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Owen Arthur won the battle, but did he lose the war?

Strange times at the Barbados Labour Party

“New Opposition Leader Owen S. Arthur keeps telling his countrymen there must be healing in his Party, and so far he’s done little to create regeneration, if anything he’s continuing amputations on a patient that’s a haemophiliac while the Blood Bank is seeking donations. Bit of a sad analogy when one considers the Party’s colour. The way things are going, there may be a new colour by the time 2011 rolls in.”

Ian Bourne has some outstanding observations in his latest Bajan Reporter article: Barbados Labour Party’s Annual General Conference: The Strange Case of Freundel Jekyll & Owen Hyde.


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Mia Mottley’s father Justice Elliot Mottley quits Belize Court of Appeal under controversy

Will Justice Elliot Mottley return to haunt backroom Barbados politics?

Belize news media and blogs are reporting that President of the Belize Court of Appeal, Justice Elliot Mottley, tendered his resignation in a constitutional showdown with Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

“It was in August of this year that the former Chief Justice Conteh brought to my attention the amendment to the Constitution. It was then that I discovered that the terms and condition of my appointment as President of the Court of Appeal of Belize had been unilaterally altered. And this was done without my knowledge and consent. Once I became aware of this, I determined that I would resign my position as President of this court. I will say no more on that.”

Justice Elliott Mottley quoted in The Reporter article Appeal Court President admits resignation is because of Constitutional amendment

(Tip of the hat to an old friend for that link)

We at Barbados Free Press can’t pretend to understand the background to the political and legal controversy over this move in Belize, but judging by the internet traffic and citizens’ comments, it’s important to the people of Belize. There is speculation that Prime Minister Barrow is consolidating power and that he will appoint a family member or friend and political supporter to succeed Justice Mottley. Whether true or not, even the talk about this is disturbing and…

That’s serious business when it comes to democracy.

We in Barbados know the problem when the judiciary is politicized and we urge our friends in Belize to fight the politicization of the courts in any way they can.

Let’s make one thing clear: based upon what we are reading on the internet, we don’t believe that Mia’s daddy is the bad guy here. Maybe he’s a victim. Maybe he’s a principled person who won’t stand to see his judicial office corrupted or overridden by politicians.

We don’t know and we’re not knowledgeable to comment one way or the other on this specific situation in Belize… but we do know one thing from Barbados’ recent political history…

Judicial office be damned: Justice Elliot Mottley is not afraid to insert himself into Bajan politics. Continue reading


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Bajan Reporter considers role of “The Snitch” in Owen Arthur’s coup

UPDATED: October 19, 2010, 9:47am Bridgetown

I can’t believe that I originally titled the article “… roll of “The Snitch” but it happened because I had too much rum at the time. I got it right when I wrote “Who is the person dubbed “The Snitch”? What was her role in removing the Honourable Mia A. Mottley from her post as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados?”

But that doesn’t excuse the title error. Can’t believe I did that. But I did. I’ve changed it to “role” but probably screwed up the links and all that. Can’t believe I’m hung over on a Tuesday mrning but there ya go.

Must drink less rum.

Ok. Tomorrow, I will start drinking less. Realy. 😉


Spies, traitors, anger and tears – Welcome to politics!

While the pot was boiling at the BLP’s Roebuck Street Headquarters on Monday morning, journalist Ian Bourne had his camera focused on some of the quick “backroom” happenings that usually slide by under the radar. I guess Owen thought nobody noticed because he got a little flustered when Mr. Bourne asked about the conversation.

Who is the person dubbed “The Snitch”? What was her role in removing the Honourable Mia A. Mottley from her post as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados?

The Bajan Reporter has the exclusive story and the unmodified photo: Barbados Labour Party allows Internal Strife to place their Public Reputation on the balance – Owen Arthur claims “No Wish” to cast Aside Mia Mottley…


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Barbados Labour Party coup: Mottley out, Arthur in… but former PM still refuses to talk about “campaign donations” to personal bank account.

As if it matters

Interim Leader of the Barbados Labour Party Mia Mottley was ousted this morning in a coup that saw former Prime Minister Owen Arthur returned to the leadership of the BLP.

Folks, it just shows you that nothing has changed with the Barbados Labour Party.

Prime Minister David Thompson is ill on death’s door, so Owen Arthur and his boys smelled blood in the water and a possible weakened government and they decided to act. Nothing to do with Mottley or her performance or leadership. It’s all about perceived opportunity.

