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Camilla Worrell searching for lost relatives from Panama, Barbados and around the world

Is Sir Frank Worrell my relative?

Dear Barbados Free Press

Could you please tell me what were the names of  Sir  Frank Worrell parents. My grandparents were Charles and Elvina Worrell; they migrated to Panama, Central America along with their other brothers and their wives.

I would like to connect with the Worrell’s of Barbados and other parts of the World.

I was told that there were many brothers  and they went all over after they left Panama.

Yours truly, Camilla Worrell

Editor’s note: We’re always happy to assist with this type of request because placing the story on BFP sometimes turns up information that doesn’t come forward on the various geneological research websites.

We haven’t included Camilla’s email address because she didn’t indicate if she wanted that kept private, but if she emails us again we’ll post it if she wants.



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The Silver People Chronicle: The Right To Be Different

“Not him, you can’t pair off with him. He is ugly!” they said to one little girl. They didn’t realize that they had just marred the innocence of a little Spanish girl who we were growing up with. We were the only pair of black kids and whom she had known since her family moved from the hinterlands of the interior.

Roberto Reid Tells Of West Indian Children Growing Up In Panama

During this week of the Inauguration of the first non-white President of the United States of America, Barbados Free Press continues to focus on the issue of race. Our friend Roberto Reid created The Silver People Chronicle – a wonderful blog about the West Indian people of Panama and their fascinating journey through Central America beginning with their arrival in Panama. Follow them as they arrived to work on the construction of the legendary Panama Railroad and, later on, the Panama Canal. Discover how they overcame death, disease, labor struggles and the tribulations of immigration.

Roberto’s posting today is a good introduction to the hours of reading and historical accounts you will find at his blog…

The Silver People Chronicle: A Right To Be Different


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When Used-Up Barbados Workers Were Tossed Aside After Digging The Panama Canal

Bajans On Their Way To Panama

Bajans arriving in Panama aboard the SS Ancon - September 2, 1909

“The Silver People Chronicle” Documents So Much Of Our History

Back in March of this year, we at Barbados Free Press delighted at our discovery of Roberto Reid’s blog The Silver People Chronicle – about the West Indians who built the Panama Canal. Until I found his blog and did a little more research, I didn’t know that the majority of the black workers who contructed the Panama Canal were Bajans.

In his latest series, Roberto tells about how unemployed, used-up, ill and injured workers were sent back to their original countries with cooperation and funding from the United States.

Well worth your time.

The Silver People Cronicle: Repatriation and Broken Promises


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