. He said he would have signed anything, and BFP regular Mark Fenty agreed, saying,

“Of course Crawford confessed to a particular knowledge of the crime, who wouldn’t? How long could one man tolerate a serious beating at the CID?”

BFP reader Mark Fenty on Commissioner Dottin says accused rapist Derick Crawford confessed

We know how it is ’bout hey and we believe Derek Crawford. We believe him well. Clinton Norton and a few others would believe Crawford too, except Norton is dead in strange circumstances and some folks say the police did it. In case you’ve forgotten, somebody tortured Clinton Norton to death. He was found with blood in his lungs and sand in his nostrils and mouth – dead inside a store burglary with no sand on the floor. There’s not many stories about Clinton Norton in the local news media, nothing to see hear and we don’t like to raise that kind of thing – bad for the tourist business.

Meanwhile British Member of Parliament Sephen McPartland just called upon the Foreign Office to warn that Barbados is “not a safe place” for women travelers…

 “I firmly believe that Barbados is not a safe place for British women to travel to as there is a rapist on the loose.

“The police have failed to reopen the case and they have failed to get Rachel justice.

“The Foreign Office should update their travel advice and make it clear that Barbados is not a safe place to travel and warn British tourists to stay away.

“Maybe then, the authorities in Barbados will make the police reopen the case and find this rapist.”

Member of Parliament Sephen McPartland quoted at BBC Barbados rapes: MP warns travellers island is ‘unsafe’

DNA? Modern police methods and investigations?

Why bother with that when you can grab a likely looker – maybe the same general description like the witness says – and then beat the hell out of ‘im til he confess! That’s a good description of police work in Barbados for many Constables. Former RBPF Constable (now a lawyer) Stephen Alleyne wants the police to video confessions from suspects.

Bajans have wanted video confessions for 20 years and more. We know how things are on this rock.

Mr. Alleyne is spitting by de road – makes him feel good but accomplish nothing!

Under Scrutiny: Time to record all confessions

By Stephen Alleyne

As the recent dismissal of two cases against Barbadian national Derek Crawford for the alleged rape of two British women continues to make news in the United Kingdom, this is an opportune time to call on Government to complete the facilities for the video and audio recording of confession statements from accused persons without further delay.

In the Crawford case, the police were seeking to rely on a statement they said was voluntarily made by Crawford in accordance with the Judges’ Rules (a set of rules first issued by the Judges of the King’s Bench Division of the United Kingdom in 1912 and revised from time to time giving guidelines to investigators on the procedure they should follow in the detaining, questioning and recording of confessions from suspects), but the two victims of the crime were adamant Crawford was not the man who raped them, resulting in the prosecution discontinuing the case.

This assertion by the two women therefore raises a number of questions about the statement the police purportedly recorded from Crawford. Did Crawford make the statement in the first place? If he did, was it because of acts of oppression or coercion visited on him that forced him to do so? And if he did because of acts of oppression, was the statement in any event true or did he make them to avoid further oppression? Because of their present method of recording confession statements, the police, in the absence of additional physical and/or scientific evidence, will find it difficult to answer these questions, as demonstrated by the Commissioner’s failed attempt to do so in a media conference.

… continue reading this article at The Barbados Advocate – Time to record all confessions


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Barbados Police Officer wanted for rape fled island

Missing police officer not on Barbados Most Wanted List

No International Alert issued! Why not?

by WSD

While researching the death of Curtis Callender last week in custody of the Barbados Police, I came across a column in Sunday’s Jamaica Observer reporting that a third police officer fled Barbados in the “Immigration Rape” case that saw two Barbados Police officers charged earlier this year.

The “Immigration Rape” case is unusual because one of the police officers is a female who is alleged to have assisted in the rape. According to the Nation News at the time, Jonathon Birchmore Richard Barrow, 32, of Pasture Road, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, and Melanie Shantelle Lakeisha Denny, 25, of Golden Mile, St Peter, are the two police officers charged. (photos above)

Somehow at the time I missed the news that a third police officer fled Barbados. I couldn’t find anything about the third police officer in the Barbados news media from the time, and I don’t see any police officers on the Barbados “Most Wanted” list. A friend of a friend says the Barbados police didn’t put out an arrest warrant for the missing police officer. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I can’t find anything about the officer.