What makes Owen Arthur so much more desirable as BLP leader in contrast to January of 2008 when the public and his party kicked his corrupt ass out onto the street? Ha! Opportunity and nothing else.

The story is still developing but here is part of what Mia Mottley had to say a few minutes ago…


Mia Mottley will continue to represent the people of St. Michael North East and leave her future in the Barbados Labour Party to “time and God”.

Less than half an hour after being ousted by a group of sitting members of the BLP, led by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, who is taking over as Opposition Leader, Mottley issued a statement to the media…

“In public life, I have known defeat and I have known victory. Neither defines you as a person. Values and principles do.

Earlier today, I was informed by His Excellency the Governor General that my appointment as Leader of the Opposition was revoked at the request…”

Continue reading Mia Mottley’s statement at Barbados Today

Barbados Free Press says…

NEVER underestimate the power of public sympathy towards someone who is perceived to be unfairly treated. This “defeat” may be the best thing that ever happened to advance the political career of Mia Mottley. I, Cliverton, predict that in five years or less she will be re-invented and re-invigorated.

This “defeat” provides Mia Mottley with a public disconnection between herself and the old guard. That was the problem with Mia: she was seen as very much a part of the corrupt Arthur government.

Now, she will be seen as an outsider from the “old boys’ network”.

That is just what she needs.

As for Owen Arthur, he could have stepped aside with dignity and cultivated his “wise elder” image.

Mark my words: Owen Arthur will go down in defeat and disgrace. His “best by” date is long past, but he won’t acknowledge the fact gracefully.


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Barbados Today publishes love letter to… Mia Mottley

Did the DLP or BLP plant this story in Barbados Today… or could it have been…?

Far be it from us to ever mention that anybody was inspired by, or plagiarized from, Barbados Free Press. We’ll leave it to our readers to come up with their own opinion after considering the following…

October 15, 2010: Barbados Today article “Enamored with Mia” (above and at Barbados Today)

September 28, 2010: Barbados Free Press article Mia says “Hard Times a’ comin’.” Cliverton says she looks sultry…

And we can’t help but mentioning the Viagra article under the Barbados Today Mia love letter. Nice touch!

I guess all is fair in love and politics ‘pon de rock.


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Barbados Labour Party self-destructing over leadership battle of the elites

“Crabs in a barrel

An animal so stupid and selfish that when piled in a barrel they will tear each other down to get an inch closer and would easily succeed if they worked together. God we’re so much better than them…”

… sacred oath of the Barbados Labour Party

After three years of turmoil Mia fights to stay alive while King Arthur awaits rebirth.

Mottley retained “for now” say the “party faithful” ? !!!

How many “successes” at retaining Mia Mottley can the BLP survive?

The recent “attempted coup” against BLP interim leader Mia Mottley is hardly worth mentioning by itself because it is nothing more than the continuation of three years of turmoil. It simply doesn’t matter who tried to de-throne Mia this time because nothing is settled.

If anything, the leadership of the BLP is less secure and less defined.

Just who is in charge at the BLP? Bajans still can’t say and neither can the BLP, except in a show of empty bravado.

Let’s review some history and then, much to the chagrin of the BLP, we at Barbados Free Press will tell the BLP how they can be elected as the next government. Not that the BLP elites will listen to their fellow citizens at BFP: but the membership just might… Continue reading


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Mia says “Hard Times a’ comin’.” Cliverton says she looks sultry…

1:23am Grape Hall, Barbados.

1. (of the air or weather) Hot and humid.
2. (of a person, esp. a woman) Attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature

Ok. Had afew or more.

Listening to AC/DC over the net on Powerland at www.radionomy.com. All the AC/DC all the time. Now playing: Highway to Hell, then Bad Boy Boogie live. LIVE I tell ya!

Surfing to The Nation and I see an article Mia: More hard times

It’s about the economy but pay no attention. Look at the photo. Hot and humid, fuh sure!

Damn, Mia’s almost sultry. Look at the downcast eyes. The hair a little askew. Nice lips. Maybe not “almost”. Damn!

I know she’s got a few years on me, but look at the photo. Something a little wild there. Continue reading


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The DLP’s choice for BLP Leader: Mia Mottley

Party, party, party!

We confess we have been having such a good time this weekend that the promised article on breathalyzers is not complete. Marcus was confined to babysitting while the girls watched Serena whump Wozniacki at Tennis pon de Rock. Robert is helping a friend move and I, Cliverton, have been well, busy. 🙂

George is being cranky somewhere, no doubt.

