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Abused Barbadian farm workers cheated by Canadian Government program

Bajans unpaid and stranded in Canada

“The employers are protected but people doing the work are left defenseless by the Canadian government’s indifference to the abuse faced by migrant farm workers.”

The Canadian Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program was put in place by Canada for one reason: farm and agriculture jobs pay so little in Canada that there are not enough Canadians willing to take the employment. Canadian agriculture therefore relies on hardworking folks from Barbados, the Caribbean and Mexico who leave their homes, family and friends to work temporarily on Canadian farms.

It seems to me that the Canadian Government should be responsible to protect the workers, and to ensure that the farms and agricultural businesses that participate in the government program are viable.

Migrant farm work is a hard and lonely life, but workers travel to Canada because they must to provide for themselves and their families.

And then they get cheated… Continue reading


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