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Tourist slams Peach and Quiet Hotel on TripAdvisor. Owner replies…

“Yes! My wife does get a bit snooty on the odd occasion. I will have a word with her.”

How Adrian Loveridge handled a bad TripAdvisor guest report…

Changing the BBQ, having a word with his co-manager

by Marcus

In a recent BFP article TripAdvisor’s Brian Payea coming to Barbados we told you how the tourism industry was thrust into an unknown and frightening world when the internet arrived and, much to their horror, hotels discovered that tourists could post unedited reviews and photos online.

This is such a big deal that many foolish hotels sought to curtail free speech rather than to engage disgruntled customers. Hotels didn’t want to explain, apologize and sometimes have to admit that a customer had a valid complaint.

Imagine that… some hotels don’t want to listen to customers and use what they say to make the business better. What a novel idea! How foreign a concept to those who think they know it all because they run a government-owned hotel with a bottomless bank account.

But running away from bad internet reviews means that only one side is heard. That is foolish these days when over 80% of tourists research their vacations on the internet before booking. (I can’t remember where I heard that but it sounded reasonable.)

Some customers can’t be pleased no matter what. Others are put off a hotel for one minor issue – but I think that most people consider the entire experience and product and give a fair opinion when asked.

Then again, I’m not in the hotel business. Peach and Quiet Hotel owner Adrian Loveridge is though, and how he handles the very rare bad review on TripAdvisor is instructive for anyone in the tourism or service industries. BFP readers know we like Adrian and Margaret, but even with that disclaimer we are blown away by Adrian’s candor and integrity in how he handled this complaint. What a pro, and what a decent person. Hope Margaret doesn’t bop him one! 🙂

First, for interest…

Overall Ratings: Peach & Quiet vs. Time Out at the Gap

According to TripAdvisor, Peach & Quiet has 123 visitor reviews, with 100 rated “Excellent”, 17 “Very Good”, 2 “Average”, 3 “Poor” and 1 “Terrible”.

That contrasts with “Time out at the Gap” with 118 visitor reviews, with 10 rated “Excellent”, 23 “Very Good”, 40 “Average”, 25 “Poor” and 20 “Terrible”.

Now the bad review of Peach and Quiet, and then Adrian’s response…

Peach & Quiet “Could do (much) better…!”

Date of review: May 16, 2011 – New Continue reading


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Why is Peach and Quiet turning away guests while other Barbados hotels cry the blues?

Fodor’s picks Peach and Quiet as one of 11 Best Value Caribbean Hotels – again!

“Don’t tell all your friends about this place. It is a jewel and the bargain of the century. If you can handle not having air conditioning, which by the way is not necessary, and can accept towels that are not as fluffy as you might want, then this is the place for you. Great location, great food available if you like, wonderful hosts, close to the airport. A real bargain.”

Member Rating: 4.6 – Ratings details: Room: 4.0 Atmosphere: 5.0 Service: 5.0 Value: 5.0

… from Fodor’s member reviews

Last year two of our visiting friends tried unsuccessfully to book rooms at Peach and Quiet hotel – with the emphasis on the word “unsuccessfully”. Our friends’ situation is not unusual because even in this disastrous economic climate where hotels are closing left, right and center, Peach and Quiet Hotel still pre-books 100% occupancy for weeks at a time.

Margaret and Adrian Loveridge are obviously doing something special because you read TripAdvisor and other travel websites and people rave about the place, but moreso they talk about the feeling of being made welcome by the owners and staff. They also talk about the “can do” attitude and great service by the staff – a distinctly different review than is generally given to, say Time Out at the Gap and some other larger hotels. Continue reading


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How a small Barbados hotel thrived with hard work and the right attitude

When reading the online customer reviews of Peach and Quiet Hotel at TripAdvisor and other like sites, the first thing that strikes you is the number of former guests who mention how the hotel owners and staff made them feel welcome and went the extra distance to ensure a good stay.

Peach and Quiet’s high occupancy rate and lengthy list of repeat visitors is the envy of the hotel business in Barbados but their success hasn’t happened by accident or overnight. In his latest installment of Tourism Matters, Adrian Loveridge tells how he and Margaret once had to stay up all night licking trading stamps because there was no money to fund the next day’s BBQ and the stamps were buying the food.

Adrian also reports that in our current 11% plus unemployment, the hotel could use a few more employees, but he’s having trouble finding anyone with the attitude to help grow the business. That is an interesting observation in a country where tourism is foundational to the economy, and frankly, is exactly what business owners in other sectors regularly say.

Adrian’s article is well worth your time – and if you know anyone who would be a good fit at Peach and Quiet, well… Adrian says he’s looking for a couple of people. Continue reading


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Peach and Quiet Hotel welcomes first guests from new Brazil and Dallas flights!


by Adrian Loveridge

Over the last few days our Peach and Quiet Hotel welcomed our first guests arriving on the GOL/Varig flight from Sao Paulo and the new non-stop service AA514 from Dallas.

These bookings have made up in part the room nights lost by some of our British visitors, who were unable to travel due to the horrendous weather conditions they have been forced to endure over the last couple of weeks.

To me, this reinforces the recent comments made by the Minister of Tourism that we cannot be dependent on any single market, and in my own words, fail to explore emerging markets. Continue reading


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Peach and Quiet first Barbados hotel to welcome Brazilian tourists to website

Hotel owner Adrian Loveridge gets by with a little help from his friends

Peach and Quiet Hotel is the first Bajan tourism establishment to welcome Brazilian tourists online in their native Portuguese language. Hotel owner Adrian Loveridge recently announced…

“Portuguese language translation up and running on Peach and Quiet website. Grateful thanks to Kathy at Axses Web Communications.”

The lack of Portuguese language capability at the websites of the Barbados Tourism Authority and various hotels and tourism attractions has become even more relevant since Industry Minister George Hutson announced in September 2009 that Barbados should expand its tourism and investment marketing to Latin America.

Almost six months later in February 2010, the Barbados government announced that GOL Airlines of Brazil would be making scheduled flights to Barbados. Frankly, we on the rock should be delighted to gain access to such a large and close market. Yup… we have access to a quarter of a billion people today that we didn’t have access to a couple of months ago.

So did the Barbados Tourism Authority put up a welcome page for Brazilian visitors in their native Portuguese language?

You mek sport, my friend! That would take vision, leadership and (worst of all) work! We’ve been begging BTA to put up a Portuguese welcome page since September. Adrian Loveridge and other small hotel owners have been asking the same thing of BTA for ten years. The result: NADA.

So Adrian called up his friends at Axses Web Communications and in a matter of a few days his Peach and Quiet hotel website had a quick and easy translation feature powered by Google. It’s not the elegant and preferred implementation of a parallel Peach and Quiet website translated into perfect Portuguese by a human – but it works. Most of all, it says to prospective guests from Brazil, “Peach and Quiet cares about your business.”

Once again a little guy just does it while the Barbados Tourism Authority queries their staff about whether they should schedule a meeting to discuss if they should call a meeting to discuss if it might be feasible to conduct a study to ascertain if a consultant should be hired to recommend whether a meeting should be called to hire a consultant to investigate the feasibility of translating the Barbados Tourism Authority website into other languages and what languages should be considered. Phase two would be to convene a meeting to decide if the consultant’s contract should be extended to explore the hiring of a Portuguese translator, and whether it should be put to tender.

You think we’re joking about all of that. Trust us – we’re not.

Here’s what Adrian accomplished in a couple of days with a little help from his friends at Axses Web Communications


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