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The neighbourhood of CL Financial’s Lawrence Duprey

Hey… that sure looks like my place at Grape Hall!

“10 Harborage Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This spectacular Intracoastal estate home is located on a private gated island in the heart of the Venice of America. Built in a contemporary Mediterranean design, the home features an open floor plan with soaring ceilings and luxury amenities. This smart home offers both Lutron and Crestron entertainment and lighting effects. Special features include gourmet gas kitchen inside and out, gymnasium, large 3rd floor theater, sauna and up or downstairs master. The garage can accommodate eight cars.”


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Why was a profitable division of CLICO sold off?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable about high finance or corporate affairs, and therefore I have to look at situations on a simple level. I’m having difficulty understanding something about how the powers that be handled the CLICO debacle. Here is my observation and questions:

In the current issue of Barbados Today, the news article “Upturn” says,

“One year after being rescued from under the beleaguered CLICO Holdings umbrella, Capita Financial Services, formerly CLICO Mortgage and Finance Company, is projecting a profit of just over one million dollars at March next year.”

Barbados Today Upturn

Why would the trustees of the CLICO mess sell off a profitable operation?

To my mind it would make more sense to hang onto it. The profit from this successful operation could have been used to shore up the rest or at least reduce the damage to policy holders who were ripped off.

That is unless the vultures saw an opportunity to grab a profitable piece of the company at the expense of the already-victimized policy holders.

Can someone please explain why this selling off of a profitable piece of CLICO was necessary and how it was good for the victims of Mr. Leroy Parris and Mr. Lawrence Duprey?

Thank you,

A fellow victim


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An Irishman talks about Lawrence Duprey, Leroy Parris and CLICO Barbados

Okay, okay… this Irish chap doesn’t mention them Lawrence or Leroy by name, but he be talkin’ bout them fur sur!

Almost 2 million views on YouTube because he just tells it like it is.

Auntie Moses: this video is definitely not for your sensitive ears…



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CL Financial – CLICO Bailout: Who will run from the Colman Commission submissions deadline?

Rape of the ordinary person: Privatized profits, Socialized losses.

That greed and fraud are prime causes in the collapse of the CL Financial / Clico house of cards is obvious to anyone. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Colman Commission is charged with getting to the bottom of the disaster – at least on the surface. Most of us believe it will be nothing more than a whitewash with all the big-boys doing their best to conceal their own roles and protect their fellow conspirators.

Let’s not forget the goals and strategies of people like Lawrence Duprey and Leroy Parris…

  1. Maintain the Code of Silence.
  2. Delay, delay, delay.
  3. Secure their personal assets, well hidden away and/or transferred to proxies, family etc.
  4. Argue that they were victims of the “world financial crisis” and events over which they had no control, and could not have been expected to foresee.
  5. Destroy records, use legal means to avoid showing records, and do everything in their power to avoid having to answer direct questions in public.
  6. Above all, first and last: Maintain the Code of Silence.

Caribbean news media maintains the Code of Silence

In his most recent article on the debacle, journalist Afra Raymond compares the US bailout with T&T and makes the stunning observation that, proportionately, the Trinidad and Tobago CL Financial bailout is TEN TIMES WORSE than the US situation. Paying this off will take food from the mouths of Caribbean children for generations.

Thanks to Lawrence Duprey, Leroy Parris and all the rest of the scum who did this to our future by Privatizing profits and Socializing losses.

Afra Raymond also makes a list of some people – including news editors – who should be making submissions to the Colman Commission. Oh yes… for years these people took big advertising revenues from CL Financial and Clico and ran “exclusive” news stories about the companies that were little more than advertisements. In exchange for advertising money and free content, the Caribbean news media pumped CL Financial, Clico and publicly worshiped Duprey, Parris and the rest while ignoring the many elephants in the room.

The news media has much to atone for…

by Afra Raymond

Smashing the Code of Silence

I have been preparing my submissions for the Colman Commission and took some time-out to start reading the Report into the USA’s financial crisis.

Of course I am referring to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, which was published at the end of last month, about a year after its first hearings – see http://c0182732.cdn1.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/fcic_final_report_full.pdf.

Even though I have barely scratched the surface of this 662-page work, it has already been a deeply fascinating read, filled with cautionary insights.

The first conclusion of that Report is worth citing –

We conclude this financial crisis was avoidable. Continue reading


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