I swear to the Lord I don’t know why my old girlfriends never turned me in for BFP, but they never did.

OK, here is the question we discussed last night at the north tree with the mattress underneath it. (Yes, a tree with a mattress underneath – now we can’t go back but it’s ok we don’t want to anymore. The local girls know where I mean an I’ll post a photo later.)

Anyway, here is the question:

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

We took a vote at the party last night and it was unanimous. Not one dissenter.

Who does the DLP want to see leading the BLP into the next election?

Mia Mottley.


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Did Owen Arthur just relaunch his leadership campaign?

“Mia thought that by pre-empting and forcing an early vote she would cut Mr. Arthur off at the knees. But in fact she gave him the perfect platform to relaunch his leadership campaign, undermine her credibility and leadership qualities and defend the integrity of his party all at the same time. Master stroke.”

… a friend tells Dennis Jones at Living in Barbados Blog


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Owen Arthur clearly indicates he’d take the BLP leadership again

We at Barbados Free Press spent our lunch listening once again to a recording of yesterday’s interview with former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

One thing is clear: Owen Arthur will return to lead the Barbados Labour Party for the next election if he is asked to do so by a unified BLP. The ex-PM says that pretty well straight out.

“A unified BLP” is the key concept in Arthur’s interview, but the only way that will happen is if Mia Mottley pulls the ejection handles – which she must be thinking about considering all those knives sticking out of her back after Monday’s meeting of the BLP Members of Parliament.

Here’s the quote from Owen Arthur…

“I have no interest whatsoever in being involved in dividing the Barbados Labour Party.

I will have no interest whatsoever of wanting to re-emerge as leader in a divided party. My only interest is wanting to serve if they, if I still think that I have something to contribute to the people of Barbados. And that is my only interest in being in public life at this time.”

…from Owen Arthur’s interview by David Ellis on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 on Voice of Barbados Radio.

What do you think, folks? We say that Arthur is taking great pains to leave the door wide open while trying not to look like he is fomenting rebellion against Mottley.


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Dr. Duguid Returns To Barbados – Fails To Address THE QUESTION: Did William Duguid Apply For Canadian Immigration?

Duguid Barbados Canada

Hey folks… I don’t think Dr. Duguid or Mia Mottley ever gave us a straight answer about whether or not Duguid had applied for Canadian residency. So how about it, Doc? Did you apply for Canadian residency? Yes… or no?

Evasion & Deceit From Dr. William Duguid & Mia Mottley

William Duguid, the BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, returned to Barbados yesterday from Canada amid accusations that he and his family have immigrated to Canada while Duguid unethically retains his parliamentary seat & salary. Even BLP supporters are complaining that Duguid is not providing proper representation to his constituents and are calling for his resignation. (Nation News: Call for Duguid to step down.)

Duguid had the press waiting for him at Grantley Adams International Airport, but considering recent articles in the Nation and at Barbados Free Press – Duguid’s comments were evasive and the news media let him get away with it. The press never questioned him as to whether or not he has applied for Canadian residency, and Duguid never addressed the issue. Continue reading


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The Question For The Leader Of The Barbados Labour Party That The News Media Won’t Ask

Dear Mia Mottley,

barbados-mia-mottley-fraudYour member for Christ Church West, Dr. William Duguid, is absent from Barbados and has not been attending Parliament or his duties in his constituency for some months. The news media reports that Dr. Duguid now lives in Canada.

You are quoted in the newspapers as saying, “His family is not here, but he lives here; his practice is still here; his constituency office is still here; he is still building apartments here. But obviously if his family lives overseas, he will be in and out,”

Miss Mottley, presumably Mrs. Duguid and her children have been granted residency status in Canada and lawfully immigrated to that country.

Please answer the following question:

Dear Mia Mottley,

Has Dr. William Duguid, your BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, applied for immigration or been awarded residency in Canada?

Yes? No? … or you don’t know and don’t want to find out?

Further Reading

BFP: Barbados Parlimentarian Dr. William Duguid Moves To Canada – Continues To Collect Salary!


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Why The Barbados Labour Party Needs A Real Leadership Contest & Convention – And Why Mia Mottley Will Never Agree To A Leadership Vote

Mia Mottley Will Never Willingly Agree To A Leadership Vote

In the wreckage of the January 2008 election, defeated Prime Minister Owen Arthur resigned from the leadership of the BLP, and Deputy Leader Mia Mottley was publicly announced as the new party leader.

barbados-mia-mottley-fraudWhat most of the public didn’t see or read about in the papers – and only heard about in whispers and quiet standpipe talk – was that Mia Mottley’s “promotion” to party leader was anything but unanimous and smooth sailing. Her “confirmation” (if you can call it that) as Leader of the Opposition took place behind closed doors and must have been some battle judging by the reports.

