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Bajan Poetry Society – Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Another year is gone, another year you read or wrote
Unleashed your fervent opinions as BFP took note
Listed yourself with your creative, writers name
Did your best to explain theories and fairly dealt out blame

Literary skills were not asked but you kept your points clear
And others who read responded in zealous flair
Numerous comments came from diverse commentators because you
Gave us all the privilege of hearing your points of view

So BFP friends, thanks for this last year of 2010
You encouraged us all by speaking your mind friend
Now may the best of last year be the worst tomorrow to share
Enjoy the festivities to come and have a Prosperous New Year!

by Khaidji              http://bajanpoetry.com/

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Errol Barrow Day – An Acrostic Poem by Khaidji

Errol Barrow Day

Every Bajan should celebrate in a special way
Remembering our hero who was born on this day
Realizing the wonders that he had done
Opportunities sowed from whence our pride sprung
Lords and Sirs, Honorable and the ordinary man too

Barrow lived to uplift all of you
And freed us from our Imperial ties
Royal chains which limited our mind’s eyes
Restrictions no longer bind our hands
Our skills compete favorably with foreign lands
We have progressed to be a number one country

Developing in our social standings, education and economy
And as you delight in your successes tomorrow
You must remember we owe it all to Errol Walton Barrow

Submitted by Khaidji of Bajan Poetry.com


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Who’s my true ancestor?

interracial hands

Who’s My True Ancestor?

When I was young they told me
How my paternal great granddad was an ecky-becky (poor Whity)
On my mother’s side I had an Indian great grand
She married a half breed Chinese man
My name was taken from an American Lord
Yankee man who travelled by ship with slaves aboard
They said he was originally from Scotland and crossed
Regularly from coast to coast selling men at minimal cost
Under the many gene pools that tainted my blood
East to West, all kinds of manhood
Am I to contend that from my dark colored skin
None of these races have any part within
Can it be that I am chiefly a Black
Ethnically linked to a more African track
Should I refuse the many other tributaries
That converge to form this present man from the West Indies
Or can we not be so devoted to race but rather to blood
Race divides us, humanity unites us, so which do you think I should?

by Khaidji of Bajan Poetry Society

No offense intended by any Bajan terms used above.


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