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Sour Barbados LIME Says “Service? Reliability? Please Stand By…”

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

Its 06.45 hrs Monday morning and for nearly three hours I have been trying to make a number of overseas calls and send faxes throughout the region.

‘All circuits are busy’ is the recorded message you get and when I dialled 0, the operator who eventually answered, knew nothing about the problem and then gave me the wrong customer service number.

When I called the right number, a heavily accented person stated ‘try again in an hour or so’.

With declared profits of US$97 million in one trading year, is it unreasonable to expect a higher level of service delivery?

Now of course, when the service is restored all calls and faxes will be charged at a higher rate because it will be in peak time and charge rates.

Yet!  No expectation of a refund or compensation for this appalling service.

Should we expect more from LIME?

Adrian Loveridge
16th March 2009


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Cable and Wireless/LIME Made Over A Billion Dollars Profit Last Year – A Pity They Didn’t Invest Some Of That In Customer Support

“The past day has heard me screaming loudly and boiling internally at the ostrich called “LIME”. I am reading books on arson as I write. The story in brief, and it’s not the first time. “Catch 22″ has nothing on this…”

… Dennis Jones of Living In Barbados blog considers suicide, arson and a number of other solutions after experiencing the (smirk) “Customer Service” offered by LIME-Cable & Wireless. If you hate Cable & Wireless/LIME because of their couldn’t-care-less attitude to customers, you’ll know exactly what Dennis is talking about.

Living In Barbados Blog: Bredda Jackass Gon’ on Holiday

From the Nation Newspaper article $1b C&W Pie

“(Cable & Wireless) Customer satisfaction in the Caribbean grew by 11 per cent to 78 per cent, lowest customer satisfaction rating of any of the operations listed.
C&W’s Panama operations recorded customer satisfaction of 94 per cent, Macau’s was 95 per cent, while Monaco and Islands’ recorded customer satisfaction of 93 per cent.”


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Cable and Wireless – LIME Abused Customers Facebook Club

“C&W = Costly & Worthless…  LIME= Lazy Ignorant Money Eaters”

I recently stumbled upon a new facebook group called: C&W = Costly & Worthless…..LIME= Lazy Ignorant Money Eaters

Has anyone visited this page before if I’m not this late.

I’m quite surprised that this title and a new facebook group gave me a smile so far. I wonder, we have Caribbean united to share their views on this Telecommunications Giant that sat on these Caribbean Territories for many, many years. And yes we do experience the mediocre services, high-costs, plagues on our Caribbean shores.

The Group has a motto:

“If you ever received a ridiculous bill at the end of the month for service u never had, if your internet keep cutting off, if your service ever got cut waayyyy before time. If you want better service from the so called “leaders in communication” JOIN US!!!”

Their membership is almost reaching to 300 people.

Well it’s up to you whether you wish to join or not but unless we work together we cannot accomplish anything. A single customer’s voice is nothing. A thousand is something else.

… submitted by a BFP reader



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