I wasn’t there, but like many people I’ve heard the stories of screaming, shouting and banging that could be heard out onto the street until some thinking person sent a text message to one of the participants that party supporters milling about outside were hearing the disaster. Later, the rumours came around that Mia almost lost the position until her father threatened to lay waste to half the old-boys network if his little girl didn’t assume the mantle of BLP leader. Yes, Mia’s daddy – Justice Elliot D. Mottley – was at the inner-circle meeting on election night and not just to provide moral support to his daughter. Judge Mottley took a very active role in the political process – according to what was heard on the street.

Once again folks – I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard the stories and so have you. Whatever happened on election night that saw Mia Mottley emerge as BLP Leader, it sure wasn’t a unifying experience for the BLP. Nor was this a satisfactory “public” fight where a clear winner was declared by the party.

The legacy of the chaos and bullying that resulted in the “selection” of Mia Mottley is a dysfunctional party, an ineffective opposition and a hamstrung BLP leader operating without a clear publicly-achieved mandate from either the grassroots membership or the party elites.

What the Barbados Labour Party received on election night was an Interim Leader.

Whether the BLP cares to call Mia Mottley by that name or not, the public understands the reality of her position and it weakens her image and credibility in Parliament.

Mottley Wants A Coronation – Anything But The Real Leadership Contest That The Party Needs

mia-mottley-finger-1.jpgAfter a government falls, it is not unusual to have a bit of chaos in the defeated party for a time. That can be healthy because it allows the members and the leadership to work out the problems, shuffle and add personnel – and emerge in unity and with new energy.

That is only healthy though if there IS a process happening – a process that includes a public discussion of the party’s direction and leadership – early enough before the next election that there can be a true self-examination by the party faithful.

The problem facing the BLP is that if Mia Mottley continues to get her way, there will be no leadership race – only a coronation convention scheduled so near the next election that the party will have no choice but to simply confirm her as leader.

The result of a coronation is that the public will still view the Barbados Labour Party as having an interim leader without a strong mandate from the party.

Doubts About BLP’s Ability To Win An Election With Mottley As Party Leader

Mia Mottley has always been a power-house in her own area with an impressive army of dedicated supporters, but she has not been able to turn that local support into a widespread popular base throughout the party. Many BLP stalwarts simply don’t like her, and some of those who do support her as a Member of Parliament do so with reservations. They have doubts about the ability of the party to win IF Mia Mottley is leader.

In short, many BLP faithful will tolerate Mia Mottley as a Minister, but are unwilling to support her as party leader because they don’t believe she can win a national election in front of the voters.

Mottley is no fool and she knows that in a real leadership vote by the members, her victory is anything but assured. That is why she will do everything she can to engineer a coronation and to not allow a real leadership contest to develop.

But that coronation will weaken the Barbados Labour Party. No matter how many of the party faithful cheer Mottley onto the stage before the next election, if she hasn’t won the leadership fair and square – many of the voters and many BLP supporters will have doubts.

If Mia Mottley hopes to be Prime Minister, she will first have to fight a legitimate public battle for the leadership of her party. Only by truly winning her leadership position will she be able to convince the public to even consider her for Prime Minister.


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Mottley Family’s Miami Mansions – Were Real Estate Profits Declared In Barbados? How Did A Million U.S. Dollars Get To Florida?


Barbados Money Laundering Advisory Uses Freedom Of Information To Investigate USA Real Estate Holdings Of Mottley Family

It looks to us like Opposition Leader Mia Mottley’s parents have made hundreds of thousands of American dollars profits in the Miami and Florida real estate market over the years.

Good for them!

mia-mottley-floridaBarbados Money Laundering Advisory has been doing some digging under the freedom of information in the United States. We wonder what else and who else they have come up with.

Did BLP Members Declare Florida Real Estate Profits?

Where Did The Million US Dollars Come From?

All we want to know is… were the Miami real estate profits properly declared by the BLP bigwigs over the years? One would hope so because the online Florida real estate and corporation records go back 30 years and ANYONE can search for any name for free!

And how did that million dollars get to Florida in the first place? Hmmmmmm…. I wonder if it passed through some offshore bank account?

