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Barbados Minister of International Business Donville Inniss: Swiss Bank Account for your online porn business?


Revealed for the first time: Donville Inniss Swiss Money Connection

An interesting article in yesterday’s Nation Newspaper where Donville Inniss, our Minister of International Business, announced that Barbados is fully on board with the US and international efforts to have an automatic exchange of tax information between countries.

Some folks would say that Barbados is caving to the USA’s extortion, but others would say this is the future and welcome to it.

Of course, some folks would also question where the customers are going to come from if keeping money in Barbados is the same as having a bank account in Chicago or London. Why should anyone do their banking in Bim if there is no advantage?

“. . . My ministry has written to the secretary general of the OECD in Paris indicating that Barbados has formally committed to signing on to the automatic exchange of tax information,” Inniss said. “This is important because as a government there is somewhat of a paradigm shift in taking a position that Barbados needs to be a player, and to be seen as a major player in this international financial services sector where it matters most.”

… Nation News Bowing to Global Pressure

Barbados Sex Trafficking

What about all Donville’s porn profits?

This concern with international tax treaties is a newish thing for Pornville, er, Donville.

You see, not so many years ago, Barbados Free Press caught out Donville Inniss in the act of profiteering from online pornography.

“One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen is Orgasm.com’s pregnant woman porn section. How does Donville Inniss feel about these desperate young girls – making money for him like this?” 

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BLP Member of Parliament William Duguid apologises, but not to porn industry profiteer Donville Inniss

Dr. William Duguid, MP

Well this is interesting…

by Passin Thru

Bajan ex-patriot, Canadian immigrant and still-sitting Member of Barbados Parliament Dr. William Duguid went ballistic the other day and shocked the nation with an outburst directed at Minister of Health Donville Inniss. According to Duguid the outburst (which included Rihanna’s favourite ‘C***’ word) was in response to a slur against Duguid’s family.

Duguid apologised to Bajans for his outburst, but not to ‘Pornville’ Inniss. I can’t blame Duguid for that.

Health Minister Inniss, of course, has had some pretty shocking behaviour himself in the past – but the Bajan and wider Caribbean news media keep mum about it. As documented in a series of stories at BFP, Inniss profited from a worldwide online pornography business that involved teenagers, pregnant women and other vulnerable people performing sex acts on video for money. And not to be too blunt about it, some of the other ‘performers’ that Inniss profited from made sounds like “Baaaaaa” and “Moooooo”. Check out some of BFP’s articles on the subject and visit the Inniss-associated website “orgasm.com” for some samples.

But don’t forget: it’s William Duguid that needs to apologise to Bajans!

Hey… I just telling like it be!

Apology from Barbados Member of Parliament Dr. William Duguid

“The Parliament of Barbados, the third oldest in the Commonwealth, has a rich and proud heritage. The BLP has steadfastly followed our Parliament’s noble traditions and over the years we have distinguished ourselves by our exemplary conduct as MPs.”

“On Tuesday 20 November, I fell far short of those traditions and standards. During that sitting, I made an outburst which I instantly regretted, and for which I now humbly apologise to my constituents and to the wider public.”

“That outburst was the result of the most grievous of provocations which came from the mouth of a DLP parliamentarian. It would be improper of me to repeat the insulting words used but I will say that they constituted the gravest possible insult to my wife and children.”

“Notwithstanding that, I now humbly apologise to my constituents and the wider Barbadian public. No matter the provocation, I am certain they must all be disappointed in me.”

“I intend to tender a similar apology to the Parliament on the occasion of its next sitting.”

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Attention Finance Minister Sinckler: About those Donville Inniss US Corporations, Real Estate and Assets

How did Donville Inniss get cash to Florida to purchase this condo?

Finance Minister Sinckler assures: Barbados plays by the rules! (But does Minister Inniss?)

by Marcus & Shona

Barbados has this little problem right now. French, American and Canadian politicians are calling our country a “tax haven” and other names – which is actually their way of accusing Barbados of offering secret offshore banking to foreigners who don’t want to obey the tax laws of their own countries.

France and some others say we don’t obey the rules of international finance. (Joke on the side: How many French soldiers does it take to defend Paris? Answer: Nobody knows. The French have never tried to defend Paris.)

Our government is responding to the charges with an aggressive public relations campaign and a host of reciprocal information sharing agreements with other countries. We’ve also pledged to update financial legislation and to more effectively monitor international financial transactions.

Fair enough. The sea is changing so Barbados is setting out some different sails and adjusting the windage and the helm. Good. We’ll check the passenger manifest too, to ensure that everybody on board is someone we don’t mind sailing with. That’s only common sense when our survival depends upon the friendship of other countries. (“Friend of all, satellite of none.”)

This is serious business for Barbados, because as Minister Sinckler said the other day at a meeting at Cin Cin Restaurant (Look at the food! THE FOOD! YUM!!!)

“…the international business and financial services sector contributes upwards of 60 per cent of all corporate revenues in the country and, therefore, that is an important station for us and one that we seek to protect and, of course, guard very zealously.”

… Minister Sinckler quoted in the Barbados Today news story Leading by example

What about the international finances of Health Minister Donville Inniss?

Barbados Free Press is publishing a series of stories showing that Minister of Health Donville Inniss profited from the online porn industry. Our stories tell the truth even if the Barbados news media covers up and looks the other way. Minister Inniss knows that our stories are true so he hasn’t taken any steps to have the stories removed from WordPress where Barbados Free Press makes its home.

But now we get to the issue of money. How was Minister Inniss paid for his involvement with online porn companies? Was he a stakeholder in any company or was he providing a paid service to front the porn industry? Were any of his family members or friends acting as proxies?

We think we see some interesting discoveries on the internet…. Continue reading


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