Why isn’t the missing Barbados Police Officer on the ‘Most Wanted’ list?

Why isn’t there an international alert? Could it be that the Barbados Police don’t want to arrest their fellow officer? Who is he?

How about it, BFP readers… Did you hear about the third officer leaving the island? Does anyone know his name? Why is the man not on the Most Wanted list?

Here is the passage in the Jamaica Observer that alerted me to the missing Barbados police officer who fled the country…

The media also highlighted the case of Shanique Myrie, who was indecently violated in Barbados and another Jamaican woman, who although nabbed with contraband at the Grantley Adams Airport, was allegedly raped and sexually violated while incarcerated in that country.

These stories threw the spotlight on the way Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals are treated in that sister Caricom country and have forced the Barbadian authorities to act while the world has taken notice of the violations.

In the case of the alleged rape, two Barbadian police officers were arrested and charged and a third has fled that island.

From Observer Online News Editor Karyl Walker’s presentation to this year’s National Journalism Awards ceremony in Kingston, Jamaica

Photo of Barbados Police courtesy of The Nation / Heather-Lynn Evanson


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Barbados Bar Association President: Police beat confessions from suspects

Will Commissioner Dottin dare to say it isn’t so?

The allegation by Bar Association President Andrew Pilgrim that some Barbados police officers beat confessions from suspects is no surprise in that folks know how things are done ’bout hey when it comes to confessions. What is surprising is that Mr. Pilgrim has thrown down the gauntlet publicly and announced what everyone knows.

The judges must know what is going on – that suspects in detention always seem to “confess” when certain police officers are doing the “interviewing”. It is a wonder that the Barbados judges haven’t almost refused to convict upon confessions, or at least disregarded confessions when considering their verdict. Maybe the judges rationalize that the accused is a career criminal or that the police lack the resources and skills to do a proper investigation.

Mr. Pilgrim is an outspoken lawyer who knows what he is up against, but it is refreshing to see someone with a high profile position refuse to keep silent when is comes to our third-rate police force. The Royal Barbados Police Force doesn’t have to be third-rate, but it will remain so until the politicians decide that policing and citizen safety are priorities, and back it up with the funding to hire, train and retain the quality of police officers that Barbados deserves. Continue reading


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Barbados Police Receive Training From China – Chinese Law Enforcement Handbook Instructs How To Beat People Without Leaving Marks (Were I’Akobi’s Cops China Trained?)


Slippery Slopes Get Very Slippery Indeed

Officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force already receive training from China’s police both in Barbados and during exchanges in China. As Barbados Free Press has pointed out on numerous occasions, we don’t believe that Barbados police officers have much to learn from a country that drives tanks over teenagers, kidnaps pregnant women off the streets to force abortions upon them and routinely trains police officers in how to shoot prisoners in the head during public executions. Our Barbados Defence Force also receives Chinese training and equipment.

And now we have to ask if the Chinese authorities will be supplying our police officers with the latest textbook for city administration law enforcement squads. The Chengguan handbook instructs Chinese law enforcement officers in how to inflict pain upon citizens without drawing blood or leaving marks…

“In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and that no people are in the vicinity.”

… From the Beijing Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement training textbook “The Practice of City Administrator Law Enforcement”

Did Any Barbados Police Officer Involved With The Death Of I’Akoki Receive Chinese Training?

Barbados Free Press will have much more to say about the illegal arrest of I’Akobi Maloney by Barbados police — an act that is all too common on this island as our police officers routinely exceed their authority in law and abuse the rights of citizens and members of the press.

But for now, we just want an answer from the Commissioner of Police…

Commissioner Dottin — Please inform the good citizens of Barbados whether any of the police officers involved with the death of I’Akobi Maloney, either at the scene or during the subsequent investigation, ever received training from China.

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BFP: Would Bussa Have Accompanied Barbados Chief Justice and Prime Minister To Chinese Embassy Celebration?


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