Hmmmmmm…. this could prove to be an interesting hobby for Bajans: typing in names into the Florida real estate databases.

Visit Barbados Money Laundering Advisory for the whole story and then let’s all have some fun with databases!


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Barbados Opposition Leader Mottley Has Zero Credibility Calling For Media Freedom!

“CBC cannot only carry his [Parris’] Press conference and that of the Prime Minister, stating that all is well with CLICO, while ignoring everyone else.

“This is an abuse affecting freedom of information and the public’s right to be informed. Above all else, we want Mr Parris to understand that CBC does not stand for CLICO Broadcasting Corporation.”

… Barbados Opposition Leader complains that the CBC news media is protecting the Thompson government and stifling freedom of the press (Nation News: Mottley Calls For Parris To Quit CBC)

BLP Can Dish It Out When In Government, But In Opposition They Can’t Take It!

Poor Mia Mottley and the Barbados Labour Party are crying the blues that the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation is preventing the Opposition Leader from commenting on the CLICO story. The problem as Mottley sees it is that CLICO Chairman (and good friend of the Prime Minister) Leroy Parris is also in charge of the CBC.

We agree with Mottley that this is a terrible conflict of interest and that the government is controlling the news media for political purposes. We agree that there is no excuse for the David Thompson government to behave in such an undemocratic manner.

But let’s turn back the clock a bit, shall we? Remember when Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur were the leaders of the Barbados government?


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Mia & Friends…

“So Mia Mottley is calling for justice for BLP supporters. Why didn’t she call for justice for me, when I was editor of the Advocate and was being persecuted almost on a daily basis by the BLP?

The full story of how I was treated by the Barbados Labour Party has not been told but I will do so one day and Barbadians will see what an authoritarian government we had. How we were on the brink of dictatorship because when the press is attacked and bullied into submission, freedom is always in danger.”

… Reudon Eversley as related in BFP’s Former Barbados Advocate Editor Says Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley “Evil As Hell The Lot Of Them”

Mia Mottley Says Internet Blogs, Call-in Shows “Marginalize Parliament”

“In a stunning admission of an elitist intent to repress the rights of citizens to publicly communicate with each other, Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley is calling for regulation of internet blogs and call-in programmes.

As reported in The Nation News (link here), the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados is calling for changes to our system of government – saying that call-in shows “will continue to predominate” and that internet blogs “marginalize…parliaments and cause disrespect (for the rule of law and institutions that keep our society safe,)”…”

… from BFP’s Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Says Internet Blogs “Marginalize…Parliament” – Calls For Regulation of Blogs, Call-In Shows On Radio, Television

Barbados Opposition Co-Leader Mia Mottley “Electronic International Media Is Dangerous”

Mia wants that pesky uncontrollable news media to be available for the use of the political elites!

To top it all off, Mia is still upset with the lack of government control over that pesky “international electronic media”. Gosh… I wonder who she means by that? Do you think she’s talking about CNN? Nonetheless, whoever she’s talking about – she is desperately frustrated at her inability to control what citizens hear and think about.

… from BFP’s Barbados Opposition Co-Leader Mia Mottley “Electronic International Media Is Dangerous”

BLP Blog Removes Link Threatening Murder Of Journalist

It took seven long months for the Barbados Labour Party to decide to disassociate itself from people who call for the murder and rape of BLP political opponents!

For seven months, Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground and others have been questioning this shameful and unholy alliance between the Barbados Labour Party and the people who write BFPE and their other five associated websites. How could a legitimate Barbados political party in the year of our Lord 2008 continue to support people who called for the murder and rape of BLP political opponents?

… from BFP’s Barbados Labour Party Blog Removes Link To Website Threatening Murder Of Adrian Loveridge

Owen Arthur’s Strategies For Media Control

When Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur recently warned the country’s largest newspaper to be careful about printing advertisements for the government’s political opposition, he wasn’t doing any more or less than than that grand old expert in media censorship, Fidel Castro. Castro has the art of oppressing journalists down to a science. His thugs still drag off hundreds of people every year for “reeducation” or “disappearing” and the Cuban media never reports a word of it.

But while the Cuban dictator has been ruthless in shutting down opposition or critical media, his two students Hugo Chavez from Venezuela and Owen Arthur from Barbados have  learned to use more sophisticated methods to achieve the same goal.

…from BFP’s Castro Handles Cuban News Media Roughly – Hugo Chavez and Owen Arthur Are Smarter About Their Strategies For Media Control


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